Discussion Forum: A Million Reasons Why the GeunGeun Couple is Cuter than Kittens

I was going to title this post – The Insane Geun Geun Posse but on second thought the kittens cuddling picture speaks for itself. I don’t think anyone is conjuring up a fervent passion for Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young to JUST DATE ALREADY out of thin air. From even before Mary Stayed Out All Night until now, these two have exhibited a flurry of onscreen and offscreen verbal and nonverbal gestures that say one thing and one thing only to anyone with a functioning visual cortex: “I’m totally affected by you.”

What that affection means is unclear until the day these two come clean – either by dating someone else, or admitting to date one another. They can be soulmates, they can be romantic partners, and in an ideal world, they can be both. I never realized the breadth and depth of GeunGeun shippers the world over until I ventured out there to declare how much I adore them together. And then suddenly AKP was flooded with GG lovers who have provided a plethora of interesting and detailed analysis of their every interaction. I will continue to post about them going forward, but I wanted to created a master post for all GG lovers to congregate anytime to chitchat. This post will be tagged under the “Discussion Forum” category, so you can all find it easily in the foreseeable future (see link on the right).

To talk about our Geun-Geun ship coming true, we need all first acknowledge (as the Baiduers have) the holy grail of acting couple shipping – I am talking about none other than Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo, otherwise known as KyoBin. KyoBin is the elusive golden fleece of couple shipping – which is when a viewer watches a two actors play a pair of lovers onscreen, see something special, and hope they are dating in real life. This is different that hoping two actors who have never worked together would date. KyoBin represents a desire for a coupling stemming from concrete evidence of onscreen chemistry so potent, as a viewer you devote your time and attention to dreaming they would actually hook up and have perfect babies together.

There is a post on Baidu that is revered like it’s God’s 10 Commandments – it’s the post that was started during the airing of The World They Live In/World’s Within by fans of that drama, who hoped that KyoBin would become a reality. Nearly 3 years later and eighteen months after KyoBin confirmed that they were in fact dating in real life, that post has over 25,000 replies, and shippers of any drama couple continue to drop by and add a reply hoping that the aura of that magical post which came true would rub off on their hopeful coupling. Baiduers had a fun field day comparing GeunGeun with KyoBin in terms of their behavior with each other prior, during, and after they filmed a drama together.

KyoBin’s hugs in World’s Within were full contact embraces, with Song Hye Kyo burying her face into Hyun Bin’s neck. I don’t need to explain what Moon Geun Young is doing up there. Furthermore, eels have remarked that Jang Geun Seok has publicly told his fans that he has a very sensitive neck.

While promoting WW, the body language, the gestures, and the looks that Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo were shooting each other literally mirror the Geun-Geuns at their M3 Press conference.

I’ve seen tons of K-drama press conferences, and at most the leading couple poses playfully for the requisite media couple shots. Rarely do you see them keep shoot looks at each other during the interview portion. Usually when one is talking, the other is listening politely. Let’s all say a HAIL to KyoBin, and pray that if our GeunGeuns indeed have romantical feelings for each other, they can go public like KyoBin did, and be as well accepted by their fans, the public, and still have a successful career.

It’s adorable when you take a trip back in time to one of their earliest onscreen meetings in a variety show. Both were so young, and yet they just naturally were in sync if you watched them gamely participating in whatever the host asked of them.

Do you guys notice that at every awards ceremony they’ve been to together (whether as hosts, presenters, or participants), Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young are always dressed in matching or complementary outfits. Especially given Jang Geun Seok’s penchant for weird awards attire prior to 2009, his new-founded classy looks are always in tune with whatever Ms. Moon has picked out. At the Baeksangs above, they went for a sleek black and silver look. At the SBS Awards in 2009 they went for a retro light-colored look.

And of course, at the KBS Drama Awards 2010 – they were dressed like they were going to a wedding. In my mind, they went to their own wedding afterwards.

I’ve checked out a bazillion BTS videos of the KBS 2010 Drama Awards and here are some highlights. Moon Geun Young moved her chair closer to Jang Geun Seok first, and then he followed suit. They were the only couple onstage who won the couples’ award that were standing within shoulder touching distance of each other, every other couple had a respectable inch or two distance from each other.

In the end, my Geun-Geun love will wane as surely as time passes. But the natural progression of a fan’s fervor doesn’t negate the special brand of magic this acting couple sprinkled on viewers of M3. When and if the Geun-Geuns do end up publicly dating, I will be the first to throw a party at AKP. You will all be invited, with virtual champagne and cavier, and let all future onscreen couple shippers bow to THIS post as like it’s the new Holy Grail. Let’s end with some perfect moments from M3, shall we?

I hereby give the GeunGeun’s permission, as captain of the Holiday Ship, to elope anytime they want to, because I’ve already gotten a set of their wedding pictures in my possession. 😀 I, however, demand pictures of any Geun-Geun babies, which will surely be the world’s most perfect infant specimen.

Wow, this was a monster post! I highly suggest everyone post comments about your observations and theories of our fave GG couple here (if you’ve posted already, you should go back to all the random GG posts and copy and paste so we can aggregate it all in one place). Or better yet, just have fun spazzing! Captain here, signing off.

[Credit: all pictures as labeled, and the unlabeled pictures are all screencapped by me]


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  1. Thanks so much for starting this. I just love this couple. No matter whether or not they do go public or not. I do believe they will eventually date if not already.

  2. Geun-Geun love indeed! I spent the past few days rewatching mu gyul and mae ri scenes and it made me happy all over again. ::squee!::: and I thought my PK obsession was bad…that was nothing compared to this. <3 I love all these posts and comments, and will be hoping hoping with the rest with everyone else.

    • i echo your every word….i just love their every interaction – whether they were comical, sweet, loving or arguing – EVERY moment was such a wonderful treat for my senses…aaaaahhhh…

      • seriously!! i want to see more of the geuns together on screen! I don’t care if it’s just 2 hours of them eating and sleeping :::sigh::: But i’ll take them solo. I wonder when MGY would have her next acting project. Probably not anytime soon since she was active last year. (She’s awesome that she focuses on her studies) but YAY JGS for 2011!!!! I haven’t bought a CD in a while and JGS’s will be the first. I’m even considering getting the M3 photo book..hopefully a chinese one will come out? so i can pick out the words i do know how to read 😛

      • yes, miso, i can’t agree with you more….i wondered abt the very same things you were wondering abt… (”,)

    • I’m also currently rewatching MSOAN, I just can’t get over they super powerful chemistry they have with each other. Seriously, if they are not dating or have strong feelings for each other how is it possible for them to display such a realistic feeling of being a couple in the drama. I don’t believe anyone acting can be so convincing. Therefore I conclude Guen Geun must be dating (underground).

  3. Yes I’d be shipping for the GG couple for a long time too ~ I’ll party all night til dawn with you when that glorious day comes, that thy publicly announce they are dating. In the meantime.. seeing them super close as REAL friends already brings me super delight and happiness that them dating is just the icing on my cake. Babies? Oh my.. I think I’ll have a seizure when that happens.. too much stimulation on my fangirl hormones. ^^

  4. WOW, Ockoala!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOWWWWWWWW!!!

    A SPECIAL place for the insane lovers of the Geun-Geun couple to rant and rave to our hearts’ content???!!!!

    You have answered one of our prayers!!!

    You are just too precious for words!! (”,)

    Now, if your monster of a post can weave some kind of magic and make the Geun-Geun couple a reality, then it would have answered the prayers of the legions of the Geun-Geun couple zany, wacky, loony fans!!!

    I concur with EVERY SINGLE WONDERFUL MORSEL of your thought in this post and i second your suggestion for the rest of the battalion of Geun-Geun couple shippers to come and congregate and join forces here and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, in some way, influence the said couple to BELIEVE that THEY ARE JUST PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!!! (”,)

    Anyone knows how to contact the Geun-Geun couple to grace this post with their presence??? So that they could read every minute analysis of their interaction so far that say what they have yet to say out loud to the world – that they have more than just “very good friends’ ” feelings for each other. Like i said before, if they do come together, i would be among the first to shout out my joy and happiness for them, because i just LOVE them to bits…

    How about it, Geun-Geun couple shippers???

    • Dear Koala
      I was thinking of taking a break from this whole thingy BUT alas, all is not to be the case… Thanks again for always coming up with these little teasers every other day to entice us deeper and deeper into this thingy called Geun2…

      My dear chingu KDL
      Good to hear your cute rant… Yes, do hope they can read whatever we post here.. Do you think they would?? Do they read English?? no offence, just curious… do fill me in… am all ears…
      Cheers to a good day….

      • JKS does. When he was interviewed in Spore he was handed a list of questions the host was going to ask him, all in English and he never questioned once. The host was impressed.

      • Dear Tangee my chingu (”,)

        Thank you so much for appreciating my mindless ranting and raving…just too excited to have this special place for us, shippers of the Geuns, to rant and rave and basically lose our heads/minds and whatever that is left of our lives in our undying love for and worshipping of the Geuns to become a REAL COUPLE… (”,)

        F1968, thank you so much for your reply to Tangee’s questions….and yes, he was impressive in the interview,
        altho, a few times during the interview, he did ask his interpreter for confirmation of the English words for the Korean words he wanted to say,
        and for some of the questions, he spoke mostly Korean and the interpreter interpreted his answers … (”,)

      • Saw on YT re interview with some HongKong reporter who spoke in Cantonese[one of HK’s major chinese dialect] and JGS seem to understand every word and during the session, he reply bits in English and Korean but I WAS impressed that he seem to understand Cantonese… talk about self-improvement, way to go, cutie boy!

        Thanks F1968 for that update… me impressed too..

      • Read that JGS actually went to NZ for his high school and he even learn Japanese too! So English is not a big deal for him since he’s been there for quite some time.

      • yep JSK can speak english (odk how fluent he is) can speak Japanese, I heard he speaking bit Japanese at SBS award BTS.that boy surely learn more language as he realize that he gain more popularity in other country

      • Dear zz
        thanks for update… I heard that he went there for 6months but was called back due to his acting commitments..

        bit off topic.. have heard Lee Byung Hun being interviewed during his GI Joe premiere.. that man speaks very well indeed .. he is at par with bigger guns like Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tony Leung [did you know he majored in French Literature!! yet he acts well.. maybe that why I’m so in awe with him… he he.Han Ye Seul speaks well too. Lee Da Hae not too bad having studied at Sydney High School for 5 years..

      • Dear Erika
        Thanks re JGS on Japanese.. Yes… am pretty sure he wants to upgrade himself to the international arena… that charmer will have no problems whatsoever… Fighting JGS!

  5. Ow captain this is one major post to worship our geungeun.you have wrap it up of all our discussion on them with the add of kyobin which I adore before geun2..at that time I never join any blog and go fangirling over them.after watching WW and see how they chemistry is I was hoping that they become real couple which indeed come true and I believe that SGH working overseas not because of fans hate them as item or HB-HJW shipper but because her acting has been recognize by the world and they keep their love as they use to be with HB confirm at recent interview he had gf.
    so after seeing the same gesture that geungeun show during filming,bts,awards,conferrence pers now I believe geungeun bound to be a couple,not now but will be.geungeun will take their senior path and will make the next sweet,cute,lovely great couple.geungeun forever

    • yes!!! HB and SHK were one v v handsome couple before M3 and Geun2.. no doubt about it… Of course, now there is KTH&SSH another super handsome couple… ooohhhh that’s eye candy to the max!! Of course, Geun2 is the handsome and cutie young one whom we all adore to death!!..

      Whether they will follow senior path, we will have to wait and see… Patience is all we have!

      • “Geun2 is the handsome and cutie young one whom we all adore to death!!”

        I ECHO EVERY WORD!! (”,)

      • Yes tangee,kyobin is my ultimate no1 couple that is until I met geungeun.if one day my,no our wish come true that they become real couple,I hope no bashing on our gorgeos couple esp MGY like rumour said bout kyobin esp SKH if they do that they have to deal with me.hehe.We all do.

      • BTW, the other day, I read somewhere about SHK being the face of Korea [about her PanAsian looks representing Korea overseas] … my junior feeds me that… also KTH somewhere else sez that she is the most beautiful actress in Korea…. Am i right? anyone beg to differ?

      • yes SHK is no one beauty in Korea and other parts of the world recognize it too..lucky HB and if he let go SHK I would be really mad..hehehe

    • yep tangee, SHK is no.1 beauty in korea because of her original beauty..and other country recognize it too..lucky HB to have her as GF before other guy take her..I hope they can get married as soon as HB finished his MS..

  6. we see it, we feel it, chemistry is everywhere and it cant lie.
    they might play hide and seek with us, but the reality is undeniable.
    i will join your party, i even bring more champagne to celebrate this holy moment.
    lets cross our finger and hope it wont take long to make this happen ….cheers ..to geun couple …to geun baby

  7. Thank God I’m no longer schooling or I swear I’ll never graduate with the amount of time spent on AKP! to those still studying, good luck to you… lol!

    JGS has a sensitive neck? Koala, you’re giving me unholy ideas…. and how delicious!!!

    Thank goodness you came up with this discussion forum cause I find it difficult keeping track and trying to find if and where there are any updates/ comments or replies on the so many different postings. As it is I spend more time here now compared to my FB & Twitter… as we Singaporeans say ‘where got time?!’

  8. If we can get the pic of the baby that was in Baby and I movie…I think that would be a perfect impersonation of GeunGeun babies….the baby was very cute and have some similar features of the Geuns couple….come to recall it…I think more like MGY….;) whaddaya think?

    • Oh that baby and I pic yeah its cute but we got another one,I BELIEVE I had already post the picture taken from fb on the other thread,the one JKS join campain bout adopt children if I’m not mistaken.they sure look like sweet family even I want to be adopted by them

  9. Reposted my previous comments at pictorial mash-ups…

    Hi guys. I remember all the skinship of our Geuns couple you’ve just all mentioned. The fact that I’m rewatching it ..so aside from my work it’s the Geun’s I spend my other spare time haha…I don’t know but the last hug of them during their last filming is very mysterious/odd. I noticed that too when I first saw the bts filming before..JGS seems makes it hard to let go of his hug to GY, like he is very much affected that it will be their last day of working together…sigh..but I want to think in my Geuns haven, happiness continues hehe..

    And since you guys talked about the SBS awards 2009 rehearsal clip. Lxandra last Jan 18, posted her version of the rough translation of the conversation of JGS and LHK. Though I don’t speak korean I think this more reliable, bcoz i find it mysterious why LHK suddenly mention MGY ssi..unless JGS mentioned it to him in passing and by whispering it. I really heard LHK say.. “ah right MGY ssi”. I want to think he is already crushing GY that time 🙂

    lxandra 1/18/11
    2009 SBS Awards bts link


    Check out beginning from 0:25 I think HK was surprise to know that JGS wud be the mc for the night…just a rough translation..
    LHK: Seriously MC?
    JGS: Yes..you dunno?
    LHK: Really?
    JGS: Moon Geun Young too (in a low voice, wasnt clear unless listen real carefully)
    LHK: Aaah…right, Moon Geun Young ssi…(in a loud voice)
    JGS was abt to sit after he mumble MGY’s name but when LHK repeated MGY’s name out loud, he stood up again & playfully push LHK & they both chuckles…I believe knowing the camera was following them JGS intended to mention MGY discreetly to LHK..he didnt want to be caught oncam mentioning MGY’s name while talking to LHK but of cos LHK seem to purposely repeated her name loudly..and the way he put it…that’s right, MGYssi…confirming JGS just mention her name…that’s why he playfully push HK to shut him up…
    (credit to:lxandra 1/18 previous post – thanks!)

  10. Hmseen, I think the recent baby is more fitting, the one suk took pic with for adoption project; he shares part of sukkie’s name though I can’t recall which of the 3…

  11. yepp.. now that i review and watch JGS&MGY pre M3.. They seem into one another but still rather shy.. After M3 they’re more relax with each other and JGS seem more happy and satisfied with how the relationship between him and MGY are developing into.. i guess he’s wishing himself that he could be more close to her.. ^^
    This addiction is becoming more and more demanding.. And i pray and pray that JGS&MGY will become real couple.. For they are compliment and complete each other.. GO GO GEUNGEUN!!

  12. Oh yes I’ve been wanting to ask, does anybody have a link of the Yashimanman couple promise with English subs please? Or could some kind soul share what was being said that they both were so bashful about?

    • The one that they pinky promise?watch that but dun have the link,want to watch full show with eng subs so that I understand their words.

      • thanks soooo much Hachimitsu for the video…i had a wonderful time rewatching it countless times…how cute JGS was then and soooo shy… LOL (”,)

      • Thank you much Hachimitsu for the link! 🙂
        What a very cute couple! Even when they were younger they already look sooo sweet together, weren’t they? And who would have thought JGS being shy back then? BTW, is the guy who stood up in the video the dance partner of MGY in the movie “Innocent Steps”?

        To JGS and MGY: See even back in 2005, you already are making your fans giggle and squeee…So, because you are good kids, please please have mercy on your avid fans and just date now or get married and invite us to your wedding! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        How about that Hachimitsu, do you think the Geun-Geun couple will now listen to our plea? 😉

      • Credit goes to the person who translated and uploaded the video ^^

        JGS was SO ADORABLE! *squishes* MGY was a lot less shy compared to him – when the MC asked them to show their hands, JGS brought up his hands to his face and you can see that from the corner of her eye, MGY had thought he brought up his right hand to link his finger to hers so she kind of lifted her left hand, before realizing that JGS was already in a puddle of mush, haha.

    • you are NOT alone, F1968, in hoping someone could be kind enough to translate the video…i’ve watched it for some time now and i have yet to find it translated into Eng…arrrgghhhhh…

  13. SQUEEEE! This is insane. Wonderfully insane. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from Geun-Geun madness, and I don’t want to. And to think I was never ever like this during my teenage years… Yay! to geun-geun babies!!!

  14. This is one amazing post dear Ockoala! One of the best, if not the best! I hope we do get to have that party soon! So love yah!!! Mwah!!!

  15. Guys and captain,mind to share your twitter account so that we can follow each other and mention geun2 all time so that they become trending topic and who know they might read it.Mine is @erikaoi

    • I was thinking of asking the same. I’m none other than ‘jgscrazed’ on twitter  and if you want to know me, the REAL ME, with my brood, on FB, find Arba’ayah Abdullah.

      • okay dear will add you right up so that we can get to know each other and echo geungeun love..yahoo

  16. Thanks much Captain ockoala for creating this wonderful forum, a sanctuary for Geun-Geun shippers around the world!

    With Captain’s permission, I too am boarding the Holiday Couple ship with courage and hope that soon, hopefully in less than a year 🙂 , our magical couple will become a reality.

    Ahoy there Geun-Geun shipmates!

    About the reasons why Geun-Geun couple is cuter than kittens, they are so many of them and which have been previously discussed in detail and many more being uncovered by Captain ockoala and fellow Geun-Geun shipmates.

    So I would like to contribute to the discussion by revisiting two scenes in Episode 7 of M3:

    First, do you remember the scene where Mae-ri after being told by a sick Mu-Gyul to end the fake marriage, still took care of him, and then when Mu Gyul yelled at her to stop, Mae-ri yelled back that she knew it’s over but she would just take care of him until he gets better?

    That dialogue (or yelling exchange) in that scene is so awesomely full of JGS/MGY’s great chemistry! As a viewer and listener to that dialogue, I felt Mae-ri’s pain that Mu-Gyul ended the fake marriage, and Mae-ri’s true feelings for Mu Gyul when she
    insisted to care for him while he was still sick.

    Then after that scene, we saw Mae-ri spoon feeding Mu-Gyul some hot soup.
    Didn’t that scene look so cute and more importantly so loving?
    Another mark for “great chemistry”!

    While some can point to excellent acting of both JGS and MGY as the source of their “great chemistry”, I think excellent acting alone cannot sustain a “great
    chemistry” in all of the episodes of a drama. I’m inclined to believe that JGS and MGY must really like each other to project such “great chemistry” in all of M3 episodes.

    Lastly, I’m reminded of one of the songs in Walt Disney movie “Beauty and Beast”, the song “Something There”, especially the following verses. The source can be found at: http://www.fpx.de/fp/Disney/Lyrics/BeautyAndTheBeast.html

    These verses sum up why I’m currently hooked on all AKP’s posts and discussions about Geun-Geun couple:

    [Lumiere:] Well, who’d have thought?
    [Mrs Potts:] Well, bless my soul
    [Cogsworth:] Well, who’d have known?
    [Mrs Potts:] Well, who indeed?
    [Lumiere:] And who’d have guessed they’d come together on their own?
    [Mrs Potts:] It’s so peculiar. Wait and see
    [Lumiere and Cogsworth:] We’ll wait and see
    [All three:] A few days more
    There may be something there that wasn’t there before
    [Cogsworth:] You know, perhaps there’s something there that wasn’t
    there before
    [Mrs Potts:] There may be something there that wasn’t there before

    Thanks again Captain ockoala for letting me share my thoughts on our favorite Geun-Geun couple!

    • I believe this was also the part after MG witness JI kiss MR rite…he was so jealous, angry and frustrated that he blurted out he wants to end their fake marriage…I remember the production team revealed that JGS wasnt suppose to cry..the tears wasnt scripted..he was supposed to just yell but JGS was too emotional doing this scene that his tears came out…now I wonder why was he crying? Cud he be thinking if he loose MGY for real & he cant bear it, that cudnt control his tears?

      • Hi lxandra, yes you’re right; MG seeing JI kiss MR led up to the 2 scenes I highlighted above. Thanks for reminding me about the production team revelation – that JGS’ tearing up was not scripted in those scenes of ep 7. Yes, he must be really moved by the lines he delivered as MG then. Among those lines (as translated into English so I do not know if some meaning got lost in translation) was MG telling MR he did not know whether he just wanted to win or he liked Mary. His delivery of this particular line was very heartfelt I thought. So, Geun-Geun couple’s great chemistry is not only shown in their actions in front of the camera but also during their dialogues. Oh, they’re just lovely both in actions and words! 🙂

      • Agreed totally hands down with both of you…
        “””While some can point to excellent acting of both JGS and MGY as the source of their “great chemistry”, I think excellent acting alone cannot sustain a “great
        chemistry” in all of the episodes of a drama. I’m inclined to believe that JGS and MGY must really like each other to project such “great chemistry” in all of M3 episodes.”””
        I truly believe chemistry itself is not enough and something is quietly brewing….

