Kim Se Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob Reunite as Brand Ambassadors for Indonesian Company Realfood

It’s 0-1 right now with the post A Business Proposal drama successes for the four leads who all benefited from the hit series. Kim Se Jung was first out of the gate with Today’s Webtoon and it’s one drama that I’ve heard really mixed reviews about in substantive ways. Those who don’t like it explain clearly why it’s a lackluster adaptation of the manga compared to the J-version and those who think it’s quite well done also explain clearly why the drama is being unfairly compared and works by itself. Ahn Hyo Seob is probably guaranteed a hit with Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 3 but his next drama the remake of Someday or One Day is the big question mark for me. But I’ll always have APB that I can rewatch and enjoy these two together, and fans will get another venue as both have been tapped to be brand ambassadors for Indonesian company Realfoods, telling me that APB must’ve been a big hit there as well.

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K-netizens Disagree for Why Today’s Webtoon Has Low Ratings, Not Due to K-audience not Liking J-dorama Style But Because This Version Isn’t as Good as the Original

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Kim Se Jung Beams on the Set of Today’s Webtoon After Getting Coffee Truck Support from Veteran Grandpa Lee Deok Hwa with Call Out to A Business Proposal

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SBS Confirms K-drama Today’s Webtoon with Kim Se Jung, Daniel Choi, and Nam Yoon Soo for July 2022 Fri-Sat Time Slot

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K-ent Discusses How Currently Popular Stars are Doing Back-to-Back Dramas Including Ahn Hyo Seob, Lee Se Young, Song Kang, and Kim Se Jung

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Episode 12 Wraps Up A Business Proposal with a Happy Bow as the Drama Reinvigorates that Satisfying of a Simple But Well-done Rom-com

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Episode 10 of A Business Proposal Stays at 11.6% Ratings Complete with Double Date Cuteness and Impending Grandpa Hammer of Objection

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Episode 8 of A Business Proposal Goes Back Up to 10.8% as the Sweet Relationship of the OTP Fully Heats Up

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A Business Proposal Breaks 10% Ratings in Episode 6 as Adorakable Robot Ahn Hyo Seob Falls for Spirited Kim Se Jung in Earnest

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