Playful Kiss Youtube Edition BTS Goodies

Sometimes I wonder if I’m sick of Playful Kiss yet? Hhhhm, the answer is clearly no. But my spirits are flagging, and only a good boat scene or three can revive me again. Until that steam boat arrives at the harbor, have some new PK goodies. The picture above is a newly released official still from the first Youtube episode. Below are some BTS shots of Kim Hyun Joong filming these past few days.

Apparently the Hyun Joong pouting pictures above caused massive nosebleeding amongst the C-netizens. I don’t blame them. The pictures below clearly come from the Seung Jo is hospitalized courtesy of wifey episode

These pictures below likely come from the Seung Jo teaches a snail to drive episode.

This is a selca picture of our beloved Jung So Min (which the C-netizens have taken to referring as MM – which is short for Min Min – and is an adorable a moniker as she deserves). Ah, to be young and gorgeous.

[Credit: pictures from Hyun Perfect and Baidu Playful Kiss bar]


Playful Kiss Youtube Edition BTS Goodies — 58 Comments

  1. goodies!goodies!goodies!!!1

    pouting KHJ = loVE~~~~<3<3<3
    I also wonder when the moment will arrive that i'm sick of PK… but that's not in the near future I think….

    • (oh i forgot:) JSM=gorgeous!!
      (I think she slimmed down a bit during the webisodes, she was NEVER (anywhere near) fat or something, but she seems slightly slimmer ^^)

      • maybe she did… but i noticed slimmer legs also 🙂 (… this sounds like i’m totally checking her out… :S hahah but she’s just sooooo cute with her uhuhuhuh in the first ep (*^,^*))

        anyways…. this little young lady is pretty pretty ^^

      • Heh, I have a totally different view. I think she’s really looked the same since Bad Guy. It may just be the outfits she wore on the show that made her look healthy. But I haven’t really seen any fluctuation in her weight. Also, I imagine she’s much more slender in person, as the camera really does add a bit more pounds.

        I do love that she’s not the ideally skinny chick in the entertainment industry. She’s skinny/slender but healthy looking.

        But yeah, she’s gorgeous. She’s so cute.

        And Hyun Joong, heh. Also so adorable. His pout actually reminds me of Oh Ha Ni’s pout. 😉

      • ‘I imagine she’s much more slender in person, as the camera really does add a bit more pounds.’
        Eeks ! Then Hyunjoong must be totally waif like by now – what with the weight loss and already looking like a stick on film.

      • @ pksotted,
        I was actually going to say that Hyun Joong must be even skinnier in person, too. He looks it. But he doesn’t look like a starving waif. I think there’s a difference between skinny and waifness. Heh.

      • My main (only) complaint with Playful Kiss is that they dress up Oh Hani in too youthful clothing that she looks 15. She sure looks cute and very pretty but she hardly looks a woman who shares her bed with a (hot) male every night.

      • @ a_fan: second that!
        She looks super cute in her outfits… but not really that hot… but maybe that’s what her character should be… not seen as really really hot.
        Looking at a selca, she looks wayy more mature and sexy!

        @ goodange: Her legs looks slimmer in the webisodes… but maybe her pants created the illusion 🙂 but anyways… who cares… she’s awesome, especially for not being stickthin!!

  2. omo… minmin (LOVE THIS) is gorgeous!!!

    and i have no idea if someone posted this already since i’ve been busy busy (BUSYxtimes) but here’s the translation to BSJ diary for the special no1:

    Credits to bb@LoveKimHyunJoong from Chinese


    The noisy ringing of the alarm woke me.
    Ha Ni, she who will not be awakened no matter how noisy the alarm clock is.

    Won’t wake up even if the alarm has been set,
    Why then (does she) bother to set the alarm?
    Been revising and preparing for exams till the wee hours of the night throughout the weekend.
    Really wanted to sleep a little more today.
    It’s truly the pestering Oh Ha Ni ah!
    Bride? Hubby?
    *sighs* (We’ve) been married for a year now,
    and you’re still not letting go of the newlywed game…

    To be honest,
    since we got married, we’ve not experienced life as a newly-wedded couple
    leading their lives on their own, with just the two of us,
    so it’s really hard to truly feel what it’s like to be newly-weds.
    Eun Jo’s around in the house,
    so I can’t express my love for you too openly or explicitly.
    (This is) the first time with just the two of us (at home),
    this morning, I really wanted to create a day
    that’s as memorable as precious gems.

    You’d been worrying about preparing a grand feast since morning.
    The sausages, the toast, they’re all burnt, the beans were half-baked,
    You’re truly the bona fide Oh Ha Ni ah…
    But still, the coffee’s good.
    The best coffee has got to be coffee that you drink together with the one you love.
    This morning, I must be the happiest and most fortunate person in the whole wide world,
    and I must be the one with the most yummlicious breakfast too!

    You didn’t sleep well at all the whole of last night,
    Just because you were planning and working out how to spend the day with me.
    English breakfast, coffee,
    and how you woke up early in the morning to shop for ingredients,
    to do the laundry, to pick up clothes for me,
    and to watch a romantic movie together with me.

