Kim Jae Wook in Talks for 2020 OCN Romance Thriller Drama Train

Looks like Kim Jae Wook really enjoyed working in the cable network world because he’s in talks to comeback in 2020 with another cable drama. OCN is prepping Train and is courting Kim Jae Wook for the male lead, with the drama about parallel universes. Kim Jae Wook plays a police detective whose love is killed in his universe so he goes to a parallel universe to protect the woman there. I hope this is the drama gods paying me back because Kim Jae Wook playing a cop last time was for the drama Who Are You and he was so wonderful and sweet and sad and OMG I still cry when I think about his plight. Give me a happy ending this time or at least a payoff for his suffering, other than that this drama sounds totally up his alley.


Kim Jae Wook in Talks for 2020 OCN Romance Thriller Drama Train — 10 Comments

  1. So damn right! This type of drama is so up his alley!
    Drama God just give him a good leading lady!
    OCN and KJW is such a good match!

  2. Yes! You’re going to be back and on OCN what a score. Please cast a FL that will compliment you and vice versa. Best drama news with the possible casting of KJW for 2020. ❤️

  3. Excruciatingly blazing inferno of a man. Kim Jae Wook reminds me of Jang Hyuk. These two actors can play brothers or twins who turn on each other like Cain and Abel in the most epic of proportions. I can envision KJW playing a tortured soul like So Ji Sub in Memories of Bali. An epic love triangle between him, Ha Ji Won and Jang Hyuk would be my dream casting in something like Damo. Only an actress with solid star and acting power would be good enough for my Lion King. I also like to see him with Jang Ji Hyun. Not sure which genre but a mesmerising visual would arise out of this pairing. Can’t think of another actress with such commanding presence to match Lion. Absolutely adores KJW since Coffee Prince.

    • Oops, I mean to type “Jun” Ji Hyun but came out “Jang” Ji Hyun instead coz I was blinded by the hot visuals of Jang Hyuk in pinterest comparing him with Kim Jae Wook images. Drool.

  4. he should do more rom com as he is such a good looking actor . i am so fed up with current drama actors with young idols who dont know any expression . miss park shinhye kim woo bin pairing, kim jae wook needs good projects probably with park shin hye.

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