K-viewers Select Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri as Top K-drama Actors in 2018 Gallup Poll

The cast of tvN period drama Mr. Sunshine continue to win accolades and this time the two leads top the just released Gallup poll of Korean audiences’ favorite K-drama stars. Lee Byung Hun came in first followed by his costar Kim Tae Ri, proving that Mr. Sunshine left a strong impression on top of the successful ratings. Third was 2018 IT boy Jung Hae In still riding the Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food high and the surprise fourth is Park Bo Gum who just got back on the small screen three weeks ago with Encounter (Boyfriend). Check out the fill list below but the biggest LOL and true respect is how Gong Yoo came in 10th and Song Joong Ki also made the tail end of the list when neither had a drama in the last two years! I guess the staying power of 2016 dramas Goblinand Descendants of the Sun is strong indeed, and together with Mr. Sunshine all hail the power of screenwriter Kim Eun Sook.

  1. Lee Byung Hun
  2. Kim Tae Ri
  3. Jung Hae In
  4. Park Bo Gum
  5. Son Ye Jin
  6. Jang Mi Hee
  7. Seo Hyun Jin
  8. Choi Soo Jong
  9. Yoo Dong Geun
  10. Gong Yoo
  11. So Ji Sub
  12. Park Seo Joon
  13. Kim Yoo Jung
  14. Ji Sung, Kim Hee Sun, Go Duk Sim
  15. Lee Min Ki, Song Hye Kyo
  16. Cha Tae Hyun, Song Joong Ki


K-viewers Select Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri as Top K-drama Actors in 2018 Gallup Poll — 24 Comments

  1. Lee byung hun also take no.1 spot in Gallup 2012 so didn’t suprise if he take spot this year. But park bo gum was amazing get no.4 only with variety show, Mc bank, CF, mama award and drama. But I’m still hope soo hyun end up with ex-husband and jin hyuk with jo hye-in. Cause I’m falling in love with ex-husband now.

  2. I’m happy cos Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum made the list nuff said. I’m so grateful both are doing well in their respective dramas. Love my BoYoo couple ❤️

  3. It’s not surprising at all. Mister Sunshine most importantly instilled them with pride about their country (which is always a win with koreans) and its’ history while being quite well made. LBH was the real winner here because being part of this drama was the best PR he could ever ask for.

  4. Congrats to PBG for making to #4 because his acting in Encounter is remarkable. Also to SHK too because she slays her role in Encounter as well.

    Not to be mean but what happen to Park Shin Hye and the loser Hyun Bin. Lol overhype Hyun Bin is nowhere to be seen.

    • Stop gloating @lover so what if HB and PHS are not mentioned they’re busy kicking arse on MOA. Don’t show your animosity just because your bias got listed. There are tonnes of amazing K actors that never get to see the light of day on these polls but that shouldn’t diminish their worth and talent because they’re not voted for.

    • @lover Hyun Bin is a very capable and versatile actor. He is better than some of the actors listed on this poll. You need some chilled pills for your crazy little mind. If you are out to compare Hyun Bin with Park Bo Gum then sorry girl, Park Bo Gum is no where near Hyun Bin in terms of acting.

      • Blah blah hyun bin charismatic, manly, mature versatile actor but he can even save MOA rating look now 6.8% rating with high budget end expensive CGI effect. I don’t like both shk and pbg but even with worst writer they still can hit 8% rating.

    • I don’t think his popularity will change with KSH and LMH coming out.
      You should ask whether his popularity will remain when he comes out of the army…

      • OMG I had to do a double take and re read your ‘coming out’ comment lol sorry. I can’t wait for the return of Ji Chang Wook and Kang Na Heul especially.

  5. Park bo gum acting really bad and boring in encounter, I can’t stand with his creepy smile. For me cha soo hyun ex-husband stolen the show more than him. Because he very charming,mature,manly and charismatic actor remind me with gong yoo.

    • its not about his acting u know, its about Jinhyuk character. its ok if u like ex-husband more, but stop bashing the actor just because u dont like his character.

      • Kim jin hyuk acting make me falling sleep. I’m stay watching encounter because jang seung jo he’s acting was amazing in money flower, familiar wife and now this. I’m slowly getting bored with pbg and shk slow romance. Soo hyun secretary love story more interesting right now. I hope the writer make more flashback with jung woo-seok why he cheating and divorced cha soo hyun. Please I want them csh and jws getting back together.

  6. Disappointed that park min young didn’t get listed, she deserve more attention and spotlight than pretty noona buy me meal.

    • Oh my bad,I’m forget shin hye sun. Just wondering why she didn’t on list since she has hit with my golden life and still 17. I give hb and psh time to make list in Gallup 2019 since MOA was airing in December.

  7. I’m happy for Jung Hae In 🙂

    WYWS was not a good drama but he did well, his squabbles with Lee Kyu Hyung were so funny in Prison Playbook and with Son Ye Jin they formed one of the most real couple in kdrama 🙂

    Beauty Inside was boring since the middle, but Seo Hyun Jin was shining in this drama.

    After her health issues, I’m happy Kim Yoo Jung came back in a drama! She’s a very good actress and so beautiful!

    For Mr Sunshine, Yoo Yeon Seok was the most outstanding for me :p I really liked the performance of Kim Min Jung too. With Kim Tae Ri, they were really badass!

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