K-drama to Adapt Hit TW-drama Someday or One Day and K-netizens Want Male Lead to be Either Park Seo Joon or Lee Jong Seok

It’s been a few years since K-ent went one a remake spree with popular Taiwan dramas but we have a really great one coming up. K-drama is remaking the hit TW-drama Someday or One Day (Missing You) which starred Alice Ke and shot Greg Hsu to stardom. The drama was popular in South Korea as wells with fans who watched online so there is enough name recognition to generate pre-production buzz. K-netizens are already polling high that the male lead should be either Park Seo Joon and Lee Jong Seok, which sounds good to me since I like both and currently neither have a confirmed drama lined up in 2021.


K-drama to Adapt Hit TW-drama Someday or One Day and K-netizens Want Male Lead to be Either Park Seo Joon or Lee Jong Seok — 21 Comments

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  2. this is my first ever Taiwanese drama and the most special drama overall that I’ve ever watched in my 10 years ++ of drama watching (99% kdramas).
    Please please please please please do the original justice with casting, writing and directing!
    This is such a wonderful drama!

  3. I guess I am one of the few who dislike this drama. Watched it because it was super popular back then but found the pace too slow and boring and didn’t manage to finish it. The premise is interesting and I am hopeful that I will get to watch the K-remake that will eventually resonate with me.

  4. I’ve not watched it. Does it have a high school counterpart? Do the leads play both versions? If it’s like that I don’t think they’re fit to play them…they don’t look old at all, but I’ve watched them in many mature roles already.

  5. I find it a sad reflection of the state of K Dramas when a Drama that was (by the writer’s own clear statements) specifically and explicitly written for the FEMALE lead is considered for a remake and the focus is on who the MALE lead should be. That kind of fundamental shift of attention does not bode well for the integrity of the remake.

    Since it was conceived and written with Ko Chia Yen in mind, it would have been much promising if the remake prioritized finding the ideal equivalent for HER role.

    • Ooooh yes. Your comment is the only one that makes sense here. Bless you.

      After reading the comments here and other social forums, this remake will be a mess if the focus is on the male lead.

    • Even if the second male lead has one-sided feelings for the female lead, it doesn’t really affect the plot in my opinion. The plot is more about solving the death of the female lead’s doppelgänger in the 90s.

  6. Song Kang or Lee Do hyun for Greg Hsu’s Role ? But K drama is such a failure in Time wrapping themed drama in recent years. Pray this will break the spell.
    Greg Hsu is eye candy ?

    • Yeah I was also thinking that Lee Dohyun should play the role because he has the boyishness and the maturity to portray the main male character in both timelines.

  7. That drama is awesome. Seo Kang Joon would be perfect as male lead. My only hope is that the k version doesn’t focus on unrealistic cinematography and product placement, and most of all, doesn’t add k dramas’ typical society-centric discrimination plot. Because if they do, they’ll run a wonderful story/drama.

  8. I think both PSJ or LJS would not go for this remake.
    I personally want Lee Jae Wook as the male lead, who is very young and talented enough to pull this off.
    How bout Alice Ke’s role? The actress needs to be very good at acting for this. I can’t think of anyone for her character.

  9. Asian countries from Turkey to Indonesia all are used to remakes and adaptations, we’re just excited if popular dramas are remade in other country (usually and depend on if the remakes are good or promising but truthfully if my country remakes TV drama, I will curse it too, the production is so low budget and baaaaad). Only USA get their panties in a twist if they see Hollywood studio remakes other countries’ movies or dramas. One of the weird reason is whitewashing. Dude, the studio is adapting the movie/drama to your country’s demographic and circumstances, of course they will use caucasian people. Are you saying if the studio is remaking Japanese/Chinese/Korean novel/drama/movie, it will need to cast the same ethnicities as the resources? It’s called remake.

  10. Duh, both are too old. Lee do hyun, song kang, lee jae wook… c’mon, there are many great new actors. Especially this drama is about time travel and the male leads will be high schoolers too. Psj and lsj? Aigoo.. they’ll be good in school uniform tho.

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