Jo Jung Seok and Yoona Gift Fans of Exit with Cute Dance to Celebrate Hitting 9 Million Ticket Sales

As I am writing this, the ticket sales for the comedy disaster movie Exit is at 9.7 million so it even has a chance to break 10 million which is a incredible milestone beyond what it has already accomplished. The movie is the summer 2019 hit of the Korean box office but unfortunately will not get the title of biggest hit of 2019 which is held by chicken/cop/surveillance comedy Extreme Jobs which is the second highest ticket sales K-movie of all time at over 14 million and just behind The Admiral: Raging Currents at 17 million. I caught Extreme Jobs on a flight to Rome and it was awesome, so funny with an even better ending twist. I hope to see Exit soon and am thrilled for leads Yoona and Jo Jung Seok to have landed and contributed to the success of this movie. Enjoy their cute dance which also ends with Chuseok well-wishes.

Yoona and Jo Jung Seok’s Superhero Dance:


Jo Jung Seok and Yoona Gift Fans of Exit with Cute Dance to Celebrate Hitting 9 Million Ticket Sales — 9 Comments

  1. He is such a great actor. Congrats to him and congrats to yoona too even if i think she is bad actress. She got a hit movie nevertheless banking on other people like male lead director and good script. . Like her last few dramas flopped and she wasn’t making korea’s official CF ranking list ( KOBACO ) for many years bcoz suzy iu had overtaken her in cfs.
    Good thing for her acting career after quite a slump. BUT i Don’t get the hype around her visuals. She is cute but thats it. She doesn’t have that sexy look or diva look. But the girl next door one.. but the sexy hot vibe is missing from her. Plus her fans its my opinion about her acting and looks. So dont shove your opinion on me. Thanks. U can find her meryl streep in acting or Angelina jolie in looks. I dont care

  2. Whose song is this? JJS’? Their dance is so adorable and cute. And i like their chemistry in this dance. Yoona is so pretty and JJS is so handsome. Fighting!!!

    Ps : almost 10 millions is amazing. You guys did great.

  3. I watched Exit, it’s a light-hearted summer flick with lots of thrilling and funny moments. My palms got all sweaty while rooting the two adorable leads to survive. Jo Jung Seok and Yoona have a great chemistry and I think they’ve always been great at comedic roles like this.

    Exit is the director-screenwriter’s Lee Sang Geun’s first commercial movie too, so the success is even more unexpected lol. It’s always nice to see an underdog project doing well beyond expectations.

  4. Congrats to male lead . He is great actor. Awesome director actor and script did the good job. Congrats to yoona for banking on male lead after having flops from last few years and not appearing on annual cf list ranking ( KOBACO ) on for years now. Good career revival for non actress. But good for her. Will play flowerpot in another hits and her fans will say she is the reason it became hit lol when her dramas were flopping for years now and she wasn’t in cf list for years where suzy and iu were dominating her.. flop k dramas not some chinese dramas which is non relevant in k world.
    And her fans u can find her goddess or great actress, dont try to argue with me. I dont give a fck about your opinion.
    And plus whts so special about her looks. She is cute and girl next door but she doesnt have hot sexy beautiful vibe combination which can burn the world with her looks which most top actresses have. Even suzy have that look lol

    • I thought that it was just me.

      I’m not accusing them of plagiarising or anything, but when I watch the video the first think that come up in my mind was NigeHaji

  5. I like Yoona she has a certain Chrisma about her persona which makes her extremely popular which has contributed to the success of this. Congratulations to both of them.?

  6. Congrats to the the lead and whole production staff! Great job! The leads have their own strengths and weaknesses like anybody and it’s kudos to the director for bringing out the best in both actors resulting to this hit! If only the rest of us can also bring out the best in ourselves and be the stars in our own lives, eh?

  7. I finished Exit. OMG, its so good! Totally must watch movie. No wonder this is such a big hit! I love both Jjs and Yoona! They are amazing!

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