Episode 14 of Record of Youth Brings in 7.772% Ratings with Surprise Cameo of Choi Soo Jung and Hye Joon Moping About His Success

We’re one week away from the final two episodes of Record of Youth and it can’t happen fast enough for me. This drama is both treading water and on its last breath in sincere narrative development, I’m grasping at straws to enjoy episode 14. The best was the surprise (total shock as it was not spoiled by the news) cameo appearance of top actor Choi Soo Jung playing a guy shopping for suits and talks to Hye Joon’s mom played by Ha Hee Ra who is his wife in real life. It was so awesome and then Hye Joon’s dad got jealous in the drama, so reverse meta. If Cha In Pyo guests stars that make it all worth it, as he’s the real life husband of Hae Hyo’s mom played by Shin Ae Ra.

Back to the story itself, I loved Hae Hyo and Hye Joon’s reconnection in sharing their past and present weaknesses as well as the interlude when Hye Joon had a free day and spent it with his family and dude friends before going to see Jung Ha. I just don’t like anything about the central relationship, both are wonderfully nice sweet people but they have zero sexual chemistry and feel like platonic friends so why all the angst. The entire media play to target Hye Joon also feels overblown from the degree that new stars get some blowback. Hope the drama regains it’s central footing for the final two episodes and gives me something to wrap this up with.


Episode 14 of Record of Youth Brings in 7.772% Ratings with Surprise Cameo of Choi Soo Jung and Hye Joon Moping About His Success — 14 Comments

  1. This is such a big hit as shown in the ratings and Netflix ranking!! We have enjoyed the drama so I am sure it will deliver its final 2 episodes in a happy ending!! I cant understand why keep on complaining about So Dam and Bo Gum’s chemistry as it is very subjective! Obviously majority ship them together as based on the rating that people enjoy RoY

    • ? different scripts emits different vibes n different chemistry on kdrama couple. Why some habor incessantly on PSD n PBG chemistry. All stars shine brilliance on its own merits.

    • I like the positive thinking. The show is good and I am enjoying it. The chemistry between PSD and PDG needs to pick up not break up. Waiting on the final two. Great show

    • I love them both. I just find it sad that these 2 great actors hardly had any screen time together. I’m also mad at the way they made So Dam character- she used to be fun and witty and she shines now she just became meh! Ugh!

  2. I like the romance between the leads. It may not be overtly dramaticize like a usual Kdrama, but they display it similar to a normal real-life couple. Not too sweet but their actions convey their love.

  3. This drama should have been 12-14 episodes (preferably 12) like so many other kdramas especially these days. IMO, it’s a glaring issue with kdramas these days, either shorten dramas or hire quality writing teams that can weave more rich, interesting stories and characters to fill up at least 15 episodes. . But it has high ratings and is trending on Netflix so that means it’s good! /s

    • I agree. This drama would have been better in a shorter run, 12 episodes as mentioned.

      I am done with this drama. Park So Dam is so unfortunate, her last drama was the same, lackluster and a bit boring. Though she’s lucky a bit because due to PBG popularity that this drama is still going, rating wise.

  4. I love to watch Park Bo Gum in this TV series. It seems that this is somewhat his real life story. But, true! Zero chemistry between the two as a couple.I am looking forward Park Bo Gum playing roles like what he had in Hello Monster or Coin locker girl, Reply 1988.Part of my wishlist ?

  5. i really liked it when it started.but the scandal part of his “superstar” life is now too much like common man…let that lil kid breathe ,the drama looks too focused on his continuous scandals,which has made the drama a bit boring for me..but still two episodes to go… looking forward to how Hae hyo is gonna handle his career plus how the lead couple hamdle their relationship.

  6. I always enjoy Park Bo Gum’s performances. I do think that they concentrated too much on the scandals and walked away from the developing relationship of the leads. I have enjoyed the episodes and look forward to the final 2.

  7. Why blame the actor for such a weak script and directing?
    So Dam can act period! It’s her character development that became stagnant. Also chemistry is very subjective, I love their screen time together and is the only thing I care about in this drama..sadly there isn’t much. I wanted more intimacy between the 2 lead but somehow the director chose them not to. And by intimacy I just mean them hugging, holding hands, etc just like they were in epi 6 to 8.

  8. I like this drama because Park Bo Gum do the best. His acts so natural n the fam is real fam for our generation now. I enjoy this Kdrama and forget about covid19. Just do your best Park Bo Gum for your others next Kdrama/films.

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