Joo Won in Talks for Fall 2019 SBS Drama Hotel Alice

If Joo Won signs up then all the recently returning from the military oppas will have all lined up dramas. Joo Won was discharged in February and has since just chillaxed and done a pictorial or two. It’s looking like he will be back via a K-drama this year as he’s in talks to headline the SBS fall 2019 drama Hotel Alice. The drama is about selling ordinary people the change to time travel in thirty years and Joo Won plays a detective seeking to uncover the secret behind the time travel vacation. The story sounds different and super odd so I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a more fulsome synopsis when it drops. I hope Joo Won takes this and starts flexing those acting muscles again.


Joo Won in Talks for Fall 2019 SBS Drama Hotel Alice — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve been waiting forever for JW to make a comeback. It took a long time but finally they have an official offer out and it sounds different than the usual fare. This is a 2020 drama unfortunately so the wait will be long but it means we get JW and LMH back-to-back.

  2. Contrary to his other post military peers, he seem to choose the least interesting drama for me to watch, I bet this one is gonna be another snoozefest just like his last drama before military. May be he does not have enough It factor to begin with, despite having better acting skill compared to other actors at similar age bracket, such as LMH and JI chang wook, who I think have much better scripts and charms.

  3. His best role to date is Lee Kang To in ‘Gaksital’…I also liked him in ‘Good Doctor’ but since then he’s been pretty unlucky with his projects imo. Crossing fingers that this one will be an interesting and successful one.

  4. Welcome back Joo Won! Gosh how I’ve missed you!! Bet he comes back looking hotter than ever. As for his drama, I doubt I’ll watch it, I don’t have access to Kocowa on Viki so I marathon prime time dramas eons after they are finished. I’ll wait to hear the word of mouth on his drama to determine if I will marathon it next year or not lol.

  5. And BOA as leading lady don’t care if they split last year. JW was hilarious in the movie ‘Catch me if you can’ with Kim Ah Joong. I dunno the whole time travel storyline with K dramas that and body swaps is starting to wane with me but the tease that JW character travels 30 years into the future does sound promising.

  6. I’ll watch anything with Joo Won.

    At least, I watched everything until My Sassy Girl, and I am watching everything after it.

    Hopefully. Please Joo Won, please pick good projects.

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