MV Montage to the Best Kisses and Couples of 2010

I’ve seen quite a few MVs floating around various video sharing sites that aim to collect and showcase the best K-drama kisses of 2010. After watching quite a few, I must say that 2010 was exceedingly fanservicy with the kissing and the cute couples. Of my favorite K-drama couples of all-time, quite a few actually come from 2010 dramas. Below is my favorite such video – it’s exquisitely made.

The Best Kisses of 2010:


After I watched this MV, my random thoughts are thus: the person who made the MV is clearly a Kim Jae Wook fangirl (he is so fine in both Bad Guy and Mary Stayed Out All Night), I’ve watched all the dramas showcased except for Dr. Champ, Prosecutor Princess, and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, I can’t regret watching Bad Guy whenever I see how luminously beautiful Han Ga In was in the drama, Secret Garden is one drama where the OTP needed to be in bed by the end of episode 1, and Park Jin Hee and Kim Bum were such an underrated and underappreciated 2010 couple.

I also realize that one kiss is conspicuously missing from this montage. This MV maker clearly must hate Personal Taste as much as I do, and want to wipe it from their memory, super hot kiss between Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin nothwithstanding. Okay, I’m just kidding (not really). Here’s to hoping that 2011 brings some amazing couples together and makes a new year of drama romantic magic!


MV Montage to the Best Kisses and Couples of 2010 — 34 Comments

  1. Coffee House has the best kisses of 2010 for me 😉 Call me a bit bias, but one has to be blind not to think those were hot. However, the “game over” kiss in Personal Taste was pretty passionate, too. Playful Kiss had too many to count, but who’s complaining? 😉 I’ll take a million liplocks between Oh Ha Ni/Jung So Min and Baek Seung Jo/Kim Hyun Joong.

  2. I think Personal Taste was a complete mess but that kiss was incredible.

    No Giant kiss with the main OTP from ep 19? I didn’t even ship them and it was wonderful. And how about Cinderella Unni kiss? Crappy drama, great kiss.

    I don’t think anyone much except for me was obsessed with either Gloria or Xmas, so not surprised it’s not here.

    I just couldn’t get into Woman Who Wants to Marry at all – I think the age difference really icked me out plus I just can’t get into any character of PJH – she is competent but just doesn’t click.

    • My Gang Mo-Jeon Yeon kiss from ep 19 of Giant. Still makes me swoon. I stared at that screen shot for days. I’ve come to the acceptance that about 12 people in the online dramaverse watched Giant, you and I included. Hence, no make out scenes from that drama ever make it to any MVs.

      Same goes for Gloria. I’m still onboard, but damn is it dragging. Love my OTPs, really underwhelmed with the writing in that drama.

      SMM, we’ll have to disagreee happily. I never felt the age difference. Those two kept talking about it, but I never felt it between them in terms of chemistry or compatibility. Bummie always strikes me as older than his years anyways. I am hit or miss with PJH. Hated her in WoM, loved her in SMM, liked her in Giant.

      • Oh, and the Jang Hyuk/LDH kiss in Chuno *swooooon* and the horizontal open-mouth kissing in Baker King (but I suppose the latter falls into Giant category – great ratings – little on-line fandom).

        I am usually OK with age differences but this one was just too big. Plus, once she decided to ditch in order to further her career, it really lost me – I can’t be desperate about an OTP if they aren’t desperate about each other.

        I think a lot of it is that SMM reminded me a lot of office lady jdramas and it’s a genre that never worked for me except for Sapuri, for some reason. I think I just can’t identify – I met Mr Mousie when I was barely 21 and we have been together ever since and by the time heroine of SMM was hooking up with a college student, I long had a child (I think I am still younger than she is actually) so it’s all rather alien to me.

  3. Best kiss ever (cause I felt it) MG & Mae Ri. Best kiss for KJW in Antique Bakery. Anytime I get sad and cannot find what to watch I go to The Woman Who Still wants to Marry. They were very cute couple. All the rest are too sanitized and posed. My opinion.