      • OMO, he did cry and it wasnt scripted. he must be excellent actor by doing it so naturally …but i doubt it, he must really slip and show his trully feeling out. so sweet, to see a guy cry due to jealously

  17. Let see……KyoBin took 3 years to be officially dating……And i hope GeunGeun Couple will be officially dating too…It just the matter of times. We have to wait and see…. Oh please let them couple and then marry and then get babies!!!

  18. wow wow! thanks koala for this post! it makes me want to watch m3 over and over again! hahahaha i really love their chemistry!! oh gosh they are indeed cuter than the kittens. hahahaha

  19. Wow…Ockoala…thanx a lot…you make it easier to share our tots & finding abt GeunGeun in here…frankly these past few days I’ve been running around between all your Geun2’s related topic…but really luv it…

    I really love the Baeksang Award picture you posted above..
    Look closely at their eyes…MGY’s eyes were peeking at JGS though she treid not to be obvious while JGS was eyeing her from the corner of his eyes…I’m sure from a far nobody wud notice such details…however from this camera angle it was quite obvious…I wonder who took this picture…must give a big hand clap to her/him..

    So…the mighty JGS is actually ticklish, huh? He said so himself, rite…yet like was mention, he let MGY’s burried her face in his throat…in fact if watch carefully there’s many times when he himself push MGY’s head in his neck/throat and hols her there…hmm..he’s not as ticklish, now is he? Perhaps his feeling & desire for her overules his ticklishness…afterall being ticklish is all in one’s mind or control by our own mind….

    And I also notice, in his other drama, with other partner when hugging the actress, his head often turn toward the other side & not the actress head…and his face rarely had contact with the actress’s hair/head…however with MGY see how he bend his head towards MGY’s head & his face partly buried in her hair…when hethere are times can see her hair blowing becos his breath was too close to her hair..and his face facing her head most of the time…

    Btw talk abt SBS award check out this clip…especially if you know Korean can verify this for me..
    check out @0:45 I think I heard him said MGYssi, rite after the white van pass him…

    Actually he was standing there while talking to his fans…at 1st I tot he was waiting for his car..then the white van came towards him & he hit the front part of the car…it stop & I tot he’s going to get in but a second or so later, the van move again, leaving him behind..then as he walked, I notice there’s another black car that was waiting there all along, which was HIS car…as he walked fans asked him sumthing & I heard him yell back “MGYssi” chuckling while his hand put together as if he’s ‘praying’/pleading to them..of cos my bet again, he was actually waiting for mgy’s car to pass, stop her car, signall/said sumthing to her, as she continue, he finally ride on his car. Unfortunately the fan didnt focus at him while the white car stop for him, sp dunno what he did….

    • “””And I also notice, in his other drama, with other partner when hugging the actress, his head often turn toward the other side & not the actress head…and his face rarely had contact with the actress’s hair/head…however with MGY see how he bend his head towards MGY’s head & his face partly buried in her hair…when hethere are times can see her hair blowing becos his breath was too close to her hair..and his face facing her head most of the time…”””
      Couldn’t agree more…. talk about acting or show of emotion???

    • yaaa……. aren’t we all (the geun-gooners) lucky to have U, lxandra, hachimitsu and the funniest-commentator ever LizzyD here as the detective and sharp-analysis for d’geuns ship… (include butcher knife with LizzyD… LOL)
      your analysis only makes me love the geun-geuns more and more
      this blog really make my day…
      u three should sign for the detective’s apprantice, if there’s one… 😉
      and that goes after u graduate LizzyD 😉

  20. You are so awesome for doing this.

    Now, tracking the comments we left on all the posts about the GG couple and copying and pasting them here might be a bit daunting, what with all the squeeing we’ve done before! 😉

    you know, KyoBin were/are cute, but the geuns own my heart! 🙂

    Re: the 2005 pic. OMG they were sooo youuuuung! That’s it, the cute factor just skyrocketed to unbeatable levels.

    PS: Imma go link this from my journal

  21. Remember I posted the SBS Awards rehearsal clip in another Ockoala’s topic? I just bring it here…
    2009 SBS Awards bts link


    Check out beginning from 0:25 I think HK was surprise to know that JGS wud be the mc for the night…just a rough translation..

    LHK: Seriously MC?

    JGS: Yes..you dunno?

    LHK: Really?

    JGS: Moon Geun Young too (in a low voice, wasnt clear unless listen real carefully)

    LHK: Aaah…right, Moon Geun Young ssi…(in a loud voice)

    JGS was abt to sit after he mumble MGY’s name but when LHK repeated MGY’s name out loud, he stood up again & playfully push LHK & they both chuckles…I believe knowing the camera was following them JGS intended to mention MGY discreetly to LHK..he didnt want to be caught oncam mentioning MGY’s name while talking to LHK but of cos LHK seem to purposely repeated her name loudly..and the way he put it…that’s right, MGYssi…confirming JGS just mention her name…that’s why he playfully push HK to shut him up…
    Just for the fun of it check out this clip too…the actual JGS & his YB team on SBS Awards..
    @1:38 Jung Yong Hwa suddenly walk up to MGY while playing his guitar bowing his head to her & she bows back….I wonder why he did that? There were other performances too but other artist didnt get the MC involve…

    I know it was scripted becos he did the same during rehearsal but MGY wasnt at her mcing table…it was a male staff instead which I didnt really paid any attention when watching the rehearsal clip…
    the performace rehearsal clip…
    @1:24 JYH walked over to the male staff at the mc’s table..what interesting was, rite after JYH walk to MGY, JGS turn to PSH to do their duet…now call me delusional but its like JGS trying to get MGY to be included in his perfomance…you know the kind that “JYH flirted with MGY a bit, so dun be upset he’s gonna do his duet now with PSH kind of thing..”

    It was interesting becos in the 1st clip LHK was teasing JGS in their dressing room while in the actual event it JYH actually walk up to MGY while performing…again I wonder ‘Did they know sumthing we dun know?’

    Honestly during this period I strongly believe JGS was seriously persuing MGY…if he hasnt started a relationship with her just yet…

      • think u r right. i saw YB making dvd, thought PSH and JYH look very close to each other. I didn’t like JYH’s role in YB but when he’s rapping, he’s dead cool. I’m impressed. hate most of second leads who doesn’t care to be loved back, just love & love & love. its scary. same goes for JI in M3. I was terrified whnevr JI comes into screen in last few episodes, thinking if he’s about to throw another oneside love bomb or not. (KJW’s acting was good though)
        Anyway, love to take that revenge game played by JKS and JYH was the ‘She’s mine’ moment. so i second u on this detective lxandra!

      • thnks for bringing it up lxandra…I had wondered before why JYH walked upto MGY…thought he was being nice…anyway I really admire him…
        from the YAB bts, PSH & JYH appeared very good friends to me…JGS was always hanging out with HongKi, so these two were left alone & they became closer…

        love your line “so you’re going to walk over to my girl, then I’m going to go over to your girl” LOL. I can’t help thinking the same 😀

    • My dear Lxandra
      “””Honestly during this period I strongly believe JGS was seriously persuing MGY…if he hasnt started a relationship with her just yet…”””

      That is so possible.. Thanks for articulating it… enjoy your analysis / rationalisation of this thingy, Geun2…

    • Lxandra, the first time I watch the clip where JYH bow to MGY, I can’t help but sensed that JGS is pretty ‘annoyed’. How so? Well, he tend to grab the mic with force and seems unplanned. He seems jealous. Look at JYH’s face then. Ohh..pity him. Can’t go back to MGY of course.

  22. I remember the good old days when signing the petition to get hye kyo and binnie to act in a drama together. then we granted with “worlds within”. really happy despite their struggles with ratings. but nah I never do care about ratings anyway. 🙂
    months after that, we get more super great news that they are officially a couple. gah, Im totally head over heals with the news. its happen once again when geungeun confirm the roles for MSOAN. hahaa i hardly ship any actor/actress to get coupled for drama etc no matter how much I like them together but kyobin and geungeun are different. I like them as individuals so when they get paired, my fangirl world were ultimate to the top max. hahaa xD
    Either they to remain just friends or upgrade the relationship to new level *toingtoing* im both happy because they will forever be my cute kittens. lolol.
    Also hoping in future we were able to see kyobin junior(s). ;D may the relationship last forever. ___<

  23. kyaaaaaa……..
    I am just glad I’m not the only one dreaming-d’geuns-should-end-up-togather-in real-life………. sigh

    I’ve got nothing to say
    except my trully sincere THANK YOU for ockoala for all the threat of d’geuns couple

    love this blog
    love ockoala
    love all the ladies (a.k.a geun-goonies) here for sharing all thought and laugh,
    specially LizzyD for ur compelling post… believe me I’m sooooo with U, sorry U still have to study… but like Rory’s mom said Good Luck… 😉 and don’t worry I got the same problem cos the only word I know while I’m working is DEADLINE (hate it very much)
    love the creativity (zetelai)
    love the spirit
    love the humanity for the world u gals spread to keep us grounded and still aware of our surrounded

    love the positive u all have to not comment in such bad word like those anti

    most of all
    Love d’geun’s bubble-ship
    let’s spread the love… shall we….

    I’m surely never gonna leave this site

    cos I’m still waiting for the WRAP… hehehehe

  24. OMG! Eventho this drama already finished a month ago..I still can’t get enufe of this couple!!! Every hints are not coincident!! These fellas are in love!!
    We just have to wait for them to publicly announce that they are dating!! ^^
    And all of us will celebrate together after that=> virtually!!haha

  25. two of my favorite couples in one post – Koala, you sure know how to make one squeeeeeeeeeee in delight! :):):)

    i didn’t watch WW’s BTS but the moment i caught on WW, i knew there was something there. M3 gives me that same strange “hmmmm” feeling so hopefully we’ll be hearing good news :D:D:D

    i might be more of a lurker here but this post is total WIN (!)

  26. Cheers to you for being the captain of the geun-geun ship 🙂 you’re posts about them always make me spazz! There’s something about this couple that generates an insane amount of chemistry on and off screen.

  27. I can’t help but giggling just from reading the tittle, actually they’re cuter than kittens (jgs being a cheeky kitten and mgy a tiny soft puppy herself)… then i love the idea of this forum… and love the pics and the analisys and the sweets memories of m3 and our geun-geun together. and of course all the comments
    Love is in the air, indeed. and i hope not to wait 3 years to see them showing their love to the world. i’m such a impatient person 😉
    never, ever do i feel so a great chemistry in 2 actors, that’s what made me crazy over m3 and that’s what makes me believe they’re for real… or will be 🙂
    everytime they touched, talked, looked at each other…. was perfect because together they’re magic… and the feeling was so strong that we all feel it (and that feeling is making us a little bit crazy… but of happyness!!!!)
    they belong to each other, that’s my verdict… so you 2 geun-geun: grant our wishes and go making cute babies right away!!!!

    • antonia, how perfectly-worded your post is!!! i couldn’t have said it any better and i agree with every single word… (”,)

      thanks for sharing your spazzzing here with the rest of us! (”,)

      • dearest so much to read here i didn’t notice your “how perfectly-worded your post is!!!”
        i fell flatered!!! thank you so much!!! i never write so much cause i’m not good at english. but i always enjoy your comments, so clever

      • Antonia dear! (”,)

        you said you are not in English? (”,)
        i didnt notice it at all because your comments have always been clear and perfect to me…i ignore grammar rules under such fun, relaxed discussion places…whats important are the emotions and passion behind the words… (”,)

        do continue with your wonderful posts, Antonia dear, because i absolutely enjoy reading every one of your comments! (”,)
        so wonderfully full of emotions and passion for the Geun-Geun couple! (”,)

      • ooopss sorry!! i meant to say “you are not GOOD in English?”
        typed too fast until i missed out the word…hehe…

      • Thank you KDL :). i feel relieved, sometimes i think i’m the only one who understands my own speeches
        and you’re right, every word must be full of emotions and passion, so we can show our support for our perfect couple and maybe some one above will hear and grant our wishes 😉

  28. Squeee! What a lovely mega GeunGeun post ♥ Thanks Captain! I just shipped you a consignment of eucalyptus leaves as a token of gratitude for spoiling us with more GeunGeun jolly goodness. So many beautiful snuggling pictures *squishes plushie* It’s especially interesting to compare their interactions with Kyobin…quite a mirror image, I must say. I noticed that during the press conference, MGY was very attentive to JGS…always looking at him whenever he answered questions. And look at her bashful “OMGZ! Really?” facial reaction when JGS said he screamed for joy when she accepted the role – too cute!

    I hope everybody will gather here to join the (pre?-)party and share our love for this flawless couple.

    /passes around GeunGeun champagne

  29. Thank Koala for keeping up with our abosolute Fave. couple..I gotta say that they are just lovely together, they kept me hanging for more even when the drama was going down to hell, just seeing them interact was enough for me, and that speaks volume, when ppl tune in to watchg the drama, just for the OTP.

    Is it just me who think that the couple can have the potential to become the “Arjoe” Korean couple?….omg I loveeeeeee Arjoe….even seeing them toegther at awards shows, their chemistry is just there. Geu-Geu couple has that potential if they get the chance to pair up in a movie or in a great oustanding caliber drama….it would be just awesome.

    Personally, I think they are bff’s…they have grown up together in the business and have cross path multiple times, so I think the mutual respect for one another is the base of their friendship, but I think that by working together in close proximity to one another in M3 it has created a bigger deeper bond..that hey maybe **crossing fingers** that can leas to more….just Like I keep hoping and praying that Arjoe become a real couple one of these days…….. 😀 😀

  30. I’m soooo glad that I found this forum! For the past month, I thought I’d gone mad with the addiction on JGS & MGY couple. I’d watched and re-watched M3 at least 3 times by now and covered all the mv on Youtube about them. AND I still smile whenever I see JGS+MGY together! This is the first time ever for me to be so absorbed by a pair of k-actors with superb chemistry on/off screen…and I can’t get enough of them! I dream of them dating for real and eventually announce their wedding! I also thought the looked like the bride n groom at the KBS Award show…And I analyze their sweet moments in M3 drama to find clues of their real affection for each other! Man, now I’m so relieved n comforted knowing that I am not alone in this Geun Geun bubble!!! THANK-YOU so much for this interesting forum – certainly helps whenever I’m suffering from withdrawal syndrome from the Geun-Geun magic!

    • hello, Khim, and welcome to this special place set up by the incomparable Ms Ockoala, for all JGS and MGY crazy, loony, wacky shippers around the world to rant and rave and basically go mad over the MOST PERFECT KDRAMA COUPLE EVER…
      and as you can see from the endless detailed analyses by the countless shippers insanely in love with them [myself included :)], we all BELIEVE how PERFECT they are for each other in REAL LIFE…

      now, all we need is the long-awaited confirmation from the said couple on their love for each other..along with the most anticipated wedding of the century…and then the birth of the cutest babies EVER…and i can safely say the Geun-Geun couple shippers all over the world would be even happier for the couple than the Geun-Geun couple themselves…so so so so happy… (”,)

      • i echoed every word you said.. this is also my first time to have been so hooked by korean drama couple.. So happy to find fellows to go through this madness together.. <3

      • why, thank you so very much, Angie dear (”,)

        so happy to welcome you in this ship of love for the Geun-Geun couple… (”,)…thanks to the incomparable Lady Captain, Ms Ockoala!!! (”,)

    Am I allowed to outright demand that they love each other? Please tell me I am, because I would do it in a heartbeat. They are SO freaking cute together and the chemistry is SO real. I’ve watched both of them in tons of movies and dramas, but they’ve never shown the same affection for any other costar.
    And since I practically live at AKP, party at my house lol 🙂

  32. You guys do know that 2011 is the year of the Rabbit, which is also our Geun-Geuns’s birth year (Chinese call it main life year). It’s supposedly a year where your dreams, wishes, and accomplishments can have a chance to hit new highs.

    Jang Geun Seok posted this lunar new year picture yesterday. Witness that he put TWO rabbits on top, one girl and one boy. Oh Seok, I got your hint.

    Here’s a picture from zitalei showing that GG lovers got the hint as well. Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!

    • I don’t know much about Lunar New Year but it is a big deal in Asia; is this correct? Would putting those rabbits up there really be a big deal cause it makes me happy or are we reading too much into it.
      Sorry, I have a Geun-Keun headache, as if this is a love story unfolding before my eyes and I want to join but am powerless to do anything. Very frustrating.

      • Lunar New Year is THE most important holiday in most Asian countries – Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreas, et. al. Most Asian countries take a week off thereabouts to celebrate the New Year and people go back to visit family in the countryside or just rest and relax.

        Many of the Asian countries observe Jan 1 nominally, but continue to celebrate Lunar New Year as the official start of the New Year.

        It’s just odd that he would put two rabbits since he’s a boy rabbit and this is just him wishing a Happy New Year to his fans. Plus, when I think of a rabbit, I don’t consider boy or girl rabbits, LOL. Also, those two rabbits are dressed in JGS and MGY’s hanbok’s colors!

        You’ll be seeing more hanbok Seolnal (new year) pictures from younger K-stars today.

      • i know EXACTLY what you mean, rory’s mom….i am in the same boat…let’s TRY rowing to safety together, shall we?? (”,)

      • Haha…so cute…2 rabbits on each side of a wish usually dress identical but as you point a ‘boy rabbit’ & a ‘girl rabbit’ LOL and best of all instead of put the female rabbit in pink outfit, as usually done for female anything, he specifically choose a yellow & red hanbok, exactly like the color of the hanbok worn by MGY..hmmm…some clue, huh?! LOL

      • wow, lxandra, you are soooo observant!!! hehe…you are soooo right!!! they really are soooo perfect for each other….

    • oh, wow!!! wowwwww!!! soooooo CUUUUUUTTTTE!!!!

      SOOOO ADORABLE!!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR putting up the to-die-for picture of JGS looking so ethereally handsome in the traditional Korean hanbok, shivers run down my spine, especially with the two male and female rabbits that he put in the picture and zitalei’s wonderful fusing of the two Geuns’s photos, looking so ready to meet the new lunar year, the Year of the Rabbit, THEIR year to shine…ooooohhhhh…spazzzing….spazzzing… (”,)

      thank you so much dear one and only Ms Ockoala!!! Happy Lunar New Year to you and your loved ones and to the rest of the Geun-Geun couple lovers who celebrate the Lunar New Year 2011 (i don’t celebrate because i am a Muslim)!! (”,)

      • oh my!!! yes, i am Malay, Muslim, and Singaporean!!

        you are too? whereabouts do you live my dear Singaporean? (”,)

      • i am from Sembawang!!! wow!!! we are neighbours!!! hehe!!

        the thing is i am really clueless abt FB…i never thought that i have an account but one suddenly i found out that i do because i received prompts saying my friends left messages on it…haha…

        maybe i cud give you my email acct instead? i am familiar with emails but not FB…my email acct is snoozila@yahoo.com

        so wonderful to know how close we actually are…so pleased to make your acquaintance here, F1968…thanks to this wonderful blog by our dear Ms Ockoala… (”,)

      • F1968, i checked but there is no emails from you (”,)
        if its not too much of an inconvenience, could you send it again?

        thanks so much F1968! (”,)

      • thank you very much dear F1968! (”,)

        i shall go over and open it…will reply to you thru your email (”,)

    • Another cute picture! It never ends, because it cant, this is reality!
      I have an impression that JGS pays attention to such things as compatibility according to zodiac signs. That’s why I checked , and this is what I found.
      It looks like it was written about them.

      MGY sign is Taurus and JGS is Leo.
      Both of them show great compatibility in the area of passion and romance. Both of them value loyalty, and both of them are very capable of giving it to one another…
      Leo (JGS) values partner’s (MGY) steadfastness and staying power.
      He admire her strength and conviction…(didn’t he say this at his interview recently about MGY?)
      They have much to offer each other, and mutual respect is likely, with the only serious potential problem is a clash of wills, as both of them are strong individuals! (so true!!!)
      Sensuality, commitment, and pleasure are accentuated in their relationship.

  33. Oh they are sooooooooooo cute! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thanks ockoala for these pretty pictures and Happy New Lunar Year to you too!

    P.S. Is there anything we can do as Geun-Geun shippers to make our favorite couple have a very special Valentine’s day with each other? 😉

    Your faithful shipmate

  34. Dear Geun-Geun Lovers,

    After much deliberation, I have decided that this will be my last post here. I just wanted to thank all of you for the past few months of mutual squeeing, supporting, sobbing (over the the almost dead Mu Gyul), and speculating. It’s been a blast. I’ve really enjoyed creating this beautiful Geun-Geun LoVe Bubble with all of you and hope that one day, the end result will be Happily Ever After with fat Baby Geuns on top. I apologize that my Geun-Geun thesis will end here, but have faith that it will live on through all of you (I’m looking at you, Hachimitsu :P). Please know that no matter where I am, I’ll be wishing fervently for the same dream you all are.

    Take care and please continue to spread the Geun-Geun love.

    • Oh dear LizzyD, I’m sad to hear this news…Please know that I join many others in appreciating your humor and dedication to our favorite Geun-Geun couple. I’m hoping you’ll do drop by sometimes coz it will be quite different without ya! Take care and good luck to your future endeavors! 🙂

      P.S. Can you hang with us at least until end of this month, February? Well, because we have not had a chance to discuss yet with the Captain and fellow shipmates, a Valentine’s Day mission for our favorite couple. And how about the covert mission you were planning with @moom in March? Has that been scratched?

      • hey LizzyD, everything OK ? or are you just hitting the books?whatever it is, thanks so much for all your humorous and enlightening comments on our holiday couple. Hope all my doubts did not push you over the edge 😛

        Good luck with your exams.. Nursing is it? and be sure to drop a comment whenever there is good news. You will be sorely missed

        Cheers, moom

    • Much love for all your posts that I have read and made me smile in an otherwise bleak day.
      Wow, Egypt turmoil, ice storm of the century, hurricane in Australia and LizzyD gone, could this day get worse.
      I will miss you but I know that if these two get married, there will me and you celebrating in the same country. bye.

    • i echo bashful’s sadness in the knowledge that you will no longer be posting your wonderful detailed analyses and shipping for the Geun-Geun couple…

      you will be sorely missed, LizzyD…but thank you for all your undying shipping for the Geun-Geun couple and I wish all the best for you in your endeavours…

      all the best and take care, LizzyD!! (”,)

    • Oh lizzyd, i’ll miss you and your funny comments so much!!! it won’t be the same without you… sad sad news :(. but i know your love for the geun-geun will persists and you will be as happy as the rest of us when they anounce they’re together 😉

      by chingu!!!!