    Just like a fool, you were muttering to yourself. Haha.
    Just for me, you keep giving more and all of yourself,
    No matter who, no one’s love can compare to your love for me.

    Oh Ha Ni… like this… truly adorable and makes me love you so.
    What you feel for me, I seem unable to repay or give you back something in return.
    Today, I willingly give all of myself and devote my entire being, body and soul,
    to be your ‘present’.
    This heart of mine, this present is your plans for today.
    You wanted to go watch the movie now, no?
    And you’ve selected the clothes for me to wear, no?

    Oh Ha Ni…
    Just as I had expected, it’s couple outfits from top all the way to our toes.
    Everyone’s looking at us, as though they’re laughing at us.
    It’s really annoying (embarrassing?)… this situation.

    But, the whole of today, I’m willing to be your ‘present’,
    so let’s just do as you wish.
    Let us just live like this.
    For you, I stooped to tie your shoelaces without a trace of awkwardness;
    Just like the shoelaces, our hearts too are tied together.

    To love and care for each other, to serve each other,
    let’s just live together like this!
    Even if, faced with dirty feet that are embarrassing even to ourselves.
    “Hubby!” Coz you’re in my arms, I’m holding you,
    even the sweet scent of the wild flowers seem to have drifted over…
    Oh alright, let me be your village woman (*country bumpkin?) today!
    (Chinese translator: Hehe, I’m not too sure what this really means
    *bb: I’m just guessing maybe it’s more like country bumpkin coz of the couple outfits…?)

    “What is it, bride?”
    You really really like my unexpected response, ya?
    Oh Ha Ni, who threw herself at me like that,
    and giving me a peck on the cheek before running away in shyness.

    You shy laughter spread in the surrounds,
    as though the sprouts were budding, and the flowers were blooming.
    This morning, your face, and mine too,
    were shining with happiness just like fireworks.

    -The End-

    • hey mis busy busy busy xtime , miss u miss u miss u xtime
      thanks for the diaries , did you watch the 3 extra epi or not ?

    • already read this but thank you! <3

      Take care of your self sweety!

      it's more natural and candid.

      • @JJ yeah… i though is sounded more like him, less girlishly mushy too 🙂

        @ v…. as a KHJ stalker, i did read it … but just wanted to say that you’re sooooo sweeeet for still sharing news despite your busy business ^^ go ma wo!

      • @ Itadakimasu
        … and candid. I do love how candid BSJ is. Totes reminds me of myself. 😛
        False alarm-preggy episode had me in stitches because he doused everyone’s fire. paraphrasing Ockoala, “what morons don’t check with the doctor first?” <~ THIS. SO. MUCH. LOL
        Btw, I've heard pregnancy stories where women don't even know they're pregnant until the baby pops out and it's like "ZOMIGASH, I just thought I had constipation" (hilariously disturbing, my friend tells me there's a show "i didn't know I was pregnant" or w/e on cable.)

      • @JJ… yeah i also heard strange pregnancy stories… back in the jerry springer days… there was this woman saying that her tummy didn’t show until her eight month :S only then she knew she was pregnant

        THA HORROR to find out that there’s only 1 month left and all of a sudden you’ll have to push a baby out of your body :S

      • OH YEAH! OMO My friend was telling me there are some women who don’t show AT ALL. @_@ scares the bejesus out of me.

  3. Drool! Love all the BTS. Thanks for sharing. Have I gotten sick of PK yet? Nope not yet! From the photos it looks like thanks to his wife, SJ get a broken leg. Awww! (falling down the stairs maybe?) As for teaching his wife to drive, is it me of does it look like a guy is sitting in the car with SJ in the second shot?

    • yes, its true. i think CNN was slated to interview KHJ, Group 8 and YouTube Korea team. i really hope they include JSM in that interview though, after all, she’s the heart and soul PK, per Ockoala…which I’m sure most of us agree.

      • Yeah, I agree.
        I really wish Jung So Min should be included in the interview by CNN. She should not be let out as she is a main actress in OHN’s character (part of her jobs that make PK alive).
        But, other articles I have been reading there was no news that she will be in. I am praying for her.

      • agree to that! JSM should also be included for that cnn interview. she is the female lead and not to dismerit/to offend KHj ‘coz i love him dearly but JSM is a big factor in making playful kiss a delightful show to watch. JSM clearly needed to be prasised as well.
        as they say it takes to two tango, i feel that if one of the two leads doesnt click then playful kiss would be totally different
        and their chemistry is really to die for.

        HYUNMIN FTW!

