Jung Woo Sung Seriously Injured While Filming Action Sequence on the Set of Athena

Breaking news: Jung Woo Sung was seriously injured on the set of Athena: Goddess of War, along with another co-star, and both were rushed to the emergency room. The van they were riding in while shooting an action sequence was involved in an accident, and my I Lub You suffered an injury to the leg while the other co-star Jung Chan Woo suffered an injury to the head.

Both injuries were deemed serious but non-life threatening. Athena is pretty much now on a live-shoot schedule, and the injury to the drama’s main lead may necessitate the filming to stop and the broadcast of the drama to halt as well, depending on whether Jung Woo Sung can come back to work.

This is beyond dreadful news, for both injured actors, and the drama. Athena has now lost its ratings lead to both Queen of Reversals as well as Dream High. Its ratings have fallen by half since it’s premiere, now hovering at just over 10%.

I never write about Athena because, frankly, the drama is terrible. To review it properly would make me angry. Suffice to say, the story and the characterizations have been weak and shoddy, leaving compelling actors acting out lame storylines and unrelatable emotional hooks. As much as I wasn’t enamored of IRIS, it’s by far the better drama of the two.

I wish a speedy recovered to both actors, and I really hope the injury doesn’t cause any long-term repercussions for both guys. Sigh, what a waste of my I Lub You returning to the small screen for the first time in 15 years, just for a piece of crap drama like Athena. All hype, no substance. The entire cast of Athena is wasted actually. Thankfully I love most of the actors involved, and can see their talent shining through this mess, so this blip won’t affect how I feel about any of them. I just am pissed at the waste of a golden opportunity to create a compelling and epic thriller drama.


Jung Woo Sung Seriously Injured While Filming Action Sequence on the Set of Athena — 13 Comments

  1. Oh no! Poor guys! Hope they both have a speedy recovery. Alas, even a medical miracle won’t save this stinkbomb of a drama though, from everything I read and hear, anyway. I never even started it. Glad now…

    Keep us posted on your I Lub You! I know this must have scared you to death at first. 🙁

  2. OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Poor I Lub You. *hugs him, you and all of his fans* And poor Jung Chan-woo

    I’m watching Athena in small doses, bb. I think it’ll take me forever to finish it. *sighs*

  3. I don’t understand the fixation on a live-shoot schedule!! A lot of things can happen!! Even death, so please, air them dramas when is almost done filming……. Arghhhhh!!
    So it happened before with BOF, the Jan di character (awful, can’t compare to Inoue Mao) got in to an accident and the broadcast stoped!!! At the time I was hooked with F4 and got pretty mad!! But at least we had a pretty good special F4 charming interview…. Hope nothing happens to My Princess cast, with all the paparazzi chase everything can happen…. By the way Koala, when its the preview for episode 7 coming out??? Any idea???


  4. ATHENA cant seem to catch a break huh?….first Cha Seung Won and now Jung Woo Sung….this along with the ratings is a big sucker..i hope the actors are able to keep their morale up regardless…i hope this means no IRIS 2..dont kill me IRIS fans but i honestly never saw much potential in a sequel to it anyways and it doesnt seem like a real sequel either without Lee Byung Hoon…i hope both actors make a speedy but complete recovery so that they can wrap this up on time

  5. hope they recover soon!!

    Athena did have potential… and to me, the series has just official started around epi 10 when things start to get more intense and JWS finanlly woke up to reality!

  6. My Dear Ockoala,
    I am so shock to hear this news. I am sorry for both actors JWS and JCW. I know how you will feel as JWS is one of your favourite korean actors.
    I noticed that you have never talk about “Athena” since you back form Chirstmas and New Year vacation. I thought that you are not happy with Athna and that is why you don’t want to talk about it.
    For me I will watch this drama by skipping a lot of action scenes when the drama finish completely.
    Now I am deeply wish for both atcors to recover very soon.

  7. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After months… the first little moment I find to return here… and it’s this news….


    Maybe it was better if I didn’t know… now I am going to have to brood while not being able to check on follow up… I lead a sad life indeed. and why am I making this about myself when Woo Sung dearest is the one in the hospital… my mind must have been destroyed by the news.

    Just initially wanted to breeze by to say happy belated birthday to everyone here… Ms. Koala, and any PK friends still left here (Itadakimasu, if you happen to read this… I have not forgotten about our chat thread….). Hope you all have a healthy happy year!

    • ooops…. I meant that I wanted to say Happy New Year to everybody… not happy birthday… -_-”
      It’s official, my brain has turned to mush after reading this news.

  8. I am sadden that Jung Woo-sung sustained a head injuring during the filming of this drama. I sincerely hope this does not effect his health in future, and that he okay now. 🙁 I also heard that another actor was in the accident with him, and that yet another actor had a case of food poisoning while filming in Japan? Well, I certainly hope everyone has better fortune in their next drama/ movie. Although, I was not overly thrilled with this drama, I love watching the very talented Jung Woo-sung perform …in anything …good/ bad. I am just so sorry to hear he got hurt.

  9. Geez. There are so many conflicting reports on the injuries of these actors …how to know which is accurate?! 🙁

  10. AH! I remember now, seeing Jung Woo-sung limping in one of the videos shoots. So, it must have been Jung Woo-sung who had the leg injury. Either way, I hope all is healed now.

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