First Poster and Teaser for SBS Romance Drama Now, We Are Breaking Up with Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong

Toss me in the camp of highly anticipating upcoming SBS drama Now, We are Breaking Up, which is now a little less than a month from premiere come November 12th. I feels like a loner genre in the current crop of light rom-coms and sageuks, taking a more mature and complicated take on romance set in the fashion industry. The first poster shows both leads Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong as if her picture above his was taken by him. In the first teaser trailer below, it’s melancholy with raindrops and her pictures getting burned, because hey the breaking up part, right? I don’t know if the drama will take us through the leads relationship and have then break up or broken up early on and then get back together, I suppose the point is to see if we like these characters, believe in their connection and chemistry, and perhaps get some food for thought in the process.

Teaser for Now, We are Breaking Up:


First Poster and Teaser for SBS Romance Drama Now, We Are Breaking Up with Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong — 28 Comments

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  2. The pics look so good I am sure the leads are going to have very good chemistry.

    I am so looking forward to this. Love her and enjoy her projects.

  3. This feels like Encounter but without the expensive overseas shoot. For a drama set in the fashion industry the oomph factor is sorely missing.

  4. SHK is for me the most beautiful Kactress and I m into Kdramas more than 10 years now.
    Maybe she is not the top when it comes to acting but that does not mean that she can not act.
    I don’t watch all the dramas she is in but again that it’s not because of her. But definitely I always give them a try because she is in.
    I will check this one too.

  5. I usually don’t leave my comments but to those who wrote negative comments about her acting, listen up! Whether Song Hye Kyo’s acting is mediocre or not, it’s none of you guys’ business. It’s not like someone is forcing you to watch her dramas. Those kind of negative comments are the reasons so many K-stars are depressed. Please live your lives positively, and take good care of yourselves! Your tongues are hurting people. Btw, SHK is one of the timeless beauties in K-ent: Fact! Her dramas continuously received high ratings: FACT! Respect her as a human being, like you guys.

    • Peach girl. These basher are thinking they’re so innocent, talented, and never gets old. Claim to give criticism about her acting which doesn’t seem so. It’s nothing related to SHK acting but plain hatred toward the woman. They have so much hates and don’t know how to release it so decided to throw it at a woman which they don’t even know anything about.

  6. Isn’t it time for her to graduate from rom coms? She’s been doing that for decades. Leading ladies younger than her has done more challenging and mature roles. And please, get a leading man closer to her age for some believable chemistry.

      • She hasn’t done anything outside the romance genre in years, or where story is about something other than romance. Like JJH doing action and even HSH who is the mini SHK is doing gritty roles. Point is doing something challenging and different aside from romance.

    • right? aside from han sohee, even an idol like suzy is shooting a female centric thriller and they’re both still in their mid 20s. it’s either shk is typecast in romance dramas or she is doing this of her own will because she knows her limitations, which i think is the latter. honestly, i haven’t liked a shk drama since twtwb because of the lack of chemistry with her past two male leads. hopefully this changes with new the kes revenge drama with lee dohyun actually focuses on revenge and not randomly inserting romance as she’s always done.

  7. Glad to see SHK with a drama again. It’s quite hilarious how people be comparing her to Son Ye Jin and JJH. If SHK is so bad in the bashes eyes, shouldn’t they just stick to watching their favorite actresses only? SHK fans has no problem with what ever she chooses so let them be. I believe if you’re so happy about your favorite like SYJ and JJH; you wouldn’t be here talking trashed. It doesn’t matter if the story is old fashioned or if the meal lead is so young. It’s all acting so age doesn’t matter. The actor has no problem so why should you as a viewer care?

  8. People who keeps bashing and still goes to SHK are simply: obsessive with her, haters because your favorites are not at her level or just simply haters because you are born with that.
    Either you are one or all three cases mentioned above, I have nothing to say except just hope may peace be with you.
    In Koala’s blog, I also see several familiar faces, hypocritical enough to pretend to be neutral, always left several unpleasant remarks in her articles and never stop mentioning other actresses to bring her down.

    The facts are the actresses they compare with her are also one dimensional and nothing special.

    Your hypocrite is just distasteful and disgusting to its finest.
    At least accept you are her haters at least I still have some respect because you are true to yourself.

  9. The poster looks so basic and meh. And shk with her trademark blank, open-mouth stare. Her one and only expression in all her posed photos. Jky at least shows some short of emotion.

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