SBS to Cease Producing Daily Dramas After Love is Drop by Drop Finishes Airing Due to Financial Reasons

The financial outlook remains rather dire for K-dramas, with the steady decline in television viewers as well as advertising revenue. Pre-produced dramas with an eye towards live airing in China is at a standstill due to the beef over THAAD so it feels like the walking dead in K-ent as dramas continue to be made but there’s no cure in sight for theĀ bleeding red ailments. SBS is making a move to control its expenses, announcing this week that after the currently airing daily drama Love is Drop by Drop finishes its run the network will cease to produce any further dailies because of financial considerations. SBS daily dramas are aired once an episode during the earlier evening hours, different than the morning daily dramas which are continuing on. Back in 2004 SBS stopped making daily dramas for a few years before restarting in 2007 so this stop may not be permanent. MBC and KBS will continue to make daily dramas (for the time being). Continue reading