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I thought about following the tried and true formula of continuing to generate top ten lists of various topics. But then I realized that I have the attention span of a squirrel. Getting on my top ten doesn’t really mean I am all that into you, drama/actor/actress/book.

What I needed was to be honest, to focus on my drama obsessions. The people in my dramas and/or movies that are so mesmerizing to me, I become dazzled by his/her brilliance and lose all sense of self.

My obsessions are the folks I cannot even begin to explain why I like so much. But I do, and they make me happy. 😀  In no particular order, these are the glorious beings that tickle me pink with glee when I watch them onscreen.

Shiny Pretty Things:

Jung Woo Sung – He is my I Lub You. The man who makes my world turn round and round when I watch him onscreen. He’s cool, he’s flip, he’s like the bad boy you would never dare to date if you had an ounce of common sense. But since I’m taken already, he’s my dish on the side. Shhh, don’t tell Mr. Koala.

Yamashita Tomohisa (YamaPi) – When I see this man-boy, my brain just goes “ockoala, SHOCK!” YamaPi simply “is”, a spacey fluffy goofball stuck in a stud’s façade. I just want to slack off with him, and then gaze at his winsome smile all day long. I wish he could act better, but I also wish he would show up and call me Nee Chan.

Yuan Hong – Mookie and I have deemed him our loverboy. His eyes, they speak a thousand languages and essay a million emotions. He’s so smart, funny, and thoughtful in real life, he makes me weak in my knees. He’s both of one of the most intense actors to watch onscreen, and one of the coolest actors to fangirl in real life. We are so lucky to have found him. [And I snuck in a picture of my loverboy with his OTP, Liu Shi Shi – it’s also my life’s goal to make sure these two pretty people get married].

Ha Ji Won – I love this woman. She is stunningly gorgeous without a hint of cold plastic detachment. She is a wickedly good actress, not a subtle emotion is beyond her. She can kick ass six-ways to Sunday: dueling, outrunning a tsunami, creating love triangle after love triangle, she can do it all, and do it well. A classy actress with heart and guts in every role she takes on.

Ariel Lin – I want Ariel to belong to me. I wish she were Thumbelina so that I could put her in my pocket and carry her around with me. She instantly *becomes* any character she plays, so thoroughly and completely you never know that the real Ariel is intelligent, charming and thoughtful. Her smile can light up a thousand rooms.

Joe Cheng – He is Mr. Jiang Zhi Shu, forever and ever in my heart. As an actor, he’s all that, and then some. Handsome, quirky, devilish, he’s like the college boyfriend you dreamed would pick you to be his girlfriend. Together with Ariel, Joe can do no wrong in my eyes.

Nam Sang Mi – She is the-girl-next-door. I have enjoyed every single performance she has given, regardless of whether the drama was any good. Her earthy beauty is enchanting, but it’s her give-it-her-all attitude towards acting that makes her the apple of my eye.

Lee Jun Ki – A chameleon who I once thought to be simply a brightly colored lizard. I take back every pretty boy comment I ever said about him: he’s an intense and riveting actor. His performances are go-for-broke and emotionally draining. And he’s so beautiful to look at I need to wear sunglasses just to gaze at his visage.

Alec Su – Look who’s the Sweet Tiger now. Grew up with this guy, and never in a million years did I realize he’d be this hot and this interesting of an actor to watch. He rocks the wuxia genre with his own brand of charming boy-next-door vibe. Can’t wait to watch him tackle a burgeoning film career and transition into the darker roles he’s just itching to play.

Park Kyu (Im Joo Hwan) – Yeah, I once wrote 15,000 words because of this guy. I think that about sums up how much I love him. But the actor behind Park Kyu is thisclose to becoming an obsession. I’m waiting for his next starring vehicle. Don’t let me down, Im Joo Hwan. Did I tell you that your smile melts my cold, dark heart?

Binnie (Hyun Bin) – Dimples is a man I went from liking, to loving, to cannot stop watching. I watched his most accessible drama first (you know, that show about some girl named Sam Soon), but it’s his uneven other works and darker fare that have cemented him in my heart as a thespian of the first order amongst his generation of K-actors. And his killer dimples do not help. I love you, Binnie!

