Pre-Orders of Jang Geun Seok’s Album Already #1 on Japan’s HMV Sales Rankings

Nice, very nice indeed. A day after news was released that Jang Geun Seok was releasing his first solo album, his pre-sales are already ranked #1 on Japan’s HMV website. Ahead of both TVXQ and JYJ (you know, formerly DBSK/Tohoshinki – the biggest K-idol group to cross over into Japan, but now split into two, with Yunho and Changmin helming TVXQ and Junsu, Yoochun, and Jejoong forming JYJ – and both groups releasing new albums simultaneously this month).

I think this should really bolster Jang Geun Seok’s confidence when he goes to record the album, not that he needs any. It’s always nice for a star to know that people are excited about an upcoming project. Best of luck!

Link here for the Japan HMV website.


Pre-Orders of Jang Geun Seok’s Album Already #1 on Japan’s HMV Sales Rankings — 63 Comments

  1. I’m so going to buy it! *facepalm* I’ll only wait till it’s available on other websites cos I had a bad experience with HMV (okay, it was the UK verstion, but still) and I swore to myself I would never, ever buy from them again. So yeah, I hope it’ll be available from YA or something.

    • Serendipity was teasing about his pitch-problems with me yesterday, which are glaring when he sings live, but man it makes me love him more! He’s not a trained singer, which is why he’s already damn good for having no voice lessons like the idols get.

      Or maybe I’m just biased. Who else is going to buy it? Starts with M and ends with E, that’s who. 😀

      • Haha. You know what happens when he goes all highpitched? I SQUEAL! Because, yes, what you said! 🙂 He’s so endearing!

        BTW, I think his strongest skill is interpretation. IDK HOW, but he always, always manages to pour all of his emotions into the song and skjfksdhfskdf. It’s much like Binnie and That man, imho. Only I feel that ~vibe~, that je-ne-sais-quoi from JGS more.

        Dude, we can squee together when we get his album. Deal?

      • The best part about buying an album and having no desire to listen to JGS live? I never have to deal with his pitch problems, which are more than going high-pitched. If he can stay on-pitch live that would be quite a feat.

        I totally agree with you on his singing – its about connecting with the song and conveying the emotion to the audience. I love Binnie’s “That Man” even more that Baek Ji Young’s technically flawless version for the same reason.

        DEAL – on listening together and squealing. We can do it one track at a time, and then giggle like crazy loons. Bonus points if his album cover and inserts are all fierce and broody, if that’s the vibe from this album. *flashes to Keep Your Head Down and Yunho and Changmin going all angtsy we-waz-betrayed-by-our-bretheren vibe*

      • I am already giggling like a crazy loon, so may I join you both?

        I am not biased–really, I’m not — and JGS’s raw voice gives me goosebumps. He’s a naturally gifted singer, with scratchy vocals that make me melty. He doesn’t sound, thank goodness, over-processed with partially-hydrogenated fats and corn syrup.

        I will buy the album after I’ve checked out the kind of music. If it’s derivative pop, then no. If it’s rockerish ballady, then hell yeah.

        Did you all notice his pitch problems in his concerts for his fans? I don’t know if we can judge his singing from those events because just about everyone I have seen sing in those fan venues have sounded awful.

        But I won’t protest too much in defense of JGS in case my SSH finds it unbecoming of his woman to fawn over other men.

      • Heh? What the what with the “my SSH” now?

        You thought I’d miss that if you hid it all the way at the end? Humph, my Heon oppa is totally secure in how much I nomnomnom him that he’s cool with me pawpawing other guys. 😛

        Also – word on JGS singing. So much good stuff lately. Now if only KES can fall into a ditch somehow….

      • I heard his pitch problem when he sang alive, but hell, i really dont care, infact i think it was cute hahaha
        he is not a trained singer …and glad to know he is not that perfect ….still made from flesh and bone.
        Definitely will buy the cd no matter what kind of music he sing. I have lot of his music in my cellphone and keep listen to it everyday, if he only knew, he might yell STOPPPPP hahaha.
        But i might buy from YA, thanks for HMV info.

      • Hey, are you trying to get me into trouble?

