My Princess Episode 5 Written Preview

I miss the good old days of Mary Stayed Out All Night written previews. Those were some detailed spoilers, and good for some major squealing and/or rage sessions that really heightened everyone’s interest until the episode aired. While the My Princess written previews aren’t as incomprehensible as those of Secret Garden, it’s still rather slim pickings. Better than nothing, I always say.

Written preview for episode 5 of MP:

Seol is shocked at the splendor of the palace before her eyes. Her mom tearfully reunites with Seol in the palace. Hae Young has been dubbed “the 3rd generation chaebol who is in love with the princess”, and is the subject of much public attention. The even more ridiculous thing is that Hae Young receives absurd orders from his superiors.

When Seol enters the palace, grandpa says that the most important task at hand is the restoration of the monarchy. Yoon Ju purposefully asks that the Daehan Group be handed to her.

[Credit: written preview released by MBC, translated to Chinese by Baidu My Princess bar, translated into English by me]


My Princess Episode 5 Written Preview — 30 Comments

  1. *sigh*
    Oh yes.. How I miss the MSOAN days. I can still remember vividly what happened to me during those times.
    Oh well, I can always go back because MSOAN will air in the Philippines. Yaaay! ^^

    BTW.. Is that really a preview?
    Meh.. It didnt gave me anything!
    Oh well, I’ll just have to wait till wed. i guess?

    Koala-do you know the link to His Grumpiness site?
    I somehow can’t find it.
    Please help me.

  2. You shock me, my dear, because of the new banner/header did change again……. why…..please, I am in love with Song Seung Heon already. But….now the pictures are
    Jang Keun Suk….. so what can I say…… Hahaha…. just joking……

    Thanks for preview for epi 5. I have been thinking about the story of MP so far.
    I saw epi 5 preview after epi 4 ending. Seems like HY going to loose all of his propetries … oh! poor my HY…. He really wanted LS to go oversea, to save his inheritance. But she is in Palace already and I guess that will not happen. It is quiet interesting how HY &LS will face all the mess around them.
    Also look like Yoon Joon will play dirty business with LS’s sister.
    I can’t wait that HY&LS deeply in love each other in which up coming epi…. Hooooooooo…… its really hard to wait.
    Now I feel like to watch the whole drama in overnight.

    Hi Ockoala,
    I want to query about SSH’s drama “East of Eden” in 2008. I know about it not long ago and feel like to watch. But it is 56 eips and I do not have much time for it. Also really want to know the ending. Happy or Sad?????
    Could you please kindly give me the hint that which episodes are best to start watching and interesting?????
    So much thank in advance.

    Thanks for preview.

  3. Thanx for this.yeah miss MSOAN!Never had that chaos before in anticipating,anxious waiting for preview,news etc.
    I like MP,love how they deliver it but idk what is lack that I miss in it,I was counting days for MSOAN while this,well haven’t make me dying in waiting but still waiting for next week.

    • Dear koala
      “””I miss the good old days of Mary Stayed Out All Night written previews. Those were some detailed spoilers, and good for some major squealing and/or rage sessions that really heightened everyone’s interest until the episode aired.”””
      Somehow, you just know what to say. Miss those exciting days and love your new banner. Am not over JGS/MGY just yet!! Guess, am glad that I actually am not over them at all eventhough I tried. Me acknowledging it!!

    • My dear Erika
      “””I was counting days for MSOAN””” Think you are not alone. We were ALL counting days TOGETHER, remember… loads and loads of excitement. In fact, have never rooted so much for any Kdrama before, well at least for me, that is… Simple answer: JGS/MGY’s explosive chemistry. Just reminiscing makes me smile like a kid who’s been rewarded with a nice strawberry sundae. Thanks for bringing it up… still smiling… You’re a dear…

  4. Aw,glad we are in the same boat..yeah its hard to over MSOAN.even MP have a good plot&written but still not making me go crazy like MSOAN yet.I really want they extend it but oh project with both geun2 in it will be my meds.

    • “”new project with both geun2 in it will be my meds.””
      Know what we need now? We need a representative from our Geun2 boat to forward a message to both of them to actively look for new project to work on together… How about right now or maybe yesterday???!!! Ha ha ha…

      • That would be I wish I know korean…who knows if they heard it they will consider it and it will be more efective if the drama gods hear it too.

      • Yep… anyone on the Geun2 boat who can write in Korean or heck! even English [someone can translate, am sure??], just pass letter of request from us through the RIGHT channels??

        HELP?? anyone???….

    • Dear tangee.gosh we spamming on MP bout MSOAN.hehe sorry captain.
      ah yeah,if someone could do that.I only knows Japanese and english.

      • Dear Erika
        Me too. sorry captain. Confession: withdrawal STILL ongoing. Am sure our M3 comrades will agree!! Ha ha ha…
        Cheers to a good day…

      • hehehe tangee dear…we all having hard time to withdraw but me, I decided I wont, I will just keep my OTP forever because I love them to the core..

    • Everyone complained about MSOAN’S plot, but that was what made it so much fun. It kept us guessing up until the last minute. I hate it when I can figure out what is going to happen.

      I think I have the ending of MP figured out. But I could be wrong.

      • “Everyone complained about MSOAN’S plot, but that was what made it so much fun. It kept us guessing up until the last minute.”

        Darn right!!! Fun, Anxiety, Excitement… Going to any blog that has the latest on M3, had me on the edge all the time!! Was sheer FUN!!
        Thanks for sharing the above.. Cheers..

      • Guess they need her as anti-heroine to balance the sweetness of HY/LS.
        Agree 200%, don’t quite like her much..

      • hahaha yeah…I almost didn’t recognize her, I know her from Family Outing…in there she kinda look like an arrogant but after she gets a duty, she crack me up with her craziness…yep she sure fit as a bitchy and I would be dancing when they finally see her true mask

    • The other girl has a very plasticky face…for want of a better word LOL…very stretched and frozen. But I think despite everyone hating on her, she’s a fine actress. She conveys the nervy, pent-up resentment and frustration very very well…..from the way she walks, sits and talks. She sits upright and very very straight. Her eyes flicker uneasily all the time, esp the parts where she’s on the sidelines observing the easy camaraderie between HY and Seul. She doesn’t say a word but her eyes convey her deep unease at the blossoming rapport and easy friendship between the two. I find her fascinating to watch. The hair makes her look very unattractive though, and the suits … man, they look so starched on her, like my principal’s suits in school ke ke And strangely enough, she doesn’t make me afraid, unlike the sister. Now that girl creeps me out. I get the chills when she appears on the scene.

      Btw I’m loving this show, so much fun and laughter in 4 eps proves it’s really special. Just hope it won’t go downhill with the angst and tears. I remember Couple or trouble, one of my favs. It started off so funny and ended making me cry buckets!

      • Yeah.everything on her makes us hate her but that means she succeed in making her role deliver.I remember TOP on Iris.I love TOP but in iris he makes me hate him to the bone.when its over then it hit me that he’s good.

      • You’re right.. let’s hope that the scriptwriter will manage to juggle the sweet and fun and spread it out evenly as much as possible and not like Couple or Trouble. I laughed till I cried cuz of Han Ye Seul but then later on, it really wasn’t so funny anymore.

  5. We are in same boat. I hated TOP’s character in IRIS which means that he was good in in making us believe that he WAS utterly ruthless. During his last scene, he was shot so many times[I had lost count!!] by Lee Byeong Hun that I told myself, “Now TOP can revert back to his old job of singing and dancing”

  6. i hope there will be a part two of this. the soap is kinda lacking of something.. like the happy ending.. 🙂 ♥ this much!!!

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