Hyun Bin At Gucci

Binnie! What the blazes is on your head? And what is that shit you are wearing? What the frak did Gucci do to you!?!

I don’t care if it has Gucci stamped ALL over it, you look like you stepped out of That 70’s Show and wandered into the wrong party while high on weed. No. Just, no. [Edit: I was so blinded by Binnie’s fashion statement and My I Lub You looking so fine, that I didn’t even notice that my cutie Yoon Kye Sang was the douchebag-looking dude on the other side of Binnie. WTF, is Gucci’s fall line trend Clothing for Guys Who Want to Look Like Tools?]

Please take a look to your right (my left) – see nice Jung Woo Sung sunbae – go borrow his clothes, right now. Yeah, I don’t care if that means he’s gonna wear boxers for the rest of the evening (squeeee….more for me). Just in case you forgot what you can look like, I’ve attached a picture below for your reference.

Next time Gucci invites you to an event – just say no. And go find a nice rom-com drama to star in before you leave for MS. But if it has a title like Bad Guy, just shave your head and join the army early (trust me, Kim Nam Gil will tell you so as well).


Hyun Bin At Gucci — 3 Comments

  1. Still wouldn’t kick him out of bed. No matter how many turtlenecks or Anchorman coifs he sports.

    Wait…did I type that out loud??

  2. I looked at those pics from Gucci’s show longer, and realized that :
    – JWS and Hyun Bin wore same jackets just in different colors.
    – Bin and YKS wore same belts’ model, in different colors.
    – ( I’m not too sure about this ) JWS & Siwon wore same trousers’ model.
    – ( I’m also not too sure that ) JWS & YKS wore same model of shoes.

    Have you see the rest of the celebrities pictures? All look bad, actually. I wonder who styled them…especially the girls.
    My vote for the worst one that night, goes to Yunho (of DBSK)
    That’s a really BIG scarf!

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