Official Stills of Kim Soo Hyun’s Buzzy Cameo in Hotel Del Luna

Better late than never when it comes to more Hotel Del Luna goodies. I think I was thirsty for a compelling and interesting K-drama for so long that I liked Hotel more than it probably deserves qualitatively. Ultimately the central romance felt less opposite sex than familial love but that’s what the drama naturally progressed to. The highly teased cameo by Hallyu superstar Kim Soo Hyun was shorter but better than expected. Even without a scene with IU, Kim Soo Hyun brought so much sizzle and left the imagination flying wild for what the future holds for the Blue Moon Hotel. He also looks smashing in a vest and white shirt combo, yummy!


Official Stills of Kim Soo Hyun’s Buzzy Cameo in Hotel Del Luna — 13 Comments

  1. He is such amazing person actor and show stealer. I hope some big drama is in pipeline with some GOOD ACTRESS.
    His dominance from 2011 to.2016 was biggest this decade. He must be very selective regarding next project. But i hope wait will be worth it. I hope it is big as LMH’s comeback drama

  2. There are some people that when they walk into a room,everyone stops and looks at them. He’s one of them. A few seconds on the screen, and there are exploding hearts EVERYWHERE!?

  3. So handsome. Who is the lucky lady will be his girl? He never been caught pictorial with a girlfriend till now. So curious if he still single. So I will have a chance.

  4. It is NOT just his face. it is the way he walks, sways, rolls the glass, the perfect turned back look…some people just ooze attractiveness.

  5. He is, according to some reports considering or have already accepted? Psycho but it’s okay. If he indeed have chosen to accept it, knowing how perfectionist he is, it would be worth ones time for sure. Looking at his previous work’s behind the scenes and some interview from the crew of his previous projects. He is one professional actor with dedication to ensuring quality work. KSH see you on screen in 2020.

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