Part II of Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young in Summer’s Desire

I do like other actors other than Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok, I swear! Even though it doesn’t seem like it right now, but my My Princess recaps and soon-to-come-spazzing about Dream High should dispel any misconceptions about any inability on my part to let Mae Ri and Mu Gyul go and move on to other dramas and other OTPS. You know, like NORMAL people would do.

Thankfully I am a Koala, and not a homo sapien, hence I remain free to frolic in an idyllic glen of Geun-Geun love. It doesn’t hurt that zitalei is back to complete her ode to the Geun2 and Lee Min Ho in Summer’s Desire. Her creativity is delightful to see, and her creations are brilliantly gorgeous. I hope you’ve all got your knickers on, and maybe a spare pair after you are done squealing.

Summer’s Desire is a love triangle between a girl with massive defensive barriers around her, her broody smoldering adoptive brother, and a rich-as-Croesus tempermental and entitled guy. Both guys love her, and she loves both guys. It gets really messy, but before it all gets resolved, there are abductions, car accidents, massive amounts of making out, lots of three-way staring, and all the delicious drama tropes for this genre.

What is totally hilarious is: (1) lei used all pictures of LMHMG (please consult glossary above for the definition) from Boys Before Flowers, and Jang Geun Seok turned down the role of Gu Jun Pyo because he wanted to play Yoo Ji Hoo (are you insane, Geun Seok?!?), and (2) those of you who have watched Summer’s Desire or at least know the story have remarked that Ou Chen (the character lei inserted LMHMG into) is like a more messed up version of Gu Jun Pyo.

Haha, Min Ho can’t escape his most iconic role even in fantasy photoshop mash-up land. Actually, Luo Xi is pretty a much an even more passive-aggressive version of Hwang Tae Kyung. So these two guys are about even.

Let’s get this drama started now. It starts when they are high school students, and continue on years later when Jang Geun Seok’s Luo Xi has become a world famous superstar and returns to get his woman and his revenge against Ou Chen for shipping his ass to Timbuktu England. All done by kissing Xia Mo a lot. And I mean a lot.

I thought Summer’s Desire was a story where clearly Xia Mo and Luo Xi were the OTP *but for* the arrival of Ou Chen. And in the end, it really became who loved, needed, and sacrificed for Xia Mo more, and that was definitely Ou Chen. Who got fraked up more, that was Luo Xi, but he was always a tortured soul that perhaps could only be with Xia Mo in another life, another time.

After the time jump, the three lovebirds find each other again, with Ou Chen suffering from amnesia, and Luo Xi and Xiao Mo trying to make a go of it except the amnesiac keeps getting between them. In the end, Xiao Mo marries Ou Chen, and Luo Xi resigns himself to never getting the girl.

This goes to show that with creativity and skill, you, too, can make your own dream drama casting come true!

[Credit: all pictures created by zitalei at Baidu Moon Geun Young bar]


Part II of Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young in Summer’s Desire — 45 Comments

  1. Oh no. Now I think I might have to watch Summer’s Desire…the over-the-top drama is kinda what I’m craving right now. Argh, when am I ever going to have a social life??? Or get any school work done…

  2. what a fancy artwork… love it. haven’t seen summer’s desire, but as estel said, maybe i should??? what i’m sure is jgs must get the girl…
    love the pics, specially the geun-geun ones… the fact is the more i get of our geun-geun the more i want… i’m adicted to them, so please koala keep posting about them
    many thanks….

    btw: the last pic is awesome!!!!

  3. OMG, why did you do this? Cos with this casting I’d totally watch Summer’s Desire and, wrecked as it is, I might actually watch the original version and imagine our Korean boyfriends and our girl-crush instead of the TW actors. *facepalm* The power of Geun2, you guys, let me show it to you.

    I must resist, though. I must. I must.

  4. Happy Friday ockoala! Thank so much for this Friday special!
    It just makes me happy especially since I came down yesterday with a fever.
    Thank you again!

    Wow, “Summer’s Desire” sounds intriguing. Maybe because you describe it with our fav Geun-Geun couple. 😉 Shall I watch it? Maybe after I get well.

    I too am showing signs of letting go of the Geun2 love bug…But I will still welcome any goodies about JGS and MGY…Have a good weekend ockoala!

