Written Preview for Episode 13 of Mary Stayed Out All Night


How shall I put this? I read Javabeans’ recap for episode 12 of Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) yesterday, and I was planning to contend with her assertion that the drama had lost its mind. I wasn’t planning to use empirical evidence, but merely note that comparatively, it wasn’t all that nonsensical. Yeah, today I’m forever putting that argument aside. Guys, M3 has officially lost its mind! But you know what? I LOVE it! Because it’s suddenly decided to try out makjang AND take that double marriage into levels of cracktasticness hitherto never seen before. THIS, people, I gotta see to believe.

The written preview for episode 13 made my jaw drop, and then I started giggling like I was in a tickle fight. There is nothing anyone can say to convince me that this drama, which I love to pieces, has a semblance of rational plot or consistent character development anymore. But what it always had, and still has, is a love story between two people that I will defend to the death as being utterly romantic, sweet, and life-affirming to watch. I’m happy and feel satisfied to have decided to watch M3. If I have to put up with some crazy plot to get us to the finish, I am more than happy to do so.

Written Preview for Episode 13:

Mae Ri’s dad, after finding out the ring is a fake, angrily runs to Mu Gyul’s apartment. Mae Ri and Mu Gyul’s cohabitation is in danger of being discovered. The three of them commence a late night cat-and-mouse pursuit.

Even though Mae Ri’s dad suspects that Mae Ri is still seeing Mu Gyul, but under the circumstances, he decides to take a step back and just watch and see. Jung In, who is worried that their new living together marriage contract will be discovered, suggests that Mu Gyul also move into his house. Even though they all feel awkward and nervous, the three of them decide to move in together.

Jung In’s dad is announcing to the world about Jung In and Mae Ri’s upcoming wedding. Mae Ri is wearing her wedding gown and is with Jung In. Seeing this, Mu Gyul turns and leaves in frustration. Mae Ri goes to see Mu Gyul to try and deflate his anger. She runs into Mu Gyul’s mom, who asks that Mae Ri break up with Mu Gyul.

Jung In has discovered the real relationship between his father and Mae Ri’s mom, and he is very upset. Mae Ri, who doesn’t know the truth, finds herself feeling distant and awkward around Jung In, who is treating Mae Ri with coldness.

At the filming of the music video for the OST title song, Seo Jun cannot understand Mae Ri, who she thinks is continuing to carry on a romantic relationship with both Jung In and Mu Gyul.

During the filming, a prop tumbles down, and Mae Ri is in danger of being injured. At this time, Mu Gyul rushes towards Mae Ri and tightly pulls her into his arms……

My Thoughts:

Is there anything else to say? This plot development is beyond my wildest imagination. Seriously? We have a threesome now? I know it’s all innocent, but the new writer is really taking the ball and running with it. Rather than being bored, I’m giddy as a school girl waiting to see the insanity unfold. This new plot is crackier than Boys Before Flowers, and I love it so much more than when it happened in BBF.

Rather than watching Mae Ri, Jung In, and Mu Gyul mope for 6 more episodes, the new writer is creating forward momentum, however out-of-this-world it may seem. If I had to choose, I’m much happier with the latter.

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Jang Geun Seok Baidu bar, translated into English by me]


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  1. Oh My ! This so great >_<
    I wanna see Moo Gyul, Mae Ri and Jung In cohabitation !
    Seriously, for once a drama does not become depressing and keeps its freshness, enjoy it !

  2. I think I’ll join you in the tickling fight ^O^ ROFL… that’s the direction ep 13 is going? Then bring it on… it sounds insane, but funtastic insane ^o^ I, too, prefer this to any kind of moping scene… seriously can’t wait for Monday to be here.

    I cannot thank you enough for providing cracks to our addiction. From the bottom of my heart… _(_”_)_

  3. i never read dramabeans’ recaps coz i know her thoughts suck! (im sorry but its just my opinion) 😀

    cant wait for monday!! but its kinda sad that its nearly ending.. =(
    thank you for this!!! 🙂

    • I only read dramabeans’ recap after watching the subbed episode itself. It’s just sad to say that most of those people who keep on posting negative comments about MSOAN only rely on recaps and watched just few episodes of the drama lol. You can’t say the a book is good when you’ve only read few of its chapters!

      I watch Korean dramas simply because I want to be entertained and relieve my stress from work. I’m confident to say that MSOAN did a great job in that department! I have no qualms about the script nor the plot whatsoever. Why would I worry about those when at the end of the day, I was drawn to Mae Ri, Mu Gyul and Jung In’s lives, laughing and crying with them?!? After all, that’s the essence why we all watch dramas 🙂

      • I totally agree with you. I don’t want to come home after a sad and cold winter day to watch intellectual drama as depressing as the weather outside. I’m a student, at the end of the day I’m done with intellectual things, I just want to watch funny, happy, lovely moments to feel good about the world. Go! Go M3 ! Even if it goes crazy!

      • i stopped being bothered by negative comments too coz it got me thinking if they did not like M3 why the heck do they still clamor to read recaps? and some are quite vehement in their negative comments. which makes me think, perhaps they like it in secret?

        dunno, but if i find something disappointing, i simply drop it and move on to the next thing that pleases me, or perhaps that’s just me. lol!

        i too, don’t read recaps before watching the subbed version, otherwise i let other’s opinion sour my enjoyment of the drama.