        Pitch – I’m afraid it’s not just the fan meetings. When he sings live on camera (e.g. YAB scene in boy’s washroom of JGS, Go Mi Nam & his/her old school friend, various MSOAN scenes), he’s generally out of tune. I’m not sure how much training or practice can fix pitching, to be honest. Improve, to be sure, but stabilize to point that can hold pitch in noisy concert? Dunno.

        But as you say, he has a lovely voice and sings convincingly with all his heart. I have his songs on my iPod and I’d totally buy his album (studio work fixes pitch nicely). But I wouldn’t go to a concert unless he promises he will lip-synch – because I don’t want my JGS love to die.

      • Never have I been happier to be tone-deaf, my Serendipity sis!

        Truly, I am actually tone deaf, cannot carry a tune or recognize someone out of tune. I’ve barely noticed that JGS was off pitch on live performances, so for the most part, it doesn’t bother me. Luckily.

        It’s also like my inability to spot plastic surgery and nose jobs. What I can’t see can’t irk me. Until they get a full face make over.

      • It is possible to fix pitch problems.

        Oftentimes, people go a tad bit too high for high notes because they believe they must send the sound through their nose/head when in fact they must throw the sound down. Sometimes, pitch is the result of the shape one forms with one’s mouth.

        So long as a singer can hear him/herself and recognize s/he is off-pitch, it’s possible to correct and it’s possible to learn to recognize being off-pitch.

      • omg, you guys! I go away for a few hours and this thread explodes. ^^

        Word on everything, friend! And yes, yes, I like Binnie’s version better than Baek Ji Young’s too. It’s…raw and slkjkshdkashgdkasd.

        flashes to Keep Your Head Down and Yunho and Changmin going all angtsy we-waz-betrayed-by-our-bretheren vibe*
        LOL LOL true, true, but if there were pics of him in typical k-pop attire, I wouldn’t mind, either. Look, I even liked the photoshoot…the crazy one? The one where he looked like a clown? I loved all those shots, esp the one with the gigantic bubble gum.

        @Nom_Kitteh Deal! The more, the merrier! o/

        @Serendipity, Ockoala.
        you guys, I really don’t care if he can carry a note well and for how long. *iz shallow* As long as he can make me feel something…interpretation FTW!

    • See, this is why I don’t like people with close reading and critical comprehension skills and eye for details. 🙂

      KES needs to fall into a ditch that has sharks with lazors, croco-gators with lazors, and wooden spikes that also shoot lazors. Pew-pew-pew.

      I swear, if she messes with MP, I’m going to–I’m going to–I’m going to…watch MP to the end because of SSH. Dammit, I have no leverage. ><

      • Wait, wait. WHAT? Why are you talking about KES and MP? She is NOT going to write eps of MP, is she? Is she? OMG please don’t be the bearer of bad news.

      • @ Sere

        HUGS. HUGS again just in case.

        Official news reports have confirmed that Kim Eun Sook is officially onboard as the co-writer for the rest of MP. Apparently she doesn’t need to de-fang herself, or perhaps pay a visit to hell, after SG is done. Nope, she wants to keep on writing, and where else better than a current popular show helmed by her protege.

        I spent Mon screaming on twitter. Really, screaming, saying all sorts of vile and nasty things I shant repeat but am not contrite at all for saying.

        If KES fucks with my perfect OTP Seol and HY, I will have her liver for breakfast with a nice glass of Chianti and some fava beans.

        It’s like I woke up and heard that lil’Kim daddy from North Korea is suddenly co-ruler of South Korea.

      • @ockoala


        BRB I need to scream for an hour or so.

    • I was thinking if i buy it from this HMV or wait to YA… so you recomend not to buy from HMV… buying at internet always makes me nervous (i know i’m old fashioned) but for jgs i’ll do it!!!!
      btw koala its wonderful news for jgs and for all of us!!!! komawo 😀

      • I bought repeatedly from YA and never had a problem.

