The Uncanny Counter 2 Remains Mired in 3-4% Ratings Through Episode 8 as Criticism Focuses on the Overly Cartoonish Execution

tvN weekend drama The Uncanny Counter 2 is only slated for 12-episodes and with this weekend through episode 8 with ratings in the 3-4% range it’s clear this is not the hit the first season was in 2021. The concern that male lead Jo Byung Kyu‘s bullying allegation with its unconclusive resolution would affect the ratings led to the current explanation for the ratings staying stagnant. Reportedly the plot is very childish and cartoonish and is actually the same criticism for the second half of the original drama, when the original screenwriter left and a new come came onboard. But the goodwill built up in the first part of the drama helped carry through to the end for that season but now it’s laid bare as something viewers find unsatisfying to watch. This is even more disappointing for the production as tvN paid extra to snatch it over from OCN and also loaded the second season with tons of recognizable to big name new antagonist roles. After this is Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun itself a second season so we shall have to see if that drama get a different reception.

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The Full Cast Returns for Season 2 of The Uncanny Counter with Move From OCN to tvN this July 2023

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Kim Nam Gil Takes Home the Daesang at the 2022 SBS Year End Drama Awards as All Major Hit Drama Leads Win Other Prizes

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K-netizens Disagree for Why Today’s Webtoon Has Low Ratings, Not Due to K-audience not Liking J-dorama Style But Because This Version Isn’t as Good as the Original

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Fri-Sat Dramas Premiere New Competition with MBC Legal Thriller Big Mouth and SBS Workplace Comedy Tomorrow’s Webtoon

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Kim Se Jung Beams on the Set of Today’s Webtoon After Getting Coffee Truck Support from Veteran Grandpa Lee Deok Hwa with Call Out to A Business Proposal

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SBS Confirms K-drama Today’s Webtoon with Kim Se Jung, Daniel Choi, and Nam Yoon Soo for July 2022 Fri-Sat Time Slot

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Episode 12 Wraps Up A Business Proposal with a Happy Bow as the Drama Reinvigorates that Satisfying of a Simple But Well-done Rom-com

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