Lee Min Ho Shares Latest Casual and Derpy Pictures in SNS Update

Looks like filming is done for upcoming Apple+ drama adaptation of Korean-American novel Pachinko, seeing as Lee Min Ho is back in South Korea after a long Canadian location shoot. I’m sure the drama will be quality fare and his fans will definitely watch for him and hopefully it will continue to expand the reach of Korean entertainment around the world since it’s airing on Apple+ which is on a production tear to try and cement itself as a worthy alternative to Netflix when it comes to titles available. I love how Lee Min Ho’s SNS posts are always kinda off beat, sometimes derpy, and never posed, makes him look like the Big Boy he seems still to be inside, earnest and hardworking and genuine towards his fans.


Lee Min Ho Shares Latest Casual and Derpy Pictures in SNS Update — 28 Comments

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  3. Whenever i think i am falling out of love with oppa , he pulls me again. He has that charm . That is why he still maintains his idol level fandom even after 13 years
    I am happy for him. Working in a a 112 billion won drama and getting billion won per epi ( gonna have multiple season)
    He is trully a hallyu king. But will never see him mediaplay his salary unlike some people. No matter how many hate him..They wish their faves get such global project
    And this role gonna expand his range. Very different role.
    Time to expand in more global sphere oppa
    All the best to him. Will forever stan him . Let haters seethe because they are just jealous

  4. Last pict was terrible.No wonder TKEM massive flop because 40% production cost went to him.I’m sure he get billion won from apple tv but why didnt he take some acting class to improve his acting???Hyun bin has better acting skill need several year before get success with confidential assigment,moa and cloy.Yeah we will see if sbs want work with him again after failure tkem.Sbs low budget drama get better rating and success than high budget drama like vagabond,tkem etc etc get rating flop.

    • You need mental evaluation if you think he can’t act his even made H-debut with 130 mil budget series.. Calling one of the biggest 2020 hits on netlfix a flop is questionable.. Also the comment itself screams that it was posted by someone who has mental case.. Just unncessarily hateful and pointless

    • You need mental evaluation if you think he can’t act his even made H-debut with 130 mil budget series.. Calling one of the biggest 2020 hits on netlfix a flop is questionable.. Also the comment itself screams that it was posted by someone who has mental case.. Just unncessarily hateful and pointless

    • Hyun bin who has 100 flops?
      Sbs will happily sign him becaude king made huge profit pre airing
      No local hit drama or suzys glop can command such profit
      He is highest paid actor bcoz his dramas r profitable
      He took 3 years break between heirs and lotbs. Lmao
      Sbs run behind lmh but he is headling 100 million dollar drama which will have multiple season. Why will he do local shows? It is for actors b showpiece like suzy who has no stardom n is a mere decoration
      Hyun bin should thnx his gf for giving him a hit in ten years after giving flops after flops

    • If you think the leading hallyu actor who has 130million budget casting under his belt can’t act.. You need some serioues mental help and also the comement is mental patient esque.. don’t take random celebs that to serioues to be bothered

    • I recall TKEM featuring in Netflix’s biggest hit of that year in their end year report am I missing something here. If such a big hit is labelled massive F where are we going is the question.. The leading hallyu actor can’t act? Hmm? If you couldn’t he wouldn’t be that just simple calculations.. He wouldn’t touch that many ppl.. Acting is his strongest point and starring in 130m record breaking series and advanced his career in all shapes and ways.. Stop obsessing over celebs and trying to break them down for pointless reasons and I am not even a fan of his and in fact I don’t like him but his darn great actor and knows how to capture the audience in fact nobody dose that part better than him

      • I agree with everything you said. I am not a fan either but his a damn great actor. When you get even non-fans disagreeing with you it means you are doing things way wrong. His charismatic and magnetic plus has some playful nature to his acting that naturally grabs audience and he never fails with that and sort of reminds me of Gong-hyo Jin but more of that charm she has little of his charm but not enough. She is the only actress that has that kind of charm that resemble his despite them being different gender which is strange and I guess it has something to do with the playfulness and the eyes and to pin-point it is basically checky eyes

