Episode 9 Secret Garden Preview (Written and Video)

After three straight episodes of body-switch antics, Secret Garden is finally heading into the meat of the drama, IMO. It’s weird – eight episodes has lapsed, and I still don’t quite grasp the story. Perhaps its the mad genius of Kim Eun Sook, or a total lack of focus on her part.

I have to say that SG may be the most polarizing drama this year, with most of my drama friends either loving it or hating it. M3 doesn’t get quite that level of dissension, partially because most of my friends don’t care enough to even watch it or have a strong opinion. SG is one hot potato, that’s for sure. My own opinion is less certain at this stage. I find myself loving and not loving the drama, from moment to moment.

Episode 9 written preview:

The female employees at LOEL department store see that the usual Joo Won is back, riding the escalators to work. Ah Young gives Joo Won the “I am right here” flirty eye look, but is completely ignored by Joo Won.

Ra Im, who is at Joo Won’s office to switch back their cell phones, picks up her cell phone from his desk, and tosses his on the sofa, telling him that they have no reason to ever see each other again, and walks out.

As Ra Im’s elevator is slowly closing, Joo Won presses the open button and stares intently at Ra Im. Joo Won stares at Ra Im, unable to just let her go, but unable to get into the elevator with her….

Preview of episode 9:



Episode 9 Secret Garden Preview (Written and Video) — 15 Comments

  1. well… one thing i know is that this drama makes me squeel like a pig of laughter and do lots of kya, Kyaaa, KYAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa.

    no joke ^^

    Saturday, oh saturday.. why are you still two days way 😛

      • heyyyyyy 🙂
        you’re here too , missed you 🙂
        I’m also found of this drama , visiting all forums and blogs to try to find any news or spoilers or previews , luuuuv it so much and I’m waiting for the weekend to come 🙂

      • Annyeong rainy!!!!

        it has been a while!! So you moved on to SG too huh^^
        keke, yeah i really love this drama though it’s nowhere near the crazy dedication/addiction level i had for PK
        (although I have to admit that SG has better quality… oh well, it’s not only about that is it, PK simply crept its way into my heart^^) But i’m just glad SG is there to fill the void PK left :’)

      • yes same here , still PK has its side effects on me but SG garden is growing day by day into my heart and binnie and HJW are awwwwsome so I’m back to my stalking mode again LOOOOL

      • Rainy, i saw you commented @ rebel souls ^^ !!! keke, i’m lurking there too, her live transcaps are very much needed for me when watching raws ^^

  2. Oooh, I like the conflict of two powerful forces in Joo-won’s life: Ra-im, and the potential for her leaving him, and his claustrophobia, which some have suggested is all in his mind. And there is that reference to his “accident” made in passing by Oska when Ra-im and Joo-won first switched bodies…which could mean that it really is all in his head. Hmmm….

  3. “I find myself loving and not loving the drama, from moment to moment.”
    you couldn’t have put my feeling more appropriately……i love the funny antics but am not sure where i stand as of now either

  4. I like this drama when JW and RI are in their real body because i found it quite boring when they both switch! Anyone feel like this too? I have skip watching Ep 7 and 8 Hehehe i have read one written preview from the Drama Scene for Ep 10…
    Ra Im sits alone at a coffee
    shop reading her script for her
    new movie. Joo Won comes in
    to show her the documents
    she signed for his department
    store while they exchanged
    bodies. The stock prices are
    seriously affected by the
    signature and Joo Won
    threatens to fire his PA Kim.
    After he sees the worries in
    Ra Im ’s eyes, he softens his
    voice and says if he is greeted
    with gratitude and love
    whenever he sees Ra Im he
    might reconsider this.
    Ra Im takes a sip from her
    coffee, cream stains are left
    on her lips. Joo Won sees and
    asks, “Do you have to do this
    in front of me?” He bends
    down and kisses her lips to
    wipe off the cream.

    • I find their body switch quite amusing, esp ep 8 was hilarious. It really showed what fine actor & actress Hyun Bin and HJW are.
      but, having said that, yeah, i love and miss the tension between the two in their real bodies (which was slightly discarded during the switch)

  5. For me, it’s bucking for my favorite drama of 2010 (though unlikely to win as for anything to dethrone Chuno in my mind is near impossible by now) probably because tonally it’s a mix of two of my favorite of her dramas — the cookiness of City Hall and the sexy melodrama of Lovers (I know you don’t like the latter but I adore it to bits).

    My completely unfounded prediction is that we are going to have JW/RI really fall for each other and admit to the same, get past family stuff only for some obstacle to happen which can only be cured with more bodyswapping and delicious angst (I must be the only one who wants RI to be deathly sick :))

    But whatever the writer throws at me, if I like it half as much as I liked the pat 8 eps, I’ll be a happy happy fangirl.

  6. I have to agree with you Ockoala in terms of story is not heading anywhere. But I am totally mesmerized by SG. I love the tone, and damn the interaction between all the character is priceless. It’s been a really really long time that i am in love with a drama, frame to frame. I love every piece of this drama. I am not ready for any Angst yet, i am sure that inevitable. It’s 20 ep. drama so maybe will get some Real conflict somewhere in the middle by next week.

    There’s so much hullaboo going on on the writers work but i have to give more credit to the director and the Actors. Sorry if i offend anyone but i don’t find her writing that special. It still sound like other bickering in Other K drama.

  7. Yup. One moment I hate what I’m watching, next moment I’m swept into an “OMG!”. I think I am finally getting away from the Whiplash and settling into a more sane and less shrill “It’s ok. It ain’t quality, but it’s ok” with the latter episodes.

    To be more precise, I think it hits on some odd moments of quiet beauty, and the odd moment of sheer searing sexiness. But on the whole sells its characters short and has a lamentable tendency to go for the cheap laughs. And has its points of annoyance (and I’m probably the only person on the planet who is not charmed by Oska.) But once I have fixed my Aspirational Gap (this is NOT profound, this is NOT going to tell me ANYTHING new about the rich-poor gap or the gender gap, this is NOT going to move me at a deep level) and settle into enjoying the Binnie hamming and pleasingly mindless story, I find I do a lot better.

    And there must be something in this love/hate soup I’m drinking, because I keep hankering for more. Yup, I’m eagerly lapping it all up, even as I cringe. Weird.

    [BTW, I’ll say it here so it doesn’t get buried – congrats on 6 mths and nearly 1 mill visitors! Wow! The internet knows a good thing when it sees it – bubbly ockoala joy!]

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