Filming Commences for The Duo and Chun Jung Myung Dons His Sageuk Outfit

The Duo, SBS’s upcoming fusion sageuk, has commenced filming already. Production is currently filming the children portion of the story, which includes teen actors playing the teenage version of the lead characters. The Duo is hands down my most anticipated drama of early 2011, since I have been dreaming of lead actor Chun Jung Myung doing a sageuk since he burst into the acting world in Fashion 70’s.

PIE went in for some costume fitting this week, and below is a first glimpse of one of his outfits. I’ve also read a very detailed character synopsis for his character, and Han Ji Hye‘s lead actress character, so his all-black attire below makes sense for me.

I’m too lazy to translate entire paragraphs, but PIE plays the by-birth noble son who gets switched with the son of a beggar family. He grows up in a beggar hovel, but retains his innate yanban spirit and nobility. He is a merchant by day, and a Robin Hood-esque thief by night. He loves to read, because when he is reading, he feels like he is a real human being (as opposed to someone of unspeakably lower class like a beggar).

His love of reading would explain how his path crosses with Han Ji Hye, the daughter of the village teacher. She is very haughty, but is immediately attracted to PIE’s literary and introspective character, while disdaining the pursuit of the second male lead, the poor son who was switched with PIE’s rich son character.

Below are some of the first pictures from the set. I’m already getting tingly when I see these pictures. Oh lord, please let this drama be more Return of Iljimae than Iljimae. I can only handle one of my loves doing a turkey of a sageuk (talking to you there, Jun Ki!).

Han Ji Hye has also showed up on the set, but the adult portion has not yet commenced filming.

[Credit: all pictures courtesy of Baidu Chun Jung Myung Bar]


Filming Commences for The Duo and Chun Jung Myung Dons His Sageuk Outfit — 7 Comments

  1. Yay! Thanks for this! My mouth is literally salivating at the moment, after seeing some pictures of PIE. This is also one of my highly anticipated dramas of 2011, so I pray to the drama gods that it will surpass our expectations. Or at least reach them. ><" God knows PIE deserves to be in a drama that won't waste his acting talents. (Cinderella Sister, I'm looking at you.) But even if this drama turns out to be total dog doodoo, I shall be satisfied with seeing that our beloved PIE has attempted to star in his first sageuk. I'm not really a fan of Han Ji Hye but oh well, we'll see how she'll do in this.

  2. Oh God, am so not on-board with the idiotic blood obsession perspective of “he’s still smart and awesome as noble blood will out while other guy demonstrates inherent slavish nature and heroine can sense this” – wtf – divine right went out with the Stuarts.

    This is one of the (many many) reasons I preferred ROI and HGD to Iljimae – their heroes were smart good people and justice seekers not because they were inherently superior displaced noblemen – I much perfer dramas like Chuno and HGD which are anti class system than ones whcih worship it (at least your average sageuk like Yi San doesn’t address it at all one way or another).

    Ugh. Please let this play better than it sounds because it’s raising my hackles as written.

  3. *rubs hands in anticipation*

    Dude, if this turns out anything like RoI, I’m going to thank the kdrama Gods in a big way; I don’t know how exactly, but I’ll do something. I loooove the premise of the story (what? I like stories about mistaken identities) and PIE looks great in all black.

    BTW, that kid is adorable.

  4. I’m with mousie on the classist issue but on the other hand PIE! In long black saguek-y robes?!? ::swoons:: gets up to look ::swoons some more::

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