Lee Min Ho Updates SNS with Three Handsome Pictures for Chuseok Holiday

It’s a quiet entertainment week in K-ent with Chuseok (Mid-Autumn Festival) where families gather and there’s a few days of national vacation. Some dramas are on hiatus but I haven’t been following any of the midweek ones so it hasn’t interrupted my watch schedule. Into this quiet lull K-actor Lee Min Ho dropped three pictures of himself that his fans will surely accept as a Chuseok present and slurp right up. It’s shots of him lounging inside and out of a luxury condo shooting a pictorial. We see visages of his tall frame, always surprisingly large feet, and general handsome glamour even in the mundane.


Lee Min Ho Updates SNS with Three Handsome Pictures for Chuseok Holiday — 6 Comments

  1. Handsomee. He has that manly vibes than most koreans-feminine-vibe. I like that manly vibes. I can marry him anytime if he wants to kkkkk~

  2. Lee min ho has stuck gold with big comeback drama woth top writer! He has done so many cf shoots after comeback after nearly 2 years of absence. . Last mnth it was reported he earned around 7.5 million usd in cfs in just 3 mnths and it will be bigger by year end! Strong part is his hallyu star status help him earn not only in korea but whole asia And i can just imagine the number he will earn after the king drama bcoz of his pan asia popularity.
    Cant wait for his drama!

  3. He is so handsome. He brought the era of flower boys during bof days but still looks so manly compared to so many flower boys today. He is my first korean crush bcoz like most overseas fans i started with boys over flowers in k drama world and became his fan. Bof will be best decision of his life bcoz the whole fame he got worldwide is just huge. He got script sense too. He picks dramas which will work and they become huge overseas too. I remember kim hyun joong was on same popularity after bof and was huge hallyu star but LMH non scandals has kept him at top after decade but khy is finished today.

  4. Love him and hoping one day I have a chance to meet him in person. He is so handsome with that killer smile that will melt every woman’s heart.

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