That Love Comes – Opening and Ending Songs

I’m now all caught up on That Love Comes, which wasn’t very hard to do since only four episodes have been released so far. It’s slated to be a twelve episode drama, and at thirty-minutes each, this is really a light and airy little cream puff of a love story.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has been talking about the soundtrack and the cinematography, in that order, with respect to That Love Comes. It’s just shy of breathtaking, and beyond astonishing considering it’s a C-drama produced and aired solely by the online video streaming network Tudou. I’ve found the opening and closing songs, so take a moment to check it out even if you don’t intend to watch this drama. I guarantee you’ll like it.

Before I get started – for those of you asking me where to watch That Love Comes, it’s only available streaming on China’s, and I know Viikii is subbing it for the foreign-language speaking audience. I don’t know where to download it.

The ending song of That Love Comes has been one of the hottest search topics in the Chinese portals, and for good reason. It’s called Thank You For Being Wonderful, and is written, produced, and sung by Taiwanese-American musical wunderkind Yen-J. Let me take a step back and just say this – Yen-J did all the background scoring for My Queen and Autumn’s Concerto. A ha, does that catch your attention?

Yen-J is twenty-one year old newcomer to the musical scene, but he’s already a fast-rising star. We can all agree that the soundtrack for Autumn’s Concerto was ahhhhmazing (even if I fall into the minority category of viewers who dropped AC midway after it turned all weepy and lame on me), and I’ve heard nothing but praise for the My Queen score (I have not yet watched that drama).

Yen-J grew up in the US and attended USC. What I love about his singing is that he’s very raw – his Chinese pronunciation sucks, his English is all rapper-wonky, and he kinda of drops his pitch now and then. But when it all comes together I can’t stop listening to that song. His music is heavily influenced by his love of Jazz, and he manages to blend so many different contemporary influences in an organic way. I love it.

MV for Thank You For Being Wonderful (including scenes from That Love Comes, which shows its gorgeous cinematography):


The drama’s opening credit song Dear Stranger is sung by Della, who is also a rising Taiwanese songstress. She contributed two songs to the Autumn’s Concerto soundtrack (the opening credits and an interlude song), and has a lovely controlled voice. All in all, the soundtrack for That Love Comes hits it out of the ballpark. It elevates what is a really ordinary story with some mediocre acting from everything except for Joe into a drama I actually enjoy watching.

Opening Credit Song Dear Stranger by Della:



That Love Comes – Opening and Ending Songs — 15 Comments

  1. Thank you! <3 And yes, any mention of Autumn's Concerto catches my attention. I'll be checking these MVs out, especially Yen-J! I can't believe he went to USC! So close, and yet so far… haha. You seriously know where to find a whole bunch of stuff to satisfy the rest of us. Thank you, dear!

    • just curious… is yen-j ‘s real name yan jue 嚴爵 (i think it’s written like that but i might be wrong) or he has two names or something.

  2. Oh! *pouts* For a moment there, I thought Yen-J was not only the music editor, but also the second lead for TLC. Gah, I was already all giggly and ready to fall for him hard. HA! No such luck, then. However, HOMG I love the song. I can’t hear how sucktastic is pronunciation is (if he was Korean, I might be able to pick that up, but Chinese? ah, no way), but I love how…mellow and sweet the song sounds. I love it.

    Can’t wait for the subs. o/

    BTW -oh this will DEFINITELY get me kicked out from the posse of OTers- I’ve never considered Joe particularly hot (yeah, I know. *hangs head in shame*) but HOLY WOW now? I do. I don’t know if it’s the cinematography of TLC or if I’m suddenly aware of his beauty, but whatever that is, he’s hot now. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I maybe be hanging around you guys too much…

    • I’ve never thought Joe hot until he acted… when he acts, damn, he suddenly has this thing, magnetism/charm/or whatever you call it that suddenly just makes me want to fawn over him.

      • Hmm, that didn’t happen to me, not even when I was watching ISWAK/TKA. I mean, yes, I could see he had some kind of charm and he was charismatic, but I didn’t think of him hot. Heh.

      • I know exactly what you mean! If you just see pics, it’s like “ehh, so-so”, but when he starts moving and talking… The boy has a subtle seduction thing going on, I don’t know what it is, but I want more…

  3. totally agree that Joe is not my definition of good-looking, but somehow when he’s onscreen, he’s so magnetic! and does anyone remember his role in The Rose? now there’s another dead ringer for MSOAN’s Mu Gyul!

    wasn’t Yen-J also the pianist in PS Man? I’m not a fan… yet? And that may be because I have lousy taste in music.

    I do adore the music in Zhong Wu Yan by Bii (and I’d be the first to admit that my love of the drama colours my love of the music), but I can’t find the tracks anywhere, not even in his EP!

    • I LOVE BII!! Discovered him after listening to the opening and closing songs for Zhong Wu Yan and totally had to know more about him, so I did some online stalking for about two days. (It’s really hard to find information on him since he’s new…. =_=)

      But anyway, he has a YouTube channel ( which has his pre-debut story–called Bii Story–broken down into really short episodes (2 minutes max for each clip) as well as BTS stuff and all of his music videos. Others on YouTube have also uploaded all the mp3s of his songs, of which five are featured in ZWY. He also just dropped his full-length abum, also called “Bii Story,” which you can buy on YesAsia ( It has all of those songs and more. Hope that helps!! 🙂

      • totally helps!! waiting for it now! yay! there’s a song in the third or fourth episode that I want, so I’m still patiently waiting for the OST though! I’m gonna check if its also by Bii though…

  4. didnt pay attention to the songs either the opening or ending..but seriously the song from autumn’s concerto sang by della ‘i love him’ is one of my favorite song…really like it until i just repeating the same song about several days…well just love it..

    just addicted to this drama because Joe’s charm??dunno how to describe since he’s not soooooo handsome at first sight but will become addicted to watch him..very talented actor!!!good job ^^,

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