Park So Dam Trades Her Everygirl Look in Record of Youth for Edgy Couture in New W Korea November 2020 Pictorial

I think there could be some genuinely insightful analysis for Record of Youth, the good, the bad, and mostly just the feeling of something missing or not quite fitting right. That really fits how I felt about Park So Dam in the drama, both her character and performance. But as the drama has progressed it’s really coalesced until I don’t think that at all and see her as the warm ray of normalcy sunshine that is much appreciated in a sea of bickering and industry plotting. She’s pitch perfect as the understated, underrated, and really blending into the woodworks makeup artist because she’s not the star nor aspiring to be. I guess her pairing with the mega star played by Park Bo Gum thereby came off as not meshing. But she’s really come into her own in the latter half of the drama and reminds me that she’s a very very good actress. Her problem is lack of immediate and overwhelming onscreen presence the way superstars just take over the screen. But not every actor and actress is a superstar and she’s truly blazing her own impressive path.


Park So Dam Trades Her Everygirl Look in Record of Youth for Edgy Couture in New W Korea November 2020 Pictorial — 28 Comments

  1. Go ara is a much better actress than Park So Dam, IMO. This girls acting is so bland. Cant contunue watching Record of youth because of her. No chemistry with Park Bo Gum. Shes charmless
    btw, she looks like Kim Go Eun in these photos.

  2. Just admit that PBG and PSD are mismatched. If she is paired with the 2nd lead, its much better. They look alike. I think the role did not fit her at all. Well, lets be real, Bogum is too good looking for her. I think she was casted here to sustain her popularity from Parasite and she needs a drama to firm her feet on the dramaland.Now she succeeded, effortless. She may have good dramas but not in the rating game. She maybe a good actress but should she shown it from ep 1? Because its only Bogum acting from the beginning its only him that shines. Eventhough she may have few screentime, if she gave stellar performance then she will be appreciated.

    • Or maybe while Park Bo Gum is definitely a good actor, he is not great at creating onscreen chemistry with female leads. For me, Kim Yoo Jung and him had matching visuals but when it came to the drama itself, it felt like sibling chemistry. But then again, Kim Yoo Jung doesnt have the emotional gravitas for romances yet. She is still young. Her last two dramas prove it. It was the same with Hyeri, I liked her chemistry with Ryu Jun Yeol more than Bo Gum. Same with Song Hye Kyo in Encounter, it just didnt click for me. As for record of youth, no need to repeat what everyone said. Their visual is actually compatible and suits “slice of life” youth drama. But their chemistry is off which is disappointing. I really thought before the drama aired they would have that cute romantic vibe like Jung So Min and Seo In Guk. But no, it didnt work here. But then again, chemistry is a tricky thing.You can put the best looking actors with or without strong charisma and still no chemistry.

  3. Kim Go Eun could have been a perfect match for Go Bum. No matter how i try, I still cannot build a good chemistry in my mind with PGB and PSD.

    I still can’t get over the series Encounter and the good chemistry of PGM and Song Hye Kyo in spite of the age gap.

    • Please. Kim Go Eun is so ugly and her acting sucks. She better stay away from acting forever. Park So Dam looks much better.

      • Stop projecting onto kge. Bogum ain’t gonna ask u to join his cult no matter how hard u simp

    • KGU and PSD look alike so much that she also wouldn’t deliver as you expect,especially with that hair color that gives them both a “ghostly look.” This ghostly look takes over her chemistry delivery. The same thing happened with KGU TKEM with Lee Min Ho. If I were these two beautiful ladies I wouldn’t played a lead actress with that hair color. It just doesn’t suit them or they could go for a more deeper color, especially they no longer 16 years old. They shine with their natural black hair color.

  4. PSD is awesome. PSD n PBG chemistry in ROY is smashing. Some are just so fixated on certain characters or actors that can’t see beyond the goodness of others.

  5. Personally I love PSD! Her acting is subtle, not over the top and l think she is beautiful. Love her eyes. PBG would be a hard one to match with any actress, since he is better looking than most of them. I love them in this drama.

    • I love RoY and never had big issue with the lead actor and actress. The story is interesting and inspiring. I never find PSD pretty from the beginning however as the drama goes on I find her really pretty and cute 😊😊

    • Your statement is true and fair view , must give every actress a chance to perform , PSD is top student in final year university and won a lot of movie awards . Thank you

  6. PSD is actually great in the drama. How she emote and act is based on the characteristic of Ahn Jeong-ha. That being said, Jeong- has role as i seem to see it is complex, delicate and understated and at most time passive, the impact is rarely recognizable hence some viewers blamed PSDs acting bland. PSDs role in itself is a challenge.

    • Thank you! Very well said. I can appreciate PSD and her acting is superb! She brings her character to life. She and PBG are not mismatched. Their characters actually compliment each other. The whole storyline is about “struggle”, progessionally and personally. Family struggles and relationships help build the main characters.So many clues about this drama are given in one episode after another. I am an American who is thoroughly enjoying every moment of this amazing drama. Keep in mind if every drama was intended to be fast paced and extremely intimate, there would be no diffrieniation in any drama.

      • Hi Betty I am Scottish love you comments and loving this too… for me if fans don’t like it No one asking them to watch it and keep there nasty comments to them self I think they forget it a Drama we watching and they will have been told how to act….

  7. Have a different viewpoint. I think Park So Dam is also good in acting and looks much prettier than Kim Go Eun. I think Park So Dam has lots of potential.

    • I agree with you. She is prettier than KGU. Both of them are pretty though but it is my personal opinion that thus hair color doesn’t do them justice. They are great actresses overshadowed by their own hair color of choice in playing leading roles. I can’t see them or see through them when they use such highlight.

  8. I am hooked on Korean drama. I don’t watch anything else these days However too long waiting for next episodes. Love both actresses PSD in ROY and GA.IN DO DO SOL SOL LA. PBG is my hero in everything he appears in.

  9. Has anybody seen PSD in Cinderella n 4knights 4 years ago. I really love that drama show, right there n then PSD is so talented, she had good chemistry with Jung Il Woo. PBG is a good actor too,I think their chemistry is ok. About the hair color, I think it’s too light and it does not look good on her, shes pretty though. She should go with darker color, it suits her better. I’ve watched parasite, PSD is so darn good in that movie..

    • PSD is rlly pretty and gorgeous ❤️.i love u PSD❤️
      And her acting is rlly great.I like her so much.she is one of my fav actresses.
      And In ROY,she portrays her character rlly well.the director instructed her to act like that and u can see it in the bts.if u don’t like her, just ignore it,u guys don’t have no right to hate or blame.u guys aren’t as good as she is.
      There are many fans who supp and love her❤️
      Fighting my park so dam💟

  10. Your statement is true and fair view , must give every actress a chance to perform , PSD is top student in final year university and won a lot of movie awards . Thank you

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