    • You will be missed LizzyD! I have absolutely loved reading your comments the past several months. 🙂 geun geun shippers unite! Good luck with your studies and come back when you’re done!

    • Dear LizzyD

      You will be sorely missed :-((( good luck and hope to see you again in some unforeseeable future. Do check on us once in a while, who knows there’s a wedding invitation that you may miss…!!

    • Oh no!! The Commander is leaving..? But I know you will be back soon once your exam’s over. Good luck in your studies, ya. But please drop by once in a while ya. You need a break remember? The Lovely GeunGeun-ship (or whatever name it is) will still sails..with the assistance of the rest of the GG-shippers. Unite!

      To JGS/MGY, don’t forget to give us the invitation to ur wedding ya. That’s the only present that you can give to us as your fans. And from now on, please don’t kiss other woman/man ya..it doesn’t look good to our eyes. :p

    • LizzyD
      good luck on your exam…
      hopely u’ll get high score
      when u do, don’t forget to sign in on S. Korea militery service as the “health-taker”… remember what year all the “hottiest” have to join the ms right? if you forget don’t hasitate to ask Rory’s Mom… OK
      gonna miss U a lot… specially those humoriuos comment yet true…
      but what can I say… one still have to fulfill their obligation right,? like we all did, for the parents, country and ourself

      GOOD LUCK then LizzyD dear
      FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

    • We are going to miss you and your witty comments about how the Geun Geun love. But good luck and hopefully you’ll rejoin us one day again.

    • LizzyD ,
      This blog will not be the same without you. Your thorough research of geuns couple and discussions with rory’s mom is one of the main reasons I chose this blog to talk about JGS.
      I hope you will come back after taking care of business.
      What about starting your own blog/discussion forum?
      Good luck!

    • Seriously??? I’ve enjoyed reading your thought & perception of Geun2..and as I started to know you better, you going to ‘leave’…anyway I sincerely hope everything is well on your side…and pls visit us here if you have a chance..cos I bet its gonna take us quite a long time before this Geun2 fever to die down….take care

    • Lizzy! Noooooo! Wae????

      /cries a river

      Like the others here, I’ll definitely miss you and your humorous posts. They’re a riot – witty yet thought-provoking, and you are basically a JGS walking encyclopedia so you really helped us to understand the man behind Mugyul better. Thank you so much ♥

      Hope sometimes you can sneak out from the ship’s cell and come on board to help stir the GeunGeun ship with Captain Koala. I’m a (busy) student too so I can’t spazz in here all the time myself as much as I want too, so from a fellow student I wish you all the best with your studies and undertaking!


  35. Dear LizzyD
    Am sad and surprised with your decision… have always considered you as the right-hand man of Ockoala in this ship… am sure you have to do what you have to do.
    Am in agreement that we will definitely miss your highly creative speculation of Geun2 which is funny at the same time…
    Thanks for all your updates and comments etc. etc. Have had a ball and you were instrumental in it…
    Take care and all the best in whatever you do!!!
    cheers… adios amiga

  36. Dear all,
    I just couldn’t help but share this precious MV made by Vitriana..it’s the last part of MV for GG made by her. Listen to the lyrics and match it with the vid..it’s simply Marvelous. I just hope both GG will find out vids made by her and also this blog..then contemplate, whether to keep us guessing or drop the invitation card. Let’s hope & pray together that both of them will give us more reason to be happy this Rabbit Year. 🙂



    • wow nice video of the geungeun couple… and nice background music too, “Please Be Careful with My Heart” version of Christan Bautista & Sarah Geronimo….

  37. It seems like he must know something about JGS having an interest in MGY that’s why the confirmating out loud and lil’ playful push back…something between guys teasing, girls do the same too!

    • Well I have to say, vitiriana, that was beautifully done, thank you for sharing it, zz. I have to admit I just love the picture with YAI smiling ever so gorgeously between the two Geuns! Ahh be still my heart 😉

      Well my post above is in reply to lxandra’s post above regarding JGS MC-ing. I went back and read the rest of comments and it’s been shared and understood…so just echoing all the great love for our Holiday Couple, may they hurry and just get together already or say they are soul mates or phone dating/skyping/etc since they are not in same country or city for a while now with their hectic schedule!!!!

      Lizzyd you will surely be missed!! 🙁

      Thanks Koala for yet another wonderful Geun-Geun treat!!

  38. Thank you captain koala, this is so exciting! I am truly happy that I’d found this blog a month ago. I was googling the sites M3 related here and there, found your comment addressed to the M3 second writer. (the crazy one)
    ‘you have Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young, along with the most intoxicatingly adorable chemistry since a litter full of puppies frolicking in the sun, so please do right by them.’
    The term, a litter full of puppies frolicking in the sun, captivated me made me can go nowhere but staying here at AKP. You the most loving MM (=geun-geun) observer have birthright to host THE WILDEST VIRTUAL MERRYMAKING PARTY when JKS-MGY come-clean . So Hail to the Captain!!

    To LizzyD,
    I loved all your comments especially when you are in the fighting mode. You have a beautiful style of laying out the facts, box the opposing view into a corner, with that wit and humor u have. though it was a short period of time, nice knowing you, and Good luck in all your future endeavors!

  39. i think i might have a problem…because i’m looking @ them and feeling happy myself…it’s a serious problem…
    let’s hope their relationship develops and naturally it needs to go where it needs to be ^:^

    preferably…toward each other 😀

  40. LizzyD… you’re joking right? This forum for GeunGeun believers will not be complete
    without your post. Whatever is your plans, God be with you..but please reconsider
    in posting again. 🙂

    Oh and i love the smash-up handbok pic of GG and so fishy of GS to put those male/female
    rabbit on his greetings..a shout out from the two you huh. haha!

  41. i don’t have any problem if they were to be together. they look good together on screen,and off screen.but as we all know,they are best friends.sometimes i doubt whether their sweetness on screen is just because they are good friends or because they do like each other.still,all the mystery and coincidence,you can’t call those coincidence anymore.there must be some explanation. 🙂 i hope jgs or mgy can read all our comments so that he knows that we are talking about them. i wonder if he knows what we think here. 🙂 and let’s pray the best for them. you can’t force love. 🙂

  42. Here is the clip from Yashimmanman, the variety show, which did a BTS on Mary Stayed Out All Night.


    At around the 12:50 min mark, they show MR knitting MG’s gloves, and then shows MGY knitting the gloves during a break in shooting.

    When asked who she is knitting it for, she cutely says MG. When asked if she has any reason to knit gloves for JGS? MGY snaps back really vehemently “no reason whatsoever!”

    Therefter when JGS is asked whether he’s touched that MGY is hand knitting the gloves for his character in the drama, you can see his eyes soften as he replies that he is indeed very touched.

    They just have the sweetest of chemistry together. Always makes me smile. 🙂

      • Well didnt he call her ‘Knitting Factory’ ? I also wonder if she knitted the red sweater as well…becos if you notice she was knitting longer pieces everytime after each knitting scene…beginnimg from the time she started at the park until on her bed at JI’s house where she ‘attached’ all the pieces she has knitted together to make MG’s sweater…and I notice too she knitted very fast…so I’m not surprise if the sweater was knited by her too or at least part of the sweater…

    • Ha, cover all you want MGY!

      Koala – Can you roughly translate what JGS said about MGY and vice versa? Pretty please? ♥ I want my squee level to double…

      lxandra – I thought the same about the sweater as well, because it did become progressively bigger and her hands were indeed very dexterous! The scene in Episode 11 made it look like she knitted from night to day, and you can see there was this wire thing in the sweater, like a knitting tool, when she was knitting away…she really knew what she was doing. And when she finished it up and cut the last thread, seems like she did it for real. Maybe it was camera trick, but it was believable nonetheless. I’d like to think that she really did make it herself – until proven otherwise – because MGY is a goddess and she can make anything she wants in 5 seconds.

      • It’s called knitting in the round. MGY did actually knit the mittens but i don’t think she has enough time to complete the sweater. It takes me almost a week to knit my hat and i’ve never finished one part of sweater hehe. But this girl definitely knows how to knit. She’s much better than me when knitting the mittens…well i can finish only one mitten LOL

      • Considering in the drama she started knitting the sweater in Episode 10 and gave it to him the next episode, the duration for the shooting for those two episodes may have been more or less 1 week. If she’s super fast with her knitting, it is possible she did it herself, but yes – taking into account the shooting schedule etc., she may have just knitted half of it and a bought sweater was used in Episode 11.

        Even if it turns out the sweater used in the drama wasn’t knitted by MGY, I’d like to think she finished what she made eventually and gave it to JGS behind the camera because MGY isn’t the type of person who does thing half-way. /adamant fangirl

      • green-carnation…I also think that its too time consuming for her to knitt the whole sweater in a short period of time….but I’m not surprise if she knitted part of the sweater…perhaps they have 2 or 3 other ppl to knitt as well…like may be she did the front piece, while the costume ppl did the back & the sleeve and she ends up stitching everything in place…afterall she was called “Knitting Factory” by JGS & the crews for a reason, rite?!

    • my dear Ms Ockoala, i have watched the video countless times and MGY’s reaction was to me a bit too strong…wonder why?? hehe…

      thank you dear Ms Ockoala for posting the video…had a wonderful time watching and re-watching it to my heart’s content… (”,)

      you are so right abt their wonderful and explosive chemistry together…
      it seemed almost effortless chemistry…so wonderful to watch… (”,)

    • I’ve seen the part where they ask MGY the mitten she knitted in YT but it was a short & edited version…in this clip you posted @ 13:10 -13:16 I notice JGS was sitting close to her side…check the black leather jacket & the black & white checkers shirt…but @13:17 MGY was still answering the question he was no longer there…it was he move away as soon as he saw the cam or the clip was edited…I notice it was the same with MGY…when she saw the camera coming she wud leave JGS…

      • Dear Lxandra
        That is so true about them avoiding the cam..

        Hey my dear girl, you’re really good at what you do… me not 1/2 as observant, also time constraint BUT you…. [now this is complimentary… you remind me of Agent 99 from Get Smart, that pretty Anne Hathaway character!]
        Guess all Geun2 shippers are so united when it comes to JGS/MGS… Most positive attitude in this ship, I see..

      • i second your every word, dear Tangee!!! (”,)

        aren’t we blessed to have such observant comrades who unearth so many gems of info abt the Geun-Geun couple that we could just sit back and enjoy reading every minute detail that these kind folks have unearthed?

        i agree with you that i am not even 1/10 as observant as them…haha (”,)

        so having these folks doing the investigation really is beyond great – it is almost surreal… (”,)

  43. BTW has anyone ever wonder out of so many accessories, rings, pendants & necklace he came to Bangkok Ole fanmeeting wearing a handcuff as a pendant?

    I was really surprise….no ‘shock’ shud be the word..I know JGS can be flamboyant at times but wearing a handcuff at as a pendant??? Who wud ever tot of that..if he clip it around his belt it’s quite understandable…but still a handcuff??

    Of cos the 1st thing that came to mind is, he just dunt want to forget the most important & a turning point in MG-MR relationship in MSOAN which was while he was handcuff to MGY a.k.a the epic kiss…

    But looking at a symbolic view, its like he wants to tell the world “he’s no longer a free man” or ‘he’s captured by someone”

    Anyway, as I remember none of the host/interviewer/fans said or mention anything abt MSOAN or MGY…but they did mention YB several times..I think the fans & media there were just having the YB fever & are not aware of MSOAN yet…but still why wear the handcuff at a candy promotion fanmeeting? He’s not even promoting MSOAN….Of cos my mind immediately thinks its his way of having his partner-in-crime who was recently handcuff to him while sharing one of the hottest kiss of the year….

    And talk abt accesories, after watching 2010 Baeksang awasrd I’ve just notice the bangles that MGY wore that nite were the total colour of JGS’s suit up to its glittering…
    MGY’s was wearing a black mini dress that cud go with any color for her accessories but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…she still wore bangles with the unusual colour of JGS’s jacket…and JGS’s jacket colour is not exactly common…it wasnt the usual black or white, neither was it gold or silver or even red but more of a gliterring crome…oh well I dun exactly know what color it was, just not the regular color most men wear to formal functions…yet MGY still wore the same exact color bangle…now how did she knows he’s going to wear this color to have her bangles match up with his jacket…or why didnt she wear white or pastel dress like she always did for formal events…instead both were wearing a combination of black & crome…perhap its like buy the jacket, get 2 free bangles for his date…hehe..

    Again my bet its no coincidence…they both have plan it well..if they stick to the usual plain black, it wudnt be obvious but this color? wasn’t it obvious they choose their outfit to match with each other? Which make me wonder what exactly was their relationship even back then…wud ‘just best friends’ wear couple-like matching outfit?

    • Oh my.you have sharp eyes..at sbs award 2009 where MGY wear black mini gaun,all I see she so thin and didn’t see that bangles.if they wearing matching accessories then probably they have a private talk where they agree to do that,people would think because they are the host so people wont be having any suspicious on them..
      yeah,when I see him wearing handscuff,my mind goes to MGY.JKS try to give clue to see if any of us notice it.he brings not only hint of words but things too and now its up to us to put piece of the puzzle together.

    • wow, lxandra, how amazingly observant you are!!! and how right you are!!!

      the EXACT same colours as JGS’s outfit for her bangle???

      how could they be sooo matching?

    • “””Of cos the 1st thing that came to mind is, he just dunt want to forget the most important & a turning point in MG-MR relationship in MSOAN which was while he was handcuff to MGY a.k.a the epic kiss…”””

      Way to go, girl… TOTALLY agree with you… that is a HIGH possibility or a fact already… he he… please continue with your investigative eye… am enjoying every bit…

      • i am in agreement with you, dear chingu, Tangee (”,)

        who knows what has been going on between the two Geuns all along, yeah…so intriguing…arrrgghhhh….i am in real trouble because i just can’t get over this insane love for the Geun-Geun couple…never experienced anything like this for any Kdrama couple EVER…haha

  44. It’s Lunar New Year’s Eve.
    Wish all of you another year full of happiness and joy.
    Thanks a thousand times to all of the mighty soul sisters here…together we sail the GG ship to the mountains of Moon and Stars

  45. i so love them both! i am usually possessive of sukkie but this time around i know that geun young is a sweetheart .. so i totally and 100% thumbs up for them! i wish they are really dating..

  46. hai ockoala. tq so much. I love to hear if that both of them are really couple in real life. hope they will be together now and forever. love love love..I really miss them. Can we as their fan together asking them to do other drama.

  47. Happy Lunar New Year to all who celebrate at Geun2 ship… May all of you be bestowed with the best of health and everything else that you may desire throughout the year!! Most of all, WORLDPEACE..
    was watching the news, there is still fighting in Tahrir Square, Cairo..

    • thank you for being your compassion, dear Tangee, my chingu (”,)

      i am also very concerned abt what’s happening there, but feeling so helpless since i can’t do anything but pray for peace on earth for all…

      thank you also for your kind wishes for the new year…

      please accept my best wishes for the new year for you and your loved ones…

      Ms Ockoala, please accept my best wishes and prayers for you for the new year and to the other wonderful people who religiously spent their time and energy sharing their love for the Geun-Geun couple here in your exceptional blog…may all your wishes come true and true happiness and contentment be yours always… (”,)

    • ooopss!!! my sincere apologies, dear chingu, Tangee…i also wanted to say my best wishes and prayers for you and your loved ones for the new year, may all your wishes come true and true happiness and contentment be yours always… (”,)

      *hugs* *kisses* for my chingu!! (”,)

      • oh thank you dearest chingu, Tangee (”,)

        i am far from perfect but with perfect friends such as yourself, i FEEL perfect not because i am but your presence MAKES me FEEL perfect because i feel so BLESSED with your presence in my life, along with the presence of Ms Ockoala the Captain of Koala’s Playground, on top of my family and friends..(”,)

        thank you for being the YOU to me, my dear chingu! (”,)

  48. During 2009 SBS Award….


    See…there’s 2 butterflies on MGY’s fingers….not just one but TWO…a silver butterfly & a gold butterfly…and who is it that has so much interst in butterfly lately? That he chnge his Lounge H logo to butterfly? Not just one butterfly but TWO butterflies as well? A pink butterfly & a blue butterfly….whoa so much coincidence huh? A couple of Butterflies…Butterfly flies around in pair…and so are a couple..JGS & MGY too?

    • See, she does love butterflies a lot.

      And don’t anyone try to argue that all girls like butterflies, because that is not true at all. In fact, MGY is the only K-actress I’ve heard about who loves butterflies as an accessory, design, and personal quirk.

    • Correct me if i’m wrong, but I think MGY was also wearing a butterfly ring on her index finger at the 2010 kbs awards. (video resolution was bad, so it might have been just a loopy gold ring)

    • wow!!! amazing observational skills Ms Ockoala and Lxandra!!! (”,)

      i am SOOO enjoying myself, basking in the joy of the raving of the Geun-Geun couple, finding yet more revealing insights on them….sooo much fun!!! (”,)

      love you gals so much….do continue with your highly skilled observational skills and unearth more gems abt the Geun-Geun couple being in love with each other…so looking forward to more of such wonderful insights.. (”,)

    • hey lxandra
      so it started with butterflies??? Maybe they are trying to tell the world that everytime they are together, there are butterflies in their stomach. just to make a subtle statement to the world??? …. HA HA HA… LOL…
      me just being giddy and wacky…

      • my dear Tangee, you have made me think about the possibility too…haha…feeling dizzy, giddy along with you!!! haha

  49. oh, dearest one and only Ms Ockoala!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for kindly granting me the request of having the unpleasant comment by “nofluffplease” deleted because such comments do not belong here, in this wonderful, heartwarming blog, with the wonderful people sharing their love for the Geun2 with your kind, exceptional self, dear Ms Ockoala…

    thank you soooo much… *hugs* and *kisses* for you, the incomparable Captain of Koala’s Playground, Ms Ockoala!! (”,)

    • People can criticize all they want as long as its valid and not inflammtory. But that comment was just stupid on its face.

      This is MY blog. I can write whatever the hell I want, no one needs to come and click on a link and read any article I want to post.

      I can write about my passion for toe fungus if that is what I feel like at a that given time. I’m clueless why anyone would feel like its valid to ask a personal blog owner to NOT post about a certain subject matter.

      I happily <3333 my Geun-Geun princess and prince!

      • Right on… my dear ockoala… you are de BOSS of your playground..
        You got me in stitches with the toe fungus thingy… off topic here.. did bit of study on that for toe and finger.. If my memory serves me well, it is called paranychia… v v painful too… yikes!!!

    • exactly, Ms Ockoala!!! my sentiments exactly!!!

      i really take offence, on your kind behalf, dear Ms Ockoala, when visitors to someone else’s blog post inflammatory and downright rude comments abt the content of the blog and even go so far as to dictate to the owner of blog what to do or not to do with offensive language…what right do those people have to do that and who in the world gave them that right is beyond me!!!

      Koala’s Playground IS yours, Ms Ockoala, and you are entirely right abt the fact that you could talk abt anything and everything you wish and NOBODY, i mean NOBODY has the right to take that right away from you and trample all over you with their unwanted sentiments…good riddance, i say, of such people and their posts…

      thank you so much once again, dear Lady Captain!!! (”,)

      you rock!!! (”,)

  50. Wow, I’ve been ‘like crazy, check, check, checking’ out the follow-up post notices I received and my brain overheated. Thus it took me two days to recuperate. I knew I would be missing out a lot within this short time span but a dedicated forum for just the guen2 happy bubble ship! Just wonderful and amazing. Thank you so much Ms. Koala, you’re the best.
    Ms. LizzyD, I’m sorry to hear that you had to leave for other endeavors but thank you so much for keeping me intact in the bubble. I’m no longer a passenger on the Guen2 ship. I am part of the crew. Will sail and protect it forever! Take care and come poke at us once in a while.

  51. Just a reminder, JGS’s message after the final episode.

    Title: Empty again

    The shooting time which was like a fierce battle now has become the past
    It was different to how I expected it to be. Everything was not that easy.
    In these two months, there were quarrels and happiness frequently
    Thanks for all going well to this day…
    Rather than to argue with people because of disagreement,
    I’d like to give a big hand to all the actors who had fought to defend their own roles against the scripts
    The result is that I had got a great consciousness and put down a work
    The first condition to be a good actor is to select a good work
    Due to this work…I received a birthright that I could not be arrogant
    The road of Jang Keun Suk will never be perfect
    It is not possible to always get a 100
    But even if it’s only a 60, the things that I can comprehend are much more than from a 100 transcript
    At last, I need to say something to the ones who standing opposite…

    ” The you that kept supporting me until the end… I love you ”

    The you that kept watching me until the end. Thank you for your hard work.
    Kang Mu Gyul…He is dreaming to be more freedom than now…
    Bye cri

    • No lie, when I first read his message when the translation came out following the finale, my heart literally leaped when I read the “The you that kept supporting me until the end… I love you” line – it sounded so intimate and suffice it to say, there was only one person in my mind whom I thought he was referring to.

      But then I read another translation where the pronoun is plural i.e. “To ‘those’ of you who kept supporting me until the end…I love you”, so I then assumed it was meant for his eels or family. And the preceding line was “At last, I need to say something to the ones standing opposite”, whose meaning I interpreted as people who were not involved in the filming of M3. Hmm…any takes on this?

      I wish there is a more accurate/literal translation ^^;

      • no matter the translation, i guess he’s speaking of mgy, he feels empty because it won’t be the same. is different to spend almost every hour every day with the person you love/like, as he was while filming m3, than ocasionally meet for drinks or hang out… specially with the jgs’s super busy schedule

  52. Seriously, it’s amazing how you analyze every little detail… it took me so long to get them and do them justice. but evidence is clear, and really i don’t believe in coincidences . btw in the 2009 SBS Award pic, the earrings are butterflies too???? or is it just my overworked imagination???

