OTP Reunited in South Korea in Episode 10 of Crash Landing on You With Another Two Week Airing Break Ahead

Being addicted to Crash Landing on You hurts so good. Perhaps I should be thankful next week’s airing will be preempted due to lunar new year festivities and programming, otherwise how can I concentrate and cook all the meals I need to whip up in real life. This Sunday’s episode 10 took what seemed like a permanent separation of OTP Se Ri and Jung Hyuk in the South and North Korean divide and prompted gave them a reason to see each other again.

The uber crazy baddie escapes prison and vows to hunt down Se Ri in South Korea to stick it to Jung Hyuk, who really needs the slimmest of reasons to hi tail it across the border to his lady love. Of course this is no bueno and high ranking daddy promptly sends the four ducklings plus one eavesdropping good guy to bring him back. That sets up for plenty of North Korean fish out of water comedy in the upcoming episodes as well as Se Ri finally showing Jung Hyuk how incredibly adaptive she was going from heiress to village ahjumma just to spend time with him.


OTP Reunited in South Korea in Episode 10 of Crash Landing on You With Another Two Week Airing Break Ahead — 6 Comments

  1. No matter how batshit crazy the plot is to have so many of the Northies now in Seoul, I really like this drama so much. The NK soldier ducklings are my faves and I find Seo Dan and Go Seung Jun equally adorable. It’s the fact that this show put forward so many lovely characters and have so much hearts that I find it really endearing. Argh… The two weeks wait (again) is going to be a real torture.

  2. I have to commend the writer for not making their separation a drag (because the screen sizzles when they get together) and finding a believable excuse for Hyuk to get to South Korea. Even though he managed to do it so quickly while it took 9 episodes for Seri (!) – it’s ok- this drama has a get out of jail card from me for all illogical areas and I don’t care as Long as I get some fish out of water and tongue in cheek cohabitation Tropes next! I totally can imagine Jun moe duckling nodding his head eagerly just like me!

  3. I was skeptical in the beginning when they were doing promos for this new show, but boy oh boy, I am pleasantly surprised at how much I like it now. Light and funny. 🙂

  4. Will it become second cable drama to hit 20% rating for an episode after skycastle? There r 3 weeks left and if it increases 3% every week, it can touch or even break 23% peak rating of skycastle. Even goblin or mr sunshine didnt touch 20% for any episode. And the average of whole season will be around 11 to 12% ( equivalent of 22 to 24% on sbs kbs mbc ) . Goblin mr sunshine amd skycastle season average is above 12%. Blockbuster. Son ye jin has remarkable superstar movie career like jjh. Jjh made drama success with my love from stat but syj never had a blockbuster drama like her gen actresses . She deserves it. Also a big win for hyun bin. They will be flooded with love calls from cfs. Hyun bin has been always a top endorser but son ye jin is very selective m does less cfs. Lets see if she takes them now.they are topping brand charts since start of show

    • I watched that interview wherein HB said that he wished for the drama to have 22% ratings. SYJ and the host were actually both shocked. Hahaha. Plus, tvn is a cable drama and hitting 10% is already a big success. That’s why when the director was asked about it during the presscon, he only wished for the drama to at least hit 10%. But they already hit 14% at episode 10. If this keeps up, they’ll probably hit HB’s wish. I’m so excited for this drama especially now that it’s becoming super popular domestic and international.

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