    • i totally agree with you!! you can felt the love of MG to MR at that moment… yay~ i dont know but i guess as a huge fan of their tandem im being biased! =)

    • Totally agree about MG and MR kiss! Not only kiss by itself, but the feeling before it expressed by MG were increadible! I cannot believe this was just JGS acting! A little disappointing though from MR part. I thought she could be more responsive.

      • i agree with you MGY-MR was the best kiss in 2010 but MR’s part was totally ok with me. That was only the 2nd kiss in her life. u can’t kissing back with such little experience. actually, even with a lot of experience, if JKS kissed u that way, u just freeze. (i know i will!) i have a theory of good kiss btw. its the eyes, not lips. those closed eyes will show u the emotions. i saw it in ‘My Girl’, saw it in MGY-MR second kiss.

  4. And see? I can’t watch this. There are still a few kdramas I want to watch and if I see the kiss…well. *checks your tags* What I’m saying. I’ve watched all the dramas mentioend there. Hahaha. XD

    Anyway. Re: MGIAG. Dude. DUDE. Why haven’t you watched it already? I must say, it may quite possibly be my favorite romcom of the year. M3 has the most adorable OTP, but MGIAG had a very cute pairing (I think they come very close to our lovely Geun-Geun couple), but they also had solid acting, a nice story which was never dull (though of course it had its cliched moments) and good writing (except that I wish the Hong sisters would take the toilet humor down a notch, but thankfully that is limited to the storyline of secondary characters). Honestly? I thought I twasn’t going to like a drama about a gumiho, but this was v nicely done. And I’m not even a fan of LSG!

    • *pumps fist in the air* Yes, I watched all of the dramas depicted in that MV and some more. I feel accomplished. Is that weird? Okay, yes, that’s weird.

      BTW, I somehow totally forgot KJW had kissing scenes in Bad Guy. Wow. Kim Nam-gil’s hotness and his kisses obliterated everything else though I do think KJW did an excellent job on BG.

      • ahhh, how I wish I could edit my comments here.

        I just wanted to say, I can’t wait to talk SG with you even if I’m fairly sure we’re going to butt heads on this one. :/

  5. It was a pretty good year for com/rom. Too many to name them all here but I’ll name the ones that I quit about half way and never saw anything romantic/magical…Coffee House (is it?), Cinderella’s Sister. What am I doing, there are too many also! My recent fav are of course Playful Kiss, and Secret Garden, where you want them to kiss more.

  6. Not in 2010 but for me the best kiss in dramas is that of Jihun and Eun Hye in episode 23 of Goong and also the kiss of Cha Seung Won and Kim Suna in the drama City Hall inside the car by the bank of a river.

  7. Well done video! They all are so sensible(I hate the word ‘cute’ so often used !) and pure . It seems to be a little unreal, but enjoyable!

  8. As far as I’m concerned, I’m partial to the kisses of KHJ/JSM in PK. Why? The on and off screen interaction and chemistry of the Hyunmin OTP tell it all… watch the making of the film videos with them practicing their lines for the rain kiss and the honeymoon and you’d see what I mean. There was even a fanpic of them sharing a blanket, all wrapped up so close, practicing their lines for the rain kiss… oh, also not to forget the “carrying OH” honeymoon practice which brings another interesting topic of discussion…

    Being a newbie (until PK) So Min had never been kissed so many times and so thoroughly by an actor; I doubt it if she ever had any personal relationship as when playing OH with BJ in PK. let’s see, KHJ is currently unattached, so kissing So Min so many times (although scripted) must have also impacted him in a meaningful way … so go figure it out – a 21 and 24 yr old adults sharing kisses too numerous to count along with the piggyback rides and backhugs???

  9. I haven’t watched this show yet. I’m waiting till the 6th episode is released, but I am loving the song in the trailer/previews.