  53. Ladies – I just wanted to say thank you for all your kind farewell messages. I’m doing fine. I’m going to leave you (for good this time). Maybe someday when I have more time, I really will start my own blog/forum and translate all his messages back to 2007. His prose is very poetic and beautiful, especially in the early days. Until then, here’s my translation (from the Chinese version on sukbar) of the message above. It should clarify your confusion:

    The shooting time was like a fierce battle. Now it has become the past.
    It was rather different from what I expected it would be. Everything was very difficult.
    In these two months, there were frequent quarrels and happy moments.
    I am grateful that everything went smoothly through today…
    Rather than argue with people over opposing ideas, I’d like to applaud all the actors who fought to defend their own roles against the scripts.
    The result is that I came to a huge realization and will also be letting (it, the production) go.
    Of all the requirements for being a good actor, the first one is selecting a good product.
    Due to this work, I received a status that I cannot be proud of.
    Jang Keun Suk’s path will absolutely never be perfect.
    It is impossible to always get 100 points. But, who’s afraid of only getting 60 points?
    What I’ve learned is way more important than getting 100 points.
    Finally, I want to say to those on the opposite side (as in his fans)…
    those who supported me to the very end… I love you.
    Also, for standing by me (and watching) until the very end, thanks for the effort.
    Kang Mu Gyul…dreaming about being freer than he is now…Bye cri

    Bye Ladies!! Take care and stay happy in the Geun-Geun LoVe Bubble.

    • Dear LizzyD a.k.a walking JGS dictionary(3 cheers!)
      Much thanks for always coming through to the rescue in clarifying every little confusion and defending JGS/MGY so passionately..
      Wishing you all the happiness and the best in your current things-to-do.
      take care…..

    • thanks lizzyd, you’re helpful to the very end…
      my best wishes for you
      and if you ever start your own blog/forum, be sure i’ll visit it!!! looking forward all the funny stuff 😉

  54. You might see this already, but I just came across BTS of last day filming with ENG subs.
    I love a short interview that JGS takes from MGY. It starts at 3:43.
    You have to look at their facial expression.
    JGS – MGY, how did you feel during this 2.5 months when we worked together?
    MGY- We had a lot of fun
    JGS – And how do you feel now?
    MGY – very misty…
    JGS – And your plan afterwards is?
    MGY – Of cause to persevere in an effort to LIVE ON (!!!)
    Than he says that he felt very happy his two months.
    It is so obvious that they are going to miss these days big time!
    I just hope that they will find time in their busy schedules to spend some quality time together. I don’t care about anything else at this point.

    • Yeah…its going to be back with their individual busy schedule…sure they have known each other for years but its a rare opportunity for them to work day in day out like 24/7 being in each other’s company, openly too, and they can act lovey dovey all they care, like they were on MSOAN set, cos it wud all be ‘excused’ as acting…and now they have to go back meeting in discreet, in between their busy schedules….not to mention wearing all kind of gadgets to hide their identity…hehe

    • Dear MikiMouse & Erika
      Talk about investigative eyes… I salute both of you cuties!!… drum roll!!!

      Actually, there was a butterfly image at the end of a sentence, I guess, on the bottom right side of the screen. Does any one know what it means in chinese??

      • I think it’s the translation of the lyrics, how ironic that they use a butterfly!
        But sigh~…JGS looks so sexy…..

        no, no, family tv…

    • MikiMouse…if your eyes deceive you, mine certainly deceive me too..it certainly looks like black butterfly…and he was singing a song from YB…perhaps doing YB promotion…now cud he be in relationship with sumone who loves butterfly since his YB days? Remember he has sumone while filming YB…his agency said so…hehe

  55. LizzyD..we hate to see you leave this wonderful haven for Geuns that Ms Ockoala did, but
    of course you have a life to go on. We will miss you here for sure. Keep safe girl!

    I’m at work, so i can’t see all recent investigation link here..all are blocked, darn it!
    I can’t wait to go home at check it out my own puter. Thanks guys!

    • Having a great chemistry with your screen partner is different from being a good actor. I have seen all his dramas & movies but only in M3 have I seen him having a very good chemistry w/ his screen partner. While watching the drama there’s this feeling in you that makes you think that they are a real couple instead of a reel one. Everyone of us have seen a lot of screen pairing in movies or in dramas but a few of them will leave an impression on us that they are real as if they characters are real. And I have seen that in them (MGY & JGS). To be honest in my entire life to this day watching different movies & TV dramas only in 2 pairs of screen couples have I have seen great chemistry being MGY & JGS & the other is a local actors where I came from.

      • agree… Tom hank & Meg Ryan, forever-as-couple-on screen-in-Hollywood-RomCom–movies are totally knock-down by this GeunGeunCouple… on screen and off screen

  56. my dear Geun-Geun couple shippers…

    may i ask a question i have wanted to ask for some time now but did not wish to before because my question may just result in a slew of hate posts…hehe

    my question is this : Could JGS possibly (i fervently hope not) be GAY?

    after watching the video posted by ‘Daisy’ on the BTS of the making of the bed scene in YAB and the gazillion videos on the Geun-Geun couple, i can’t help but wonder…

    besides, he seems to be very comfortable hugging and touching his female co-stars…a bit TOO comfortable for me in some cases (esp in YAB)…

    i noticed that many really good looking guys are really gay and those that i know are are exactly the same as JGS – easy on the eyes and soooo comfortable touching their female friends…

    anyone can shed some light on this matter?

    i am bracing myself for a onslaught of hate posts right now…haha

    • Actually the video made mr think the opposite. I think what we see there is a young man who is very confident about his looks trying to seduce a young woman who clearly has a crush on him for the benefit of the camera. You can see him looking up at the camera and stated himself that the crew is around. JGS know that PSH likes him and he is loving it, that’s our big ego JGS! Can’t help but love him to pieces though 😉

      • dear Quirkie (”,)

        thanks so much for your reply! (”,)

        i could see how confident he is in his interactions with his female co-stars…but i guess i come from the conservative generation because except with my husband after we were married, i have never felt comfortable with any man enough to have him touch me the way that JGS was freely and comfortably touching PSH in the video…(”,)

        i guess you could say, i am more attracted to the more restrained and shy type of man (which is how my husband is, even now, after 8 years of marriage) than someone so outwardly confident as JGS…not that my husband is not a confident person because he is, especially with his work and family and close friends, but he is just naturally reserved and extremely shy with other women and acquaintances…(”,)

      • Ditto. I don’t see any traces of him of being a gay..obviously JGS enjoys the situation of girls of swooning over her looks 🙂 So glad in M3, he is all shy at some point MGY..i wonder why 😉

      • i think same as Quirkie. i have seen this mw before and i love the way he teases psh, he’s so confident. he’s just taking advantage if the situation… as a guy

    • Dear Antonia
      “””i have seen this mw before and i love the way he teases psh, he’s so confident. he’s just taking advantage of the situation… as a guy”””
      Ditto, ditto…
      Yes, have seen this quite a few times during the YAB days.. think it is safe to say that the boy is NOT gay. He mentioned in a Hong Kong interview that he enjoys females very much and that he is happily heterosexual…
      So are all of us shippers here, right?… happily enjoying the opposite gender… yummy!!!

      Dear Quirkie
      “””You can see him looking up at the camera and stated himself that the crew is around. JGS know that PSH likes him and he is loving it, that’s our big ego JGS!”””
      yes! that is our cutie boy JGS.. luv him too esp. him being so cheekified and naughty!… yet can’t stop luving him…

      Dear KDL
      hope u are happy with feedback from other chingus… cheers..

    • dear Tangee, Antonia and pipa (”,)

      thank you so much for the kind replies (”,)

      i feel so relieved and thankful after reading your replies because i truly wish that he is NOT so that he could find happiness with MGY (or with another woman if he wishes)…

      i am not saying if he is gay he will not be happy because he may very well be…but i guess i really love MGY to be his partner, so i am shipping for them to be a real couple so much… (”,)

    • hello there KDL, (are you the same KDL in dramabeans because im posting there as lyra LOL)

      oh this question is tricky aight. but imho, no.

      but as a primer, my initial love for this guy begins with his natural and distinct attribute: his mystified androgynous aura. why? because i swear he is the most beautiful man out there in terms of that hair, eyes and i may mistakenly see him as female if he wears drag. *(btw, i remember YB .haha). and that smile. just amusing. simply adorable.(more adjectives may not be enough LOL)

      however, those deep set alluring eyes and that voice..gah . will turn your thoughts into 180 degrees over if he’s having a different sexual preference.

      with regards to his comfortable touching towards female friends, i guess he is simply the type of man who’s *playful* . i have a male friend whose mannerisms are like JGS, his confidence is expressed in those ways.

    • I think he’s just teasing Park Shin Hye in the video to eased her nervousness because it seems she’s a little bit uneasy shooting the “bed scene”. And being easy on the opposite sex is not being gay. He’s just naturally playful on the set even on other bts you can see that side of him.

    • why hello there, Theblackpatita (”,)
      such a pleasure meeting you here, and YES, i am the same old KDL from Dramabeans… (”,)…
      oh, you are Lyra over there? i see…good to meet you here… (”,)

      thanks so much for replying to my question… (”,)
      i really appreciate your take on the matter…
      and i agree with you totally on everything you said abt JGS’s swoon-worthy looks –
      from his smouldering eyes…
      to his oh-so-kissable lips…
      to his oh-soooo-mesmerising voice…hehe…*spazzzing*…haha…

      which is why i am so interested to know his sexual orientation because i just cannot imagine all of that to-die-for-God-given attributes are not going to be *coughs*savoured*coughs* by an equally, if not more, enchanting woman…like MGY… (”,)

      hehe….i am just so traditional and conservative…i have always and will always believe that a couple should be a man and woman… (”,)

      knowing my insane love for JGS, my hubby is beginning to think that if i am ever given the chance, i would ditch him and grab JGS for myself in a heart beat….hehe… (”,)

    • It never cross my mind JSK gay..well I know gay because I’m yaoi biased and I don’t see JKS is one of it, he just too friendly with girls because he know’s he can make they go ga ga but you see the difference when he’s infront of his love interest, it seems that all that confident turn out to be shy and wanting to protect her more..now doesn’t we get the picture from MG in MSOAN..I believe it’s their love story, real life love story

  57. Ha… That is a definitely NOT…
    To be honest, firstly I kind a disturb to see jgs doing all the early intimate scenes with mgy, not bcos I’m jealous (totally not cos I fall in love with mgy sshi not jgs sshi) but bcos it looks like he took advantages of all that scenes to be able to close with mgy physicaly, u know, the kind of like touching, hugging, feel her breath & let her feels his, smeling her scent, u know… (I wont go any further cos I’m afraid my post will be deleted or even worse, being blocked… 😉 ), from there I started guessing wooow this guy is really doesn’t want “it” wasted, but the more eps I see the more changing the feeling I catch from him, he become more passionate and care (his eyes show it a lot) all the way till the finale & that’s give me conclusion that this guy is not acting but he is falling in love with his leading-lady, like ockoala & all shippers said, they build their chemistry effortless in this drama and what I love most from it all is the leading-lady accept all the care, passion and tenderness he gave openly, so my guess is she feels the same way for him too…
    So to answer your question dear Kdl… It’s a hell NO!!!

    • dear Mysin, thanks so much for your confidently-worded reply! (”,)

      much appreciated because i really wish that he is NOT gay since i really LOVE how he is with MGY and wish for them to really fall in love and live happily ever after… (”,)

      my husband watched the videos on JGS’s interactions with his co-stars and he asked the same thing – is JGS gay by any chance? he has a few gay friends himself and he said those friends are good looking and very comfortable with women too… (”,)

      • I could be wrong but I think his “feminine” attributes if i may say ( don’t get me wrong, he is very manly in my eyes, if u catch my drift…;)) are being accentuated for marketing purposes. JGS is trying to appeal to the “male” market, plus I believe in Japan women love that look and isn’t it where he is doing the best, fame wise, right? The familiarity with his other co-stars looked scripted to me, the body language was off. With MGY he was attentive, tender, gentle, and naturally responded to her every move as if they’d done it all before.let me stop, I could go on if u let me..lol

      • I was questioning his sexual orientation too but in the end I think it’s unlikely that he’s gay. He was in a relationship twice before, each lasting 3-4 yrs… He mentioned the extents he went thru to impress his gf (renting a limo etc) and he was so depressed abt the breakup that he let loose his emotion and portrayed it during the filming of Hwang Jinyi. The JGS we all know does not lie.

        Kdl, one way to check it out, ask a true blue gay. They can sense another gay miles away. But if it’s confirmed that our darling boy is one, I will only believe it when he himself announces it. And even if he does, I wouldn’t let it bother me cause I love his looks and talent above all else. he’s just too pretty for his own good is all… Happy holidays 🙂

      • I think I understand what your hubby saying, yes it’s true a gay friend can very comfortable with his girl-friend, but it more like protective for the girl and “save” attitude for himself, u know what I mean? hard to describe but I guess your hubby understand what in-my-mind-couldn’t-explain saying
        while Sukkie… is showing the opposite, I believe you’ve seen a lot of his video and photos so u can tell his behaviour yourself, right?
        for me jgs look more like a woman-eater… upsssss sorry… mmm… women-lovers… girl-lovers? aishhh… well u gals know what I mean… sorry for the word 😉

      • dear Quirkie, Mysin and F1968 (”,)

        thanks so so much for your kind replies…i cannot tell how relieved i am to read them because i have been feeling a bit down thinking of the possibility that JGS might not be straight because i just love him with MGY…much like how i would feel abt my children’s sexual orientation and worrying abt the challenges they would have to face if that were the case…

        i agree totally that he is just so warm, attentive, kind and loving (at least in my mind…hehe) to MGY that i do not want to believe that he is just being nice…hehe…but being a hot-blooded man showing interest in a woman…hehe…i better stop before our dear Ms Ockoala ban me from this blog…(”,)

      • Dear Quirkie (”,)

        If JGS is so confident abt his charms enuf to joke around with his female co-stars then i can understand his behaviour…(”,)

        but i hope that he is not being, as you said, a “woman-eater” because i hope that he would show respect to his female co-stars and not come across as being a casanova…hehe (”,)

      • I think he didnt really care if ppl question his sexual preference until recently…I think he has been in the entertainment industry since he was a child that there’s no different being friendly with all genders…yet in recent Thailand interview, he even brought up the topic…that “he loves his currrent hair style (which is msoan hairstlye btw) but becos of it ppl assume he’s gay…but believe him he loves women…too much….” Now not all gays wud admitt they are but they certainly wud never brought up the topic just to deny the fact that they are…and a gay wont be shy being teased with a woman the way JGS did when being teased with MGY…he was so shy becos he had feeling for her…definitely not a gay thing…

      • again… trully SORRY for the word… especially for Sukkie fan
        “…I hope he would show respect to his female co-stars and not come across as being a casanova…” so true… I really hope that too… but it quite show @the last kbs award isn’t it? respect… 😉
        please don’t ban me ms.ockoala… plz plz plz…

      • “he loves his currrent hair style (which is msoan hairstlye btw) but becos of it ppl assume he’s gay…but believe him he loves women…too much….” Now not all gays wud admitt they are but they certainly wud never brought up the topic just to deny the fact that they are…

        lxandra, when i saw the interview i thought exactly the same… i think jgs is so straightforward, would he be gay he would say it.
        and it’s his sincerity one of the things i love the most in him
        so thankfully (to us women) he’s not gay, and he may be blissful together with mgy or whoever luckiest woman he chooses

    • I cannot agree with you more!
      The chemistry that JGS has with MGY is TOTALLY different from being comfortable acting (brilliantly by the way) with other stars. He is never shy with other stars. And for me the main reason I am with all geungeun couple supporters is the unforgettable the hottest ever kiss in the alley. I cannot believe that the talent along could create this.
      Abt the gay thing – JGS said that he is NOT during his interview for Pool TV this year:
      I love this interview. He speaks English pretty well! (better then me, sorry for all my mistakes BTW) .

    • Oops, I was going to post it too. Thanks MikiMouse!
      So beautiful isn’t it? This lady vitriana really is talented.
      I love the last part. Look at their face expressions. Can’t believe these photos are taken separately. They are absolutely Gorgeous! And u knw, two beauties are always better than one. (just for these two, though)

      • I know, so beautiful. Btw, did you read the lyrics?

        Butterfly by G-Dragon feat Jin Jung

        It’s all about you, my Butterfly
        Every time I come close to you
        (every time I’m feeling you)
        Feel like I’m gonna dream every time
        ( I get butterfly)

        Unintentionally, I look the sky like
        It looks similar to when you smile
        Specifically your dazzling [smile] baby
        ♥My day consists of our romantic drama ♥
        Make me cry and smile no no no

        I can’t sleep, I call your name
        I turn my head shyly (no matter what)
        I like it this much
        I rarely stop walking

        Every time I come close to you
        (every time I’m kissing you)
        Feel like I’m gonna dream every time
        ( I get butterfly)

        Beautiful girl

        Unintentionally, I look at the ground like
        I flutter so much at your 3 lettered name baby ♥ (MGY?) ♥
        I’ll heal your one small wounds
        My love is you

        Like a butterfly
        You look for a flower, flutter around like a child
        Your innocent eyes have a smile
        Your body moves like the sky, the sky
        Your eyes glimmer, glimmer
        I’ve become like this
        (You’re the only one girl)

        Every time I come close to you
        (every time I’m holding you)
        Feel like I’m gonna dream every time
        ( I get butterfly)

        I’ll promise the things I promise ♥ ♥ Promise~ ♥♥♥
        We missed each other, and it makes me worry
        Just to know the game it’s all the same
        What, it’s this confusing
        Though you can’t trust guys
        Love can be forever
        Why do you push and pull
        Can’t act any more honest

        Look at my eyes
        You see my eyes
        You see my lips
        You Listen to my heart
        If you’re listening answer me
        Kiss me on the cheek
        My memories
        Yes my heart
        Yes that be all I say
        If our lovingness continues a lot
        Then we’ll never break up, trust me
        I’ll make love to you

        Every time I come close to you
        (every time I’m feeling you) (every day, every night)
        Feel like I’m gonna dream every time
        ( I get butterfly)

        Yeah you’re special to me, butterfly
        It’s your turn
        La la la la la la la
        Yeah my butterfly

      • omg, u too? i too noticed similarities between the lyrics and M3. All parts u quoted with <3 reminds me MG and MR. can i add one more line to be <3ed? 'I’ll heal your one small wound' that's the Harry Potter scar, ladies and gentlemen!!!

  58. I came across this old article..
    Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young have a call name to each other
    29 OCT 2010
    In a recently interview; Jang Geun Suk said “When i heard that Moon Geun Young will be casted in our drama, i was looking forward on it and feel excited to work us together because i want to work with her a long time ago.”
    He also added ” I called her ‘Maeri-a’ and she called me Mugyul-ah thats what we called to each other then we always laugh ! At the end of shooting, we always talk to each other and shared on our opinion on how they act their character and because of this i feel comfortable with her and im happy because were really close to each other”
    A staff said ” They seem to become close friends as they always ask how each other is doing on location”, adding “they seem …like a couple more than any other real couple whose loveliness makes everyone else happy”.
    …So JGS really calls MGY, Mae-ri during shooting of the drama. I read the drama starts shooting around October and I remember there is a post here of a fan account that overheard JGS during a Halloween party he attended calling somebody Mary-ah and looks happy after he ended the conversation.. I want to assume it’s her Maeri, MGY he spoke to hehe..that even in his pleasure time he is thinking of her..awww so sweet!
    On abt what the staff said about them being like a real couple on set..it’s no wonder JGS feels so comfortable everytime they have handholding or hugging scenes, talking in between takes..t’s enough proof that both have no awkwardness even if it’s their first drama. They do all those scenes with passion and sincerity… Looking for more collaboration of this wonderful couple!

    • Considering that M3 hadn’t aired yet during the Halloween party, I think JGS took it for granted that nobody would overhear him calling her Mary and connected the dots pointing to MGY. I also read a rumor by M3 staff that JGS called and sang to MGY on the phone after he was done shooting his scene. That might just be nothing but hearsay to hype up the drama (and the couple) a little, but just the thought of him doing that makes me all giddy ^^ Regardless, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has her number on speed dial, haha.

      Also, I think them being so passionate about acting and learning from each other, really did bring them closer – JGS said at the M3 Press Conference that he felt very happy if he received MGY’s text saying that he acted well in their scenes etc.. I think he’s just happy to get a text from her at all! Notice how he invariably describes them as being “close” or “similar” or “having the same interests” if he is compelled to answer a question about MGY? I would delusionally and happily believe those are merely euphemisms for “We’re in love”, haha.

    • Hi pipa! Good job in finding that Oct 29 article! Based on this article, I agree with u that we can now be more inclined to believe that the “Mary” that JGS supposedly called during that Halloween party is MGY. I hope JGS is still calling her and vice-versa. Sweeet!

      Gosh, I admire all of you fellow Geun-Geun shippers for finding these videos/articles and correlating them all, further strengthening our belief that Geun-Geun does belong to each other!

      My new wish is come Valentine’s Day there will be news about our favorite couple – news that we can all analyze, slice and dice, discuss, correlate, and squeee too. 😉 Can’t wait! 🙂

      • I would be nice if they leave some cryptic lovey dovey messages on their respective sites on Valentine’s Day for us to analyze, haha.

        I think JGS has his Lounge H gig in Japan on Valentine’s Day though, so he’ll be celebrating with his fellow eels. Of course, there’s always a possibility of his “close friend” getting on board a Japan-bound plane so that they can spend some quality time abroad *wink wink*

      • yeah… one of the shipper here tells that japan fan are more acceptable in giving their idol their private space for dating or else… so I guess there’s a possibality it would happen for our GeunGeunCouple 😉

      • Hi Hachimitsu! Yeah, any cryptic messages from both will just be awesome. Our ship have diverse talents so no cryptic message will be left un-crypted (not sure if there’s such a word). We also can always go to translate.google.com. lol!
        Anyhow, they will be discovered!!!

        So, JGS will be in Japan on that special day… How about our MGY? I’ve been checking her schedule at namooactors.com and for February, it says “no events scheduled.” She really must be back in school. Good Girl!…Oh, they probably just going to text each other all night long and with many heart symbols….

      • Japanese fans are definitely more accepting of idols’ private lives…many celebrities are open about their relationships, be it with other artistes or not, and their image or popularity won’t take a severe plunge, if at all. Perhaps that’s why it was at a Japanese fan meeting that JGS could openly say that he likes “Mary”.

        I really wish it’s the same for Korean celebrities in Korea…especially for those pitiable Kpop idols who have really cray cray fanbases.

      • Oh they are still in touch ..he confirmed it remember in his recent FM
        in Korea last Jan. 29 😉 They are now BFF hehe. and is taking one step
        at a time to know each other..:) Who knows one day we will all be surprised
        to read a rumor they are now an item! Oh how i wish!

