The Uncanny Counter 2 Premieres on tvN Sat-Sun Time Slot to Lower than Expected 3.949% Ratings

So while I was getting my final spooky dose of Revenant fill yesterday with the final episode airing on SBS, over on tvN the network premiered The Uncanny Counter 2 taking over for See You in My 19th Life. This second season was highly anticipated when the original wrapped with over 10% ratings on OCN and even moved to the bigger cable network tvN for that broader exposure. But then the bully scandal happened with male lead Jo Byung Gyu and now this drama is coming back two years after the original and the first episode started off with 3.949% ratings which is low for a drama with a built in prior audience and IP. It’s too early to tell what the reason is, as it went up against the final episode of Revenant which ended with 11% ratings and also reportedly the final few episodes of the original drama was also on a decline in storytelling from the first 2/3 of the drama, but K-netizens seem to think the reason is that viewers are checked out with Jo Byung Gyu and not tuning in because he’s the male lead.

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tvN Confirms Second Half 2023 Release of The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch and Netizens as Split with the Return of Jo Byung Gyu After His Bullying Scandal

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OCN Drama The Uncanny Counter the First to Break 10% Ratings, Gets 2nd Season, and Cast Featured in Cine21 Pictorial

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