        I bought a couple of cds from HMV UK once and I never got the package. I emailed and complained several times and never got a reply. Mind you, that was several years ago and it was from the HMV UK website, not the japan version so I can’t vouch for that one. I’m just telling you my experience. From all I know, my order could have been just a fluke. I just don’t trust them anymore and yeah, maybe it was a hasty decision, but that was my first order with them and it went badly. :[

        If I have to order cds or dvds, I do that from Amazon (which has a great customer support. Once, one of my packages got held up at customs for several days and I thought it got lost. Amazon mailed out another package for me for free. When I got the first one, I emailed them and they said to keep both. ^^ ) or YA, depending on what kind of movies/series I wanna buy. I buy my books from bookdepository. I trust all these websites and I buy loooooots of things from them. ^^

      • I think in the U.S., we’re a little spoiled with the customer service (ie Amazon). It’s not very good in most other countries. That’s why yesasia does so well, because they’re actually one of the few that has very courteous and prompt customer service.

      • @LizzieD

        Well, I’m not in the US, but I’ve bought from websites all over the world and so far, the only one I had problems with was HMV UK. Considering that yes, it was an international order but it was supposed to be mailed out and stay within European borders, I thought I was quite safe and besides MHV is a known brand so. *shrugs*

  2. One of my friends was complaining that JGS is coming to Japan only 4 days after his album is released. “He doesn’t have any time to build up a fanbase!” I don’t think she realizes how ridiculously popular he is. XD

    • Who sees a Jun Ki #2 in the making? I mean, even down to their crazy-ass outfits on stage! And their vastly different acting styles only make me happier because I get two hotties who are not twins but more like soul-brothers. *squeals of delight*

      • hey koala
        do like Jun Ki but somehow, JGS has more appeal to me… oops … my bias trait working overtime again..

  3. ~fans self at the mere thought of an entire album of JGS voice-goodness~

    How does JGS just get hotter every time I see the pictures of him as Mu-gyul in M3? I mean, that should be illegal or something. And why can’t I find me one of them where I’m at? Huh?

    • ha ha estel you make me giggle :D, yes it should be illegal… he’s guilty of making me spend hours and hours in my laptop, visiting this akp, searching for news, watching mvs, downloading pics, mp3s…. and so on, when i should be working, or sleeping or just having a life!!!!

      • I know. I don’t have a life any more. I moved across the country when I transferred schools and my mom is worried that I won’t have a social life because of dramas. I tell her not to be ridiculous…but it’s actually true. I don’t.

      • That’s how I feel too! I have tons of work on my desk but ever since M3, I can’t sleep well. The last thing on my mind before I sleep is M3 with MG & MR and the first thing I woke up, their images are all over. I lost track of what’s the latest songs or what’s on the radio, which I normally tune in when driving, simply because I downloaded most of M3 songs on my BB and keep playing the same playlist over and over again. As much as I need my normal life back, that’s how I need the Geuns to quickly declare and confess their love to each I can be at peace.

        Yahh Mugyul-ah..confess to Maeri-ahh..hurry!!!

      • Same. am having panda eyes eversince M3 started. Believe me no amount of potent eye creme would help except for the two to just declare / confess to the world about their cutey romance… That should heal me… quite sure of that

    • ow….hell yess…..i want my normal life’s back….don’t know why but always geuns in my mind….arrgggggggggggggghhhhhh

  4. How many colors does this come in? I shall buy one of each! And maybe some JKS socks? Heeheehee (Yes, I’m watching SG and it’s cracking me up.) Seriously though, is this HMV site that bad? I was going to buy a couple of copies to support him. I’ve actually never even bought this stuff before, let alone before the track list is available and a cover photo is made. He really is some sort of demon sucking the soul and heart of me. So unhealthy.

      • staying up late- I just ordered 2 copies of his cd/dvd limited edition thing. I am not even sure what I bought, but it’s not that much money so even if they never send it’s not the end of the world. I paid a ton more for the D-cut limited edition YB and plan on buying M3 dvd set too. I saw on HMV there’s an option to pick up in person so you can probably change it.

        Also, I’m not sure which country you’re in but it’s definitely worth it to buy a hackable dvd player. It can be a cheap one. I have a panasonic one that was $40 at Costco. Then go to:
        and follow the simple steps and you have a region free dvd player. I would recommend checking if the dvd player is hackable before you buy it. The bigger brands (ie Toshiba) are less likely.

        I’ve already concluded that they’re dating. I don’t care what anyone says. My Happy Geun-Geun Bubble is where I’m staying.