  5. Zitalei’s skills are truely impressive.

    However, I simply have to repost my comments here again because I don’t want JGS to be Luo Xi and the reasons are stated below:

    While watching Summer’s Desire, I was thinking what would it be like if MGY and JGS were to act in it? In this show, I would DEFINITELY cast JGS as the RICH guy – ie Ow Cheng (Peter Ho’s role switch to JGS) because that guy really, really, really LOVE the lead actress Xia Mo (Barbie Hsu’s role switch to MGY) very much. He loved her since he first met her at 13 years old and have been taking care of her and her family eversince. Even after suffering from amnesia for 5 years, his heart still beat for her the instant he saw her albeit having no recollection of the past and whilst maintaining a uber cool, distant exterior all the time ( he just couldn’t stop himself from loving her despite all her efforts in pushing him away.). JGS would have been a stellar in such a devoted role. Plus we will get to see him in exquisite suits and elegant designer wear because the character is wealthy. The best part is, Ow Cheng CARRIED Xia Mo a lot (he scoops her up in his arms everytime when she was about to fall. Its like he would never allow his princess’s head or feet to touch the floor), there is a WEDDING and there is a BED SCENE! Just imagine MGY and JGS in those roles!!! Wouldn’t we be DELIRIOUS with happiness??!!!!! In the end, Xia Mo found that she was really in love with Ow Cheng and they lived happily ever after. Therefore JGS would still end up with MGY.

    BTW, Huang Xiaoming as Luo Xi came across to me as a self absorbed, self centred and cunning man who would not hesitate to exploit his own good looks to achieve his aims. His character was nothing like MG in M3. It was not a warm, free spirited, loving and loyal character who viewed financial gains lightly. So putting MG/JGS in the persona of Luo Xi is inappropriate… I disapprove. JGS in this case most definitely must be Ow Cheng!

    Could Zitalei consider doing another photoshop with JGS as Ow Cheng?

    • Gosh i bought the movie about 2 months a go n havent touch it since i am still stuck with M3 and has no desire at all to watch it, but now since you brought this new cast, cant wait to watch the movie but imagining the Sukkie and Moon as the stars LOL

  6. Summer’s Desire was really fun for me for the first 8 episodes, then it got emotionally heavy/frustrating because I wanted to tell them all to just live together and be happy. Their chemistry was mega.

  7. What a piece of art.but but I want JKS be ow chen,He must get the girl.beside he played as musician all his life so me want him with suit,have bed scene with MGY,married scene since he doesn’t get that in M3,Well just photoshoot.
    let LMH be luo xi..want to see him have that dark side and sing.that would be perfect.

    • Erika Dear… arhhhh u’re so funny, i love u.u never fail make me laugh.
      LMH can’t sing well. Regarding LMH, i had read the news that his kissing scene like kissing stone wkkkkk… what’s a joke ????? but i also love LMH, he is cool, polite, not wild ha ha ha…

      • hahaha glad that somehow I make you laugh..isn’t it more like a challange to them..JKS played the opposite of him/his previous character and so does LMH…that way we can see their quality..well we don’t have to questionize JKS and MGY anyway.

      • Erika Dear…. actually, i don’t like summer’s desire in original plot.I think korea will remake in better plot. Have u watched it ? i wish our geungeun have better script or the best script.

        Actually these 2 guys can’t be in same project, These 2 guys are too big to be second lead inspite LMH nor JGS. n I hope to see JGS in dif role not as singer.

      • I had watched summer desire and I agree that I don’t like it too,the plot is even wackier than doesn’t make sense.I watched it because of Barbie tsu..dun understand each character.

    • Dear Erika
      “””have bed scene with MGY,married scene since he doesn’t get that in M3″”” You have telepathic power… wow… you just read my mind!!! LOL….

      • yep,glad my telepathy get through you.we will change the plot a bit and luo xi don’t get kiss scene that much but ow chen so that our Geun2 get liplock as many as they can,bed scene and a beautiful weds and we will end it with baby being born.

  8. omg!!!! JGS and LMH no way jose! i’ll get crazy if this happens…….but considering what if….who will be the best loved dude?? jgs? or lmh?

  9. I watched Summer’s Desire (or Summer Bubble another name for it) and it’s very boring. I can’t seem to finish it. But with MGY & JGS I will watch anything mainly because I know they usually pick good projects (MSOAN is an exception).

    • I don’t mind with msoan, I see it fun, funny, entertaining and all… I just want to see MGY in a different role, light role for exactly, after all her heavy tear down drama/movie… It’s time for her to give me, or her fans, a little air to breath, yet she gave me, or fans, too JGS in it as a bonus… what more could U possibly ask… =)

      • Not to get me wrong, I love MSOAN. Every minute MGY and JGS was on screen I was glue to it and it got me loving Geun couple, but you just have to admit the plot was a bit wacky and a wild rollercoaster ride.
        Obviously Moon & JGS both shine but it could’ve been so much better if the plot was just a bit more sensible. I’m still tempted to go after the script writer(s) with my butcher knife. I so wanted this series to have higher rating so we could see more drama collaboration with them or at least some CFs.

