J-dorama Version of You From Another Star Airing on Amazon Prime Gets Panned for Miscasting of Fukushi Sota and Yamamoto Mizuki After Release of First Trailer

Hahahaha, OMG this looks sooooooooo bad. Like, mwahahahaha trainwreck level bad potentially. The first trailer is out for the J-version of You From Another Star (My Love From the Stars) which premieres on Amazon Prime streaming on February 23, and one wonders if there is still time to re-cast and re-film the entire thing. Starring Fukushi Sota and Yamamoto Mizuki, the first preview is like a cut rate knock-off in the opposite quality vein of Go Princess Go and Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen). That drama has GPG being super cheap in production quality due to having no budget but the K-remake ended up having the budget to delivery a more visually appealing elevated watch experience. Here it looks the opposite, the original YFAS was glorious on the outfits and accessories and leads Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun had the beautiful top actress and handsome alien professor visuals and acting ability. But here Sota has the looks but about as much range as my busted rotator cuff and Mizuki does not have the right attitude and aura to convincingly pull off the top actress role. Watching the preview I legit vacillated between mild cringing and feeling bad for the two leads because they should not have been offered their roles to begin with, and they also don’t showcase any chemistry from the previews alone. Amazon JP actually turned off the comments feature on this official preview inYoutube so you can guess what they are trying to limit in terms of mass panning.

Teaser for J-dorama Version of You From Another Star:


J-dorama Version of You From Another Star Airing on Amazon Prime Gets Panned for Miscasting of Fukushi Sota and Yamamoto Mizuki After Release of First Trailer — 16 Comments

    • Yes! She would be amazing!!! This current actress is totally mis-cast. I mean visually, how can she even be compares to JJH? Seriously???? She looks old!!! Satomi Ishihara is so pretty, and she has the personality that would fit. The lead actor is ok on looks but there is no x- factor about him. His looks is not memorable.

  1. Japan is really falling behind with their dramas. You can always tell their budget is lacking compared to other Asian countries.

    I know most of their money is going into producing anime, but JDramas were actually quite popular at one point.

    • I used to really like watching j-doramas, back in 2000-2010. Code Blue, Hana Yori Dango, Love Generation, you name it. I’m not sure why the appeal is gone, did the quality go down or did kdramas finally catch up?

  2. the actress is too homely looking for the role. japan has a lot of prettier top actresses they could’ve used but ngl they probably wouldn’t want to do a remake of a kdrama. also fukushi sota’s hype is completely dead. I remember when he was in every single manga adaption back in 2015

    • I don’t think it’s even about her look, the main thing about Jun Ji Hyun in that role is that she’s insanely and I mean INSANELY charismatic and so is the character.

      The actress here just isn’t giving off any of that vibe or even a different take on Song Yi’s character, if I didn’t know it was a YFAS remake I’d just think she’s playing your typical drama bland candy type heroine. And Sota just looks wooden.

  3. Fukushi Sota was seemed just ok at first since the character is generally cold and unemotional but that was until they showed his crying scenes..big oof.

    IMO, the female lead is painfully miscast and it’s not even her appearance like some korean netizens were saying, she just doesn’t seem committed to going all out to play the character who is quite dramatic, her comedic scenes are awkward and her crying scenes are almost as bad as Fukushi’s…double oof. On top of all that, noticing zero chemistry. It’s a jdrama so I already knew the budget wouldn’t be big and it would be more subdued and down to earth but based on this, they could have done so much better with the casting.

    I don’t see Amazon prime doing it (and their own big budget series like Wheel of Time look kind of cheap anyway) but I wish Netflix would invest heavily in jdramas like they are with kdramas and help elevate local industry standards of what jdramas could be. And i’m not just talking about jdramas based on mangas/anime but also original stories. It’s unfortunate that japanese dramas and movies seem to have suffered in quality due to the local and global popularity and focus on anime. Anyway, maybe it will be better upon airing, just trying to be hopeful 🙁

    • Same, I’m ok with a not as fancy set or glossy visuals/a slightly more down to earth feel because that’s a jdrama characteristic

      But the casting just looks so wrong, the chemistry just isn’t there and neither is the comedic timing (Chun Song Yi was a larger than life character, boosted even higher by the charisma of Jun Ji Hyun- you need that to pull off some of the ridiculous things CSY says and does. Yamamoto Mizuki just doesn’t have it and neither does Sota).

  4. wow I thought the jnets/knets were maybe just being nitpicky from a trailer but after seeing the trailer they aren’t wrong….the original (from 9 years ago) looks more modern than the remake filmed in 2021.

    Also the casting…Japan doesn’t lack pretty actresses with comedic talent who can play Chun Song Yi level top stars (even with my first pick Satomi temporarily out of the game thanks to her pregnancy), neither does it lack actors who can pull off Do Min Joon type. This was really the best they could do? Imagine Chun Song Yi’s famous “sawrry” spoken here….I just can’t lol. I really hope this is crazy misleading and the drama is actually better but I’m not hopeful!

  5. The thing about remakes is that if you don’t plan to at least live up to the hype of the original, you might as well not do it. They don’t only go the vibe wrong with the cheap-knockoff CG, they completely screwed up the casting and got two actors who not only look wrong for the roles, but also have absolutely nil chemistry. Why anyone would watch this over the original (which isn’t even old and is still one of the best rom-com kdramas ever) – I dunno.

    Hard pass.

  6. That’s the problem when Japan adapting Korean’s drama and Korean adapting Japanese’s drama. The original will always looks the best and no other version can beat the original one. Hanazakari no kimitachi (Hana kimi) stays the best even it’s also adapted into kdrama. Same goes to other original drama or dorama

    • Thus, stop comparing. Korean budgeting is wayyyyyy different with japan industry. How much kstars get from an episode is also different from how japanese’s stars are getting. One korean actress could live in wealthy for doing only one kdrama in a year, but Japanese’s actress would need to do more than two doramas to feel the same prosperity.

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