  10. Lots of kissing in 2010 dramas. i haven’t seen them all. only a few. but THE kiss for me goes to mary and mg in m3 (the dark alley one) i saw the scene like 20, 30 don’t know how many times.. love it 😉
    just one word for this kiss: perfect.

    • Totally agree. THE dark alley one is the ONE!!. Both MG&MR expressed pretty well leading up to the scene. I must say cutie boy JGS is pretty good though I thought MGY could have responded a bit more like Kim Tae Hee did with Lee Byeong Hun in IRIS. Still THUMBS UP for the young couple. Hope there will be more of such scenes in their future collaborations. Fingers crossed 100times!!!

  11. SG is my other best drama KISS! LOVE the “I don’t give a damn who’s watching” party kiss! Overflowing chemistry between the leads…. their looks and hugs as potent as the actual kiss.

    Humm…which PT ep contains that famous Kiss? Been some time since I watched the drama… *think, think, think*.. *giveup sigh* …if it was that hot, should I at least remember it? Sadly, PT turned out to be a so-so drama… Ahhh, yah, the neck kiss…that was the hot one for me!

    SG is wrapping up soon, so what to watch next??? So many dramas to select from with so limited time! Might as well jump in My Princess wagon. It’s getting favorable reviews plus I like both leads, I think it will be a “I LIKE IT” drama.

  12. Hmm, I need more detail on all those kisses involving pinning. Particularly, the one with the throw down and smirk (@3:22). Fwah!

  13. I love the kiss in City Hall Kim sun Ah and Cha seung won, when they are in the car, on the street, on the bed, so passionate.. love it a lot, for me that is the best kiss in the drama.
    Other drama also have a nice kiss but not compare with City hall, such as Playfull Kiss, Prosecutor princess, Smile You, MSOAN, My Girl,Goong, My name is Kim Sam soon, Sungkyukwan scandal etc.
    So.. for 2010 best kiss I think will be thrown in Playfull Kiss in 1st, MSOAN in 2nd, Prosecutor Princess in 3rd.

  14. Gosh, it’s wonderful to see my MV up here! Yes, it is I, a Kim Jae-Wook ‘fangirl’. 😛
    Hey, am not obsessed, even if I did just recently make another KJW vid, in support of his ‘2011 Lead Role Campaign’…no, no really, I like loads of guys (I even dream of being married to Enrique…could be something to do with seeing him in concert soon. Aw, man, not really making me sound any better, the other guys…?! ;)) Bad Guy was so aesthetically beautiful that I made it to the end but we weren’t friends anymore. I’d rather the whole hog, with the big stakes, than that bitter disappointment.

    I stumbled upon this site quite randomly, I was er, getting my Geun-Geun fix and I wasn’t let down by the Summer’s Desire fantasy art. What a creation, it only leads me to reaffirm my belief that they are so on for reals!! Of course they haven’t just connected on a transient-friendship-during-intensive-filming-basis. It’s for real! 😉

    Yep, I didn’t take to Personal Taste in spite of the Where-Are-My-Spare-Knickers-Kiss (I jest you!:P) and the gorgeous Lee Min Ho. I can only hope for more from that upcoming drama of his, City Killer/Hunter? Ok, I ramble too much late at night, so going to bed now or I’ll be keeling over my desk tomorrow, not a good appearance in this chipper economy. 😉

    P.s. You so should marathon Prosecutor Princess, MGIAG and leave Dr Champ for a rainy day.

  15. “Secret Garden is one drama where the OTP needed to be in bed by the end of episode 1.” OMG COULDN’T AGREE MORE!!! 😀
    Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won chemistry is sizzling hot. besides, their kissing scenes are one of the best in kdrama land. :>

  16. ♥ ♥!`!♥ ♥ !`! moo kyul – mae ri – the best kiss ever because i really felt it :X:X ♥ ♥!`!♥ ♥

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