Cosplay Bridegroom Seung Jo and other Playful Kiss BTS Pictures

We’ve got our first glimpse of bridegroom Baek Seung Jo in Playful Kiss episode 15! [Edit: oops, the picture is NOT from the drama, but it’s Kim Hyun Joong for another photoshoot – still, he looks grrreat as a bridegroom!] I’ll save it for after the jump in case anyone wants to not be spoiled.

Kim Hyun Joong doing a wedding photoshoot in an earlier project, but it gives us an idea of what Seung Jo will look like tomorrow, no?

Pictures of the happy couple going ring shopping

Pictures of the wedding hall

[Credit: pictures from Baidu Playful Kiss bar, Naver, and]


Cosplay Bridegroom Seung Jo and other Playful Kiss BTS Pictures — 9 Comments

  1. Ah…he looks gorgeous. Never thought I’d be into pretty boys but I’ll make an exception for him. He looks super happy…possibly seeing his beautiful bride, eh? Thanks, ockoala for all the recaps and spoilers. Will continue to read your blog after PK whines down. Oh, boy, suddenly feeling PK withdrawal….

  2. he looks good… of course.
    but the hair?? only him can pull off that kind of hair, although I don’t know if it’s the best hairstyle he ever sported… oh well. it’s definitely not the worse *cough*BOF*cough*
    and the wedding hall looks absolutely breathtaking… kk
    i want to live there! XD

    • oh… someone pointed out that the groom outfit wasn’t for PK… and i think she’s right… i remember it was for another photoshoot.
      that he did with his fans in jeju or something…

      • yeah… the photoshoot was for the first love story dvd. i knew i’ve seen it somewhere… this the photoshoot where his fans were part of the shoot.

  3. uhh… T_T so his dashing outfit and hair style above not for PK?? but i hope it come out of PK tomorrow… ^O^ the hair style looks refreshing since it shows his overall face… hehe ^^

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