Episode 4 of Vincenzo is Operatic Fighting Fire with Fire and Brings in Smoking Hot Ratings of 10.215%

I found my new crack drama ladies and gentlemen! Patience has paid off as episode 4 of Vincenzo was so good I have the shivers and shakes and can’t stop thinking about the exquisite details. Our Vincenzo may still have his own agenda (tons and tons of gold, who wouldn’t?) but he’s going to mete out some of his own brand of punishment while he’s waiting to start digging. This episode was just *chef’s kiss* and not the flavor that Chef Toto’s fake Italian food must taste like to V. Daddy Hong went to his long rest, as I expected though happening way earlier in the drama so that was indeed a surprise, and with it Cha Young flipped a switched from screeching over-acting shrew to channeling all her rebellious weird energy into avenging Daddy and carrying on his cases.

She’s not wholly altruistic but her total about face against Babel (which is clearly a Purdue Pharma stand in and the drug a proxy for Oxycontin) was satisfying to watch and she will be useful to Vincenzo as she knows the ins-and-outs of the Korean legal system in ways he doesn’t so their partnership makes sense. I do love that after she calms the F-down in her manic energy we see how perceptive and smart she is, she knows Vincenzo is the real building owner and totally sticking around for his own plan and that’s fine by her. This episode had a truck of doom, tears and more tears, Vincenzo feeling even more stirrings of guilt and acting on it, a brilliant syringe pillow homage to The Godfather, dorky NSI agent turned Vincenzo fanboy, corrupt former Prosecutor Choi getting a first taste of her own medicine, a towering inferno of an ending perfect for Vincenzo’s soaring operatic scores, and the reveal of the Real Big Bad that I’m so ready for his arrival.


Episode 4 of Vincenzo is Operatic Fighting Fire with Fire and Brings in Smoking Hot Ratings of 10.215% — 23 Comments

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  2. Yaaass! I love this episode! And the first time I didn’t mind the length. They really used every single frame to build up that ending and I’m thankful Taecyon put on his big boy pants and delivered. Even though I was already aware who we was, the reveal was still so exceptionally well done. The directing, cinematography, and music of this show are really working seamlessly.

    I’ve always find it funny how Korean dramas overuse the penchant of their supposedly classy and rich characters with western classical music, but this show is so effective in incorporating the Italian inspiration of this show. From the choice of opera on the TV and music. Really good.

    I know the crazy over the top humor will never go away because that’s part of the charm of the show and it is something people really need to learn to love/like or ignore if they want to stick around.

  3. Damn. I was enjoying the bromance so much that I did not expect Mr. Hong to die. Although I should have. This is Fiery Priest 2, after all and Hong was basically the mentor priest. They even slandered him after his death just like the priest. Thank you, writer, for using this same trick again. Very original.

    With Vincenzo hospitalized and Hong gone, that would’ve been the perfect time to demolish the plaza. Wasted chance, gangsters.

    Gawd, those tenants are f/cking annoying. Dude barely escaped death and they’re all me me me what about me!

    Prosecutor Choi is gonna be one formidable villain. I say they shoulda rammed her with that TOD. That law firm boss better watch out before she takes over his position.

    It’s disgusting how easy it is to use the media and police to destroy people in K-dramas.

    Cha-young, if you don’t have the stones to do whatever it takes, perhaps you should wait outside when Vin does his thing? Crap, of course it was a hoax. I was so ready for the blood and mayhem. But it looks like Cha-young will be that annoying moral compass that will point Vincenzo north when he needs to go far south to beat those motherf/ckers.

    Speaking of motherf/ckers, that big cahuna reveal would have been more effective if they hadn’t already spoiled it.

    Judging from the preview, looks like they’re gonna crank up the heat in next week’s episodes. I say bring it. Lol. Congrats on hitting double digits!

    • Thank you for your recap, it’s very grounded and entertaining haha

      I’m reading positive reviews for ep 4, but I’m still wary about jumping back in, I’ll just wait a little longer and see if the improvements and raves are consistent. The first 2 episodes was such turn off, that it’s difficult for me to overcome it despite a fantastic song joong ki 🙂

      • Hmm, I so wish you’d followed the 4-episode rule, Laura. ?

