Jang Dong Yoon Continues to Wow as a Joseon Lady in New Poster for The Tale of Nokdu

Dang, if there was ever a K-actor suitable for cross-dressing as a woman who is not early era Jang Geun Seok the crown has now passed to rising actor Jang Dong Yoon. He continues to amaze and astound in the latest drama poster for The Tale of Nokdu, playing a rich family runaway warrior gentlemen pretending to be a widower hiding in a widower village to avoid an arranged marriage. Who cares why he’s hiding, he’s now the belle of the widower village and fending off enthusiastic suitors left and right, and also falling for the tomboy gisaeng in training played by Kim So Hyun. Their sparks already look promising and coupled with the cross-dressing hijinks I seriously cannot wait for this drama to arrive on September 30th on KBS.


Jang Dong Yoon Continues to Wow as a Joseon Lady in New Poster for The Tale of Nokdu — 10 Comments

  1. JDY and KSH are such a great match with their characters for this drama. He is so beautiful as a girl but KSH is still stunning with the short hair. I just want this drama to air even if only to enjoy all the pretty visuals.

  2. The 2nd pic is so cute! Is this for chuseok greetings? Who is the other guy? Dongyoon is really skinny I’m worried for his health! Sohyun is lovely in the hanbok it suits her! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. When they first announced this drama I was thinking of someone like Astro Cha Eun Woo or BTS Kim Tae Hyung for the role not because of their acting ability but for their visuals which are very typically pretty flower boy. I didn’t think there was an actor in the current generation who would be able to pass for female convincingly but Jang Dong Yoon proved me wrong. I’ve never paid much attention to his features but now I see he is both pretty and handsome at the same time. Its a good casting.

  4. Oh my gosh, what a lovely poster! And yes, he looks so very pretty! I am dying for this show to start, I love Kim So-hyun so much and just can’t wait to watch her in another historical drama! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Why are channels so sparse with their promotions lately? KBS has barely promoted Nokdu or Camellia. Give us more promotions wth! The cast and crew put in all the effort but the channel isn’t even promoting the dramas properly.

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