      • A secret code valentine’s days message!!!! i have full confidence it would be broke in this akp
        hatchimitsu, bashful you’re great!!! may our wishes be granted 😉

  59. OK, I’ve been questioning this myself since m3 wrapped-up, but noone seem to brought it up for the discussion…
    why there isn’t any bed scene in m3, I’ve watched Playfull Kiss and they have bed scene, quite intimate too… yet it even a story of high school students, this is unfair don’t you think? gals?
    or is it going to be more than “bed scene” if they actually, really, have that scene? anyone?

    • If there should ever be a boating scene at all, it should be when the girl finally chooses the guy and wraps all loose ends. Boating scene = end game. In M3 we have to take into account that even if Mary chose Mugyul in the first half, the drama didn’t want us to think that Jung In was out and having a boating scene that early in the game will undermine the love dynamics (if you will) in the drama.

      In the later half of the drama, it should be taken into account that Mugyul wasn’t even supposed to end up with Mary (Oh the horror!) and considering that JGS himself re-wrote the finale, I think it was a conscious decision not to incorporate a bed scene of him and MGY himself in the new script. Honestly though, throughout the whole finale I was like “At least kiss each other senseless, darn it!”

      • LOL…
        yeah, I remember the horror part
        I’m sure LizzyD left her butcher knife here somewhere… special gift for the scriptwritter… LOL
        Unsatisfied isn’t it, the very end part, just cheek peck and cheek kiss, even Goong do a tiny french-kiss on the street with many people pass by… sigh…

      • I didn’t read the original Manhwa of M3, but does it have one?
        There is one scene in M3 while MR and MG are in bed and they
        talked about MG, xmas eve birthday, it was in epi 14. MG requested
        what he wanted as a present from MR which is to strip the curtain on the
        bed and made a *wink* haha.. and you know guys what does it mean.. haha
        I am actually wishing it would happen but shoot..JI had to intervene again..grrr..

        Anywho..it’s understandle if there is none..their sweetness on majority of the
        episodes are enough eye candy!

    • good analyses Hachimitsu!
      mysin, me too little disappointed about no kissing in the last epi. but as okoala said in her recap, time was running out, means no time for smoochy! plus, ep 16 was rewritten by JKS. assuming of his true feeling toward Ms. Moon, he might felt that it is too much (too obvious?) to ask to add kissy-kissy scean. so he put all his feeling into those two hugs, one at his room, the other one at the park. To me, those passionate hugs were as good as kisses. And, i was trully amazed by these two young actors JKS and MGY for portraying the slight boredom in the long term relationship at the drama’s last part. Now, if you think boredom is terrible for the relationship, its not that bad in asian culture. often, there is very thin line between boredom and the coziness. its bored because its cozy, its cozy because its bored. We all have that bored moments with our partners but we work it out by planning a exciting never done before type of date(!!) or by arguing, timeoff-ing and getbacktogetheragain-ing. (like MR & MG) As someone mentioned it in the old thread, MG’s bed size was bigger in the last part of drama. And the morning after the MR-JI’s fake weding, there was no curtain separated that tiny single size bed. MG’s calm reactions to MR mentioning JI’s name on the phone. There were so many evidences of they DID IT. Maybe there was no time for squeezing in the extra sceans into just 60 someting minutes long episode, or JKS the wirter’s first priority was get that famously warm spring-like MR-MG chemistry back into the drama and maybe he thought that jumping to the bedscean could ruin that atmosphere. So they provided many clues (bed and skinships) and JKS and MGY were just showing us their coziness (or boredom) to telling ‘Yep, we’re sleeping together’ And I think they portrayed that atmosphere perfectly.

    • Thanks Hachimitsu! That is indeed a very nicely done M3 fan video. It made me wanna watch M3 the nth time! 🙂 I especially love the sweet scenes with MR and MG…How can one not fall in love seeing these two! ♥

      A Geun-Geun shipper since 2010

    • I watched this mv at lunch time (alone and locked in my office) and i began to cry and can’t stop crying… so when lunch time was over i didn’t know how to get out of my office, cause you know, people will see me, and i had red eyes and a very bright red nose (indeed it was extreme red, no matter how much make up I used to cover it) In the end, I waited till I heard no voices around and run to the bathroom just to put some more foundation in my nose…
      The thing is I love this mv, I used to like the song so much, and the scenes were so touching… I miss m3 so much… Oh no, I’m starting tearing again!!!!
      The comments and stuff published here must have some warning, like: “read at your peril, you might laugh like a loon” or “danger, watching this mv will make you cry like a baby”, or “not to read in front of your co-workers, unless you want to feel ashamed”, just some examples…
      Any way thank you so much for share, I will surely downloaded it

  60. My 2 cents on the YB bts clip Daisy posted above…

    This was taken during the YB funny bed scene…it was more like rehearsal or trying out the possibility on how to act this part…and didnt MGY said JGS is a passionate abt acting….in a way he as a senior is creating the right mood for both of them…he’s fully aware of the camera on them yet he never embarrass or retracted from doing so…and rather than just watching this clip alone which they were abt to act a cheesy & funny bedscene, I think we all shud just check out how PSH was with all her other YB co stars…especially Jung Yong Hwa…I have posted a clip above but I’ll post another one here…this was all taken during YB days…
    especially @0:48 their action were really suspicious..

    Check out my post above abt the Anjel performance on SBS 2009….

  61. First of all I have to do what I should done before making my first post. Thank you Captain Ockoala for showing me the light, I have been lurking in the dark for too long and I am ready to say ” Hello my name is Quirkie and I am a geungeunholic”.
    Now back to the matter at hand.
    Unfortunately, dear KDL i have to agree with mysin… sukkie is a bit of a casanova….as evidenced in the interviews below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0nEfZVA7a0
    I think he is totally hilarious in the second video, he said ” I am perfect, you’re mine!” only JGS can get away with being so cocky and make me smile 🙂 AND before there is any misunderstanding YES i think he was shamelessly flirting with PSH and got both reactions he wanted.
    Let’s me explain, 1. she looked upset and looked down when he said he had been using the pick up lines a lot 🙂 , 2. she smiled when he looked @ her using one. But we all know it was all fan service…correct me if I’m wrong but i have not hear anything about JGS backpacking in Taipei….;)
    Regressing…HOWEVER i think JGS has now found a reason to stop the nonsense, case and point his behavior during and after M3
    1. Instead of trying to display the extend of charms on the female specie, he was “tamed” during the PressCon, deflecting personal questions to protect MGY. Lxands brillantly illustrasted it on Soompi (p165, if the links below don’t work)
    2. JGS was always near her when they shot together and even tried to avoid the cameras, now who is addicted to whom 😉 (i’m sure all of you have thoroughly dissected each BTS..;) )
    3. Most importantly he always shows respect, admiration and gave her the best compliment one can ever pay another “she is my soulmate”. And no I refuse to believe that what he really meant may have been lost in translation. I found my bubble and i’m staying in it 😉
    4. Also he always shows deference, the most perfect and cuttest example for it is when they received the couple award. The presenter asked him to sing, watch him turn toward MGY who smiled at him sweetly as if giving him her approval before he turned back.. THEN she sings along with him when he does. How did she know what he was gonna sing? Fated indeed…Now ladies I know your husbands/boyfriends makes that move whenever they try to make a decision in public and want to know what you think, I am right or I am right?

    • Quirkie…I just share my comment from soompi together with the picture you brought here…

      1) MGY look a little surprise & worried…JGS smiles becomes wider before broke into laughter…MGY looks kind of puzzle & she was actually gaping for quite a while…she just look down looking worried yet she was still gaping

      2) MGY still gaping & look confuse while JGS all smile began to say sumthing…then it began to dawn on her what he was trying to say or do…and she begn to relax & smile…And burst into laughter when she realized what JGS was talking abt…and I think she finally understood what he was trying to do

      I mean for heaven sake, what does their future romantic rumours has got to do with how they dress at the presscon that day? Or so what if they skip lunch just to go to their saloon to get all dress up? He was talking abt tis & tats which were so irrelevant I guess even the host forget what his question was in the 1st place.. I mean they were ask abt their forthcoming romantic rumours, he went all the way from the set to the saloon just to say they all looks so nice/different from the set that they almost didnt recognised each other…WHATEVER…and of cos from then on they were talking abt his tiger print jacket…now again how is that relevant to their romantic rumours?

      • Just to add a soompier Miss_Kowalski responded to presscon caps..

        “I don’t know if it’s a trait that MGY unconsciously incorporated in Mary but in the drama, she does the same thing whenever she gets shy/self-conscious. I think it’s cute.

        From episode 11 for example, this was when their friends were teasing about them living together
        And this was when their friends persuaded them to kiss
        So I take it that MGY was very shy when the reporter asked her and JGS about their romance rumours (the question to which JGS lol-tastically averted). Why would she feel so shy and sheepish if there wasn’t any truth to those rumours? If somebody asked me a question regarding romance rumours with a guy I have zero interest in, I’d be more annoyed than shy, haha”

        She has a point, rite ? MGY was really very shy when she was ask abt a possible romantic scandal with JGS…yet she was fine & friendly when she was with CJM & TY from CS…or she can even demonstrated her ‘kiss’ life on stage with her Closer costar with confident…yet she was acting like a shy schoolgirl here when ask abt possible romance with old buddy JGS? And JGS suddenly becomes all man, understanding her shyness swiftly chg the topic…WHY? Wasn’t he the guy who likes to playfully flaunt how good looking he & use it to tease his female counter parts? WHY???

    • wow, dear Quirkie!!! what a fascinatingly-detailed analysis!!! (”,)
      i enjoyed reading every single word…(”,)

      and i think you may have hit the nail on the head with what you said abt JGS now controlling his playful ways…because of MGY…
      much like Mu-Gyul was tamed by Maeri, don’t you think?
      (my love-for-Geun-Geun-couple-self soooooo fervently wish) (”,)

      and i agree totally with you abt the automatic reaction between couples…
      my hubby and i experience it whenever we are together –
      we would inevitably and irresistibly look at each other to seek each other’s comforting and reassuring gaze, smile, nod, word, voice or touch whenever we needed to answer questions that involve both of us…
      especially if you have been together for as long as my hubby and i have been – 12 years altogether
      (4 years of courtship [2 years of which was a long-distance relationship] and
      8 years of marriage) (”,)

      both of us have become so attuned to each other’s senses, thoughts and feelings that we could instinctively finish each other’s sentences, instinctively respond to each other’s behaviour and instinctively sense each other’s thoughts and feelings and react accordingly… (”,)

      i sincerely hope that is the case with our dear Geun-Geun couple… (”,)

      • Dear kdl,
        You are a lucky lady! and let me say this, I saw that your faith in our fated couple was shaken for a second however given your history with your husband, deep down you know..your instincts are telling you what’s happening, unconsciously you can relate to them, hence the ” obsession” and the fear that it might not be true….As people we are often attracted to what we have, wish to have or have lost…. you clearly belong to the first and second categories….;)

      • Dear Quirkie (”,)

        Thank you so much for your kind words (”,)

        I feel blessed for all that God has bestowed on me and because of that feeling i agree with you that i can be considered as being in the category of people who wish for others to be blessed with what i have too…because what i have in my life now did not come easily and thus is even more precious and priceless… (”,)

        Quirkie, you seem to have the ability to see through people quite well…i agree with you that deep down i have the feeling that JGS and MGY are not JUST friends because i just love them so much and thus wish for their feelings for each other to be REAL…esp because they ARE actors to begin with…and TALENTED actors at that…
        i just wish for them to be REAL people, shedding their acting personas and be REAL to each other so that they will be able to experience REAL happiness…

        Dear Quirkie, i echo Mysin’s words – it is SUCH a joy and blessing to have you on board this exceptional boat with our inspiring and unmatchable Lady Captain, Ms Ockoala, and all the other wonderful lovers of the Geun-Geun couple, shipping for our Geun-Geun couple forever… (”,)

        *hugs* and *kisses* for you (”,)

    • kyaaa… Quirkie…
      you should join our trio signing for the detective’s apprentice
      love u already
      so glad u’r here
      nice to meet u… 😉

      • So so happy to have meet you all as well…detective’s apprentice? Where do I sign up ; )

    • Quirkie your insights are so reasonable, they must be true!!!!! (at least i hope so). and seriously he seemed changed since m3, specially when he’s with mgy or speaking of her

  62. Another old but so cute article.. it written here how JGS sings for MGY during the shoot…I think he really is fascinated working with MGY..like it’s a dream come true!!
    As the upcoming KBS drama ‘Marry me..Mary! also known by many people as Mary Stayed out all night, starring Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young, a lots of people not only in Korea, but in overseas fans said that they like them.
    A staff of Marry Me, Mary said that” They seem to become close friends as they always ask how each other is doing on location”, adding “they seem …like a couple more than any other real couple whose loveliness makes everyone else happy”.
    They always see the two, are really sweet not only in On Cam but also in Off cam. Talking each other , wand it seems Jang Geun Suk ‘s smile when he and Moon Geun Young together cant explain.
    Also they have a call name to each other , Maeri-ah for MGY and Mu-Gyul-ah for JGS. He also sang a song to MGY while calling on her phone .They’re also both blushing on a scene in shooting of their drama.
    They feel comfortable to each other.
    Before MGY was confirmed as Mae Ri, Jang Gen Suk went to MGY stageplay ‘Closer’ to support her. And it proves that theyre really close to each other since they enter entertainment industry.
    And when JGS heared that MGY will play as Mae Ri he cant explain his happiness because he wished to be with MGY in one drama.
    JGS said that he likes MGY.He also said that MGY is his special bestfriend. So what comes next?
    Will the reel couple of Marry me, Mary.. will be a real couple as time goes by?- 10/29/10

    • I doubt the closeness, becoming good friends, singing to her, calling each
      other is a publicity stunt.. it just so happen that they discovered who they are
      during shooting and instantly click right away!

      I hope their closeness, friendship will blossom into something beautiful, like we’ve
      always wish and hopefully we will all still be around with witness it 🙂

      • I tend to believe that they have been bff’s, but it kinda looks like JGS has been interested in MGY for a while.

        Fast forward to M3. BTS of the first kiss, they both were so shy and embarrassed. Supposing they were both interested in each other before, wouldn’t that push two people past that friendship line?

        Fast forward to the alley kiss. Wow that was passionate! It still gives me goosebumps every time I see it. It should be in the manual, “How to Kiss a Girl Properly”.

        I tend to think that two people who liked each other a lot beforehand, can’t help but be emotionally moved after kissing like that. How could a person not be? I wouldn’t be surprised if they fell in love over the course of filming. And if it is the case, I am happy for them. Real love based on friendship is hard to come by, especially in their world.

      • I agree.. i think they really put all their feelings and soul into the role of Mae Ri and Mu Gyul.. i can feel it that they have feelings for each other during shooting M3. How can they portayed that sweet kind of emotion and chemistry of MR and MG if they don’t feel it from inside towards each other.. *i refuse to believe that it was just good acting * I believe that something is blossoming between MGY and JGS during M3. And i agree with all you guys analysis about how different is JGS behaviour around MGY.. He clearly treats MGY differently/special.. ^^

    • eeeeeeeeee! too cute beyond words 😛 they make me happy!!!! I like being in this bubble and will continue to do so…despite wat others say. haha my current wallpaper is jgs + mgy ^__^

      • me too, me too!!! haha.. my puter wallie at work and at home
        is the whispering moments at M3 presscon 🙂

      • I am itching to put them on my work computer, but it’s open for the entire office to see (it’s a 2×4″ desk against the wall and one of 7 – dmv style) and i’m not ready to show coworkers my obsession =P

    • they sure is being so not so secret but we only hear alot from Mr,Geun and we haven’t heard confirmation from Ms.Geun..I think Mr.Geun waiting for his girl to give the green line so that he can bashing on every single web,interview and every single place in this planet that they are dating with the thought of married but not now but it’s on the way

  63. I quote Moom’s post from Ockoala ‘Pictorial Mash-Up of Moon Geun Young in Basic House and Jang Geun Seok in Codes Combine’ I’m not sure to reply there or here…so I justbring this here….

    “let me add my 2 cents on JKS’s dating history..
    After YAB, in abt early 2010, his mgt company admitted that he was dating someone while filming YAB ( hence PSH was said to have chided him for always texting during filming), but had since broken up with her.. He was also seen wearing a ring on his left ring finger from before YAB till about after the new year in 2010.. it then disappeared and subsequently, the mgt company mentioned it, prob as a response to fans asking abt his ring.”

    OK…the way I understand from this stmt was JGS mgt company actuaclly came up with this smt becos of fans were curious abt the ring he has been consistent wearing…I notice the ring look similar to the one he’s been wearing again even on MSOAN set & his recent pictures…I dunno if its the same one but it looks like the plain band he was wearing during the SBS Award…

    Now this is whatI’m saying all along….just think abt it…

    JGS has been TWO relationship…one lasted for 4 1/2 years, the other he said abt 3 years…he said this in a Q & A in September 2009…at abt the time he was filming YB..

    ~~ In another interview he said he just broke off with his gf when he started filming Hwang Jini…and the filming took place in the 2nd half of 2006 (around October, if I’m not mistaken)…He was 19 by std age/20 by Korean age…He also stated he started dating in High School which wud be in 2002/2003…and he claimed his first kiss happen with his gf in New Zealand…he was in NZ in 2003…Now it did make sense that he dated his gf in 2002 when he was 15/16 years old plus 4 1/2 years…tadaaa mid/end 2006….so it match nicely right…

    ~~ He claimed his 2nd relationship is abt 3 years….now do a little maths…how cud the time from his break up in 2006 + the healing period + starting over period = 3years by September 09 when the time the inerview took place? Moreover he only talked abt one break up…he often describe the same break up over & over again in seperate interviews…now what happen to the 2nd relationship?

    ~~ From Moom’s findings, JGS mgt company ADMITTED he was in relationship while filming YB which was between September 2009 to December 2009 but when he did the interview on September 2009, he bluntly said “NO GF” So how come in early 2010 his mgt co said he was seeing sumone during this period but he himself said no GF when doing interview DURING the period itself? Dun tell me its his 3rd relationship during the YB filming? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO…he cant be talking abt 2nd relationship that he break off from in 2006..cos OMG dun tell he started his 1st 4& half years relationship when he was only 11/12 years old..Did he even reach puberty yet?!!! I mean at this age boys usually are like “ewwwwwwwwww” when sees a girl.and wud call girls names like ‘ugly’ ‘weirdo’ & such & here we have JGS in a serious over 4 years relationship ! HUH! I JUST DUN BUY IT…

    ~~ And now what even more interesting, he has listed MGY as best friend since 2006 or after his HJN days, & as his close friend since 2007 onwards…He has been in the industry for far too long..& I’m sure he has a long list of female celebrity friends yet he only named MGY & CSJ Steffanie as his close female celebrity friends…however he has no worry revealing that Steffanie often joined him for meals & instead of seeing her as a girl, he thinks of her as his ‘brother’….yet when asked abt MGY he either evade the question or he was uncomfortable answering them…and as pointed out he even look AWKWARD when camera focus on both them in the SBS rehearsal clip…WHY???? He is usually indefferent when with other female stars but why suddenly turn shy/awkward when with MGY especially with the cam on?

    ~~ And another weird thing during SBS Awards AnJell live performance, I ws surprise to see JYH (who was flirting crazily with PSH on YB set) walk over to MC MGY to play ‘his piece’ to her…I know it was scripted since he did the sme during the rehearsal (tho MGY wasnt there at the time, so I miss the point of what he was doing during the rehearsal) but WHAT’S THE POINT? I’ve seen other Awards show which hosted by famous stars but none of the performers went specifically to a certain MC while performing…ESPECIALLY WHEN MGY HAS GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH YB PRODUCTION WHAT-SO-EVER…and he walked over to her rite before JGS walk over to PSH to do their duet!!! And check again…there were 2 MCs stood together…MGY & the tv announcer yet he only bow once & directed to MGY…MGY bows back while the other mc just stood there watching…Again my question how was it MGY was related to ANJELL performance?

    ~~ Now check again when JGS guested Campagne World Cup aired in mid December 2009….Has anyone ever wonder why MGY’s name wasnt in the list? Even MGY’s Painter of the Wind partner MCW was included plus JGS hasn’t even met some of the ladies in the list…yet MGY’s name wasnt included when her name often ‘pop up’ in many of his interview over the years…he was asked again abt her before they same the ‘competition’ yet her name wasn’t included….a big WHY for me….

