Kim Soo Hyun Goes Back to the Boyish State Attending New Brand Fan Meeting Event

It’s about the one year anniversary of tvN drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay with Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, and Oh Jung Se, and so much has happened since then. Kim Soo Hyun was recently at the Baeksang Awards looking like an entire 12-course meal in delicious visuals (I’m still full! lol) and has been filming murder mystery thriller drama One Ordinary Day (original title That Night and a remake of Criminal Justice a BBC show). This week he made a low key appearance at a fan meeting for beauty brand Nutine looking super duper adorable, that boyish charm in full presence. I’m sad that the whole Seo Ye Ji scandal is still making me unable to re-watch his last drama but I love that the drama is part of his resume because Moon Kang Tae was such a great character that I will always remember fondly.


Kim Soo Hyun Goes Back to the Boyish State Attending New Brand Fan Meeting Event — 13 Comments

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  3. I lost respect on him when knetz bring back his past saying he would marry 18/20 years old girl when he’s 40. He also being disrespectful to Sulli during Real movie promotion.

      •  [+183, 0]

        Even during the interview for Real, Sulli didn’t even say anything and he kept saying “wow wow” and made Sulli into this weird person. Sulli looked so taken abackㅋㅋㅋ at first, the comments on the video were all cursing at Sulli but nowadays, the comments are filled with people asking why Kim Soohyun was acting that wayㅋ

        “Kim Soohyun, past marriage plan attracts attention “I will marry a 21 y.o girl at 41 y.o””

      • @jcw

        First you claimed he said he’ll marry an 18 year old. Now it’s 21 years? Which is it? Stop posting unsubstantiated information you read from trashy sites that profit from smearing the names of stars.

        The same hypocrites who continuously bashed Sulli for the littlest things even before she did Real are the same hypocrites who now put her on a pedestal after she passed. It’s clear you’re one of them. Keep your lousy respect. He’s still thriving and will continue to thrive without it.

      • @Jcw — It’s funny how you’ve even saved silly comments from netizens so you can easily copy and paste them in your hateful agenda. Get a life, dude.

  4. Still full here too, milady! Haven’t felt the need to eat since. Hahaha. And like smiley user wrote, his pictorials for Mido are a whole ‘nother level of yum. ?

    A real shame about how her scandal has cast a dark pall on a drama that brought me and others joy and healing in a very dark time. But I’m still grateful for that drama. He looks bright and healthy. Best of luck on his next project.

  5. I won’t judge him for something he allegedly said or did in the past without knowing the full context. Reminds me of how some people were recently slamming PSJ as a misogynist over a mistranslated (?) interview he did. But these stars better tread carefully now more than ever. There are people who want to see them fall. And one misstep can kill a career. Good luck, sir.

  6. He’s awesome and no matter what SYJ did, I’m still so so so glad he did IOTNBO because that was a challenging role and we saw a more mature and somewhat darker side of him in the acting department. Baeksang and accolades aside, the quality of the drama itself was such a win.

    Excited to see him in Ordinary day. It’ll be different but I’ve come to expect that from him so looking forward to it!

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