      • LOL………
        is it becouse msoan rating tanked so there’s no way MGY n JGS are going to work togather again?
        that’s too bad… they really “have it”
        in a view of materialistic world if there’re no producers see that it’s their lost I guess

  10. For some reason I can’t picture LMH as a tough fight against our JGS. can it be KHJ instead? He’s not that great an actor but his star power is more I think…

  11. Ockoala Dear… thank u thank u for ur precious post.
    But i’ve one question, Is it Summer’s Desire or Our Desire ??? Wkkkk……..

    anyone answer please… lol ( my stomach hurt….)

    • F1968 Dear , tangee Dear

      After read their long long long comments from our dearest chingus, It’s seems that we could back to life peacefully n wake up fr craziness that swing in our head. Maybe there’s only 0.1% to our geungeun in the same screen and the left are impossible for recent year due to our geungeun will back to school but who knows the 0.1% will be happen. Than it will be the luckiest of us. I’m surely will miss u guys despite our geungeun. Let’s hug together ha ha ha…

  12. Yeah, IDK also what was in JKS’ mind when he wanted to play Yoon Ji Hoo…’coz, he’s totally Gu Junpyo. And even with the bad reviews, Kim Hyun Joong IS Jihoo sunbae to death^^!!!!

    I always wonder what would’ve happened if JKS played Junpyo….’coz KHJ would’ve been buried:)..and I’d totally ship Junpyo+Jandi rather than Jandi+Jihoo sunbae.

    Hmmm, I’d really, really, really love to see JKS, KHJ and Yoo Ah In together in a drama….dreams^^..with MGY somewhere in the picture too:) BOF meets M3 meets SKK…OMFG!!!! dies and goes to k-drama heaven^^

  13. Summer Desire was good. But the music and sound effects were HORRIBLE!! I mean seriously it was getting in the way of the acting and story line. I didn’t really like it that much BUT… there was some pretty damn good kisses and makeouts (lol). There was a lot of angst and tension but I liked it. lol
    It would be so amazing if this casting happened

  14. Wow.. Fi968, that really a good news…so we can see him as real singer…yippie!

    since JKS should have the girl…^^ it doesn’t mean JKS as Luo Xi end up loosing the girl…! ouw chen is Xia Mo’s past, and Luo Xi is Xia Mo’s current & future…so, the past stay should stay behind…(JKS can discuss about the ending to the scriptwriter & MH, haha!).
    ouw chen got so little & boring scene… his most scene were flashback memorizing the green lace with a confused and sad face….
    but Luo Xi were more eye pleasing, we could see varies expression of him…. his smile, wearing his Tux, wearing ancient costume as a general, could see him sing with his guitar again… (it’s more ear pleasing to have him sing in OST!!), and so on….i believe if JKS got the chance to build Luo Xi character, it would be more adorable yet cool than huang xiao ming….
    as for bed scene….that scene could be added to Luo Xi’s if JKS want it…hahaha ^^



    IN ONE DRAMA???? MY GOSH…!!!! IT MUST BE A SHOCKING…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BUT IM GONNA.. WATCH IT… ^_______________^

  16. Can I have a show with JGS as Lou Xi just like the Taiwan version with a lot of make out scene with MGY’s Xia Mo but scrap the ending that have Xia Mo wedded to Ow Chen & their bed scene…instead why not let Ow Chen has another amnesia on his trip to Africa & got lost there…hehe…

    No…I dun really like the storyline cos my immature mind cant stand having the lead actress doing so many make out scenes with one actor only to end up marrying another actor…this is more like Barbie Hsu real life love story…having a torid love affair withVic Zhou for several years, only to marry some super rich China tycoon…

    If it has to be a Taiwanese drama remake, I prefer to see GeunGeun in Ethan Rui & Joe Chen charaters in Fated to Love you…it has all the right ingredients…from making babies, to falling in love & loyalty…

  17. It’s your fault ockoala, i watched summers desire non stop for 1 day and 2 nights (well except for 4 hours sleep). I was addicted, i love it like crazy, i was imagining geun geun couple with lmh acting it, but i want to change the story a little bit in the end (like lou Xi will get the girl instead) as i want mgy to end with jks. Kidding aside, i always read your blog, and watched all tthe dramas that you recommended. So thank you, big time, cheers….

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