    I dunno when exactly in early 2010 his mgt company said he’s no longer in relationship by by judging their behaviour & their matching attire, there’s no doubt they’re in some sort of a relationship!!! And wonder again, during the actualperiod when his company comfirmed he’s in a relationship, did JGS himself or even his mgt company admintted he IS in a relationship? No, rite? I mean was there at any point JGS or his company said “yes, JGS/I am in a relationship NOW? ” I dun think so…when his ring becomes an issue, surely JGS & his company has to do sumthing to pacify his fans as well as protecting his gf’s identity & privacy…so what was the best way? Oh, yeah he has a relationship ‘BEFORE’ but its over now…I mean how cud they say it still ongoing? Dun you see how hysterical some fans cud be…even with us fangirling they’re ppl who baching mgy like crazy & at the time they have never even work together yet…

    So I’m guessing, when he did the interview in September 2009, his friendship with MGY since late 2006 has bloom into sumthing more along the way & still ongoing…of cos at anytime he has to deny having a gf for their own privacy & protection as well as the girl’s goodname…that’s why he’s been texting sumone frequently on YB set but never when he was on the same set with MGY during MSOAN yet when filming seperately the staff reveal he’s not only texting her but also sang to her tru the phone….and check out his latest Combine cf…he was again busy texting sumone & ignored KOB who stood next to him…and as LizzyD mention instead of waving his fans as usual after recent fanmeeting he was busy with his phone again…

    So my bet their friendship has bloom into sumthing more along the way since 2006. hence the 3 years relationship while doing the interview in 2009…her name was omitted from the world cup list upon his request to avoid awkwardness for him yet the host cant help bringing up her name & he swiftly chg the topic again…while the Anjell team decided to probe/teased him a bit while on stage performing during SBS Awards…c’mmon chance of a lifetime..when can you performed in a show where your team member is involve with a cute mc on the same stage, rite?…and I can bet many stars & production crew knew their real status only keeping their lips tightly seal as always…I mean they surely know how it was for stars to date so they surely help each other to cover up..and didnt MGY too admitted on Closer presscon that she’s been in relationship before…it just she never talk abt it!!! Now what wud you say abt that? Exactly…just becos they never talk abt having a gf or bf doesnt mean they dun have one…just becos they never said they’re dating or seeing sumone doesnt mean they dun…even if they say they dun doesnt mean they truly dun…in their line of work the effect of their openess abt relationship cud not only affect the career but their family privcy as well…I mean I dun think MGY’s parents like it when ppls keepasking them abt their daughter relationship with JGS …plus keep on giving their own opinion abt JGS especially negative opinion & vice versa for JGS’s family too…at least until both are ready to settled down…

    However after Mary they can be more open becos of their role, their ‘co-stars’ & their ‘screen couple’ status….and frankly when fans asked “is there sumone in your heart now? And he said ‘Yes’…it’s ‘Maeri’ I bet he really mean its MR cum MGY…didnt the crews said they even call each other MG & MR offcam? So I’m sure MR & MGY is one person to him…I’m sure it’s more ‘like testing the water’ stage ….and I truly hope MGY will follows her unnies, Song Hye Kyo & Kim Hyo Jin example in boldly revealing their relationship or even her other senior from AIMH, Barbie Doll Han Chae Young for marrying before she turns 30 & still maintaining he popularity & acting…and I bet JGS has no problem revealing his relationship anytime…just waiting for his gf to give the green light

    • oh…lxandra…u just 2 awesome…come from nowhere to save our geuns ship…
      i love every single word from ur analizes (don’t know how many times i read it) ’bout geuns n i just think u’re most rock then sherlock holmes..just keep doing girls…luv u so much (sorry 4 my english :))

    • Hi lxandra, you’re breakdown of JGS’s past relationship(s) and/or claims of relationship(s) is amazing! Keep it up! In the meantime, I also wondered about MGY’s claim she’s been in a relationship before. I wished the interviewer then had asked MGY who her bf was/is – whether it was celebrity or not. Oh well, maybe that’s an off the limits question. 😉

      Lastly, I can join you in you’re bet that JGS is just waiting for his gf/MGY to give the green light to reveal their relationship because I see MGY as reserved young lady. Proof: during the CU guest appearance in Happy Together, I found MGY rather quiet; she only spoke when spoken too, whereas the other cast members often chimed in the conversations and laughed often without much prodding.

      Cheers to all Geun-Geun shippers and their amazing analyses/investigations and steadfast belief in our favorite Geun-Geun couple! 🙂

      • That’s what I love about MGY. She is a very reserved person, not because she is asked to do so, but because of her upbringing. It’s kinda hard to find a famous artist who still maintained her charm by being honest in a sweet way with lots of loves and kindness to give (acting wise, career wise, dancing wise, charity wise etc) and still reserved her private life private. JGS is one lucky guy indeed. That’s why JGS couldn’t help with not altering the script of the last episode. He can’t stand it if MG doesn’t end up with MR. He has given his best – his jealousy, his undying love etc. I guess during the whole filming period, among the contents of their texts must have been about the next ad libs. LOL

    • wow lxandra, now that you put your theory I do believe they have something behind their sleeve and if your theory is proven to be right ( that is when MGY taken her senior path,SGY ans KJ) delibery announce the happy news of they being dated and it’s not after MSOAN but way before that like you’re predictin, just one word from me, no it’s a sentence, “WOW! they good at hiding it even more sneaky than JDG and his wife”
      but somehow I wish it was true, no I hope it was true even if it’s not I will keep praying they will dated.

      • Erika…even if our theory is rite, and they came in the open later, there’s a possibility they wont tell the exact time they started dating….hehe…but no problem, as long as they love each other sincerely its fine with me…

        JUst like JDG-KSY, they admitted being close friends for 10 years prior their official dating stmt but claim ONLY to have started dating 2 years earlier….yeah, how did we know that for sure…for all we know they cud have been dating since over 6, 7 years ago…only they didnt want to be seem like lying to their fans for so long…haha..but regardless when their friendship turn to romamce is not important cos they eventually got married & have a child….tho I hope JGS &MGY dun have to wait that long to reveal their relationship…either with each other or sumone else… hopefully with each other….

    • Now lxandra, may I say you’re my hero?! ( I apologize for not being gender specific here, couldn’t quite say you’re my heroin…:) ) I would admit that I not convinced yet about them being more than friends prior to 2009 but 2009 was def full of clues. The matching outfits??! Down the purse! Her adorable little cream clutch and the blue rose pinned to his jacket…the bangles matching the “shiny suit”! You’re truly amazing…;)

      • No…no…not a hero anything…just having fun here making & sharing bubbles abt Geun2 couple…becos their chemistry is way too much too natural & comfortable to be just acting…

        And the shiny bangles & shoes she wore to match JGS jacket during Baeksang award March 2010 ….I wonder was the company stmt abt JGS was in relationship during YB filming came out before & after the Baeksang….becos judging from the way they walked out together to the way they dress up to their behaviour on stage when they tot no one wud notice were saying there’s definitely sumthing going on….and its not just friendship!!!!

      • Btw Quirkie….you’re not bad yourself…now that you mention the blue rose corsage pinned on JGS white suit & the white purse MGY held in her hand at the SBS Awards red carpet, I can see as if they were trying to match their whole attire…

        Actually I dun think much abt their dressing that day since they were the official MCs for the night, I’m sure they were wearing sponsored clothing…however it still amazing that both choose to wear white even tho different shades of white & until you mention I just realized that the white purse MGY was holding is the same exact colour as JGS’s suit….seriously it did cross my mind why he choose to wear a blue colour rose corsage instead of the usual red, pink, peach or multiple colour, but I never connect that to MGY’s tone of white…And you’re so rite although MGY was wearing wearing a white dress, it was actually white with a shade of blue….Now why did she carry an off white purse with the exact white tone of JGS’s suit instead of the colour that match her dress such as grey or silver? Now when think abt it, even in the reherasal clip LHK once again teasing/talking to JGS abt his blue corsage, rite before mgy & the other mc came to join him…hmmmm, fishy huh?

    • dear sweet-sharp lxandra…
      u’r surely talented… becoming a detective I mean
      this is the first time I’ve been so addicted to A drama couple
      never been like this before
      not even to my-all-time-fav-movies-and-books of Harry Potter

      keep it coming gals so i finally got mine wrapped… LOL
      they’re so busted!!!

    • I totally agree! And here are my 2 cents:

      1. MGY admitted during some interview (might be at the pres con for MSOAN) that she watches and enjoy all of JGS’s movies + dramas, including YB at the time.

      2. During the KBS Awards just recently, JGS is too seasoned to be touchy with his co-stars unintentionally and not realizing that they are being closely watched and will stir up some mighty rumors. If they are just close friends or BFF, when MGY’s name was called for the Top Excellence Award, he could have just give her a handshake, but NOOOOO he has to give her a handshake and a hug and looked mighty please that she won! Follow by all the teasing and pointing to himself telling her to thank him! I’m sure lots of other actors/actresses at the award are friends or close friends yet you don’t see them doing anything to show that they are indeed “close” to avoid unnecessary rumors. Why would JGS + MGY behave that way knowing full well that the fans + press will stir it up if indeed there is nothing more between them than friendship??

      3. If you re-watch the trailer of MSOAN where we have the 4 leads walking and meeting up in the middle…the part with JGS and MGY walking laughing and holding hands..if you look at JGS smile during this time, it was soooooo awkward to the point where I was totally surprise by it! Why? He’s a professional and seasoned actor, why the awkwardness? It’s almost as if he is too nervous infront of camera with MGY to start “acting”. However toward the end of MSOAN, last scene where they were walking hand in hand and he kissed her on the cheek, I could have swear that they are not acting at all.

      Now, I’m not sure about the period before they filmed MSOAN, they could have just been really close friends and was aware of each other but after the filming they have become extremely close.

      A note for the antis out there: Now, I am also a huge fan of PSH and have watch all her dramas, movies (except for Goong S). So if I’m a fan of PSH, do I have to hate MGY just because they both worked together with JGS? No, quit the opposite. Although my fave will always be MGY, I’m a fan of both actresses and will continue to watch all of their future work.

  64. I re-watched again the EP10 when MR told MG that she wish to do everything that she wanted with MG without even care about what others might say. And she even snap at the thoughts by MG of showing public affection and all, but along the lines of showing commitment they have with each other like getting couple rings, wearing matching t-shirts, matching mufflers, matching hats etc.

    Now, isn’t that what they have been doing with each other since before M3? And I wonder, does this dialogue was even scripted given the fact that both of them making lots of ad-lib in this M3. It seems that…both are actually giving us hints without we even realize it. So I doubt that they will display public affection instead will definitely go for private.

    One thing that I realize..in that EP10, MG wasn’t even that famous..and yet he bring out the issue of ‘showing public affection & stuffs’ and quickly snapped by MR, when in fact, MR can simply agree to that idea just so that JI will back off. But she didn’t. So MG followed her suit. Oh well, when one is in love….. 😉

    • Yeah…you have a point here…wasnt that what’s MG & MR have been doing all along since the begining of the show? Showing off affection in public? To convince ppl around them they’re in love…other the their 5 friends who knows whats going on between them from the beginning? Even so they did a lot to cover up for both, rite? So why did she snap off when he tot she was suggesting to ‘go public’ with their affections? Which reminds me the same way she snap off when the cameraman ask the reason she wants to knitt mittens for JGS…haha…becos she’s is shy & she knows very well with this kind of career she cant be open abt her relationship…at least not yet…

      And the ending was very interesting especially when we know it was written by JGS…since the ending didnt ends with marriage but just a couple being in love & enjoying up & down in their romance….I mean both MGY & JGS openly said that they dun want to get married but they dun oppose to dating…yet MGY did say if she wants marry she’ll get married in her twenties….while JGS said perhaps he dun have to date but strait away get married….hmmmm…since both with same age, didnt it sounded the same thing as what MGY said?

      • So so happy to have meet you all as well…detective’s apprentice? Where do I sign up ; ) Thant you!

      • Dear zz,
        I think you’re absolutely right. They auditioned for us. M3 was a subtle but oh so good invitation into their world so that they can test the waters and see how their fans would react.
        Furthermore, at the awards they weren’t acting anymore but they were still ” touchy feely” the whole night. He often casually put his hand on her shoulders, arms patting or caressing her….hope that comment wasn’t too forward… I’m totally supportive of their love and their true fans would no matter who they are with

      • @Lxandra:
        What’s your interpretation on the 2 lovers arguing at the end of the Ep.16 when the guy do plan to get marry to the girl and the guy even question if the girl love him and only him which the girl admit without even a slightest doubt that he’s the only person that he love..and then “we’re not ready to get married now” which the girl said in return “who said I want to get married now”.

        Now, as this finale was written by JGS (of course with MGY’s help and approval), eventually, they will get married. One year later from now. Because…MGY will be 25 next year, and should by age 25 she’s still not married, she’ll rather not marry at all. MGY as up to this date is a loyal person who keeps her promises and do what she said.

        Oh, speaking about the fact that JGS sang to MGY songs over the phone as claimed by the crews, well, in the last episode too, isn’t one of the crew (I believe he’s one of the crew grabbed at last minute (see the bts)) said that he wanted to give song to MR but MR said that she get that a lot, which JI said “musician must like her a lot” and MR give a sweet smile. Oh well, that’s now an open secret to us GG Shippers. 🙂

        I actually prefer this last episode more than other episode (am talking in logical sense..but of course each episode are great too) because it gives us some hindsight on what actually happened throughout the whole cover up, the bts..between the Geuns. The episode deals with JGS’s emotions and feelings as a whole, thus the ‘script’ are the real.

        “if anything has changed, it’s that MG has become full of warmth” .. Guess that again is in tandem with the way JGS treats MGY all the while, and even more now.

    • it’s not only that the last epi was edited by jgs. i read before that in many of the scenes between mary and mg the lines were from jgs and mgy. so maybe it was their lines in epi 10.
      and i’m so in love with this: “if anything has changed, it’s that MG has become full of warmth” .. Guess that again is in tandem with the way JGS treats MGY all the while, and even more now (sighs)

      btw: sorry for my english, but my geun-geun love leave me with no sense

      • Yup. As in my previous comment in one of the post (forget already the exact post..haha), I believe that M3 portrays 70% of the real characters of the Geuns. No matter how great and excellent they are as actors, the emotions that they portray are well delivered and it soothes our heart. It’s like..their acting are from their heart…straight to our heart too. I guess the ratio for their chemistry is One in a million!

  65. I was reading abt JGS-MGY extreme skinship as MG/MR in the other topic…I dunno if I shud response there or here since we have a more general discussion topic for Geun2 Lovers here…

    So I just quote LizzyD post from Pictorial Mash-Up of Moon Geun Young in Basic House and Jang Geun Seok in Codes Combine

    ‘I feel like the butterfly logo doesn’t have anything to do with MGY. I thought it last night but refrained from mentioning it til now. Please don’t hurt me. My guess is it has to do with the butterfly to caterpillar metamorphosis and how that’s symbolic of JKS’s career. He’s coming up to his 20th anniversary in the industry and he’s obviously grown and flourished a lot, going from a cute little child star to the dynamic hallyu star he is now. Also, he’s releasing a cd which is a new direction for him.

    Lastly, I would like to comment on the skinship mentioned by Hachimitsu (and others during the past few months). That was really what got me suspicious about their feelings to begin with. I’ve seen professional actors who are good at acting comfortable with costars, but it’s diff from actors who are starting to feel a little something more towards each other/or already dating. The hugs are really full body binds with them melting into each other. Please note that the hugs also changed in intensity/closeness towards the end of the series, as they grew closer, in my opinion. In addition, there are many other M3 moments, some from her side actually, that I found interesting.

    1. The handcuff scene at his apt when he confesses he had feelings for her. She sits there for the entire extended scene with her hand/arm resting between his legs. Yes, it’s because he put it there first and her hand is attached, but she could have shifted it. In my opinion, the Mary character would not have been comfortable with that, which is why it’s a reflection of MGY’s comfort with JKS in a non-buddy way. Would you really sit there with your guy friend and have your hand resting in such a sensitive area? I think not, unless you guys are friends with perks.

    2. There’s a scene at JI’s house when he jumps on her bed to wake her up to ask for water. When she shoves his hand off her face, instead of pushing it away, she actually holds onto it and presses it into her chest. He even shifted his hand a little as if he was vaguely surprised but she didn’t let go. I think most actresses are naturally a little sensitive about the chest area, but if required, they will be professional about it. But here once again, the touching has nothing to do with directing or Mary’s character, she just did it so naturally. (Side note: I would love to have him for my alarm clock but that we’d never make it out of bed…hahah)

    3. When that wall fell on Mary and MG jumped to protect her, if you watch the scene right when it’s lifted you can see his positioning. He’s completely lying on top of her/wrapped around her. I was more concerned at that moment that she’d die of suffocation than from the 2 oz wall that “fell” on them. Besides the obvious level of comfort with full body touching that this reveals, it also shows how protective he is of her. I think he was actually worried she would get injured in that scene by that wall.

    There, I have submitted my evidence for the day. I could go on and on. I actually haven’t even watched this series in over a month. This is from memory, that’s how memorable it was for me. ”
    The reply from her post can be found here… http://ockoala.wordpress.com/2011/01/30/mash-up-of-moon-geun-young-in-basic-house-and-jang-geun-seok-in-codes-combine/
    I have to agree with most everything that she said here…I tot I’m too sensitive to have tot abt this little touchy part this way, but seeing that another person saw it too, I’m relieve…haha..

    Yeah, her hand was resting on his upper thigh a bit too comfortably as if she is use to it…well he just let her…I heard he was a bit ticklish but he just let her…

    And the time he woke her up at JI’s house…c’mmon, she can just push his hand away, instead she just press his palm slightly above her boobs..I mean he’s a hot blooded young guy…wud she has done the same if he’s any other guy beside JGS? Even when KJW fall on her, she put her hand in between when if you see closely KJW body wasnt even press on hers….

    And my bet the little peck on her lips on the rooftop was really JGS’s adlib…cos I think MGY was genuinely surprise that JGS quickly press her face at his throat…and I also think there wasnt suppose to be anymore kiss after ep 8, becos remember MG kept on asking/suggesting/trying to kiss MR without any success…in ep 9, it was too bright, she was embarrass, ep 11 they were untimely interupted, ep 12 he was rejected becos she’s not happy finding out he went to see SJ earlier the same day…so yeah I believe ep 10 rooftop kiss was JGS own initiative… there was real life couple who was on a varity show, they had to do sumthing, she was so scared that she cried & shivering that her actor bf wrap his around her, smile gently to comfort her before planting a peck on her lips just like KMG did to MR….so when I saw this scene, I feel it was a natural instinct to do so to comfort your love one…

    I also think the ‘blowing the wound’ part in ep 14 was a naughty adlib by JGS…I bet MR was just suppose to use the massager o his shoulder & continue to the part when he talk abt the ice skating rink…becos tho MG tease MR from time to time, this kind of cheekiness just not incoperated with MG’s more serious character…its more like JGS teasing MGY…haha…anyway I just cant imagine the director can be so detail as to add this cheekiness in MG!

    And I also believe all of us here has seen MG-MR 1st kiss bts rite….here’s a few caps I made before..
    Just by looking at the 2 leading reaction, one wud have tot they are just 2 rookie actors doing their 1st screen kiss

    Before the actual takes they did some rehearsal…they didnt even kiss but they were already shy & JGS chuckled giddily while MGY smile shyly..when he noticed they were recorded, he pointed at the cameraman…I wonder what he said to cameraman becos the subbers seem to miss this part

    Look at JGS…it was supposedly to be hardly a kiss…just a peck but he seem lost as if he was really affected by the kiss

    He’s looking everywhere like trying to compose himself….yet still cant control himself when being teased…both were so shy that they instinctly cover their faces….

    Now…this was how JGS reacted after kissing MGY…A kiss where MG refer as not a real kiss! I mean looking at his reaction no one wud suspect that this guy has been doing kiss scene before he turn 20 with a list of top Hallyu beauties…the same guy who wasnt affectted just by doing kiss scene…the same guy who actual yell out ‘next’ immediatedly after his kiss scene with another actress …and here he’s behaving as if he has never did a kiss scene before…haha

    Same goes with MGY…Sure JGS is the 2nd man she kiss onscreen…however she has been kissing her stage play co-star ‘live’ for the whole month if not more…so what’s the different kissing a guy watched by hundred of live audience and kissing JGS watched by less people? I mean she cant be covering her face everytime she kiss on stage rite? Again why was she so shy kissing JGS, yet she was cool kissing CJM & her Closer costar?

    Now I wonder again why they are so shy….check again the kiss bts clip…ever wonder why they ‘brightened up’ the part when JGS start kissing MGY? Look closely…I even had to tone down the brightness to see clearly…JGS was moving his lips vigorously on MGY’s..

    So I believe he was so shy becos
    1 – He was really kissing her when the kiss was not suppose to be a real kiss but just a ‘showcase’ kiss for JI’s benefit…and this kiss wasnt even included in the finish scene…I bet the director was teasing him becos they got carried away with the kiss that’s they were embarrass especially JGS…

    2 – They have real feeling for each other & kissing rite there infront of everybody was like making out in real life with ppl peeking on them…at least this was what actress Kim Nam Joo said when kissing her real life husband actor Kim Seung Woo…that kissing a real life partner is more difficult & embarrasing than other actors becos its hard for them to draw a line between acting & reality…and worst they feel as if people were watching them making out for real…

    • I checked it out and:

      “her hand was resting on his upper thigh a bit too comfortably as if she is use to it…well he just let her…I heard he was a bit ticklish but he just let her…”
      Well yes, from the beginning to the end of the scene (a long time indeed for having her arm on his leg) , and it seems so confortable, so natural that i think that’s why i didn’t noticed before (sides cause i’m not a keen observer).

      “And the time he woke her up at JI’s house…c’mmon, she can just push his hand away, instead she just press his palm slightly above her boobs..I mean he’s a hot blooded young guy…wud she has done the same if he’s any other guy beside JGS? Even when KJW fall on her, she put her hand in between when if you see closely KJW body wasnt even press on hers….”
      Yes!!!! she grabs his hand and hold it to her chest, and it looks so lovely, like she could’t let him go 😀

      • I rewatched the handcuff-sofa scene and it really looks like her hand was resting on the table first, and then on his left knee for the remainder of the scene. So technically it was between his legs, but just resting on his knee.. But I concur – the pose is comfortable.

      • miso the hand is on the table and between the legs, right. but the arm is on the leg all the time

  66. just wanna share…if the photo from JKS hp teasing MGY that it appears that in that pic MGY seems want to kiss him well look at this one
    it shows that JKS about to whisper something sweet and end it with kissing her cheek..tee hee..
    and here a nother evidence that JKS is thinking of making MGY his GF way back when they still teenager..
    and this is a clear proof that indeed MGY and JKS is wearing the same scarf of even its one scarft that they just take turn to use it.sneaky
    you can see his smile is zillion watt as miss Moon also give her smile hidden in the scarft as if she sniff JKS smell in that scraft since he can’t be next to her at that time.

  67. @lxandra.. seriously, i love every bit of your analysis! My imagination is running wild
    once again, how these two keeping their close friendship, romance (wishing, dreaming,
    praying..etc that there is) for that long! I can’t even imagine how these two sacrified
    everything just to keep it private for the reason, i’m sure we all know.

    @Quirkie..good points you got there on your csi work! Those 1 to 4 is absolutely true!

    Thumbs up to all the peepz here for their undying love and faith for Geuns Couple!!

  68. @miso..i don’t effin care if the office saw my puter wallie.
    They are not the ones makes me inspired in my everyday
    stress at work. Besides, they know i love anything Korean
    entertainment hehe..and our Geuns are a beautiful creature,
    put them beside each other..hotness overload! haha..

    • Awwww! Thanks MikiMouse! 🙂 Yes, he is singing to his moon – who else but our MR/MGY!!! Oh, he even got a rose!!! Too much sweetness!!!

      Mae-ri / MGY -where are you?!

