My Drama Wants (Part I)

When watching dramas, if the story is gripping and the acting is stellar, everything just clicks into place. We are swept away by a cohesive wave of enjoyment, rarely taking the time to stop and analyze this and that.

But when the drama isn’t very good, for whatever reason (failure in story, acting, directing, etc.), we have all the time in the world to critique the visual presentation because that is all we’re left with – eye candy.

After many years of drama-watching, we all have seen things displayed in the dramas we absolutely would be tempted to push a toddler over to acquire. Be it a toy, a bling, a hero (I have LOTS of those, remind me to devote a post to that).

For me, superficial and shallow as I am wont to be, not to mention vainglorious and brand-happy (Mr. Koala’s words, not mine), I have only ever had a visceral reaction to a few accoutrements in dramas. I hereby present the “I Want That!” list.

Choi Ji Woo’s hair in Air City:

Just look at it, people! It’s long, it’s got body, it’s easy to tie up and get out of your face, and it frames the face so perfectly.

And let’s face it, it got her Lee Jung Jae. I can imagine that if I had a waterfall of hair like that, maybe, just maybe, Lee Jung Jae’s face and body twin will one day find me.

I continued to watch Air City because of Lee Jung Jae + Choi Ji Woo’s hair. It’s probably the only occurrence in the history of my drama-watching where I watched a show solely for the hair.

Everytime I’m tempted to chop my current mess off, I flick right back to Choi Ji Woo with her hair flowing behind her as she runs through the airport, and I drive right past the hair salon.

Sung Yuri‘s wardrobe in Snow Queen:

The single best wardrobe ensemble I have ever seen on any leading lady in a K-drama. A close second might be Choi Ji Woo’s actress wardrobe in A Star’s Lover – but those are all so expensive it would make my eyeballs explode if I saw the price tags.

But Bora’s wardrobe in Snow Queen is rich, sophisticated without losing the playful, melancholy without losing the elegance. Yes, I contradicted myself a million times in the last sentence, but that’s because her wardrobe truly was one amazingly gorgeous and unique outfit after another.

Rich princesses can dress well and dress cool – the wardrobe director for My Fair Lady should have consulted the Snow Queen team before they outfitted Yoon Eun Hye’s character. And frankly, Bora got herself some of this (below) wearing all of that (above). What’s not to love?


My Drama Wants (Part I) — 8 Comments

  1. I want to look like/be Sung Yuri – period. She may not be the best actress and choose the best roles but damn is she pretty! I hate you a little Sung Yuri for getting to be gorgeous and be the love interest of such cuties as Kang Ji hwan, Hyun Bin, So Ji Sub, Ji Sung, and Gong Yoo too! Oh and she was in a movie with Jang Hyuk as well!! Somebody light the torches and get the angry mob ready please.

  2. @ Kristal – you are so right on!

    And let me add some more pretty darn fine second fiddle guys who’ve loved Sung Yuri in dramas: Im Joo Hwan (SQ), Namgong Min (OFD), Lee Wan (StS), Jang Geun Seuk (HGD).

    Yeah – no wonder some female netizens hate the living crap out of her. I like her (except Bora Must Die!).

  3. ockoala:choi ji woo’s hair in air city :: doozy:moon guen young’s hair in cinderella’s sister

    also want hotaru’s porch/house, the most ideal, perfect place to relax after a hard day’s work and drink [insert beverage or choice]

  4. @doozy, I second your want in hair (have to specify it’s the pre-time jump do)

    and hotaru’s porch/house…and going greedy, that place is not a complete want if there’s no Buchou~~~ attached to the sweet deal.

    and w/ the listing of all the yumcakes SYR has worked w/ that it’s making total sense why I watched every single one of her dramas. I love her, that’s not enough to last through TYoL AND OFD. I’m still bitter I sat through those, w/ no squirms, BORA MUST DIE!

  5. OMG I can’t believe you have the same feelings as I do about SYR wardrobe. I was only able to finish SQ (hated it!) due to her amazing clothes. I bought those double loop gold tear drop earrings, as well as the navy madarin collared short dress a d I’m not even a big shopper. That said I’ve never wanted to look like SYR–I just like the clothes in SQ. Also for two winters after I watched SQ I’ve decorated my entire house with crystal snowflakes. Hubby asked me to take them down because every time he would raise the blinds it would break them. I have a thing for winter themes e.g. WS, Snow Queen (the book not kdrama), Narnia, Christmas trees etc.

    The hair I coveted like made was Kim Han Eul’s hair in On Air (never saw he drama though) She went from boring girl next door to drop dead gorgeous with a little poofed up long hair.

  6. I wanted Lee Jung Jae and only Lee Jung Jae in Air City. Didn’t care about CJW at all. Does this count as a WANT? 😛

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