      • agree…why they do the recap if they don’t like it??just shut up already…I’m not effected..I just read dramabeans recap and all I can say I hate their recap..I enjoy this drama the most because it boast me up.I hate those sad, depressing drama that usually got ranked…their character is not develop????really??because I can see how they become more interesting and develop in a good way..maybe you got blocks in your eyes so you can see that clearly…
        that’s why I love koala best…

      • agree…. i do that too, I mean , after a hard days work just go home and be a part of MG and WM’s lives by watching and re watching my downloaded episodes with subs… and giggle to the max…JGS and MGY ar so lovable..

        and ockoala, thanks for recaps… great job.. I enjoy reading it… am new here but when i started your work, i keep on coming back…

    • “Mu Gyul rushes towards Mae Ri and TIGHTLY pulls her into his arms……”

      -ohhhh this is going to be intense!! why do i feel like there’s going to be another kiss? hehehehe *crosses fingers!!!* ot my imagination is just wild.. hehe

    • Thats right yogibi..wont be too drepressing after long hard day then they serve us weeping,sad story?angst all the way.I prefer MSOAN!Way to serve good stomache laughing all the way.lucky I found AKP first than dramabeans.

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Monday suddenly seems sooooooooo far away!!!!! (and to make matters worse I have to wait for subbed version!!!!)

  5. Eeee! So excited now! Just the preview had me laughing – can’t wait for the actual drama!

    I also wanted to argue with dramabeans but agreed with her, too. Like – why did they jump in a dumpster instead of locking the door?

    I love new Jung In but also miss his more subtle acting. In #10 when he gets the call about sponsors, and almost loses it for a second – him almost cracking was sheer perfection. But him flopping on a bed and slamming on the brakes was too awesome to miss

  6. You said that the preview made you laugh, so I was looking forward to reading it, though I wasn’t expecting to laugh myself since I have kind of a hard sense of humor.

    So, yeah. I was drinking something when I got to “[JI] suggests that Mu Gyul also move into his house” and nearly choked and died I was laughing so hard.

    LOL. New Writer-sshi, I love you.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you Koala for putting this up. I’ve been waiting forever and refreshing your page every 5 minutes. Reading the preview it’s worth the wait. While the plot seems a bit silly, I’m totally loving it. Can’t wait for Monday to come.

  8. i am bad at english ,i watch MMM in english. it is nice that it is full of love, full of happiness but i cant understand these person. daddy is sending his dougter to a man’s home, boyfriend accept this, marry goes then they live together, what does the writer think?!! i cant understand.
    but i love to see them. thanks for the prewiev

  9. “Even though they all feel awkward and nervous, the three of them decide to move in together.”

    This would be me over here giggling madly. Fortunately I wasn’t drinking soda when I read that. Couldn’t say I wasn’t warned! ::giggles some more::

  10. Oh good God. M3 officially crossed into “so bad it’s good” territory. The story makes no sense and neither does character development and any resemblance to the real world is completely gone but it’s really entertaining in demented manga way. M3, for me, is like an extra large McDonalds meal – you may hate yourself for it in the morning and it has no nutricional value but it tastes so good.

    • ditto dangermousie….I’m feeling overly giddy with this new ‘development’ LOL! I think ‘I’d die and gone to heaven and came back to life’ cycle….ahhhh what a blisssssss

    • So so right!!! For me in the US, episode 13 will be my MacDonald’s Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit Meal with hash browns. There’s some nutrition there in that breakfast meal. After all, research says that laughter burns lots of calories, reduces cortisol levels, etc. What a way to start the day!!!

  11. i was hoping they would all move in together, after all the trading and running around in the last eps… XD; it’s risky, with potential drop-ins from jung in’s and mary’s dads… but a locked third room (if he has another one) would be easier to hide than having mary’s stuff strewn all over mu gyul’s place… and jung in is trying to be helpful and all… mwah. although, this does mean that, potentially, there wouldn’t be any more MR/MG bed-sharing… and potentially less one-on-one intimacy.. and will they move mu gyul’s equipment in? XD;

    i also wonder if we’ll get another glimpse of perpetually drunk mu gyul and a live house performance from the group? those were also kind of central to his personality when he was first introduced, but he’s been pretty sober since the 2nd time he showed up at mae ri’s.

    in any case…. thanks for the preview! looking forward to next week! 🙂

    • the only danger that i see is the robotic assistant lady who coaches MR on the proper etiquette…….that might open the can of worms….spill all the beans to loser and evil daddies…..OMO! That should not happen….

  12. This is going to be AWESOME!!!! Omo. I almost don’t even care that it doesn’t make sense, I can’t wait for MG, MR, and JI to all live TOGETHER in one house. Yes, it’s no well-thought out, well and tightly plotted drama…but no one can beat the chemistry that JGS and MGY have. And they’re too cute for words. So I will watch this drama to the last second and love it forever.

  13. The 3 under one roof may mean that our MG and MR can’t be lovey anymore with JI being their guardian and watching their every move.. AWWWW…the writer can prob milk out a few laughs from ‘protective’ JI though…

    I just hope MG doesn’t get amnesia from rescuing MR..i’ll be very pissed if that happens..

  14. I am happy to say that I saw this one coming (an old movie I watched). I am going to enjoy the rest of this year with my family in another state so I now have a different frame of mind. I totally agree with SJ.
    WHO THE F… does Maeri think she is to be playing with peoples heart? Where is that loyalty to the one you love?
    Still love the actress, don’t get me wrong because she is doing a bang up job in getting me to hate her. I am upset that JGS seems to get all the adoration but without MGY’s acting, I think it could have been worse.
    On a side note, I read that JGS doesn’t feel he has a fanbase here in the US. Also feels that Americans are too outspoken. (?????)