  69. today I watch again MSOAN and my eyes like a hawk looking at her pray which is the movement and skinship of geungeun. notice JKS start from episode has been way to obvious and tricky,why you say?
    well in episode the story telling us that our OTP obvious not having a feeling for each other so that they don’t show too much skinship,well it supposed to be but not for me..I may sound like a delusion fan but let me tell you guys this.
    In episode where MR chasing MG and waiting for him to come out after his live along with other fans in line.when he does show up, fans demanding a hugs which he give but with forced smile, his hug is full of duty, just let the fans grab him but he only out his arms on their shoulder and his head not burried in the girls head and it just a quick hug but the MR step up and MG give hugs way too obvious.well JKS can’t help it I guess for showing his feeling toward his girl.he give MGY a not so quick but rather way too long for a hugs and he burried his head in MGY’s hair and his arms as if protecing MGY and look at his smile..that so different. then at the resto or is a cafe where MG’s band along with MR’s friends is there, then when one of his member start a fight all of them running out side and MR grabs MG’s hand demand for him to stop them.usually at any drama the boy that being dragged by a girl relucantly follow her but MG or I say JKS show different way, he just grab and holds MR’s hand and then camera moved out side and that’s make me wondering??and there’s another one, when they are running to get away from the police, at first MG’s just grab MR’s wrist not holding her hands but when the scene change I can see that they both holding hands..not that is wierd for me.that is early episode which me they just complete strangers..heck even me with boys that I know for a short time/long time hard for me to let my hands be grab and holds like that..what do you think guys?

    • Erika, I share the same view with you. That early epi is quite intriguing being that both are quite strangers but their act doesn’t really reflect that. Ok, perhaps they ‘blend in an instant’ due to time factor in filming where it’s quite time consuming if both are only starts to ‘informal’ with each other in episode 3 or 4. BUT, I couldn’t trace this instant click between actors in other drama. So bingo, that what makes me stick to M3 from the very beginning.

      • yes, I haven’t realize it until now that they have been showing their real and hidden emotion for each other. at that time I only enjoy their cuteness and never pay any attention on real skinship they showing from begining would be odd consider in early episode they should be no intimate skinship..

    • Me too…feel the same way….for 2 strangers they really are very comfortable with each other from the beginning…they hugg, hold hands even a kiss, although on forehead…and look carefully…he didnt kiss on her ‘Harry Porter Scar’ like JI did but on her forehead…and I’m sure since MG was fussing abt her scar, surely the script wants him to kiss on her scar not other part of her forehead…but he still kiss wherever !!!

      I really love the storyline of MSOAN but I was quite dissapointed that they didnt focus much on their antics at work….how fun it wud be to see the 3 of trying to work together while dealing with their relationship, covering up from Sj & other workers one side & from their ridiculous fathers on another…it’ll be more fun seeing them working out a seperate agreement from what they’ve agreed with their dad among themselves….it will be their wits against their fathers’

      And as much as I am dissappointed that there’s no kiss scene in the final episode, knowing that JGS did the last minute changes a day or so before airing time I can understand why…to film a beautiful passionate kiss scene wud need a lot of time & takes or else it wud seem like a lustful & cheesy kiss which I dun think he wants to portray it that way…instead he settled for a simple peck on the cheek which looks equally loving yet much easier to film…so instead of a passionate kiss, he gave us a very tight, emotional hug & a loving peck…though it dissapoint us at one point yet the warmth & loving feeling he brought in his MG & MR relationship compensate the missing kiss…

      Of cos I wud like to think that he has personal reason for not including a passionate kiss…which is that he doesnt want to show that he & MGY wud easily & willigly do a passionate kiss for future reference…meaning…after MSOAN surely both him & MGY will act with different partners rite…check out the past movie & drama…especially JGS…even tho he had done many kiss scene before, he never did anything half passionate as he did with MGY epic kiss…he was quite reserve, relying more on camera angle & shot…and so was MGY in Cinderella sister…even with JI, her lips was tightly close…and I dun think JGS will be happy to see MGY kiss another guy so passionately, rite & vice versa…if they seem too willing to kiss passionately I’m sure most director they work with in the future will want them to do so, rite…if they refuse, they cud say “well you did it in MSOAN why cant you do it now” kinda thing…haha…I know..I know…I’m beginning to sound ridiculous…I better stop now…hehe

      • yeah the story kinda mess up but thank god that geungeun bring us the love…
        aww they are really drunk at that time???must be really put it in the heart or they are really professional that inspite of their drunk situation still can act and remember the line…
        I guess after the epic kiss in the alley, weather themself or director that saying no more passionate kiss or else they would show more of evidence of their true feelings…for whatever reasons they have show that there are love between them and I get the message laud and clear.
        I think MGY did a bit passionate kiss in CS but compare to JGS yeah, JGS really not showing that with his other co-star, I guess saving the best for MGY..hehehehe.

      • i agree!

        saving the best kiss to MGY only.. hehe well JGS is such a good kisser… And I’m happy he did it with Miss moon. Coz they deserve each other hihi

  70. Refering to this clip

    zz says……
    “Lxandra, the first time I watch the clip where JYH bow to MGY, I can’t help but sensed that JGS is pretty ‘annoyed’. How so? Well, he tend to grab the mic with force and seems unplanned. He seems jealous. Look at JYH’s face then. Ohh..pity him. Can’t go back to MGY of course.”

    Yeah, I feel the same too when I 1st watch the clip …that JGS was kinda piss off when he snatch the mic & march over towards PSH, rite after JYH walked over to MGY & flirted openly with her on the stage….

    And becos of it I check the rehearsal clip again to see if JYH walking over to MGY was scripted, & yeah it was…
    He did walk over to the other side of the stage…however MGY was nowhere insight when the YB team were rehearsing….

    However now there’s another person who feels the same as me, perhaps we’re not delusional afterall….hehe…it even make me wonder again why he acted quite strongly if he knew all along what JYH going to to do…Was it just a part of their performance? But didnt make sense becos it wasnt relevant in any way…Why wud JGS be annoyed seeing JYH being sweet to MGY since PSH was suppose to his gf in YB…and like I said earlier what does MGY has got to do with YB or AnJell performance at all? She was just an MC for the awards, not as a performer that night…

    Unless during the rehearsal JGS was as clueless as we were, that he has no idea when JYH walked over to the other side of the stage, his intention was to approach MGY since she wasnt around that time, so he didnt pay much attention on what JYH was doing, only focussing on his own performance….and during the actual performance, then it only dawn to him what exactly JYH had in mind during rehearsal & he wasnt quite happy….

    Why??? Was he jealous that another guy was making a move on MGY on such a big event? I cant imagine he’s that petty…cud he? Cud he be as petty as MG? Remember how he was jealous tru out his performance seeing JI & MR kept on whispering to each other? Or cud it be it wasnt MG who’s that petty but the real JGS? I mean tru out the show MG has been showing some raging jealousy…even from beginning of the show, when they arent suppose to have feeling for each other yet…

    And my 2 cents abt skinship on the 1st episode….do you all realized that MR’s character is not very familiar with a guy? At 24 she hasnt dated a guy nor has she kiss a guy yet in this episode alone, they hold hands, hugg, forehead kiss, massage his hips (of cos with the pleasure of viewing his b^tt )

    As for the rest of the episodes…well I dunno where to start..she keeps on clinging/hooking her hans in his arm, while he keeps on hugging & grabbing her hand…they’re too freely in touching each other wherever they like…especially their character are stranger to each other to begin with…even Kyobin wasnt this skinship in the 1st few episodes, and their character has history as intimate senior/junior relationship…

    And I also remember reading sumwhere in the 1st episode drunken scene, both JGS & MGY were really tipsy becos the director made them drink 4 bottle of soju..and remember also the director said that he let MGY & JGS did their own adlib in most of their scene…of cos they’re not completely drunk but they’re not fully sober as well…they know what they have to do yet they have freedom not to follow the script..I often wonder abt this part when, MG hugg her, MR said “Why are you like this…when you’re drunk you are all skinship” or sumthing like this..perhaps it was not the rite translation I think more or less it has the same meaning from most of the translation I’ve seen…What made me curious was…how did MR know how MG is when he is drunk when this was the 1st time she met him? Or even how did she know how he is at all drunk or not…she just met him & from the time she saw him after the concert, didnt she saw him keep on hugging one girl after another? That time he was still sober?

    See…what I’m getting at? That it wasnt the tipsy MR who said that but tipsy MGY saying to JGS, not MG…revealing that JGS like to hugg ppl when he’s drunk…hehe…

    Now back to SBS again…Many ppl comented that JGS & MGY were not close to each other yet during this period…mainly becos they seem awkward with each other during the few second interaction in the 15 minutecs rehearsal bts clip…now think abt it….if they’re not close why did JGS list MGY as his close celebrity friend alongside MC Mong, SuJu Choi Siwon, CSJH Steffanie & Yoo Ah In..he has a long list of celebrity friends, male & female…he can name anyone of them… he even made a video call to SNSD tiffany on YB set to flaunt his cross dressing as female idol to her…he spoke to her casually & cheerfully as usual…no worries abt the camera focusing on him..so why didnt he list her as close friend instead? Why list sumone he’s awkward with as close friends? My bet was he has no worry being caught talking casually & in friendly manner with other females stars becos he truly has nothing to hide…they’re all his friends & just that…same goes with MGY with her mle costars including 2PM Taecyeong & CJM…however when together prior to MSOAN, both were awkward becos they officially has never been working together…they claimed to be close friends, surely that means they meet up in private…even so why shud they be awkward being in each other company infront of the camera? MY BIGGEST BET is they worry that they wud expose more than what they shud….becos instead of just close friends they claim to be they have sumthing more to hide….just look at them during MSOAN presscon…how cud they become to this level of friendliness within a few weeks time…especially the the reserve MGY? We can see the vast different between MGY & KJW as well as JGS & KHJ compared to JGS & MGY…dun you all agree?

    • Agreed! After reading sensible and logical comments on M3 and looking back at the bts ranging from M3 to way back to CS and YB and with the PressCon of M3 and other evidences available online, I was inclined to say this to myself : that perhaps it has been fated that they both are being given a chance to show to the world their real relationship (if not all, just half of it will do) so that they can be at ease with each other publicly after this.

      Remember that JGS did mentioned before that he feel pressured when there are even scripts based on both JGS+MGY way back when they were in school?

      Then in another separate program (I lost that link..had to dig up later) the hosts asked JGS about the article that says JGS confessed his love for MGY. JGS then revealed about the actual interview by that reporter in which he was asked if JGS likes MGY which JGS said yes and even said that how he wish to meet her and to do project together. When the article published otherwise, JGS feel so down thereafter but suddenly quite surprised when there’s another article (alongside the article about him) is that MGY’s ideal guy is Brad Pitt….. I dont know if that program was taken prior to his YB days or not. That might give us some ‘view’ on his relationship.

      But overall, I do believe and still want to believe that both are exceptionally great partners and will definitely be a great parents to baby Geuns. It is just that I hope that they were not being pressured by anyone just so to tarnish their already great chemistry. For the love of the Geuns, I wish and pray that both will find everlasting love in each other.

      • wow I thought i was the only one you saw that he agreed that i liked her and was bummed out that she “liked” Brad Pitt. the audience did not even react to his confession, i had fouund it odd…It was the Champagne show taped in 12/09 after YB.

      • I have a link of the interview. It’s part of compilation of Geun-Geun
        moments vid. It’s in my puter at home and i’m at work now. He really is
        sad of the bad comments of netizens by saying that time, he wants
        to meet MGY in the future, that i think people interpreted in the
        wrong way. I just wonder his reaction, why he seemed really upset
        about it..is it bcoz people doesn’t like him for MGY or he think it is not
        the way they think it is. For me, i want to think the former…to much
        Geun-Geun blood is raging in me haha!

      • Can someone translate the whole pinky promise? I just wanted to know what that promise is all about. I know it’s just a game…but MR is a loyal person.

      • yeah I have read that article..it said that JKS confess to MGY that he wants her as his gf but the translation bit not accurate because I don’y find the original text but that approved that he likes MGY way since then but they don’t pay that attention much back then and I guess that make him relax but as years to come he realize that many have been realize his feeling so he tries to hide it by in some interview/show showing that he likes older female, likes other artist etc and when they both being interview and ask for confirmation of rumour saying they have a romantic feeling, JKS stir the conversation to other topic and leave MGY shock because she shock that how can they found it out?hehehe well that’s what I thought.

      • Here is my opinion about the reason why they have to date secretly (forgive me if I’m wrong). Many Korean don’t like Jang Geun Suk and think that he’s a bad boy, on the other side Moon Geun Young is National Little Sister, will they accept it? And I think MGY knows that, that’s why in some interviews, she said that she like BAD BOY Type, maybe she wants to give us some hints?

      • The show that I saw when JGS was ask abt his ‘confession’ to MGY was in Champagne World Cup, recorded in December 2009…And I think it was very clever of JGS to divert the hosts attention to MGY’s ideal man instead….then quickly followed by his Japan fanmeeting agaisnt LMH fanmeeting…I strongly believe the news reported abt JGS confessing his love to MGY had many negative comments…that’s why he was kinda upset…however he spice up the story with MGY’s ideal man…I dunno how tru the article abt MGY’s ideal man was …I bet the one the showed on the screen was just a gimmick not the actual news especially the news they were refering happen in 2004/2005…I dun think they still have the article…for all we know JGS just made up the Brad Pitt story to divert the host attention from their real relationship….I mean anyone ever heard of MGY’s ideal man is Brad Pitt…me never heard of it until JGS brought it up…Usually MGY wud name one of her senior actor at least 3 times her age & happily as her ideal man just so to avoid gossip…and clever JGS here suggested Brad Pitt who not only speaks different language but also has beautiful & sexy Angelina Jolie by his side…definitely not a threat to JGS…haha

        Again made me wonder wht they omitted MGY’s name as one candidate for JGS’s ideal girl? MGY has been namy by many Korean idols & stars as their ideal girl…there’s even an old article saying JGS thinks MGY as an ideal gf, so why wasnt her name in the list too? Again my haunch strongly believe JGS made a specific request not to include MGY’s name in the list before he agree to participate in the show…and now we know at during this period he’s involve with sumone…so if his gf is not MGY, why not include her too? Of cos if he is seeing her, then he’ll be in the ‘hot spot’ if MGY was listed as a candidate…he can’t choose her yet he cant let her win…too risky…haha

      • yes lxandra..it’s obvious JKS like ( I say like maybe at that time he not that love as in now) MGY alot so that he put her name in his ideal gf among other names of actress that is way old for him but as he see the effect on MGY because she dubbed as korean little sister so that he want to protect her by asking not to mention her name like hyun bin said when he was asked about rumour that he broke up with SHK, he said that no such rumor, we are in strong bond right now it just that we have tight scheduale that make us less meet up..so don’t ask me that question again and that goes to JKS, they have put MGY in the list and he can predict it so he deliberry ask not to mention it..until he coast is clear then I think they will announce their relationship..

    • Speaking of skinship my interest in the geungeun couple was sparkled when I saw the SBS 2009 awards red carpet pics (matching blue/cream outfits). The way Moon clung to his arms, she seemed very “possessive” I thought, are they dating before knowing anything about them. Then the excitement about M3. Watching ep1, confirmed it for me and their interaction then was the very reason why i decided to watch the show. Their body language implied more than just acting. They reminded me of Robsten if any of you know of who i’m talking about.
      I totally agree that they were way too familiar to have just known each other. The fan service hug, forehead kiss, grabbing her cheeks (so familiar, my bf does it all the time with the same grin..;) )
      Also, i think in ep16 when MG gave/showed MR the necklace, the kiss on the cheek was not in the script. if you pay close attention MG seemed surprised, paused and you can see the emotion in his eyes. JGS was the one taken aback by the kiss not MG.
      About the friendship list. It really confused me because for two people who have know each other for 4-5 years I hardly heard about them being around each other, why the secrecy? and all the sudden, texting, singing to each other on the phone? U rite Lxandra 😉

      • I’m a little confused on JGS answered he wants to meet MGY in the future.
        Since the interview was in 2009, why it says on his profile that he is friends
        with MGY way back 2006? Remember the Yashimanman show, it was in
        2006 right? They even made a pinkie promise. If 2006 they already knew
        each other, how come in 2009 he is saying he wants to meet her in the future?
        Maybe, he was just referring to he wants to have a project with her in the future.
        But if it says he wants to meet her in the future..its is quite odd, considering they
        are already friends since way back.

        Honestly, everytime I watched a drama show and become hooked on the pairing,
        I can’t let go of them immediately after the show is ended, especially if I saw
        a natural chemistry from them, that I want them to be together in real life.
        It already happened with my other love ,Zac and Vanessa of HSM (they friends first)
        and a local celebrity couple in my country wherein after their project together,
        are now dating for a year now. Hopefully that will happen eventually with
        Geun-Geun, they are fated for me.

    • i agree totally with loving the skinship between the Geun-Geun couple but
      i would rather they keep to being subtle, refined and dignified by NOT portraying a bed scene but subtly IMPLYING it…
      as was done in Marry Me, Mary… (”,)

      somehow i am for the “LESS IS MORE” concept…
      and maybe because i am from the older generation,
      i see subtlety, refinement and elegance in portraying emotions and actions as more profound than “in-the-face” style that is favoured nowadays…
      or in other words, the style that seems to favour the “sex sells” concept…

      i appreciate the need to portray the stories in dramas and films as close to reality as possible but i believe there is not just one way of achieving that…
      and i personally appreciate the writers and directors more if they are able to achieve that with just the right amount of skinship…
      not too much, such that nothing is left to the imagination…
      or too little, such that viewers are left frustrated…
      with a CEREBRAL slant/angle in transmitting the multi-faceted messages/emotions/thoughts BEHIND the actions that drive the storyline,
      that promotes deep thought, reflection, evaluation and assessment of what is being transmitted…
      rather than a simple SHOW AND TELL, which is more of a portrayal that engages the HORMONES more than it engages the MIND… (”,)

      after all, there is a saying :
      the sexiest part of the human body is the MIND *wink* *wink*

      it is a delicate balance, requiring masterful and artful handling, for an execution of a drama that should result in a cathartic experience, both for the actors and viewers alike… (”,)

      somehow, when i see the two of them together, both JGS and MGY seem to me to exude a remarkable level of comfort, contentment and familiarity with each other that i have NEVER seen in a Kdrama couple before…EVER…
      and yet they do not come across as being over-the-top or JUST ACTING…

      which is why i liked how they ended Marry Me, Mary…
      with no bed scene, and just an exchange of meaningful looks before JGS COMFORTINGLY leaned in REALLY CLOSE to MGY to kiss her on the cheek…
      more so than a simple romp on the bed…
      in my humble opinion… (”,)

      • I agree with you…and I think after episode 8 kiss, they were people commented that the storyline are awful so the writer & director trying to salvage the story by emphasizing on Geun2 hot kiss & romance….or sumthing like that..

        And I believe too if we’re rite Geun2 is actually a real life item, I’m sure they’re not comfortable with passionate kisses for the viewing pleasure of their parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles & close friends…hehe..perhap once or twice for the show sake as well as their own satisfaction but how embarassing for them if they meeting their family & friends…

        Imagine this…JGS sending MGY home from a date..her father open the door…he look at him and in his mind ” Oh, that’s how you make out with my daughter huh?!” I can imagine how JGS feels…haha…

      • LOL!! Lxandra!!! how right you are!!!
        and how funny the scenario that you gave for the meeting between JGS’s and MGY’s respective parents could be like!! haha!!!

        definitely!!! if they are really an item, then definitely the feeling of embarassment would be acutely felt if they were to face their respective family members and their scrutiny of their behaviour on and off the cameras…haha…LOL!!

        and i agree totally with you that perhaps the epic epi 8 kiss could be seen as a way to try to save the drama’s ratings from hitting rock bottom…and so will definitely invite detractors’ comments about it…

        i believe MGY is an innately private and reserved individual and perhaps JGS knows that abt her, thus his automatically protective and secretive demeanour where she is concerned???

        or is it just my imagination going wild because i SOOO want them to be REALLY in love???? haha…(”,)

  71. I heard JGS is going to spend Valentine day in Japan….

    And MGY’s schedule is free for the whole of February…

    School new semester in Korea begins in March…therefore if MGY or even JGS are going back to school, then they will start in March…..

    Now wonder if MGY will take some time to rest & vacationing in Japan too in Feberuary..hehe

    • @lxandra..M3 will be broadcasted in Japan this February. So, possible
      JGS might promote it there during his Lounge H event but
      Since MGY is free this month, may she can promote it as well. It will be
      fun if they are together during the love month hehe..

  72. @Jade & lxandra..i’m inspired once again having lovely to read your post.
    It’s been months since our fave M3 finished and some of the peepz are
    not posting anymore (but im sure they still are a Geun-Geun believer,
    whatever happens) and seeing you guys and the rest here continue to
    enlightened us with your thoughts, two cents and can’t help but crave
    for them more.

    These two lovely pair is like a breath of fresh air to me when
    i saw M3. I instantly fell in love with the drama and their character,
    moreso with these two. How i really wish that every small
    details, investigation that connects that two even in the past will be
    proven true, that there is something that the two is hiding and more
    than special friendship and hopefully will be unearthed as time passes.

    Keep the faith Geun-Geun Lovers!

  73. Yikes, the moment i think that i’m over my obsession wtih M3, i stumble across more posts about JGS and MGY and fall all over again. They do complement eachother very well, lets see what the future will bring us.

  74. i agree totally with loving the skinship between the Geun-Geun couple but
    i would rather they keep to being subtle, refined and dignified by NOT portraying a bed scene but subtly IMPLYING it…
    as was done in the ending of Marry Me, Mary… (”,)

    somehow i am for the “LESS IS MORE” concept…
    and maybe because i am from the older generation,
    i see subtlety, refinement and elegance in portraying emotions and actions as more profound than “in-the-face” style that is favoured nowadays…
    or in other words, the style that seems to favour the “sex sells” concept…

    i appreciate the need to portray the stories in dramas and films as close to reality as possible but i believe there is not just one way of achieving that…
    and i personally appreciate the writers and directors more if they are able to achieve that with just the right amount of skinship…
    not too much, such that nothing is left to the imagination…
    or too little, such that viewers are left frustrated…
    with a CEREBRAL slant/angle in transmitting the multi-faceted messages/emotions/thoughts BEHIND the actions that drive the storyline,
    that promotes deep thought, reflection, evaluation and assessment of what is being transmitted…
    rather than a simple SHOW AND TELL, which is more of a portrayal that engages the HORMONES more than it engages the MIND… (”,)

    after all, there is a saying :
    the sexiest part of the human body is the MIND *wink* *wink*

    it is a delicate balance, requiring masterful and artful handling, for an execution of a drama that should result in a cathartic experience, both for the actors and viewers alike… (”,)

    somehow, when i see the two of them together, both JGS and MGY seem to me to exude a remarkable level of comfort, contentment and familiarity with each other that i have NEVER seen in a Kdrama couple before…EVER…
    and yet they do not come across as being over-the-top or JUST ACTING…

    in fact, to me they radiate purity and innocence, which are truly rare…

    which is why i liked how they ended Marry Me, Mary…
    with no bed scene, and just an exchange of meaningful looks before JGS COMFORTINGLY leaned in REALLY CLOSE to MGY to kiss her on the cheek…
    more so than a simple romp on the bed…
    in my humble opinion… (”,)

    • Dear kdl,
      I love love love your comment !
      I think that “refinement and elegance in portraying emotions and actions is so much more profound than “in-the-face” style”.
      100% agree with what you said.

