Veteran HK-actor Simon Yam Stabbed by Crazed Assailant at CF Event in China

Ok, I’ll start off with the good news, HK-actor Simon Yam does not have life threatening injuries after a scary attack this weekend in China. The veteran actor, best known for perfectly playing sleazy villains in HK-movies of the 90’s and 2000’s, was in China attending a CF event when suddenly a man rushed the stage and stabbed him repeatedly with a knife. Simon is well known for being fit as heck so he did try to evade, fight back, and stop the guy but ended up with multiple stab wounds still. Simon was rushed to the hospital but the stab wounds were not so deep and critical so he was able to walk off the stage to seek medical assistance. The assailant was tackled and apprehended by security. I am glad Simon will be fine but this is such a traumatic and scary incident for any entertainer because clearly the assailant picked him as a public forum for the attack for whatever fame seeking reason. Hope stars in general get better security at any public event, better be safe than sorry.


Veteran HK-actor Simon Yam Stabbed by Crazed Assailant at CF Event in China — 4 Comments

  1. Shocked! However, people/fans rushing on stage of public events for actors/actresses in China doesn’t seem that rare. Their security definitely needs improvement. His agency was on weekend holiday too which wasn’t good either. Get well soon Simon Yam!

  2. Hope he’s recovering well! I remember him the most as Jiang Chen in My Date with a Vampire II. Just hope the assailant didn’t attack him for some stupid political reason.

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