    • On JGS’s Hawaii trip special from this summer, he said that he was surprised that the guy at customs knew who he was and had seen many of his shows, including YB. He didn’t know he had a following in the US. He mentioned that Americans ask whatever they are thinking and he loved the question, “So where is the rest of A.N. JELL?” Or something like that. It may be where what you read came from…

      BTW… if you haven’t seen the video, it’s really cute.

    • my JGS isn’t like that..he respect people the most, and he loves his fans soooooo much..he’s just surprise that he had fanbase in US,that’s all… cheer up ~

    • @Rory’s mom: I saw the vid and I’m a US fan (California)…I didn’t read anything negative in his comment…I think it’s more of a comment on different cultural norms and it’s possible that things gets lots in translation…Believe me, JGS would never, ever in a million years disrespect fans or otherwise from ANY country! He is one of the nicest and kindest actors in Korea, if not the whole world….if he said something offensive…I’m sure he would be shocked and apologetic.

  15. Hahahaha, omo omo… reading just the recaps only make me laugh! Thanks koala…

    3 of them, under one roof… More Mary – Mu Gyul, Mary – Jung In, Mu Gyul – Jung In scenes for us to see.. Omg Monday please do come fast. Mu Gyul – Jung In jealousy, I really can’t wait.

    • I can imagine MG curled up sleeping in front of MR’s door. And then there are all the trumped up excuses for what they are doing… And the male posturing… too funny if anything like in 12.

  16. WOW… O.o
    What can I can about 10, 11 and 12. But it was soooo freaking sweet!!!! 10 was at east but getting into 11 kind of made things a lot better. But.. BUT, 12 is the topping on the cake. Now 13, !?!?!?! so freaking sweet. But started to think when you said something and BBF… than started to think of the part where Mae Ri is in danger of being injured. Putting BBF and this together, I though of the part in BBF where Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) character had a car accident. Then waking up in the hospital, follow by having a amnesia. Wondering if Mae Ri will have one also. If so will she remember the past that she forgot and lose the memories she has with MG?

  17. Omg if they pull that classic “prop hits his head while saving the damsel in distress and loses his memory” move, I’m going to kill myself 😛

  18. I had to read it twice to believe my eyes. Over the top but I simply love the illogic part of it. Now, is Mu Gyul going to forget Maeri?

    • Maybe it will be the dad and JI and devil dad and SJ all realizing how much MG cares about MR, including MR, who I think is still learning to trust him. And now MR’s dad is indebted to MG for saving his daughter’s life.

      I see a hospital scene where MG’s mom and JI’s dad meet. Hmmmmm…..

      • JI’s dad and MG’s mom in the hospital?? hmmmm…. MG as the son?? another hmmmm.. well, maybe that really is the reason why the writer put the MG saving MR scene.. Then evil dad will realize his hurting his other son in process without him knowing?? crazy eh?? that’s what i can understand or should i say my imagination runs to.. sorry.. got wild imagination on things really.

        well anyways, whatever happens in the preceding episodes all i can say is that i’m hooked with the show and i don’t know how long will i struggle to forget them after it has ended.. hoping the wound that would be left by the hook will recover soon..

      • @moom, I had the same thought, way in the begining of the show after everyone was introduced also kdramaland loves to pull something like this….

  19. OMG! Am I reading a valid page? Was there a virus that attacked ockoala’s blog?!
    LOL! What a very funny twist!!!

    Thanks ockoala for this preview! Now I really can’t wait for Monday!
    Will there be an awkward scene where all MR,MG and JI meet up with their morning or after-the-shower hair?! Ok, just kidding…


    • girl, this drama is full of k-drama cliches ..

      what we hvn’t see yet is the dreaded amnesia (isn’t it too late for it already? unless we hv a speedy one)or terminal illness coughcancercough or time lapse (maybe she’s saving that fr final ep – but that is expected, right?)

  20. Move in together?oh JI you beyond your ratio dude,you just want MR to be near you more and if you have to take MG then you willing to do it.boy I can sense that JI going to show lots triumph smirk seeing MG got jealous.oh no!I hope they don’t play the card I saved the girl and now welcome amnesia me!dude thats so classic!m3 already give crazy idea just not that one and I don’t want MG to back up due feeling not good enough for MR though I can picture this crazy scene of their breaking up like the one their practice the script line..no no no!not that,I want everybody just fucking back off and let MG&MR be happy.oh so many twist in ep13 must be patient to wait it.oh no!4more days.gosh!its so long.

      • yeah I do think so…I began to realize it after the studio scene where MG ask JI how is MR yesterday..OMO that smirks..from then I do 100% sure that JI love to tease and make MG jealous…I think he must be thinking that it’s hard to get MR because MG is a good guy for MR so rather that moping why don’t have little entertaining from MG…and that makes JI laugh his ass as he choked MG in his seat belt in that car.. oh how I want to see him laughing like crazy and he’s not hiding it out…yeah that would be awesome

  21. This is just plain fun for us dramafans. Now I know how guys feel to have girls fighting over them. For Mary, no one is going to blame you if you decide not to choose and just stay at this 3 cohap for a long while.

