K-stars Attend Funeral for Jeon Mi Sun Who Leaves Behind Posthumous Movie The King’s Letter and Upcoming Drama The Tale of Nokdu

K-actress Jeon Mi Sun was someone I took for granted, she was in so many movies and dramas and I always knew she would deliver an impeccable performance whatever the role but without the high profile recognition that goes to the leads. She passed much too early, leaving behind a director husband and their 11-year old son after being found deceased in a hotel room earlier this week. Stars and more stars have descended on her closed to the public memorial service, too many to name and honestly I want this post to be about her. She leaves behind a movie The King’s Letter which will premiere later this summer, and was in the middle of filming the sageuk youth romance The Tale of Nokdu (Mungbean Chronicles) playing the leading lady’s mom character. I look forward to watching those projects and enjoying her legacy left behind to viewers.


K-stars Attend Funeral for Jeon Mi Sun Who Leaves Behind Posthumous Movie The King’s Letter and Upcoming Drama The Tale of Nokdu — 15 Comments

  1. Devastated. She was the mom I always enjoyed watching in Korean dramas. She has this mom look and attitude to her, like she was always on the viewers side, cheering on the main couple or watching out for them. I will miss seeing her a lot.

  2. Its quite selfish to end your life like that an leave behind such a young son who still very much needs her…

    • That is part of the problem. People with depression are sucked into a circle of their own. They think they are rational but aren’t. Their own life gets out of proportion. Everything circles around themself. But that is part of the sickness and not something of their own choice.

    • @moshimoshi

      selfish? isn’t every human naturally selfish? it’s an innate thing.

      i personally dont think it’s right to make that kind of judgement with such little information, because we dont know what sufferings inside and out she went through, that lead to this decision. it surely wasn’t an easy decision. hasn’t most people at least once in their life wanted their life to end, even if it’s just a brief thought in the head?

      • Yes, your right. That’s why when we have such thoughts we should ask our creator to take our life when it’s best

    • People w depression r like they have a demon inside themselves…n depression is an illness, just like a physical illness, if u don’t treat it, it gets worse..When it consume all of their life, they would not have any reasons at all…that’s why some people commit suicide…These people usually have nobody that care enough about them to pull them out of the darkness, because compared to physical illness that can be seen, depression are not known unless they told you…but one thing for sure, people w depression usually don’t tell u they have it…they usually looks normal…the ones that are able to tell us means they manage to get out of it n overcome it…so, I believed she failed to do so and nobody was there w her…so, I don’t think it is selfishness, it’s the illness that consumed her, all of her reasonings were not there anymore…

    • You need to do some research on depression before you accuse anyone of being selfish. People who suicide usually do so to end overwhelming pain they can no longer control or tolerate. Often they incorrectly feel that others are better off without them or that they are a burden to others. She may have thought that of herself and that both her husband and son would be happier without her.
      Of course it’s irrational, but that’s part of the disorder! You no longer can think straight and make sound decisions. It may be that her depression was bad enough that she may have benefited from deep brain stimulation to ease her pain. It is good if Koreans start talking about mental health out in the open. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

    • We never know what was going on in her life to make her do such thing so don’t just to conclusions thank you

  3. She didn’t start filming Tale of Nokdu yet so we won’t see her there and she wasn’t the mother to Kim So Hyun she was supposed to be the village head. It is very sad.

  4. I liked her a lot and the news of her death is devastating. I wish the best for her family and feel really bad for her son, losing a mother at that age.

    RIP, you will be greatly missed.

  5. It really pains me when I read online or hear about people committing sucide,I ask my self what can be done to help,every hunmabeinng needs love and care to get through their tough and darkest time,I hope we can use to opportunity to reach out and help those with challenge’s,life should not be wasted like this.

  6. I don’t really think it is suicide, Korean drama has taught me lots of things, why would she commit suicide in a hotel room also the agency is trying to cover it up, I think she was murdered. The police should investigate it properly. Rip joen mi sun

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