Son Ye Jin – She is perfection, can act and looks eternally flawless. I can watch her lose her memory over and over again, and she will always make my heart weep for her plight. [And yes, I snuck in another picture of my I Lub You with Son Ye Jin – it’s my blog so I can do whatever I want].

Song Seung Heon – My robot. I love his perfect cheekbones. I love his toothsome visage. If he could act it would be perfect. But that’s asking too much. I’ll take him as he is, with no questions asked and no regrets needed.

Ayase Haruka – Flawlessly quirky and adorably gorgeous. One minute she’s a mussed himono onna, the next minute she’s a perfectly put together office lady. She can do any role. The question is: which guy can handle the Ayase-brand of awesomeness.

Chen Kun – So. Hot. This man is like a walking ball of sexy. Please, drama gods, please cast him as a bona fide wuxia hero now! When he smiles, it lights up his gorgeous eyes and accentuates his killer cheekbones – and I am a puddle of goo on the floor. He can wear a three-piece suit like no one’s business.

Horikita Maki – She is Nobuta. ‘Nuff said. I dream of the day YamaPi and Maki can do a genuine fan service drama for everyone who wished Akira and Nobuta had powered up together and found their happy ending.

Takenouchi Yutaka – My first bad boy crush. He is agelessly sexy and still smoldering. An intense actor, and a heavy-weight presence on the screen. The camera loves him, and he will make you his slave with one look.

Fan Service:

I thought it’d be nice to share some of my favorite actors and actresses with you all. But it’s really just an excuse to put these gorgeous pictures of each of them in the same place, so I can easily access it if I need a pick-me-up moment anytime, anywhere.


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  1. I’m just doing a general public service announcement here that as rewarding and super fun it is to be a koala’s friend, be prepared to be suck into her sweet canoodling, enabling, time sucking ways. I have no regrets, though I need a 50 hr day just to droolz at all the pretty pictures!
    (and it’s taking me forever to type this silliness, the D’Urban Yutaka is gazing at me in all his intense gorgeous finger weakening glory…. *so so fine*)

  2. Gee,woman,you need to warn people w/ weak heart about these breath taking pix…I might not know some of the goodies/hotness,but that’s irrevelant. Thank you for sharing…and sharing is good… 🙂

  3. Correction: You did not write 15,000 words, you wrote 18,000 going on 19,000. 😆

    That’s the nicest pic of Nam Sang-mi I’ve ever seen!

    (Psst, I know I’m one of the few weirdos who did not like A Moment to Remember. *runs*)

  4. @ mookie – public service announce away, I enable because I am a sharer. Even if it means taking away time from sleep, food, work. etc. See, I could have picked a Yutaka pic from 10 years ago and he would smoke the competition, but I picked one from this year, and he’s still so damn fine he makes me want to cry.

    @ cingdoc – glad you enjoyed the post, eye candy is good for the eyes, right?

    @ the drooling unni – shall I send you a hankerchief (or a towel) as a Christmas present?

    @ yuan89 – who’s calling who a cougar now? I’m insulted, if I didn’t know who you are. Pot, meet kettle.

    @ hjkomo – grrrr back at’cha. 😛

    @ thundie – I rescued your comment, yay! Oh, AMTR is not a great movie by a long shot, I most likely love it to pieces because of the glorious halo of perfection that was the coupling of JWS-SYJ. You are forgiven, if you forgive me for not really liking Duelist (and I think I know why, too – I watch wayyy to many wuxia movies/dramas, and Duelist is probably great if I were not already so spoiled on some of the best ones to come out of HK in the Golden Age back in the mid-90s, and I can’t help comparing and becoming bored with Duelist – I like the visuals better than the story or the pacing).

  5. OMG! I just noticed this post! It was posted yesterday… I missed out one precious day. This is one exceptionally divine post you’ve made. A feast on gorgeous creatures!!! Thank you. Thank you!!!

    Joe Cheng, the guy is soooooooooooooooooo beautiful… Where can I see him? Any sub-titles movies? dramas? my day is starting out brighter. Thank you, again!

  6. @ celestialorigin-sis:

    Oh, you’re just making me clap my hands and jump for joy with your desire to make the acquaintance of Joe Cheng. Beyond being handsome as heck, he is a VERY GOOD actor.