  22. No for Amnesia! So many drama used that story.. Boring..i just thinking AMNESIA IS NIGHTMARE..!. Dont CopyCat the story BBF.. I still love MMM STORY.. Mogyul and Maery’s love is STRONG! M3 FIGHTING!^^

      • if Mary chooses Jung In during her amnesiac period, then what will happen if/when she regains her memory? 😉

        why would Jung In WANT Mary to choose him if she has lost her memory, if there is a possibility of her memory coming back and the possibility of her going back to Mu-Gyul if that happens… 😉

      • Yeah, if Mary has amnesia, then it gives Jung In a chance to win her. So, when MR regains her memory, there will be a chance of MR preferring JI… don’t like this idea…

      • @koreandramalover/kd
        well, it definitely helps his drama. He needs the investment from his father, otherwise there won’t be a drama. Having her choose him and marrying him will ensure him of that.
        then, it would give him a little moment of happiness. Just having Mary by his side and being with her, he would be happy. He’s been deprived of love from his father (or felt that way) most of his life, being with Mary just with this time would be good for him♥♥♥♥♥♥

  23. Hey, I heard/read somewhere that a duo marriage is legal in one of the states, haven’t done the research to figure out if this is accurate though…so the new writer might not be toooo out of this world with this ep. Haha, looking forward to it!

  24. awesome! 😀 who says dramas have to make sense or conform to reality for people to enjoy it? im waiting anxiously for monday! thanks ockoala for bringing the good news!

  25. ok……is this another Luke and Leia thingy………….(Mary & Jung In)….both kidnapped…..evil dad obsessed with Mary……something is DEFINITELY not right! Jung In cold towards her….now my imagination is running WILD…….wow…….why not throw the kitchen sink in there as well…….AND….to matters worse……. making me choose between my two favourite guys JGS & KJW……simply NOT FAIR!!!!!

  26. Oh. My. God. That’s crazy indeed! Truly, truly unbelievable! All three in a house? Ha ha. My gosh. I can’t wait to watch the remaining episodes. I don’t understand why JI is cold with MR though. He’ll never ever get the girl this way. I hope he hasn’t given up winning her yet, tooth and nail.

    • I think he acted cold because of the ulterior motive why his devil dad wants him to marry MR and what the underlying relationship his father had with MR’s mom previously….I smell some fish….

  27. HA!!! I guess M3 really have lost its mind…but I like it!!I can’t wait for Monday and Tuesday I have to work!!! How freaking bad is this…..nooooooooooooooooooo…


  28. omo omo.. threesome? the new writer must be crazy and lost her mind, but I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!! jaganim rocks ^^V *PS: no amnesia plzzz…*

  29. ……..yeah! this gonna be fun fun fun….it’s gonna be totally diffrent, and am really looking forward to seeing it …..FRESH…FUN ..AND EXCITING!!!!!

  30. OMG yo scare me to death at the beggining, i was so afraid you didn’t like it, i was afraid to continue reading (look how much worths your opinion to me!!! you evil koala) thankfuly i read on and found out you like it (you lovely, pretty koala!!) and better, i read the review and i was giggling too!!!! craziest funniest thing ever!!!! i’m loving m3 more and more 😀 can’t wait until monday!!!

  31. Plot, i like you for always making shake my head vigorously everytime but this, this will make me love you to the end! Count me in for a funny, interesting, wild ride. I am so in love with MG and MR and now you add this! I am gonna love you forever till the end hehehe….Moving in together? I am shaking my head while grinning madly with anticipation…i’m totally done for hehehe… Love you MMM!

  32. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was shocked out of my mind when Jung In insists that Moo Kyul move in with them! I’m still in shock. Episode 13 will be killer (I hope)!!!
    Just sad that Jung In will be cold around Mary after he finds out the truth. Doesn’t he like her now? Shouldn’t he confront his dad about it, and then see what his feelings are? i do hope that if this cold phase of his won’t last long. please Mary, choose Jung In in the end ToT

    I’m totally loving the momentum. Dramabeans make this series sound so bad when it’s actually not that bad (or, I’m just really easily pleased. but how can I not be when there’s Kim Jae Wook? xDDDDD)

  33. OMG OMG OMG Monday come quickly pleaseeee. They are all insane and totally crazy. SO funny!! just try imagine the future jealous scenes muahahahah : O

  34. “jellybeaniebaby says:
    December 16, 2010 at 2:17 pm
    Maybe the three of them will all have matching forehead scars!”

    maybe they end like magics and go to hogwarts also ^^

    • LOL – love your Harry Potter reference! It’s unlikely though that the 3 would go to Hogwarts since who’s going to bring them there? Dumbledore is dead. Doby is dead. Oh, I forgot…SPOILER alert. Sorry HP fans who have not yet finished reading Book 6 and 7.

  35. Thanks for the written preview.

    As always, I cant wait for the following episodes.
    Say, whatever they want to say, but I really love this drama so much!

  36. NO AMNESIA!!!!! I’m afraid that the story will go like this..

    “MG got injured instead, trying to save MR.. and then MG got amnesia.. Lost memory of MR but still has his old memory with SJ???!!!!”

    I don’t want that to happen!! please writer, you can do more than that.

    • NOOOOOOOO!!!! hope that wont happen…MG just injured a bit but this make whole people realize MG is really love MR especially Evil dad and loser dad and they would leave MG and MR in lalala world alone…
      btw, ockoala is it true the rumor saying that next week they will held 2 episode in one day because they want to air Athena sooner????

    • goooshhh having AMNESIA never freakin crossed my mind!!!
      i was thinking that MUGYUL is gonna KISS her after that almost accident! for worrying so much that she’d get hurt!!!

