Jo Byung Kyu Considering K-drama Return with History of Losers

The rise and halfway fall of K-actor Jo Byung Kyu sorta got lost in the more high profile and more awful allegations of bullying that rocked K-ent in Feb-March of 2021, but he was still one of the key names in that group of stars being outed for causing harm during their youth. For Jo Byung Kyu, it was school bullying when he attended high school in New Zealand. Jo Byung Kyu has denied the allegations and stuck with his story, but neither side has backed down, and his side did not take legal action of defamation against the alleged victim. He was in talks for the male lead in historical drama Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi when this news broke and that casting ultimately fell through. Since then he’s laid low and this week K-ent is reporting that Jo Byung Kyu has been offered the male lead in the drama History of Losers adapted from the same name webtoon. It’s being produced by his agency which makes K-netizens annoyed that he’s coming back when he hasn’t satisfactorily addressed the bullying accusations.


Jo Byung Kyu Considering K-drama Return with History of Losers — 11 Comments

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  3. The webtoon’s lead character is quite problematic and misogynist… Although one might argue that’s why it’s called History of Losers. I saw some knetz said this loser jerk role might fits him so well.

    • Still wouldn’t watch it though…. the irony of him playing a bullied kid in the Uncanny Counter when he was like that irl…

      • His reputation is already sullied like Ji Soo. The accused’s detailed description of Westlake School activities, system & Takapuna karaoke room where the assault took place sounded credible to me. I live in Auckland btw & familiar with NZ school system & places mentioned. Doesn’t sound like the accuser is doing it for extortion. Sounded more like it’s been torturing him for years and decided to speak up now. Accusation coming from NZ is unusual but then again NZ school bullying is notorious like in SK. NZ teen suicide is one of the highest in the world. If it’s true I wish the accuser would pay some local teens to beat up the perpetrator. That would teach coward bullies a lesson. That’s how we roll in NZ. Yeah nah.

  4. Hard to see him bullying NZ teens in NZ. Maybe he picked on other scrawny Asian kids. The male & some female Pacific Islander, Maori & Caucasian teens would send him flying off the ground with one swat of their hand. The All Blacks are world champs in rugby for a reason. Lol.

    • Yup, good luck picking on Jonah Lomu sized Tongans, Samoans, Cook Islanders & Maori teens mate. He might enrolled in an elite private schools where kids are vegans namby pamby.

    • 99% Koreans will attend Korean School or International school if they’re abroad. Hardly they’ll attend local school unless they’re already citizen of the said country. I bet there’s a Korean school in NZ just like in my country.

      • I googled the bully scandal. The Korean accuser said he attended Westlake Boys High School in Takapuna with JBK in 2011. Westlake is A-grade public high school mainly attended by upper class white Kiwis & international Korean students. It’s not a private school. JBK enrolled under the international student programme in Westlake. It’s very popular amongst Korean expats in Auckland. Lots of overseas Koreans live in Takapuna. It’s practically a mini Koreatown. Lol.

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