Third Teaser for Crash Landing on You Introduces All Four Leads and Disparate Tones

On the heels of the solo stills of leads Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin released over the weekend, tvN drama Crash Landing on You dropped a third and most substantive to date teaser trailer with all four leads onscreen. Binnie remains the straight man North Korean officer doing training but then changing tones to a comedic meal with Son Ye Jin’s fashion brand owning heiress. Then there is super serious Seo Ji Hye as a fellow North Korean contrasting with rich boy Kim Jung Hyun having a attitude fit. This is like a budaejijae potential – mismash of ingredients but potential to be so tasty in a bad for you sort of way. I can’t wait!

Third teaser for Crash Landing on You:


Third Teaser for Crash Landing on You Introduces All Four Leads and Disparate Tones — 10 Comments

  1. Love kim jung hyun… was waiting for his drama… such an outstanding actor… hopefully will get to see him as a male lead soon…

  2. I actually feel the second male lead has a more charismatic role in the drama. Love him since School 2017. Always feel he has the potential to be first male lead. Bright future ahead of him. Reminds me of Kim Won Bin in Heirs who outshone Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk stealing scenes in Secret Garden when he was still a very fresh rookie actor and Kim Jae Wook in Coffee Prince who morphed into lady killer hottie Ryan Gold in HPL. Keeping my eye on Kim Jung Hyun.

  3. Im happy KHJ has fully recovered health wise. Anyone seen his short film ‘Remembering First Love’ with Seo Ye Ji? He’s a scene stealer for sure. Welcome back ❤️

  4. Looks like something that would be extremely popular with international fans. It’s like DOTS met WWWSK and they merged into this drama.

  5. I’m liking it – for the Christmas season something light fluffy and full of Binnie
    And I like SYJ – she’s cute and a good match age wise
    Why not?

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