      GOD, dear new writer, NO AMNESIA please, THIS WILL FREAKIN’ RUIN the amazing DRAMA!!!! T_T

      • hmmm kiss???must see how he save MR to see that happening…I can imagine next kiss would be in front of everybody, JI’s dad, loser dad, JI, SJ, everybody where MG can’t hold anymore from hiding his love for MR, oh that would be more hot than that alley kiss.

  37. this is toooooooooooooooooo funnnnnnnnnnnnnnny cant wait i am LMAO just reading this OMGosh i just going with wat eva happen totally forgotting about the plot or narrative just love the three leads and has long as the story as the main characters as it’s focus i will laughing two time a week watching the episodes cant wait defo cant wait

  38. deat koala thanks for recap
    here we go..the Rock Hero MG is arrived!! sometime I need to see a hero in fornt of me so thank god I will see this in epi 13.. HOO RAY
    too bad for JI there is no room for him..but should JI happy about his dad and MR’s mom relationship? or he is upset for his real mom?

    • I don’t think MR’s mum would also be JI’s mum. If so, that would make them sibblings.. Lol!!!

      But i think JI is just hurtful of the attention that the evil daddy had been giving to MR. Maybe some relation to MR’s mum..

  39. thanks for the written preview – so the new writer-shi decided to put all three of them under the same roof, this i really got to see *full of glee* or u can insert KTH’s witchy laugh

    you know, i was pretty upset yesterday after reading JB’s recaps and the comments, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. so lets move on.. it’s a drama after all..

    even if MMM end up in 2010’s k-drama history as a wreck where everything go whack due to change of writing direction, so be it. i do not care.. i love what i love.. im on this ship, errr, bus.. go TEAM HOLIDAY!!!

    thanks so much, koala! i officially love you! (but not in a creepy way, k?)

  40. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, so while I’m very happy that I found a community of supporters of the show here, I will also have to acknowledge that there will also be detractors who dislike the show for other reasons as well.

    Back to ep 13, big squeeeeeeeee from me here, can’t wait to see the drama and comedy hijinks that will ensue with the 3 of them bunking together.

    I have the feeling that JI discovers why his dad had divorced from his mom and left him deprived of parental love was that hid dad was always hung up about MR’s mom, which is why he becomes bitter towards MR when he realise why his dad wanted her to be his daughter in law

    • Oh (sigh) I think you’re suspicion is right. I could not think of another reason why JI would become cold towards MR. If that’s what happen I will be sad for JI because I thought he is already falling in love with MR. But since an OTP is just one pair, this is probably the writer’s way of officially removing JI as the obstacle to MG-MR’s team….Why can’t Monday come fast enough?! Weh? Weh?

      • Hi bashful, if the writer is thinking along these lines, I think they will also create the scenario for MR’s dad to discover the REAL reason why his daugher was selected to be the daughter-in-law (ie. JI’s dad harbouring the unrequited love for his wife), and he will jump ship to give his 100% support to MG/MR pairing in the end 🙂

      • How about this new twist to complicate matters…..Mae Ri feels miserable cos Jung In is so cold towards her…that’s when she realises that she’s actually in love with Jung In!!!!!

      • She tries to confess her newfound feelings for Jung In……but fate intervenes before she can do so…..a prop falls and almost hits Mae Ri but MG saves Mae Ri from being hit by the prop and gets injured instead….Jung In has a startling revelation as he stares at MG unconscious on the ground….his OTL (One True Love) is not Mae Ri, but MG……

        Don’t kill me guys just kidding hehehehe

      • Thanks joey. Wow, that is a good scenario for MR’s dad; it would redeem him (and avoid being thrown in the ocean with JI’s dad as ockoala proposes (ha ha ha!)) ! Have a good day!

        Have a good day to you too maysennger! You’re so obviously shipping for MG-JI team with your “creative” ideas! 🙂

      • to mayssenger:
        “his OTL (One True Love) is not Mae Ri, but MG……”
        LOL! Still laughing… can’t stop myself… )))

      • @mayssenger ► annyeong chingu! pwahahahah! me loves that JI-MG ship. LOL and at the end… MR will end-up with neither of them but the three of them will be BFF (best friends forever) thus they will continuously live under one roof and happily having a pillow fight every now and then. what about that? LOLOL

      • @maymessenger: hee hee hee, you have brought the definition of bromance to another level 🙂

        @allenif: I might ship the idea of them being 3 BFFs together, it sounds more fun and in tune with their growing relationship with each other 🙂

    • I’ve seen it it looming around the corner when Jung In got suspicious of the past relationship his father had with Mary’s mother…more of one sided love it is, and somewhere along the lines we could have guessed that Jung In’s parents got separated with reason still unknown. Now it will be a test for Jung In whether he really likes Mary or he’s just going with the flow. I really hope though that he sort out his feeling soon for I don’t want to see a cold Jung In again, just as he was starting to come out of his shell. But then again we have only 4 episodes left so they are fast pacing the story, now the internal conflicts arises which will determine the ending of our story.
      I am thrilled with the story so much that I’m starting to feel empty inside knowing that I will terribly miss it so soon ‘~’ .

  41. i totally agree with you. there’s okay plot and great chemistry and good plot with decent chemistry.

    i much prefer the great chemistry and HILARIOUS albeit ridiculous plot anyway. this drama is so different that i love it to pieces!

  42. Oh, you’ve put it so succinctly my dear! It’s so serious over at javabeans. Albeit not commenting here all the time, I always hit your site first because your previews and your thoughts run parallel with mine. On with the craziness then! Kudos to your efforts! Love your work! Fighting!