  4. KHJ pouting!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously, this guy will probably still look stunning even if he is muddied and disheveled and whatever!! i almost fell off the couch just looking at the pics!!

    and JSM.. ever so adorable!! oh she is just lovely… 🙂

    hmmnnn… it’s getting pretty cold nowadays, but i’m looking forward to PK next week to bring on the heat!!!! ( we want some HEEAAATT!!! )..because so far, we it’s just emitting a comfy warmth.. 🙂

    • WGM episode where hb and hj fish in a pond for the grandmother. Muddied disheveled hj is cute. Or if you’d like, there’s some after persona performance pictures of hj in a tee but wet from sweat and water (they were spraying everyone with their waterbottles). 🙂

      • oh yeah!! i did thought of that.. even his hands were dirty from catching fish..kekeke…but he still looked mighty good! 🙂

        oh and J.J. , its funny that you mentioned the persona concert because i just downloaded some of the performances on my phone!!! so that whenever i feel like fawning over KHJ, he is just one click away!! kaaaahhh… 😉

      • LOL Before the Mac comp died i had more vids for my ipod :sigh: my fave has to be his Rainism cover. 😀 I’m not much for technical dancing, I prefer Youngbae and Se7en’s style, but that was <3

  5. Your goodies are best as we are felling in love with PK for the moment. I am sure that I am not going to sick for PK yet. We have another two weeks to go. Then …… From Decenber PK will start oversea promotion time——there will be something exciting again and……. again………

    It was huge fun yesterday and end up with J.J repost of “pls be nice to me” Kim Hyun Joong live concert.
    OKKKKK—– J.J, that make me LOL again & again … such a cute entertaining, after we have been picked on steamy wht ever ha ah ha……..

    You all know that the starter was our lovely hyun joong who promised and has not shown yet. Because of that he made us a huge FUN DAY at your playground my dear Ockoala. Was’t it.

    Thanks again for your great work as usual.

    • Thank you Sandi for the PK love, though I’m sure everyone deserves it equally. I just come here to enjoy myself with the awesome bunch of people! 🙂

      OcKoala’s is a haven for us and I’m glad you can join! <3

  6. ooooh…pouty KHJ reminds me of WGM when he pouted while thinking of how to make a star for HB. so adorbs! but since i’m in a PK state of mind, i’d also like to subscribe to min ah’s yawning theory that hubby BSJ is now copying his wifey’s signature pout. 😉

  7. oooh…pouty KHJ reminds me of WGM when he was pouting while trying to make a star for HB. but since i’m in a PK state of mind, i also subscribe to min ah’s theory that hubby BSJ is now copying his wifey’s signature adorbs! 😉

    • I think he and Jung So Min have been around each other for so long and have become so acquainted with each other’s character that it couldn’t be helped that they unconsciously adopt certain habits from each other and one another’s character.

    • oopsies, i didn’t realize that i posted this comment twice. sorry ockoala! its my darn phone’s slow reaction time..thought the first one didn’t go through.

  8. KHJ pout is patented -no one can do it as adorable and he does it without effort to look cute or whatever …just comes naturally …well pout or no pout he is so good looking .

  9. Yo boater reporting for duty. How’s everybody?

    Feeling rather glum guys cos tuesday’s a long way off sighhhh. Loved d pics ockoala thanks for small mercies. How come he’s so goodlooking in whatever garb/setting he’s in? U know the first time he appeared onscreen in BOF I was like so stunned like wow never seen such a goodlooking korean guy before. So right there and then I rooted for Jihoo all the way even though it was a lost cause. Everybody was squealing for Lee Min Ho but no ma’am, not me!! I was Ji Hoo/Jandi shipper all through. I went into a sad decline when that dratted girl chose the other chap halfway (geez can’t even remember his screen name LOL) I was over the moon when they said he’d be the lead in PK. But I’m feeling sad these days….it’s going to be over soon.
    Let’s hope they’ll line him up for lots of new dramas next year. Key East seems to be doing a fine job getting him into the limelight in such a short time.

  10. goodies, goodies, goodies!!!
    ockoala, our PK fairy please keep them coming!!!!
    pouty KHJ is so cute!!!!

    i think i’ll never get sick of them.
    they are so adorable!!! how can you not love them?!
    this OTP will be included in my OTP hall of fame.

    i dont want to be depress but just thinking that it will be over soon brings sadness but then again every end has a beginning right? maybe they will still have projects in the future. keeping my fingers cross for that!
    but for now, i’ll just continue to support them!!!!


    • wow thanks for sharing!!! I think I just became a fanatic HyunMin boater! LOL! not shipper, hehehe! because we are all waiting for the steamy boat scene of this adorable couple in YT!

      • Laughter and smiles overflow between these too! Just watching them makes me giggly!

        Yah, eps 1-3 are cuties but it would have been over the top if they’ve annexed teasers of forthcoming steam. Hay, the symbolic peach does not cut it, they could had added in ep 3 a prelude kiss just before SJ shot the door.

      • hi!! i have a question, what’s the symbolic meaning of the peach or the boat… i don’t get it, maybe because i’m form latin america….can someone explain it to me PLeaseeeeeee :S

      • Hi Sandra
        In Asian culture, peaches mean long, bountiful life. I guess by extension, they also mean children (procreating to achieve longevity) , especially when a man is giving it to a woman.

        Correct me please if I’m wrong. I’ve lived too long away from the continent.

  11. Wow! Jung So Min is so pretty and KHJ is so cute, what an adorable couple they make. Let’s vote for them when there are best
    couple on TV polls comes along ok?

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