Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Se Jung Make a Rainy Day Connection in New Stills for Upcoming SBS Romance A Business Proposal

So far the only promising thing about SBS romance drama A Business Proposal (Office Blind Date) is that leads Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Se Jung are age and visually compatible. It’s a low bar that I’m still surprised how many K-romance drama casting fail at it. But I still hate Ahn Hyo Seob’s hairstyle for this drama, that college boy with no gel mop that Song Kang also sports in his upcoming romance drama Forecasting Love and Weather. If the male lead were still a student whether college or grad life sure but as a working professional it not only emphasizes that tall boy (kid) vibe but also doesn’t suit their work place surroundings. Alas I’ll take what I am in given and this drama story (adapted from a webtoon) has the standard workplace opposites attract set up I love when it’s with two charming leads who have incredible chemistry. The newly released drama pictures above showcase Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Se Jung showing decently compatible stills chemistry.


Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Se Jung Make a Rainy Day Connection in New Stills for Upcoming SBS Romance A Business Proposal — 10 Comments

  1. He already has 100x more chemistry with KSJ than his last drama. They look really good together in these stills and the trailer.

      • He is soooo stiff. True dat the females have to work very hard to make up for his woodiness. Have you seen the KBS drama awards where they set up this triangle between kim yoo jung and KSJ and him? Dude even killed that fun scenario with his lack of wit. The girls to the rescue in the end.

      • Honestly Kim Se Jung is good at acting in all her roles so far. Him though, idk. He seemed ok in Hong Chun Gi but then completely ditched all effort midway into the drama? And then Kim Yoo Jung had to carry it all. lol let’s hope it doesn’t repeat here.

  2. I can definitely tell Seol in ah will shine in this drama before it begins. This girl has so much potential, regarding talent, visual and charisma. But I don’t know why PDs are sleeping on her talent. Kim Sejung is good as well although I don’t find her a leading lady material. Ahn Hye Seop, well, I agree fully with all of u. He doesn’t have enough charisma doing this role. As we know, we already expecting Park Se Jun’s aura and presence from him. But After watching trailer, I realized it’s useless to expect crazy romance from this pair.

    • Entonces nada de k dramas el actúa muy bien tiene muchos dramas reconocidos si quiera estudias actúacion o algo por lo menos

  3. Sigh. Reading your guys comments makes me so nervous.
    Why do I feel like my KSJ will carry the whole show like KYJ did last year? At least besides KYJ there are KSYang and GongMyung. *Sigh again.
    I am watching live show of sbs awards. I agree with everyone. Both girls are bright, smart, confident and get along better than the man in the middle.? His company is doing really well to push him forward. 2020 with LSK, 2021 KYJ, 2022 KSJ and then YJB (not confirmed yet). Those actresses have both visuals and the ability to create amazing chemistry with their co-stars. Lucky guy!

  4. If I am not mistaken, this SBS drama has similar time slot with the new KBS Drama “Crazy Love”, starring Kim Jaewook and Krystal. Both dramas’ genre are Office Romcom. Just curious which drama will gain higher rating. Imho, Kim Jaewook 1000 times much better than AHS, especially being a CEO

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