  43. Yeah, the plot has gone crazy… :))
    But I can understand why JI suggested to live together. After all that MG’s yesterday panting and hanging up the m/phone, it’s just safer for him to keep MG/e.t. his rival/ closer.:)

  44. I stopped reading recaps from Dramabeans for quite some time now together with all the bad comments. I’m not letting all these negative comments influence a drama that I really enjoy and totally entertaining. I truely enjoy ockoala recaps together with comments from all the die-hard fans of MSOAN, this is really Christmas!!

  45. PLOT BE DAMMED! I love this drama with all my heart haha XD

    Maybe it’s because this drama has given us what dramas rarely do: the satisfaction of the main OTP actually being together and having a “normal” relationship (as normal as you can get in korean dramas anyway). They go on dates, snuggle, peck each other once in a while, spend entire episodes making gifts for each other, AND this has lasted more than one episode without some kind of ridiculous drama deterring them from their love.

    Sounds like a win to me.

    • yep yep..they give much episode of lovey dovey instead at the end of drama with just one episode of happy end..that’s boring..this is just love all the way

      • I also really like the fact that those two kids are at least reasonably old enough to think about marriage. The idea of them getting married is actually age appropriate unlike Playful kiss where the age was just something I couldn’t get used to.

        Both dramas have such good chemistry though that I can’t help but look past it haha~

      • You know I haven’t watch Pk until now and can’t pull myself to download it,already seen taiwan n japanese vers,maybe later.so I can’t compare to it but I do agree that they think more than rush into getting married at that age.enjoy their life and be settle then married.though I would love it more if they show MG&MR marry at the end..hmm wonder what kind of weds party they will held.hmm.

  46. Awww… I really don’t like the idea of Jung In treating Ma Ri coldly. Makes me sad. 🙁 The rest sounded fun though, so I really hope he gets out of his funk and back to crushing on Ma Ri ASAP.

  47. just speculation here
    * Did someone say before that JI’s mom was death or something? Maybe her death was related to MR’s mom. It could be in my wild imagination: even though JI’s dad was married to his mom, JI’s dad was still in love w/ MR’s Mom and hence did not treat JI’s mom correctly. This might lead to her painful death or whatever. (totally speculation here) => as a son, he might be resentful toward MR because it might have been her Mom that his mom was not treated right in his mind. In addition, remember: his Dad wanted him to get married w/ MR to “TAKE CARE OF MR” and really, his Dad has not thought about JI at all. Most people would like to have their sons got married with someone who can take care of their sons not the other way around.

    * On another note: I really think reading recap is a great way to get an idea of how things are. Each recapper does things differently and think differently. there isn’t a right or wrong answer. However, just read and not watch will not do the movie its justice because you never know when and how the writer injects his/her ideas about certain scene/reaction/emotion. Just my 2cents 🙂

    Enjoy everyone!!

    • no!!! JI’s mom perhaps divorce or something with his dad because when they show their childhood memory (MR and JI) JI called his mom asking she took him with her because he didn’t want to go to Japan..maybe his mom had enough because her husband keep longing for MR’s mom.

      • oh thank you for the correction ^_^ then maybe the divorce has something to do w/ it. maybe because of it -> he was growing up motherless.

        *my mind must have escaped me* 🙂

        if she’s still alive, do you think she will reappear? that would be interesting.

      • If she still alive but there’s no sign of it.and Ji never speak that his mother still alive or live some where…JI’s mom show up only going to hurt MR because a woman that must divorce her husband because she can’t stand being a replacement and not being respect as a wife then suddenly she see a replica of that woman in MR and his son married on paper with her daughter??see the potential danger for MR??

      • that might lead to potential extension (which I don’t foresee on coming through).

        But we don’t really know what JI finds out about MR’s mom and his dad’s past and the connection.

        Guess we will all have to wait until Monday to see how it pans out. 🙂

        I think if something happen to MR, MG would probably not stand there.

        The more I think about this, although both JI and MG growing up differently, both do lack mother affection and sense of securities. As much as I know more about how MG looks at things in life, for some reasons to me JI’s perspective is still a bit unclear.

        To me, on the surface, the drama’s plot might not be great, but come to think of it, I like the characters so much. Not just the chemistry, but also their personalities.

      • Yep,you are right vorticella shi.the plot might flat but the great act by JGS,MGY,KJW that makes this chemistry comes alive.I’m sure they will wins best actor and actress next year,I mean geungeun couple

  48. Ahhhh thank you so much for posting the written preview =) I love it!!! Especially this part:Mu Gyul rushes towards Mae Ri and tightly pulls her into his arms……


  49. Thanks for ep 13 preview 🙂 xoxo!

    I kinda agree that JI’s dad true love is MR’s mom but he get tangled wt JI’s mom…that’s why they are seperated when JI was 8? Evil daddy adores MR mom to the heaven that he wants JI to marry her and make her as real part of their family esp she’s a replica of her mom. I hope the ever reasonable JI will pass thru his emotional conflict. He can’t blame his dad for leaving his mom coz his m0m did not fight for him.

    Ok…pls dnt throw rocks on me. Seriously and realistically, I think MR is best suited wt JI and MG to SJ personality wise. I can’t blame loser dad to push MR to JI coz he knows how miserable MR and her mom wt him. First Love is not the be and end all.

    I just wish there’ll be a definite ending unlike BFF.

