Park Seo Joon Wins 2019 Asian Film Awards Rising Star Award

Some bright and positive news to share in an otherwise dreary March in 2019 so far coming out of K-ent. Actor Park Seo Joon has been given the Asian Film Awards 2019 Rising Star Award. This year is the 13th annual AFA presented by the Hong Long International Film Festival Society and honors the excellence of film professionals across Asian cinema. Park Seo Joon’s win is thanks to his performance and popularity in hit K-drama Why Secretary Kim, which really has legs outside of Korea as it’s one of the few Hallyu favorites from last year. Congrats to this humble and hardworking young man, he’s heading to HK to accept the award in the ceremony to be held mid-week.


Park Seo Joon Wins 2019 Asian Film Awards Rising Star Award — 6 Comments

  1. ?. Happy for Park Seo Joon, anticipating his next drama. PSJ wears a suit well, we know that. My eyes can’t help but zoom in on that mushroom bowl hair with the horseshoe part. It amazes me that these top actors are still wearing this dorky look.

  2. So park seojoon still raising star? I thought he is A list actor.
    Can someone tell me who are A list actors in korea right now?
    For what I know its gongyoo, hyunbin, park bogum, song hyekyo, songjoongki, yohn ah in ?

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