      • @Cnine I have been talking about that to one of my friends who told me nah there is no resemblance since I am fan of hers. I also found it strange but the link comes from the playfulness and eyes.. Some peoples trait of personalities can be co-shared even across genders.. It works for them wonderfully on screen but more so for him

    • King made pre airing big profit..local big hits cant match what lmh brings to table in profit. He is highest paid actor in korea ( got paid millions for king but he is not ksh or sjk to mediaplay his income ) because his overseas level cant be matched. Bae yong joon retired and he took over. He faced so many rivals but remained at top
      Sbs made most money from king
      Netflix streaming records were broken with king. Sbs is always behind him. He did lotbs after 3 years break on sbs
      He selects his work
      Now he is headlining a global drama where he is setting salary record. An author backed role. And which will have multiple seasons. Why will he do local drama right now rofl?
      Lmh took k drama to global level. Whther u r fan or not. Give him credit where it is due
      Hb should thnx son ye jin for giving him a hit dram in ten years btw
      He is most famous k actor and will remain so for yeats to come

    • Btw keep hating king’s global success is that studio dragon credited it as most profitable
      Netflix reported it is one of most watch foreign language drama in usa
      And it was most watched k drama worldwide of 2020
      It is huge profitable venture
      And only raisee lmh’s profile
      Leading him to 130 million drama. Bcoz global shareholders see him as most popular korean actor who bring worldwide success
      Hate him all you want. But noone can deny lmh’s status. Only haters who wish their fave get 2% of his fame
      Suzu wont even get a decoration in such mega project. She is a local decoration showpiece used in movies and dramas. A flowerpot. Eternal
      Lmh going more global. Multiple seasons. Highest paid actor. Pan asian endrosements. Any actor wishes to have such project. U think hyun bin or kim soo hyun or song joong ki wpuldve refused such project? Truth is noone offered them 130 million budget drama.
      Bcoz hallyu king is one an only lee min ho

      • Don’t you feel any shame that always try to praise your oppa by dragging down Suzy? She’s one of the Korea public most beloved celebrities! She entered the most favourite celebrities list for concective many years which your oppa never entered once untill now! she also entered top10 the most popular Hallyu actors list for concective 4 years, the only 20s actress did it,she’s still very young, keep improving!

      • Lmao my oppa dont need jyp medaplay list. He never mediaplays likr woozie
        My oppa gets paid more and is way bigger star both in korea and globally. She got some fame outside korea for sleeping with him. Lmaooo
        My oppa runs his own agency, where ut woozie was leaking articles that she got paid more than kth back im 2013. N got mocked everywhere. He status in korea or outside is no wher3 lmh level
        She is a showpiece
        Which is truth
        Lmh carries his own projects n she is a eternal flowerpot. No one gonna offer her 130 million projecy
        Lmh cf rate in korea is highest and outside korea even more. Ur jyp idol is not on his level n will never be. Another showpiece will take away showpiece roles when age hits her. Bcoz showpiece has age tag. She is not jjh or shk to carry her projects. She is like han ga in. Cf queen in 20s n then a showpiece forever
        She is not more beloved than lmh in korea nor she can match his fame success globally nor never get paid more than him

      • Lmao mpre beloved than lmh? When he gets paid more in cfs , dramas and he runs his own agency and is private about his income . But ur girl was mediaplayin im 2013 she gets paid more than kim tae hee and got mocked everywhere
        And outside korea she is no match
        She is a showpiece decoration used in which is truth. My oppa is bigger celeb than in korea and outside. What even. Have some shame loool. Suzyy bigger than lmhhh
        Lmaoooooooo. Deadd!
        She will never get a 130 million drama. Bcoz she is a.local flowerpot
        Outside korea her profil rise when pepple found out lmh is sleeping with her. N dump3d her lmao. She is a showpiece. N cf actress. Noone respect her