    • i agree about First Love – as much as i want MG&MR to be together, im ok if MR end up with JI or neither. i hope new writer-shi will remember to resurrect my strong & resourceful MR.

      im trying not to be serious but small stuff really bugs me like i was a bit pained abt the princess act remarks on DB when MR didnot take the couch and insisted on the bed in ep 12. why not? sleeping on couch is not very comfortable, i rather fight for the bed, really…

      on another note, we only have 4 eps left. do you think the new writer-shi will have time to sneak in any resemblence of a boat scene?

      • Agree.DB point something unreasonable to make MR looks bad.come on!when was it MR act bossy and princess?none!she always put everyone first than she can relax.it is obvious MR wants bed but she is not selfish because she offer to had another bed but MG said no room and its him carry her sheet to his bed and once again MR keep her innocent by not wanting in the same bed due prevent something that will lead her like MG ex’s.so the best way split the bed.I get the reason why she pouting when MG suggest they have a kiss to celebrate their first day living together.she knows what will this lead MG to..so this scene is good!love it because we can see how MR already act like a wife..pinpoint her hubby to do the house decoration.hehe

  50. (jaw dropped) they all living together??
    welcome polyandry!!!!! *laugh hard ~ it’ll be a new world trend, trust me! And who cares about the show loosing its mind? As long as we’re happy, that’s enough.

  51. Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to say thanks to all the new M3-fans who decided to join the party here at AKP. We love M3 and we love to have fun!

    However, I really like to encourage everyone to not be so critical of both Dramabeans recaps of this drama and the comments over there. I love JB and GF, and always get something substantive from reading their intelligent and thoughtful discourse on any drama, even with M3 when my views are pretty far apart from theirs. JB and GF take the time and effort to recap a drama, and that should always be appreciated even if they don’t evidence the same level of enjoyment or excitement about a particular drama as you or I.

    I am surprised at how many commenters at the DB recaps seem to find the time and need to post a comment about how much M3 sucks or how much they hate it – it’s like M3 threw their puppy out of the car or the like. But that is their prerogative, and it hardly dampens my enjoyment, and shouldn’t with yours.

    Let’s just be happy here, and appreciate that there are diverging opinions (here and elsewhere), and that we’ve managed to find a group of people who all enjoy M3 and want to talk about it~

    I feel blessed everyday that so many people enjoy hanging out here, and enjoy my recaps and other posts. It’s been an honor and a pleasure. 🙂

    • agree…. we have the freedom to choose *toast to all who choose to have a good time. Thank you again for your hard work, Softy

  52. Looking at the comments posted here, I feel it’s kind of a pity that the plot development of MSOAN had been left floundering for a few episodes before picking up to speed again in ep 11. Judging from the speculations and thoughts of you all on how the story can progress from here (eg. introduction of JI’s mom, MG possibly being the illegitimate son etc.), the drama had the potential to give a deeper insight to what had happened in the past to give us a clearer picture on why some characters are the way they are. We see characters like SJ, and the parents of the 3 leads behaving the way they are, but never having the full picture of why is this so, which unfortunately makes them pretty unsympathetic characters in the viewer’s eyes.

    On a side note, I am truly impressed and amazed by all the creative juices flowing here 🙂

  53. Ockoala…i will never doubt ur wisdom ever again!! I guess chanting ur deepest wish does come true!!!! I tried it…I chanted….”Please have Maeri, Mugyul and Jungin move in together!”….and it worked! LOL I love this new development!

  54. Reading the preview of ep 13 makes me feel sad for MG/JGS.

    1) Obviously it is to JI’s benefit to keep MG & MR within his range of vision after the heavy breathing he heard over the telephone whilst talking to MG earlier.

    2) Imagine how disheartening it is for MG to have to stay with his girl MR under the roof of his competitor JI.

    3) MG probably agreed to do so for the sake of MR because he didn’t want her to suffer the cold at his place and the frequent running, hiding and going back and forth due to her dad’s intrusions.

    4) Being in JI’s house will drive home even harder the disparity in standard of living for MR seen in MG’s eyes. Who wouldn’t think that “MR would be better off living with JI”? But in fact that luxurious living actually comes with strings attached ie no freedom.

    5) Watching MR put on a wedding gown with JI is like MG seeing his beloved girl married off to someone else. Another case of extreme hurt and abandonment.

    6) MG rushing to cover MR under falling props. What if his hands got hurt and he could never play the guitar again?!!! I hope the writer would not do such a terrible thing. How much more do they have to disadvantage MG before they can call it quits?

    As it is, choose JI, MR will have a dotting father-in-law, happy father, luxurious living and handsome (as swooned by all the JI fans) husband. Choose MG, MR will have a father who threatens suicide, horrible mother-in-law always asking for money and disloyal to her own son, cold apartment and MG friends who are critical of his evolving music style but yet not willing to even put him up for one night when MG used all his money to pay off the Manager’s contract in ep 1. How can such a battered down guy like MG still be expected to hold on to his one true love? Hardly seems like fair deal to me. Writer needs to give MG a break!

    I like MG as he is. He is talented, intelligent, works with passion and lives with integrity. I think he is worthy of MR in every aspect, his desire to care for her, his priority of her before himself and his ability to stand on his own two feet.

    For die hards who absolutely must see MG come with some wealth before justifying MR being with him consider this: WHAT IF MG’s grandfather ie mother side is a chaebol? (I would much prefer this than MG being JS’s illegitimate son. No one should be JS’s son, other than the wealth he is not a good father to have.) That would explain MG’s mom’s self-centred, irresponsible and totally undomesticated behaviour. Because grandfather is wealthy, abortion or giving up for adoption was not an option for 17 year old mom. Besides which relative would be so kind as to bring MG up when mom has no money? MG also never really cares about money or success and he never seems impressed or threatened by JI’s wealth and status. The most fun about this story line is when one day a huge limousine draws up to MG’s home and butler says “its time to go home, young master.” Then in the next frame we see a beautiful mansion with sprawling grounds. JGS in a conventional hair style and european suit is more than debonaire!

