Mnet Japan Releases New BTS Footage of Playful Kiss

It’s only been a little over two months since Playful Kiss concluded with its full sixteen-episode television plus seven-episode Youtube special run. It’s hard to fangirl HyunMin if neither of them ever do anything together since wrapping filming, nor do they drop loaded hints in the most obvious of places. *pouts* Truth be told, Kim Hyun Joong has been exceedingly busy with his endorsements and his primary music career as leader of SS501, while Jung So Min has also picked up a slew of endorsements and made a cute video with So Ji Sub.

Without any juicy PK tidbits in recent days, running across some new high quality BTS pictures was like a bag of gold bullions dropping from the sky and bonking me on the head. Manna from the Heavens, oh thank you drama gods. These new BTS pictures all come from the graduation scene at the end of episode 6, right before Ha Ni goaded Seung Jo into blowing a gasket and kissing her. However dim she was, she always managed to push all of Seung Jo’s wrong (or perhaps right) buttons. Looking at these pictures brings back such wonderful memories. Oh PK, you will always occupy a special place in my heart.

Mnet Japan also compiled its own behind-the-scenes footage from PK. While some of the footage may have been shown elsewhere already, it’s still worth checking out since there are a lot of new BTS moments that I have not seen until now. I watched this video the entire time with a giant smile on my face.

Mnet PK BTS 1:



Mnet Japan Releases New BTS Footage of Playful Kiss — 18 Comments

  1. OMOOO!!! thanks so much for posting about and loving PK still!!!

    🙂 gonna watch the BTS asap
    (yes… i’m still crazy about this one >_<)

    • and big LOL @’running across some new high quality BTS pictures was like a bag of gold bullions dropping from the sky and bonking me on the top’

  2. YAHOO!!!!! (jumping like a deranged rabbit full of caffeine) It’s been such a long time that I get to see anything about my beloved PK and still my heart accelerates like crazy!!

    Thanks a lot ockoala!!!

    • Did you finish watching all of PK? 16 eps plus YT webisodes? I <333333 it so damn much! Hope you loved it as well, cuz it's just the sweetest beginning-to-end love story I have ever seen. EVER.

      Yes, MinMin needed lots of steps to be able to look less like a midget next to KHJ. Swoon…. Seung Jo and Ha Ni, sitting in a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g…..

  3. Thanks so much for posting this Ockoala.
    I still love PK and miss PK awesome moments seung jo+oh ha ni and AKP’s PKissers forever.
    For me, anything about Playful Kiss, I will never sick of seeing, hearing of it.

  4. thanks for the pics Ockoala
    every time I seen something related to Playfull Kiss, it make me wanting to rewatch it again even though I have watched it so many times already…..Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni forever or Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min :)))

  5. thanks ockoala!!!
    you’re still our PK fairy!!!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the BTS pics and video!!!
    i just can’t get enough of the HyunMin couple!!!

    hope for more of the BTS will come out!!!


  6. dear ockoala,

    Thanks for posting PK related news, actually there are more, a lot more BTS media out there released by DATV (japanese station partly owned by Keyeast or BYJ) unfortunately they kept removing it for copyright reasons 🙁
    And yes, we are to remain clueless and kept in the dark because Kim Hyun Joong is an idol with loads of fangirls ready to attack lest they found out he is having a relationship (even a friendly one) with his co-star.
    But a collective yey! because there will be a PK Japan fanmeet!
    Hope you post more PK related news!

  7. I still love these kids to bits! I’ve got a few more dramas under my belt now, and I will love this drama forever because it’s a)fluffy and happy b) entirely about the OTP.

    Thanks for the bts! hope subbed version gets put up at some point. Would love to know what nonsense is coming out of KHJ’s mouth.

  8. ottoke, Ockoala? Hyunmin couples’ BTS are the BEST!!! in fact I’ve rewatched them more than PK itself!!!!! more please!! can’t have enough of BSJ & OHN!!!!!!!!

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