  5. Rofl king was already 30% profitable pre airing. Thats why he is highest paid. Profit he brings But woozie who gonna offer her such mega project to headline?
    She is decoration
    He has already shown more diversity than your flop faves
    But you need some other actors
    Dont worry about lmh. He is busy going global
    But woozie is a showpiece used as mere decoration flowerpot
    Sbs will happily work with him because of overseas sales he bring . That they dont have to worry about money
    And studio dragon reached record stock market value bcoz of king
    Its not his fault if writing is bad. His job is to bring profit which he does even more than local hit dramas bcoz of his stardom
    Sit down. Must be pressed that he is headlining a 100 million usd projecy. When will ur fave?
    And who need sbs when he is apple of Netflix and apple lmao?
    When he ouearn all of ur faves
    And he will do sbs drama whenever he desires to. He took 3 years break between heris and lotbs. That is what a S tier actor like him do

    Hyun bin has countless flops. Go and do ur research. It took him a decade to get hit drama lmaoo

    • No wonder his acting medioce and bland because fans like you defend him in such way. Lets see if sbs will invest and throw money overboad in his next drama after lotbs and tkem fiasco. Pachinko has six cast in apple series.So his mediocre acting will get help from other actress and actor.And yeah 30 billion won investment in the King only get 5% rating was good for sbs and considered hit???

      • Lmao he started with double digit rating. Actor cam bring start. Rating matters on script
        Profit was huge because he sold drama at high rates overseas which no actor can do and brought ppl

        He is gping global and yr fave wont fet cast in main role in hlobal series
        Producers who r pauibg him billion eon per epi knows better do kerp crying
        He is a way good actor
        He doesnt meed ur certificate

  6. I do enjoy LMH and I can’t wait to see more of him. I am not as per say fan but I do enjoy LMH and I haven’t watched him for awhile now

  7. Always happy to hear news from him.He is the first oppa that introduced to kdramas and he still has the boyish, humble character that he had in the beginning of his career.Maybe he is not the best actor out there but he always tries his best and never forgets how he started.Good luck with everything Lee Min Ho.

  8. @SHOWPIECEWosuzie you really have no shame by saying those words! Her first drama Dream High was huge hit in Korea and international in 2011, won a couple of international awards in a couple of countries, got many people into kpop and kdramas, Architecture 101 in 2012 and Gu Family books in 2013 both are huge success made her name even bigger, all these have nothing to do with your oppa! You even said dirty words on personal life, shame on you! Last year world Netflix kdramas ranking top 2 are it’s ok not to be OK and Start Up, higher than your oppa’s drama, she stands by her own name!

  9. Rofl king was mostched asian drama of 2020 globally. Its okay has more days in top 19 but king ended up as most watched. Suzys local flop wasnt even bear. What fanfiction u write
    Dream high gubook all were local hits because of male leads. Not ur showpiece. She is a flowerpot in ashfall. A showpiece. She is a local cf actress. Lmh korean n global fame is 1000000 times above her
    She is not eceb ib most demnd actress in 20s now.han so he has bigger projects in dramas n movies. An actual actress
    Talk to me when ur flopuzie lands a 130 million drama as a showpiece let alobe lead role like lmh
    King is way bigger than abay woozie drama either in korea or outside. Lmh carried his dramas. Ur flopuzie need men to give her a hit. She even madr gong yoo drama flop
    Her only hallyu fame is being his ex. Whome he dumped her. She needed jyp to push her. Lmh madr his own name. Dont even compare
    Startup bigger than king fanfictions u read here
    Woozie will get replaced by other flowerpots when she hit 30s bcoz showpiece has limit. Like han ga in. She is not junji hyun to land meaty roles n dramas where she has something to do. She is a decoration piece

  10. I didn’t enjoy or finish TEM but i will always have a soft spot for him. I think his real self is kinda dorky or himbo – no offense I think it’s cute and he’s embracing it so don’t judge! Hope he picks a good drama next though I think he can act but just need to challenge himself more

    • Your comment made me smile cus I also agree. But I do feel he made effort in TKEM to play a character which is not him. His past roles in Heirs and LOTBS were really him playing himself. TKEM was a tad more difficult. I felt he kept his character persona tight and was meticulous in terms of carriage.I wasn’t a fan before TKEM but I am now. I actually do think he can become a better actor. He has succeeded beyond what any one person is able to. The only thing I object to is his styling now. I wonder if he has a stylist or he himself decides, cus I find his styling now abit effeminate.

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