Seo Hyun Jin in Talks for 2021 K-drama You Are My Spring Day

Cools beans, I love this casting news! K-actress Seo Hyun Jin is in talks to make a K-drama comeback in early 2021 with the show You are My Spring Day. It’s from the screenwriter of Bubblegum and the PD of The King: Eternal Monarch and Mr. Sunshine. I had problems with PD-nim in The King but ultimately chalked it up to him having nothing to work with other than PPL and bad writing. The drama will have Seo Hyun Jin playing a hotelier concierge who is as smart as her dad and as driven as her mom. She doesn’t have a prestigious schooling but she got a college scholarship and a hotel job from her own hard work. Her life hits a bump when she meets a trash guy who nonetheless resembles her parents. I love Seo Hyun Jin so so much because she is the textbook actress who is a chameleon, she disappears into any role and makes it believable. She went from utterly ordinary Oh Hae Young into extraordinary Han Se Kye, just brilliant technique and drive. I will watch her read from a phone book.


Seo Hyun Jin in Talks for 2021 K-drama You Are My Spring Day — 3 Comments

  1. OMG finally she is back. Black Dog was never under my radar but knowing she is in, i just dive in and discover what a great watch she is. Like always she completely embodied the character. With Seo Hyun Jin i can just watch any drama with horrible writing or directing and have faith that her acting would be great nonetheless. I just need her back in historical drama. Looking forward on this definitely.

  2. I love her in AOH and missed seeing her on the small screen. However I am very apprehensive of both the PD and the writer. I sure hope she gets a worthy male and second lead. Please don’t waste her talent. She showed in Black Dog that she could make it work even without a love story.

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