Ultimate Bromance: Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae

(LMHMG – you’ve got a loooong ways to go before you can do goth and still look as manly as these two)

I guess I can write something about these two gentlemen, but then I doubt anyone would be reading it, since I’ve just performed a humongous fan service for both Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae fans alike (and I am happily a member of both groups).

Before you lay an array of photographs, all some so exquisitely fine that it will be a long long time coming before another two HUGE movie stars who happen to be best friends in real life together act as a spokes model for a menswear brand.

(Look at them smile!)

These pictures are to be treasured, savored, and secreted away to a safe place so that it never gets lost. My I Lub You is filming Athena as we speak, and pretty soon he’ll be on the small screen, and a generation of K-drama watchers who don’t know him from Jung Il Woo will suddenly make his acquaintance.

I foresee a collective shriek of MINEs to start around November 2010 – and I want to say today: Back Off, Ladies! Enjoy him, but no touchy touchy, because I called mine long before you did. Yes, others may have called mine before me, but ain’t no one come to challenge me yet. And if they did, beware a koala’s sharp claws. 😀

This is just an excuse to picspam the hell out of JWS and LJJ (and I threw in an awesome picture of The Good, The Bad, The Weird at the end of the post as well). I wish I could write fun captions and be all droll and entertaining. But to hell with that. All I can say is: I love these two guys!

(look how handsome they are even when they are being nerds)



Ultimate Bromance: Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae — 13 Comments

  1. Hey, I distinctly remember you saying you’d share him with me… 😉

    Thanks for the picspam!!! 😀
    Don’t wake me if I lose consciousness…

  2. @hjkomo-sis: Oh, I did, didn’t I? Sheesh, I was hoping you didn’t remember I said that. 😛

    Actually, I’m more than happy to share him with you! It’s the legions of newly-minted teenage fangirls come November that I’m girding us against.

    I’m been lingering in a semi-conscious state all day, just floating between JWS’s beatific smile and LLJ glittering grin.

    After staring at orange-haired SSH and BYJ for a few days (finding screencaps for the Seasons dramas) – I really really needed to nourish my eyeballs. This is the ultimate nourishment. Eyeballs all fine now!

  3. @ockoala
    You never cease to amaze me….the fact that you could put together such wonderful pictorial & still haven’t out fantasizing…hehe….I think you just made most of the OT sisters not able to finish their work day(productively) 🙂

  4. Oh no you didn’t OC… two hot brothers.. MELTING like crazy right now.

    Well, you can have JWS. I’ll have Lee Jung Jae anytime. Anytime!!

  5. They are all yours ladies. LJJ is a very good actor but its never been love. I Lub You is handsome devil but he also doesn’t do it for me either.

    On the otherhand…can you post CJM picts please like the ones with JH and if any with SJS and CSW. I think if I saw ads with any of those combinations I would faint and die.

  6. Do you take requests? 😆

    Like… any of the following in any 1+1 combination, and I’ll be your slave forever!

    So Ji-sub
    Ha Jung-woo
    Kim Myung-min
    Oh Man-seok
    Kang Dong-won
    Chun Jung-myung
    Park Yong-woo
    Park Hae-il
    Lee Min-ki
    Jin Yi-han
    Shin Sung-rok
    Lee Jung-jae
    Lee Byung-hun
    Ryu Seung-beom
    Jung Il-woo
    Kim Bum

  7. Crap, there goes my day/week/month! Ladies, combinations will be my goal in life to track down! But its going to be hard, because there are very few real bromances in K-ent.

    @ ripgal, just did a LJJ-only post. 😀 Enjoy!

  8. I just realized I rambled on the bromance of HuGe and Yuan Hong in LJ the same day… 😉

    I think you and Thundie/Nycgrl should collaborate on the epic bromance of SSH and SJS.

  9. “I think you and Thundie/Nycgrl should collaborate on the epic bromance of SSH and SJS.”

    hmm that sounds like work. I think I might be away on a business trip…:-)

  10. that early photo of them in black and white is so. cute. thank you!!
    im not a huge fan of either, but have heard accolades about lee jung jae’s acting. will watch athena for cha seung won, but of course since mr. jung woo sung is also there, im sure our computer screens will melt from the hotness hahaha
    im curious if anyone else sometimes confuses JWS with jang hyuk? for some reason, the both look very similar in my eyes and i always confuse them : (

  11. Wow such nice pics! HOT! HOT!HOT!

    I think I saw a CF that they have made together and it really showcase how close they are w/ each other. I’ve been wondering how many bromances are existing in the SKorean galaxy of stars aside from SJS-SSH and JWS-LJJ? I’ve been hearing that Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo, two of the hottest young stars today are real good friends since their high school days. They’ve been appearing in each other’s fanmeets and I think they even form a trio w/ Kim Bum reminiscent of PYH-SJS-SSH bromance before.

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