Hyeri Finishes Drama and Discusses Boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol Giving Her Acting Advice

I’m sorry that I can’t take idol turned actress Hyeri seriously yet, not when her wonderfully natural turn in Answer Me 1988 feels like a lucky shot because everything since she’s back to being bad. Her most recent drama the workplace Miss Lee ended last week and she’s giving the usual post-drama interviews where the topic went to my favorite side of Hyeri, her real life romance with AM1988 costar Ryu Jun Yeol. Three years on and the couple are still going strong, as confirmed by Hyeri and further to take Ryu Jun Yeol seems so supportive and sweet. She shared that he gives her advice on acting and career feedback all tailored to whatever is happening and that is a very positive sign of a really strong couple. It’s nice to check in on them and make sure the young lovebirds are still happy together.


Hyeri Finishes Drama and Discusses Boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol Giving Her Acting Advice — 12 Comments

  1. Hyeri was only natural in AM1988 cause that character was tailor made for her as it’s very close to her real life personality. It’s super cute how she’s still dating him though. I’m rooting for them always!

  2. I don’t know what happened in Miss Lee. Does the screenwriter dislike her or something because she was barely in it for most of the episodes. The funny thing is that she plays the titular character, the show is named after her character lol

    She and the male lead also barely interact in the show. The show was more of an ensemble piece than anything.

  3. Well I guess she’s trying…to better herself at acting but talking about RJY in an interview I hope she got the okay from him to do so first. It’s almost like there was nothing else to really discuss but him. Anyway I was too occupied by another supermarket drama the delightful Pegasus Market to watch Miss Lee.

      • @Sara Because they’re both K celebs but dunno why but I should ask them. I’m being sacastic for gosh sakes. But that’s my point if you’re in a drama wouldn’t you want the focus to be on the drama? Why would you want to distract the conversation by talking about your personal life?

    • The interviewer brought him up, not her. Also she even half-jokingly shaded the interviewer by telling him that she talked for an hour about her project etc. , but that the headline will be about her boyfriend.

      • True but do the headlines ever say ‘RJY talks about Hyeri’ but to be honest it’s unfair if Hyeri’s articles are remembered solely for her relationship.

  4. I didn’t watch Miss Lee but I didn’t like her in Entertainer or Two Cops, in the both dramas her characters disapeared because she wasn’t so good…

    But it doesn’t mean she always should answer the same questions about her boyfriend or other idol actresses like Suzy or Seolhyun. She is not defined by her boyfriend and she’s not an idole anymore…

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