    The above WHAT IF is just for fun. Regardless of wealthy relatives or not, MR will be happy with MG and she can live the life that she desires. They simply have to be together with love and loyalty right up till the end and forever.

  55. I really enjoy reading this blog and all the different opinions. I decided to read DB (power of advertisement) to see what the hubabub was about and I kind of agreed with their assessment of the lunacy that is the slapstick. Come on now, you would lock the door wouldn’t you?
    I have enjoyed this drama from the beginning but it also has caused me pain.
    In an early episode JI spoke to his mom on phone. She is alive. Boys over Flowers was the reason I got into Kdramas but that ending sucked big time so I sought others. I have yet to see a true happily ever after ending. The Woman who still wants to get married maybe came close.
    I foresee Maeri with amnesia and realizing (at the concert) in the last episode after having married JI that the cool guy on stage is someone she is attracted to and then JI escorting her out with MG just looking on with tears in his eyes. In Your Beautiful, the girl still goes to Africa and they just promise to be together someday. Cinderella’s Stepsister was just that about the two of them so they hugged and daddy ghost holding both of them but it wasn’t clear that she stayed with the boy.
    Koala I am going to miss you after MSOAN is done cause it will be my last drama. I have enjoyed your writing.

    • True.kdrama rarely gives a clear ending that the otp is having together forever happy so I hope this one will give that!why this would be your last kdrama?I haven’t got really good drama with happy ending since goong because they end up have real marriage.hope this one will.

      • Dramas are for entertainment and should be enjoyable after that hard real world day you just had, but when your entertainment causes you more pain then it no longer is entertainment. I don’t own a television for the same reason. I choose my entertainment carefully and I thought this one was fun at first.

      • At mom.thats true.we need entertaiment in kdramas thats why I avoid sad drama That will only make me more depress but funny is those ajumas in Korea love it.this I love so much,so much crack to lol bout.ah I don’t watch kdramas on tv ’coz they rarely play it.so I buy the dvd/watch online.its more up to date.

    • Awww…Rory’s Mom…don’t give up on Kdramas! It’s like giving up on finding true love! U know what they say…u have to kiss a lot of frogs to find ur prince 🙂
      I must admit that I get a bit depressed whenever my Kdramas end…sometimes due to the endings and at other times it’s just plain separation anxiety…but its just like whenever a relationship ends…it hurts for a while but then u find someone new and the magic happens all over again 🙂

    • hmmm…when you lock the door from the inside, wouldn’t it be obvious that somebody’s at home hence MG is avoiding MR’s dad? I think that’s the only logical reason why they have to get out and hide in the dumpster.

  56. oh. my. goodness. i can’t even – they ALL LIVE TOGETHER? this is crazy, but i’ll be watching like the M3 addict I am.

    So glad that FINALLY the whole “my dad was in love with your mom” thing is coming out into the open. I can’t wait for devil daddy to be exposed for his creepiness.

    This comment probably fits better on one of your recaps, but I’ll say it here: I definitely agree with you that the show seems to be taking things back to the way the drama should have been before it veered off track. It’s sad that to fix a nonsensical plot, you need more nonsensical plot points, but that’s how it is.

    I will be real here: on blogs the comments will be influenced by the bloggers’ opinions. If on Dramabeans the comments are negative (I haven’t been able to read them) it’s likely because JB and GF are simply applying their usual critical eye to the drama. We won’t all agree with them – there are still Cinderella’s Sister’s fans out there, ya know (another drama they’re not fans of) – but you know, we don’t have to. i’m glad that i have this blog to spazz over M3 and ignore it’s shortcomings 🙂

    alright, I’m going back to the ep. 12 recap to spout my intellectual musings on the drama 😀 thanks for everything ockoala! it’s definitely appreciated 🙂

    • “Mu Gyul rushes towards Mae Ri and tightly pulls her into his arms…”

      You must have read it wrong. MG will save MR! awww love 🙂

  57. Well! episode 15 shows Mary start using her wisdom after hearing the words from MG ex-girl friend the rocker who sincerely love, sacrificed and care for him.

    Mary is such a lucky girl who had an uncle that sincere care and love her mother.

    The uncle extend the love and care to Mary. He also teach her have mind to understand that his father care for her whenever she failed to take care herself. He is teaching her to be filial to her father and not following her emotion only.

    JI who love, care and will protect her at whatsoever situation forever.

    She is lucky, have amper love from father but he is poor.

    Finally! we see how the writer write this lucky girl next path.

  58. This drama show life of a rocker, a playboy able to ignored feeling of ex-girl friend even though had sacrificed so much for him, love him and care for him.

    They have no sorry for ex-girl and go after new girl even though knowing can not provide appropriate life for her. He will entertain himself and have fun with the girl.

    One day if he feel tired either party may just say bye!

    This is modern life or love without responsibility display by the drama.

    I think this is happening but Mary was not display as a girl have no responsibility for herself from the start.

    Now she looks like a blind that trap in the life can not see future.

    She do not realised that her life is easy after meeting Jung In who has a father that paid his debt and provide her good job else he life is mess. She paid back their goodness by sleeping and kissing with a rocker.

    What is her next path … let see what the writer do …..

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