    • @ LizzyD, just made a purchase on the HMV japanese website, cost 2,272 yen incl delivery (est). Ordered the First Press Limited Edition which according to descriptions should include a making of DVD. The most unbelievable part is I can’t even watch the DVD at home because it is for Japan (region 2)! Ever indulgent hubby (LOVE HIM) said nevermind just buy it. Worst case scenario, will bring the DVD with me to Japan when I visit the country in April and watch it using the hotel dvd player. Hey, now that I think about it I should have just buy it whilst in Japan! Maybe will contact customer service now to see if I could arrange a self collection instead.

      As for the HMV site, it wasn’t difficult to navigate. I am not at all tech savy but still managed to register online (to get member’s price) and pay with relative ease, like any other website. I am a fan of Japan and have absolute faith in the Japanese way of doing things – ie trusting that everything will work like clockwork and be executed with precision.

      With regards to our GuenGeuns, we seem to share the same views in many aspects. With all the little hint – hints everywhere, I think they are trying to test waters about fans’ reception to their coupling. Needless to say, I think they can bring great happiness to each other and are super adorable together. Maybe we (all supporters of the GeunGeuns) should combine and send a congratulatory petition/message/bouquet to give them more strength and encourage their public declaration of dating officially.

      @ Ockoala, love the new banner. Our GeunGeuns are sooo cute! They look like they are in the same photoshoot.

      • He has a fork, she has a spoon. He’s eating fruit, she’s eating yogurt.

        If these two are not a perfect match made in Heaven – even in doing individual photoshoots that perfectly blend together – I will eat my shorts for breakfast and parade around sans lower garments.

      • Ooops- Staying up late- see above. I clicked the wrong reply.

        Some big company needs to wake up and put these 2 in a real ad. I’d buy whatever it is- toilet bowl cleaner, toothpicks, fertilizer…doesn’t matter.

  5. i was thinking, how i am (and not only me) so willing to buy something that it’s not even recorded, yes i just realized that it doesn’t even exists, and i don’t care cause i wanted so badly. and it’s just to help a tiny bit our jgs (cause i know i can download it on internet for free later)

    “I was going to buy a couple of copies to support him. ” me too!!!

  6. 5 words: Mugyul is coming to life! ^^

    I think playing Mugyul really affected him. I’m sure the role somewhat inspired and gave him the resolution to finally pave a singing career professionally. Hope JGS really rocks it out.

  7. It feels good to be around here ‘cos there is SO SO much affection for JGS here. Am speechless. All of you took the words out of my mouth. Kamsahamida…

    • The description on the HMV site makes it sound like there are only 4 songs with a DVD too for the special edition. We’re such suckers though. Did anyone even read the description before buying? hahah

      • If you click on the item on the HMV site there’s a description. It looks like 4 songs, but maybe it’s not finalized. Considering he hasn’t picked/recorded the songs yet, that’s very possible.

      • It’s not an album, it’s a single. And pony is so smart. There will be 3 tracks for Normal edition: track A, B and D, which would not be available in the Special edition one. The 3 tracks for special edition one would be track A, B and C, which would also not be available for the normal edition.
        And to go to the showcase, you would need both tickets that come in the normal and Special edition one.
        Conclusion: Pony would like you to buy both ^^;;

  8. Congratulation JGS. I am very glad for your huge success. This is only pre-order. I can’t wait to see the day that Jang Keun Suk solo album release. I like his voice in singing……… also talking hahaha…..

    Thanks Ockoala for posting this good new.

  9. It’s a maxi single with first press limited and ordinary versions. It’s not an album
    Basically, both the first press ed and the ordinary ed have Song A & B in common. Only Song C appears in the first press ed; and the ordinary ed will have Song D. The limited ed comes with a DVD and a special goods ticket ( I think this is redeemable for those who attend his showcase). then the ordinary ed comes with a trading card

  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope he keeps getting recognition in South Korea from his peers and countrymen. A very talented young man and to quote a famous lady “born with good looks and musical talent, you are very lucky”.

  11. oh…it’s about time he releases his very own album…with a voice like his..he just had to share it to the world to enjoy…

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