        My live-watch list has now been whittled down to Vin, Luca and MLDM. I’m still undecided on Sisy and Hello Me. Looks like I’ll have to fill in the blanks with old dramas on my watch list. Sigh.

      • I’ve never heard of the 4 episodes rule until you mentioned it in the past ?

        If they are going to have a romance line in the drama, how can I tolerate with it if I don’t like the female lead at all? Is she better? Both in character and acting wise? If there was no romance in this drama, maybe I could deal with it and just continue to focus on song joong ki only haha

        You are watching so many things haha There isn’t anything wrong with watching old dramas on your watch list, they may turn out to be treasures 🙂

        You’re actually watching MLDM? I could never hahahaha

      • Wha-at??? Every drama connoisseur knows about the 4-episode rule! LOL

        Haha… FL was more sympathetic when she was grieving. I think she does better with serious scenes than quirky, comedic ones? Because after the grieving scenes, she went right back to being annoying. But a tad tolerable? I dunno, it’s become easy for me to overlook her.

        No, it’s just three dramas now. Vincenzo, Luca and MLDM. I said I was undecided but I’m leaning STRONGLY towards dropping Sisyphus and Hello Me (though I might check out EP4 of HM before deciding).

        None of the oldies (which also includes the recently completed) are really catching my interest. Plus I read about how some went downhill and I’m like, “Argh, here we go again.” If you’ve got something good and crack-tastic to recommend, fire away.

        Yes, against my better judgment, I’m watching MLDM. Lmao. I’ve come too far to drop it now. I wanna see the trashy husbands, mistresses and creepy stepmum get their karma. Hahaha

      • Sorry for slow response.

        I guess I’m not a true drama connoisseur, I must have ditched drama watching 101 class that day ?

        Thanks for your insight on FL. I need your adept skills at overlooking her haha

        I’m terrible at giving recommendations especially since I feel like you are the kind of person who probably consume so many different dramas haha

        I’m assuming since you are still watching MLDM since you want/expect to see karma to be activated, you like those kind of stories. Therefore I recommend watching Taiwanese drama ‘Fierce Wife’ it’s a beautiful story of growth and vengeance. Good luck with completing MLDM haha 🙂

  4. Seems like 2021 is indeed a bright year for TVN..Last year they only had like CLOY and HP touching the double digits..followed by a string of avg rated dramas.

    But this time it’s back on track with Mr Queen and now Vincenzo breaking records with each passing episode.

    • Even so, they still fared WAY better than the other channels, both public and cable. In addition to the dramas you named, they scored with SF2, RoY and even though iotnbo wasn’t a ratings-killer, tvN itself said the drama was a success for the channel. But here’s to even higher-rated dramas this year. I’m sure HP2 will also do well.

      • Ofcourse those dramas which were on OTT platforms like Netflix, they became popular …like Start Up, iotnbo etc….I didn’t comment on their success. But I was talking abt domestic ratings that too ONLY about tvn from an objective POV..It’s true that only SF2 and ROY could be considered above avg as they almost touched 10pc .. Whereas rest of the dramas were just avg..
        PBG star power is no joke..

  5. Yoo Jae-Myung is too good to quit the drama already. I loved the relationship he had with Vincenzo. I needed him to help Vincenzo to bond with his mum, to make peace with his daughter…

  6. EP4 was good, finally, I thought I was going to be tempted to drop this. I wish the side characters in the G Plaza have more meaty backstories though, they’re mostly for comedic scenes at this point and it kinda gets old.

  7. Yes, the drama finally clicked for me with episodes 3 & 4 actually, it better stay good till the end, please writer!!!

  8. Not many actor will lucky after rejecting several good/popular drama like the moon embracing sun, kingdom netflix,musical movie (you and me) delayed movie bogota.I hope drama getting rise up.Sjk deserved comeback after divorced and major flop arthdal chronicle.

  9. After Mr Queen, tvN giving us Vincenzo. Both great dramas!
    JYB is doing well and has an offer for lead role in another new drama.
    SJK is SJK, getting better!

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