OCN Hit Drama The Uncanny Counter Encounters Backstage Drama as Screenwriter Leaves Production with New Writer Taking Over Starting Episode 13

Well this is certainly not, on the surface, a good development for OCN ratings hit drama The Uncanny Counter. The screenwriter Yeo Ji Na has left the drama immediately, with PD Yoo taking over the script for episode 13 and another screenwriter coming in after for the remaining episodes. It’s reportedly a difference of opinion on the ending of the drama and the production believes this split is good, was reached with mutual agreement, and will get the best result for the drama. I honestly have seen over a dozen K-dramas change screenwriter changes over the years and it’s never made the drama better, and in this case it seems so abrupt and with a drama that’s so successful it’s concerning. I hope there is no precipitous drop in quality and if any the drama maintains what brings in viewers then it should be fine.


OCN Hit Drama The Uncanny Counter Encounters Backstage Drama as Screenwriter Leaves Production with New Writer Taking Over Starting Episode 13 — 18 Comments

  1. it does’nt sound good
    I really loved this drama until chapter 6 or 7, but I feel like the writing got lost in political trouble and the cat and mouse game, it lost its essence and I just wish So Mun’s friends were present and her life had a little more control. I hope that the change of direction of the drama brings that essence of the first chapters, because this drama was really worth it in the beginning.

    • totally agree. I want to see more of the “supernatural” aspects we were shown early on in the series. yet, the fantasy elements sorta took a backseat – sure the evil guy with the evil spirit still has a big presence – but I want to see more of the Yung territory story (background of Wigen and co)

  2. I look forward to and enjoy this drama every weekend. I hope it continues to be a great drama…and the sudden change doesn’t upend a successful, well acted drama.

  3. I honestly think the change of scriptwriter is not a bad thing. Episode 13 was a vast improvement on the last four episodes which was too heavy on politics & police corruption; and less on catching evil spirits – which is the main draw of the drama in the first place. Episode 13 returns the story back to its source and hopefully 14 continues in the same vein. I’m just very afraid that we won’t have a proper closure of the plot and characters since the drama is signed up for multi seasons. Hopefully the drama will exceed my expectations.

    • But that might not be the screenwriter’s fault. She is adapting an existing webtoon, not writing the story entirely from scratch. And these writers, unless they’re established star writers like KES, KEH and so on, might not have complete autonomy over where the story goes. Case in point:them butting heads with her leaving the show.

      • Yes to this. It’s possible that her differences in opinion started from the “last four episodes which was too heavy on politics & police corruption; and less on catching evil spirits…” As in maybe she didn’t like that direction but she just went along with it since she doesn’t call the shots. And after seeing where they want to go with the remaining episodes (plus the unnecessary S2, imo), she probably felt it was better to bail. I wish her well in her future projects. And I hope the producers end this season properly.

      • @BackstreetBookie and 🙂

        Not blaming the writer. Just speaking strictly from the perspective of the viewer. Ep 13 was miles better than what had been produced in the last few episodes. Depending on the plot, sometimes the original manwhas do not translate very well to an onscreen product and major editing and plot redirection are called for especially when there’s a major directional shift to make it a multi season drama mid-way during the series run. I do feel bad for the writer who lost her job mid-series due to the behind the scenes politics that played out. It sucks to not be able to complete a project that one has invested a lot of time and effort in. Especially when one’s effort resulted in the drama bringing in high ratings. When the positive results are pouring in, then one’s let go from the job… it’s quite unfair.

      • @Adal

        I get you. When I read the part of your comment that said “I honestly think the change of scriptwriter is not a bad thing…“, it came off a wee bit insensitive towards the writer who’s just lost her job and like you were blaming her for the not-so great last four episodes. My apologies for misunderstanding. And yes, it’s unfair.

  4. I’ve heard whispers of behind-the-scenes drama since the show took that week-long hiatus back in December. It could have started back then. EP13’s ratings dropped to 9.372% from EP12’s all-time high of 10.581%. Dunno if that’s because of another same-time show snatching some viewers (even Mr. Queen dropped slightly too) or the writing quality might not be that great anymore. We’ll see how EP14 fares to truly know. But man, I feel for the writer. Imagine being a part of the journey to creating this record-breaking hit show and then abruptly having to leave just as you’re getting to the finish line. The split might not be as amicable as they’re making it sound. It comes off to me as they’re just trying to keep the drama from affecting the drama’s high ratings. Oh well, I hope it all works out.

    • UPDATE: Just read that EP14-16 will be written by movie screenwriter Kim Sae-bom (If You Were Me 5, Hello Schoolgirl). Another one from Chungmuro to flock to dramaland, it seems.

  5. I kid you not when I say that while watching EP 13 and before hearing this news, I thought it was differently written (and not in a good way). I felt the difference certainly in some scenes which felt too light or too rushed for what needs to be conveyed. Oh my, I hope the rest of the episodes will not suffer. Since there were differences in opinion with the writer and whoever calls the shots, I guess it’s just too big that the writer felt there is no other recourse but to leave the show. I guess at this point either the audience will hate or love how the series will end.

    • I haven’t seen EP13 yet so I can’t say. But it’s interesting that you felt the difference in a not-good way whereas others above are applauding it. I agree that viewers might either love or hate it.

  6. The latest episodes have felt very much like they are dragging out things to meet an episode quota :/ it’s a shame the drama started strong but it’s losing its way now. I feel for the original writer who as someone said above likely doesn’t have the power to control her own drama , which is horrible. I don’t feel optimistic about the drama ending with news on season 2.

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