Introducing Marry Me, Mary! (Plus More BTS Pictures)

KBS has elected to go all alliteration on us. The official English title for the drama formerly known as Mary Stayed Out All Night (which is still the Korean title) is Marry Me, Mary! (complete with the exclamation point). I was debating whether to refer to it as Mary or MSOAN, and now I’ve got to contend with calling it MMM for short as well?

It’s like KBS and the drama production wants to do everything in their power to make this drama seem as ridiculous and/or unpalatable as possible. Witness the head-to-toe get-up on everyone, the low-budget promotional posters, the blergh stills, and the threesome-Bride-of-Frankenstein wedding pictures.

I am actually VERY interested in the STORY (it sounds sooooo intriguing and rife with so many possibilities), so I hate it when all the bright fuschia gloss masks what is potentially a very addicting and well-made drama.

I’m assuming that I am in the minority on this one issue which is the more I look at Jang Geun Seok’s stylings in this drama, the more it grows on me. I kinda like it now! I hope it’s not because I’m going blind. He does look remarkably like the manhwa character.

Below are some pictures of a wedding picture shoot involving only Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok. Thankfully, he’s wearing what appears to be a normal tuxedo, and her dress is not nearly as weird.

[Credit: all pictures courtesy of the Baidu Mary Stayed Out All Night bar]


Introducing Marry Me, Mary! (Plus More BTS Pictures) — 22 Comments

  1. A comment in dramabeans sometime ago refers to it as MOANS hehehe… I’m mostly excited to see Moon Geun-young so bright and cheery after the doom and gloom of CU. The story sounds impossible to separate from manga-land but seeing how I was so addicted to YAB (even more atrocious promotional posters) this can be so good.

  2. lol.. i’m definitely the odd one here but i actually liked the frankenstein wedding dress… not the guys’ but i liked the dress.
    But yes, I agree that JGS’s look is growing on me..
    as for MMM… hahaha.. oh well, it could work after all.

  3. I hope all the bloggers out there start using the same acronym or else I’ll go insane trying to keep track of who calls it what and where. 0_0

    BB, I’m so ridiculously fond of JSG and his style on this drama? I dig it. So…high-fives? ^-^

    Someday…someday I’ll get used to MGY’s hair. I don’t like it and the more I see it, the less I want to see it. ://///////////////// HAIR FAIL, if I ever saw one.

    • MGY does not have hair on her head – she is wearing Cousin It. (Man, that’s my second Addams Family joke in one day).

      I feel bad for the poor Shetland ponies that lost their winter coat so that MGY could have that wig.

      • LOL Cousin It! Geeky reference FTW! God, I love you…

        Me too, me too. All the people who are in charge of her hair? Need to be fired IMMEDIATELY. I don’t care if the style is similar to that of the manhwa because HOMG what they’ve done to her hair is criminal, imho!

      • The worst part, Sere, is that the heroine in the manhwa has nice normal, straight, slighty-longer-than-shoulder length hair.

        I have no clue how grandma’s musty coat from the 1960s ended up on MGY’s head since it clearly must have been conjured up from the feverish mind of a stylist with NO sense of style.

      • Fired. Fired immediately!

        I suppose…hm, maybe it’s part of the drama’s character growth? The more mature she is, the slicker/straighter the hair? One can only hope that ridiculous mop of hair will be tamed at some point. *crosses fingers*

      • You know, this issue does bug me – the idea that maturity/sophistication/ability etc. is correlated with messiness or wildness of hair.

        I disliked how they purposely made Mi Rae have this ridiculous mop of fried hair that magically turned perfectly coiffed the second she become mayor.

        That is yet another bonus point in MNIKSS, Samsoon could give a flying frig about her hair, stayed the same the entire time, and she was fine with who she was – hair, weight, or attitude.

      • I TOTALLY agree with you and maybe that didn’t come across from my previous comment (I shouldn’t comment at 2 am, I guess?). I was just saying maybe they are going in that direction…

        Still, I do hope that hairstyle gets redone at some point but I also hope the writers decide to work that change into the script in a graceful sensitive way.

      • LOL, I know we’re in agreement – was just taking your comment on a tangent and bitching about the K-drama use of hair as indicator of a woman’s professionalism. 😛

      • Oh okay then. 🙂 Let’s bitch some more?

        You know, come to think of it, that always happens in kdramas, doesn’t it? I’ve been thinking about the issue since you brought it up and I can only come up with heaps of examples about that maturity=better looks combo. I suppose there’s the genre in which a heroine falls from grace and has to learn how to not care about how she looks because there’re much more important things to care about (think Wish upon a star) or…well, that’s pretty much it. Regular rom-coms always use the “maturity=good looks” trope. WTH? Hmm.

        The only drama where I haven’t seen that transformation is LiB: that kind of transformation hasn’t happened to ANY of the pairings or characters. One more reason to like this series.

  4. hello Koala
    I would like to ask for your permission to use your translation for the character info to be posted on Soompi thread. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi dailytofu

      Go right ahead. As long as you properly credit me, no need to ask again about re-posting any future MMM/MSOAN/Mary related information I post.

  5. LoL Now I’m confused too on what to call this drama. XD

    I like this story! I hope Koala will write recaps too… ^^

    *but it’s okay too if you won’t… No pressure, I understand. ^^

  6. oh my god…..he’s so cute….
    koala,,is all jang geun suk’s look really can we watch on MMM??
    yeah,,the poster of MMM much better than YAB,,

  7. Thanks OCKoala for the goodies 🙂 Looking forward to this drama as Moon Geun Young is a superb actress. But –sigh– not really feeling the posters and video. Kind of lackluster which is a shame with the calibre of talent the cast posesses — but they are just posters/teasers. or maybe it’s MGY’s hair that bugs me. I think I’ll keep my expectations low and (hope to) be pleasantly surprised.

  8. what about just plain old M3, despite the spymovie-ish connotations? MMM is just… awkward. Even the longer MSOAN is better, dun u think?

    speaking of names, and just slightly off tangent here… by how did the name come about – Ockoala? and is it OCKoala, like antigone said, or ockoala, OcKoala (like McDonald hehe)……

    • I could always call it 3M, and then I would have a copyright infringment letter on my desk in 1 day.

      I am O. C. Koala (not pronounced as one word) – and kinda like it when people call me Koala or Mz. Koala or Your Koala Highness. 😛

      And when you write my entire handle out its all lowercase – ockoala.

  9. I can’t stop laughing reading all comments here, especially when you all discussing MGY’s hair in this drama LOL.
    But I agree with ockoala n sere….:D

  10. We are up and running I see…..yup…hair sucks…..what is up w/ the Manson looks
    and yes…your Koala Highness suits you to a Tee
    now all we need is the drama….”Dali” ( means faster in Filipino )

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