Playful Kiss Episode 15 Long Preview

I’m way too swamped this morning to recap the long preview for episode 15 of Playful Kiss, so I’ll just provide the link for anyone wanting to watch it.

Luckily, others have already provided translations in other forums. I’ve not watched the preview, hopefully it’s just a glimpse of the cuteness and satisfaction yet to come.

Long preview for episode 15:



Playful Kiss Episode 15 Long Preview — 24 Comments

      • Lol!!! and I thought I was the only one doing the countdown….it’s like New Year’s Eve, waiting for the New Year to come…but kidding aside, My Wed and Thurs will never be the same again….I will truly miss this drama…

  1. Not that I do not appreciate the long previews but why do they make it less interesting than the short ones? kekeke

    That aside – how cute is Hani jumping around in cirlces Lols. I love this girl.
    Baek Seung Jo – I can see that you are anticipating the wedding too hahaha. He looks so happy during the conversation with Eunjo.

    • i agree… long preview are less exciting than the short ones… but then again, it’s because the short ones have snip bits of the interesting moments…
      in the long preview, if they show the whole scene of those moments, we wouldn’t have much need to watch the show anymore… (personally, that doesn’t apply to me… i would watch it regardless kkk)

  2. lol… actually, not much cuteness at the beginning but i still got giddy just watching the preview… kk
    and thank you for posting even though you didn’t have to. it’s like my tenth time (or more) watching this preview i feel like i know it by heart. haha.

    and for those who wants the translation to the preview, you can go to for one if you can’t access soompi.

  3. I’m so jealous of u guys get to watch raw ep. Pls. come in here and keep to us up to date if u don’t mind. I won’t be able to watch until wed’s nite and I cannot wait that long.

    Did u guys read the new big star encounter? Check out liezle’s site.

    • kk.. yes i did… liezle blog is quite popular these days.. 🙂
      and if i can, i’ll try to update you on PK’s episode although you probably can find summaries on soompi and such.

      • Oh V, pls update here cuz I am way low tech. :))).

        Why u think manager is so mean? Many crazy fans out there for him to act like that? Ummmmm just wonder u know.

      • and ok, ill try to update you then. usually, i update it on DB’s site but i guess ill do both this time.
        well… what he did is completely wrong but it’s certainly not the first time something like that happened… many managers have been under criticism in the past for mistreating the fans…
        i think it’s the combination of stress of schedule + managing a bunch of stars is no easy feat + rabid fans and having to constantly repeat the same things to them without them listening, etc.
        i guess at one point, he just snapped.
        That does not excuse him but still makes it understandable. I’m definitely not on his side, but neither am I inclined to bash him too harshly.

      • i just realized i sounded way harsher than what i feel… lol.
        basically, what i mean is i don’t blame the manager too much although reading back what i said, it seems like i’m blaming him… lol
        he’s actually not that mean compared to a lot of other managers…

      • scratch that.. thinking about it, i don’t blame him at all… kk…
        after all, he can’t accomodate all fans… KHJ also has to work.
        anyways, that’s my take on it.. sorry for the rant… and the incoherency of it… i’m not very clear-headed right now… i barely had any sleep these past few days with PK looming at the horizon… only 15~hours left!

      • I totally understand u. No worries. Get some rest ok and thank you again for willing to update on this site too.

        U r awesome! 🙂

      • ill write a short summary at the BTS of playful kiss crew filming thing… when the episode is done airing

  4. I’m actually kind of glad to see the friction between Ha-ni and Seung-jo — I hope this means that in the end, despite doing everything because of his mom, SJ will ultimately realize why he needs and likes Ha-ni all on his own. Despite the squee~ness of the last episode, I’m not sure he actually knows this yet.

    • haha….i think its just a matter of his pride…because he said the wedding should be AFTER graduation but his mum goes and plan the wedding on her own… ^^ he just want to show Hani that his not DESPERATE…kekeke…. ^^ at least that what i think of his cold attitude about the wedding….

  5. this preview is some scenes from the pre-wedding part , I think we will see cutyness more after the wedding .
    wonder if SJ will preper a surprise to HN to make for the cold attitude he had during the wedding preparations .

  6. hi im so excited to see the last 2 episodes of the drama and im sad that its ending…thanks for the updates that you give…also am loving arjoe hope u can give stories about them…

  7. hopefully the last 2 esps … the rating will be higher up ^^

    korean fan wake up ~~ plsssssssss
    all the best the teams of PK!!


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