    To know Joe, you must watch what I consider one of the best TW idol dramas ever made, It Started with a Kiss, starring my other obsession, Ariel Lin.

    Here’s the link to watch it with English subs:

  7. mookie sama. Thank you for the offer, I’d love to!!! However, realistically, since I’ll be super busy for next 4 weeks, teaching and so on, I may not be able to keep up with you. I’ll just sneak an episode here and there on my day off is what I’m hoping for. I love the ambiance of the drama, so fluffy and seishun(青春). Boy, I still have to finish packing…

  8. Love all the pic choices, especially the ones of NSM and Ayase.
    How awesome that two out of three of my fav J-actresses are on your list as well!

    Thanks for the eye-candy galore!

  9. we share some similar obsessions .. Jung Woo Sung, Yutaka Takenouchi, Joe Zheng, Ariel Lin and Ha Ji Won.
    I like Yuan Hong, but not an obsession yet.

    Joe Cheng — I fell in love with him in the Rose, and watching that show until the end just for him..( terrible lead actors and I *hate* Ella ).. and my love got deeper because of ISWAK.
    Ariel, I love all her shows..I don’t care how bad the drama was, as long she is in there, I’d watch it.
    I love ur description of her..she’s just beyond adorable..

    Yutaka and JWS… they’re similar. bad boys, too hot to handle. 🙂

  10. I was told by djes to look at this post. and I second most of your thoughts.

    I’m watching LOCH at the moment, and I’m suddenly a big pile of goo everytime yuan hong is on. I’m on to ep 9 at the moment, and loving the way his partial to giving pedicures!!!

    I want to be those feeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!

  11. It’s the second time I’ve visited this thread via OT (of Aug. 6th).

    I’m happily surprised to see my own comment about Joe Cheng:the cutest boy ever. Since then, I’ve finished ISWAK after having worked like a blessed maniac for 4 weeks! And it was the cutest story ever as well(a tad too long).

    I have to remember to come back to this thread from time to time to rest my eyes from utter commotions of the outer world for attaining inner peace!

    Thank you for your brilliant suggestions as always!

  12. OMG! Came upon your site for a recap of Playful Kiss and found this older post and I gotta say, thanks for sharing! I love most of the same people you do too!

    Yutaka was my first Japanese boy, now man crush…and he still is. So So So SEXY & HOT & lots of other drooling adjectives (but I’ll stop…haha) without even trying to be! Your comments about him are spot on! He’s so underrated as an actor and I think his popularity isn’t the same as other actors, because 1) he’s not a “Johnny” guy, 2) didn’t/doesn’t belong to a boy band, & 3) he’s low-key and prefers to be out of the limelight in his personal life. I will forever be a Yutaka fan and love him to pieces. I cannot wait for his new drama! Not a big fan of Aya Ueto…she’s okay, but let’s wait and see if they have chemistry and if the story’s good.

  13. Hi! I really like Ariel Lin too 😀

    She’s totally awesome as an actress (singing is not really her thing). Some of her dramas which I really like are her works pre-ISWAK, such as My Secret Garden (totally loveeeee her character there! Cheryl Yang also acted in this drama.. she kinda fell off the radar for me till she did My Queen) and Love Contract (ironically, I watched this for Mike He but ended up a total Ariel fan after watching).

    Lovely blog you have! 😀

  14. Hi Koala, it’s my first time to browse your site and it’s freaking good! thanks for all of this! 🙂 How come we have the same bet? I love all them too! 🙂

  15. Takenouchi Yutaka. Can’t believe I spent hours searching about him and not finding much. I initially thought it must be because of the language barrier (I am used to getting hung up on Korean stars so finding something to fangirl about them is not hard), but based on someone who commented above, it might also be because Yutaka is not a “Johnny” plus he prefers to lie low and keep his private time private. It’s kinda frustrating, but at the same time it also upped his coolness factor for me. After all, what girl doesn’t love mysterious men, right? I just wish he would do some high profile drama soon, that way more info would become available for overseas fans like me. Of all his dramas that i’ve watched (only 6 so far) I loved Mou Ichido Kimi ni Propose the most. Speaking of, I Google Translated this one blog article that seems to be implying that Yutaka and Wakui Emi are in a romantic relationship. Anyone heard anything about that?

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