Download Link for the Theme Songs from Miss Rose by the Lovely Della Ding

The OTP in Miss Rose tangoed their way ever closer together in this week’s episode 7, which means I’m clearly in a very good mood right now. While the tango was adorably awkward and stilted, Cheng Kuan and Si Yi were very much aware of each other’s emotional and physical presence at that moment making the dance totally squeeworthy. The appearance of Si Yi’s ex-boyfriend Tang Yi Jun was as great as I hope for – adding lots of clarity to Si Yi’s emotional scars and letting Cheng Kuan show hand in revealing how he feels about her. To Yi Jun’s question of “What is your relationship with Ms. Luo Si Yi?”, Cheng Kuan’s answer was better than I could have ever hoped for “To me, she is a woman that a man cannot toss aside easily.” Win and win! A not subtle dig at Yi Jun’s treatment of Si Yi in the past, plus a candid declaration of how much he sees her worth. I think MR’s pace has slowed down a bit from its fast click start, but the calm now suits the relationship developments in the story better as the characters are allowed to soak in what’s happening. I’ve also noticed a bunch of new songs being used in the drama, and a quick look at the MR wiki page shows that the ending theme sung by Della Ding is but one of her contributions to this drama. In total there are four songs from her recent album making its way into MR, and I love everyone of them. Bringing you the download link to her album so you can enjoy the songs anytime you need an MR fix. Continue reading