      • Dear Nikousvet (”,)

        Thank you so much for your comment… (”,)
        and thank you so much for your kind, kind appreciation for my humble opinion… (”,)

  75. For JGS sake I’m trying to finish watching YB…and I just realized sumthing…someone has named their (AnJell) pet dog Angelina Jolie…I wonder who…hahaha….& how interesting that not long after JGS guested the Champagne World Cup only to announce to the world that MGY’s ideal man is Brad Pitt….interesting…

    And talked abt Champagne show again…the show was aired on December 20th 2009…He was asked if he has gf that time & he said ‘NO’ but check again what ‘Moom’ said from the stmt JGS’s mgt company released in early 2010…

    “He was also seen wearing a ring on his left ring finger from before YAB till about after the new year in 2010.. it then disappeared and subsequently, ”

    Now he’s definitely seeing sumone during SBS Award….and during his Q&A in September 2009 as well during the recording of Champagne World Cup show…now during Q & A Sept 09. he denied having a gf & he did again in December 09 during the Champagne Show..but his mgt company claimed he was in a relationship until new year 2010, when he finally took off his ring…

    This prove my point that at any time he’s in a relatioship he will never admit so…my bet he has never break up with this particular gf but he has to take off his ring becos as his popularity risen due to YB fans begin to take note of his ring..but that doent stop him wearing it occasionally when he tot ppl didnt pay attention to his ring any longer…

    Now to find out who the girl is….hehe…my bet is of cos MGY…becos for NO particular reason why was he so petty abt her?

    ~ Being awkward when he himself claim them being close freinds
    ~ Out of the blue AnJell member JYH approach MGY during their SBS performance
    ~ JGS playfully push HK when he repeated MGY’s name out loud in their dressing room earlier the same day,
    ~ MGY’s name was omitted from World cup list when its no secret abt JGS crush on MGY story…if MGY wasnt his gf then he has no problem eliminate her from the beginning , rite? So why wasnt her name included?
    ~ Both wearing matching outfit as presenter during Baeksang Award around March 2010,
    ~ JGS appear in Taiwan during YB promo wearing a butterfly ring, while MGY wore hers abt 10 months earlier while MCing the SBS award with him

    Now check out this clip again..MSOAN BTS 2…Ockoala has posted this clip earlier..

    I’ve seen this clip many times before but I never knew from 1:25 onward, it was KJW who did the recording….knowing the fact now @ 1:53 dun you all agree that JGS was acting like a possesive bf, seeing that MGY was acting all cute for the hot super model behind the camera? That he quickly walk over, calling her name casually, drop all the formality & of all question asking her if she receive the picture he sent her?!! Oh my…wasnt that a way of telling that he’s close enuf to MGY to be informal to her as well as he has her number? And of all picture he’s showing off to the cam as well as to the hot guy behind it, a picture of MGYssi (sudden politeness) look as if she was abt to kiss him…huh!!! And MGY was really cool abt it…I mean if you dun like a guy or you dun want him to create unneccessary rumours surely she wud protest…kind like “yeah, in your dreams” or “No way” or a simple “No…of cos not”…but she just stood there looking…I mean I wud do the same if my other half did that but if other guy who’s just a friend, I wud consider lucky if I dun knock off his head….

    • Oh…I forgot to say my conclusion for the girl I suspected having a relationship with JGS prior to YB filming until early 2010 which I believe still ongoing till now….Call me delusional, I dun care but I’m 80% sure its the butterfly lover, who’s ideal man is Brad Pitt….MGY, of cos…

      • Glad you are still around lxandra and the others,
        cheering us up whenever we are missing our Geun-Geun
        lovers. LizzyD is in hiatus…and you are out hero!

        Btw..thanks Ms Ockoala for wonderful banner!

      • Hi lxandra,

        Just want to say Thank You! for tirelessly keeping the Geun-Geun couple’s dream alive. 🙂 You’re attention to details of past events and collection of videos and clips are awesome! I think Sherlock Holmes if he were alive, would hire you as his partner (sorry Dr. Watson) to avoid competing with you. 🙂

        I read last week one of your posts in the thread for MGY’s Basic House collection. In that post, you broke down the timeline of JGS whereabouts vis-a-vis MGY’s whereabouts last January. What struck me most in that post is when you asked why MGY’s news only came out when JGS was back in Korea. It was an intriguing question. I do not have an answer except that everyone’s analyses and evidences thus far in this Discussion Forum only strenghten a conclusion that nothing is a coincidence anymore as far as the Geun-Geun couple. Do you agree?

        Again, thank you for your posts and analyses. I can’t wait for V-day. Hopefully a late breaking, heart-warming, an OMG kind of news happens then! 😉

        Cheers from your fellow Geun-Geun shipper!

    • I think we can count how many time that comments by JGS or their mgt on his in-out relationship and add it to MGY’s comments that she’s in relationship too. Take all that into account from the very beginning of their encounters with each other i.e. from the day JGS proposed to MGY to be his gf way back during their school days. If all in all it is 12 times – you get yourself Bingo! *Refer to MGY’s admission at the last episode, “12times break up, and now their 13th time together”.

      I do think that all the while they do have this secret and sacred relationship..but c’on JGS & MGY, how many years more you want to hide it? Confess to the world. No worry, we are supporting both of you all the way. This we promise you.

    • hmmm yeah somehow when I read your analyst I do think they have something going on before they film MSOAN. but I don’t think they are dating at that time but it can be that JKS thinks that because they are way close that being said so that’s why he wears that ring to proof that he’s taken and when people start to notice he take it off afraid that it will make MGY uncomfortable and when MSOAN start until finished then I believe that during this filming that their love is blossom..well they have good aliby if people start to create rumour but somehow JKS can keep it down bit this time because he sure cherrish MGY so much that he doesn’t want MGY to get hurt…

  76. Hi guys. Thought I’d share this old article when both
    accepted the role in Mary. JGS first and 3 days after
    MGY said yes to it. Dated Sept. 10, 2010 for JGS,
    Sept 13 for MGY.
    Excerpt of JGS answer why accepted it:

    Jang Geun-seok said, “Because Mary Stayed Out All Night is about music, I felt more burden in choosing it. I thought that I might be fixing my image with musician roles. [But] I read the synopsis and script and found it so fun that I was strongly drawn to it. In particular, I grew more and more attached to the character of Mu-gyul, who lives a bohemian lifestyle. Living a non-mainstream life, he has pain from his childhood that he tries not to show on the outside, and I found him very human and appealing.”

    On MGY part:

    “‘Mary’ is brilliant in terms of its material and plot but is also fun and appealing because of its unique characters,” Moon said. “I feel pressured because simulated marriage is a topic which has never been handled in dramas before but I’m also excited and nervous about how I’ll show it.”
    You see how attuned they are in responding to the query
    why they accepted the role? The nervousness, pressured,
    will have fun, loving their character…Honestly, all I can
    say is they are not nervous nor pressure to do this but
    more of excited to be in a drama that will show their true self
    and will be able to freely show to everyone what they are
    in real in life! wink wink! hehehe..

  77. Compilation of Geun-Geun vid. The vidmaker included the
    SBS awards moments. @1:21 they clap at the same time,
    @1:23 MGY leaves the stage and JGS looked at her, #1:31
    laugh at the same time, the part where JGS is teaching MGY
    the word Go mi nam @1:52 during rehearsal..stop @2:04,
    check out JGS after MGY turned her back..he is all giddy after
    talking to MGY haha..the guy is so happy hehe.. 😉


  78. I’m in Love sung by JGS.
    I need not to say anymore….he’s in love.

    Update (2/7/2011) From: GeunGeun Couple (Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young)
    MGY put a msg. on her BGM : “Suddenly i wanna say sorry, if i make worry you…i just feel a little upset…And soon i’ll be fine. Hi^^ ”
    -Credits: @MGY_IntFansite

    Credit to: lovejerry0101 YT
    2010 Asia TOUR Final in SEOUL(September 5, 2010)


    • Hi MikiMouse,

      Thanks much for this YT link and the MGY’s updated message on her BGM.

      Wow, all that JGS’ emotions in singing the song and all that squeeing from the fans! 🙂

      JGS – Will you be singing that song again on February 14 with dedication to someone with the initials M.G.Y. ? 😉

      MGY – We hope you’re okay now…Cheer up! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Hi Bashful,
        Hey, no thanks needed. Just as Koala had mentioned above, we need to keep this blog alive and show support for our geun-geun like the Baidu post did for KyoBin.
        This is a place for all who has sincere dreams and love in their hearts. Why, it has even spread to form new friendships among the bloggers. It is all thanks to our sweet Geun2’s that make our hearts warm….the Mae-Ri magic…
        Don’t forget….”LOYALTY”….we shall persevere! Geun-Geun 4ever!
        Another note:
        At the Taiwan Fan Meeting the back screen on stage had stars falling (AN JELL theme), the Seoul meeting is flowers, now will the Valentine fan meeting show hearts or butterflies? So curious…if it’s butterflies (JGS, I thank you in advance for the confimation ;D) I will die screaming….

      • Hi MikiMouse,

        Thanks for your reply! Yes, we shall keep this blog alive and show support to our favorite Geun-Geun couple. I also agree with u that it seems we made new friends thanks to Captain ockoala’s blog. 🙂 Geun-Geun 4ever indeed!

        Curious about the Valentine FM? Me too!
        With all the clues that JGS had been leaving behind since 2009 which Captain ockoala, LizzyD, lxandra, Hachimitsu, zz, pipa, tangee, Erika, erika, kdl, yourself (and who else did I miss)
        have efficiently dissected, one would think JGS will be more careful this time. But hopefully noooo! Hopefully he will continue to drop signs/clues willingly or unwillingly! (he he he)
        When that happens, I’ll join u in screaming. 😉

    • No doubt he will save all the falling hearts and all the I love yous for MGY 😉
      and i must say: he looks so gorgeous 😛
      thanks for the vid and the info

    • Thanks for the clip…it seems that this concert took place on September 5th 2009….I think this was around the time JGS went to watch MGY’s stageplay Closer

      quote from Pipa’s post
      “Before MGY was confirmed as Mae Ri, Jang Gen Suk went to MGY stageplay ‘Closer’ to support her. And it proves that theyre really close to each other since they enter entertainment industry.”

      This was before they even started filming MSOAN..look at his right hand middle finger…the plain band he’s been wearing most of the time during YB & at SBS award resurface again…only this time on his middle finger instead of his ring finger, not to make it so obvious…why wud he still wears his couple ring if he has break up with his gf…however if he still with his gf & the girl isnt MGY, how can he be so sweet to her while courting another girl? Can any girl survive watching her bf all so lovey dovey with beautiful MGY OFFCAM? I dun think so…which again a pointing clue that JGS & MGY indeed has a relationship.. **sorry, simply cannot give up the idea** LOL

      BTW I heard MGY spent her lunar year at Gwanju…while JGS’s buddy Kurt posted JGS picture in bath with a guy…I wonder if that person is Kurt..tho I always assume Kurt is a younger guy abt the same age as JGS…this guy looks older & again I wonder if my eyes were playing tricks on me but I see this guy resemble MGY’s manager….cud it be him?

      • The guy in the picture is Kurt, JGS’ Lounge H buddy – not MGY’s manager ^^

        Also if I recall correctly, apart from JGS, KJW also attended MGY’s play…I think all of them knew who were given scripts or strongly rumored to be in M3, and thus gave each other support.

        I personally am very much skeptical about the Geuns having anything significant prior to M3, but reading your inferences is amusing, nonetheless ^^ Keep ’em coming.

      • Hachimitsu…
        Many celebrities went to MGY’s play…including MGY’s CS’s dad…perhaps TY & CJM too…this alone is not an evident of a love relationship since he went publicly…its different if he was caught backstage…haha…

        However it can be consider they’re good friends as what JGS has been saying all along…but I still believe there was sumthing more than platonic friendship mainly becos of their obvious awkwardness infront of the camera during sbs rehearsal…since we know JGS bubbly personality regardless with male or female & MGY easy-going personality with everyone around her, yet when being together infront of the both the bubbly guy & the easy going national dongsaeng seems shy & awkward although they claim being close friends for such a long time…so why with the awkwardness especially when the camera caught JGS call MGY informally during SBS backstage? Again I stubbornly believe they’re being extremely careful not to be obvious & made fans suspicious of their relationship…becos as at that point they both have never work together yet…and becos they have more to hide than being just friends, so they’re being more cautious & that made them look awkward….

        I bet that’s why they were so happy to be working together in such a romantic story, no less..that even tho MGY said not to accept anymore role after CS in 2010, she still accepted the role in MSOAN mainly becos of JGS…while JGS admitted he even yell with happiness knowing MGY was going to be his MR…I’m sure becos now they can be seen being close to each other openly…not to have guarded their interaction all the time whenever fans & camera were around…the KBS Awards is the living proof of their unguarded intimacy…compare them to Micky YC & PMY, who were seen close on SKK set that created scandal between the 2 & I love both of them too in SKK but even if they talk to each other once in a while during the award they hardly display any intimacy or closeness other than comradeship & platonic friendship..unlike MGY & JGS intimacy which were very misleading that instead of just costars attending the award, they look more like a couple on a date…

        And they have been this way since the beginning of MSOAN filming…how can they be this close even in the beginning unless they have been this close way before MSOAN…remember during the presscon a reporter commented that both MGY & JGS seem very close its hard to believe they never work together before, and immediately after the host asked if they have met each other before…I’m sure the question was directed to MGY & JGS becos it was rite after the earlier comment, but instead of talking abt themselves, MGY talk abt her & KHJ while JGS being funny again abt him, KHJ noona & KJW sunbae, as he call them…& eventually distracted the host into talking abt their age instead…so in the end we never knew how they 1st met each other or talk abt them prior to MSOAN….of cos they knew we all know they knew each other before MSOAN yet they refuse to talk abt it….WHY???? Afraid they accidently reveal sumthing they’re not suppose to? Better take a precaution & not say anything at all, rite…

        Anyway…dun mind me…I’m too stubborn…hehe…I believe they’re a couple prior to SBS Award 2009 & still ongoing up to date, unless proven otherwise…

    • one thing… why on earth there are not bts about the second kiss (and not many bts at all????) it was said that because of the troubles and bad feeling while filming, but it wasn’t a official comment (and you can see from the last filming day they all in good spirits), and i’m thinking, wouldn’t it be cause bts would show they had a relationship (especially the second kiss bts). seriously i need to watch the more bts

      • Hi.. I’ve been stalking this site since PK…. But i can easily let go of BSJ and OHN after the show.. although i love their chemistry but i didn’t feel the closeness BSJ and OHN like Mugul and MAry Had… But after watching MSOAN ( a lot of times), i am sure addicted to GeunGeun couple.. I really feel something is more into it…
        @Antonia…..Exactly my sentiments.. How come there’s only FEW and SHORT BTS of MSOAN? Compared to YAB and Cinderella’s Sister…. I’ve seen the BTS kiss of MGY with her leading man in CS.. and it was sure a lot.. it was taken on several angles so they have to kiss a lot… but she didn’t reacted that way (BTS of the first kiss in MSOAN), nor her partner…
        If they (JGS and MGY) have reacted so much on the “supposedly” peck kiss… I would be dying to see how they’ve reacted on the EPIC kiss on episode 8…

        I sooo looove the analysis you guys have in this thread…
        Keep them coming…

  79. I picked up this transcript from a Japanese entertainment news site.

    KJW is in japan for a fan meeting and spoke of a prank he and MGY played on JGS during the filiming of M3.
    When JGS arrived late for the shooting, KJW pretended to be angry and stormed out of the studio. Then MGY pretended to be upset over this and chased after KJW crying.
    KJW said “Pleae ask JGS what happened afterwards when he comes to Japan”.

    Oh, poor JGS, how hurt he must of been…for MGY to be chasing after KJW….

    • I read that too!

      My bet would be, he either knew it was a prank because JGS is quick-witted like that, or (as I’d like to imagine, thank you very much) he chased after MGY and appeased her first, haha.

      • Or he had one of MG’s jealous tantrums, grabbed her wrist and claimed her as his woman…oh wait that in MSOAN’s script.;)

    • Now…that’s a tot….why wud they play this kind of trick on JGS…he must be out of his mind when he saw not only was MGY crying but she ran after KJW too..haha…cute

      • “why wud they play this kind of trick on JGS”
        why???? that’s exactly what i’m thinking
        just another proff 😀

  80. it’s sort of sad for me to say this, but i’m still not bored hearing the same stories about the Geun-Geun couple analyzed by different fans! i really need to pick up a hobby…..

  81. Hey guys,

    It’s been so much fun reading so many great insights and speculations. If we wish it, it will come true, no? 🙂 GG 4ever!

    • Thanks Captain. Without your love for the Geuns by creating this wonderful lovely happy crib, all of us might play alone, pray alone, wish alone..and it might take sometime to gather the wishes & prayers for the Geuns to unite. Now I shall say thank you so much for letting us play in your wonderful playground that it feels like our own. hehe.

      On a separate note, I wish this Discussion Forum will hit thousands of posts and supportive comments analysis wishes prayers for the Geuns to be united with each other. No, I can’t wait for 3 years. I need the Geuns babies asap! 🙂

    • aye, aye, Captain!!! (”,)

      so thankful to you, Captain, for setting up this special place for all the ne lovers of the Geun-Geun couple the world over to rant and rave at our hearts’ content… (”,)

  82. Seems like MGY add a msg on her BGM recently : “Suddenly i wanna say sorry, if i make worry you…i just feel a little upset…And soon i’ll be fine. Hi^^ ”
    -Credits: @MGY_IntFansite
    Now when I read her msg why does my mind go strait back to episode 10 when MR was upset & jealous becos of MG past with SJ? MG was so worried looking for her everywhere & when he found her she refuse to talk to him….it was until the following day after she has calm herself that she went to see MG, saying ‘sorry’ for the day before & that she’s ‘fine’ today…

    Is the real MGY has the same habit as MR…turn off her phone & wanting to be alone to clear her mind whenever she is upset? And that someone was so worried that he cannot get hold of her? Perhaps after a lover tiff? Just like her how her msg sound…
    *okay…imagination running wild* but cant help it….

    Talk abt similarity….In MSOAN the main essential of the story is all abt loyalty rite? Loyalty to family…loyalty to friendship…loyalty to lover….loyalty to work & responsibility…ieven loyalty to the unreasonable parents….in the end even SJ has a trait of being a loyal actress…..

    Now check out the main trait of Leo (JGS) & Taurus (MGY) especially in relationship…LOYALTY… a Leo can be flirty at times & like to attract attention but they are very loyal when comes to relationship..no matter what they’ll stay loyal to their partner…while Taurus tho more reserve, they’re more stubborn & very opinionated (which JGS said this too abt MGY) yet they are too very faithful & loyal to their partner, family & friends….

    Now I begin to wonder if JGS & MGY real reason for accepting the role is becos it reflects their own self & character? Which was why JGS was so happy MGY finally accepted the role…perhaps he has been pressuring & persuading her to take the role…remember she did say she accepted the role becos of JGS….

    • Dear GeunGeun lovers,
      I would like to run by you a pattern, a recurring theme I have noticed in all writings, songs, postings related to our beloved pair. It’s all about wanting to love, to choose it, but pretending not to love, fearing love to ultimately falling in love and being free to love. It’s that MSOAN’S plot? It all started with this post I found on lovesears blogspot:

      11/1/10 Anonymous said…
      Guen young repeatedly re-affirms her “more than friends relationship with Geun Suk” through her cy entries. We will be reading more of these in the days to come. Both equally good actor and actress. Let them be faithful to each other too as sweethearts, as they are faithful to their careers.
      I was intrigued and decided to do some research….

      10/1/10 MGY
      I have to love truly.
      A true love that it seems so right.
      I would like to feel the love
      I love the happy endings would done in yours.
      Loving each other and it may sure affect.
      Til mature love for each other is going to be affected..
      i can feel it, through your eyes.
      i know your eyes never lies.
      Love starts to knowing each other.
      And were able to do so.
      Love is a freedom.
      A freedom thing to choose who we love. *(No fear to choose to come out?)*
      Love is going to live together.
      (Sounds to me she is suggesting the beginning of something bigger, a mature love that they should embrace)

      10/10/10 MGY
      So now my mind is in the end of the show is more excitement than the big regret….
      While my new work was delayed *( Mary Stayed out all Night, so it was delayed waiting on her…)*
      so happy every moment what would have been enough to want to …
      *you have a good deal! Hehe –
      Thank you for making me happy!
      * Now he’s waiting for me on Mary.
      *Did you also waiting for yourself, Mary? –HEE *(MGY asking herself if she’s been waiting on the role of Mary?…)*
      *In fact he said he have high expectations on me.
      But, it’s really possible! Ill do my best to work with you!
      I’ve got to go now.
      *So im looking forward for Mary !
      I will see you soon!
      (Now who could be waiting on her to perform beyond expectations? And she is so excited that she screams (sounds familiar..?) WHO? The director/ her manager/ another actor she knows?

      10/31/10 JGS allegedly calls MGY “ Mae-ri ah” over the phone during Halloween party.
      11/3/10 PressCon (related to 10/10 post)
      * MGY: “ I decided to join the drama because I liked the script and the character’s charm, but my choice was also largely dependent on JGS being the other leading role…I’ve always wanted to work with JGS”
      *JGS: “MGY was cast right after me…. I screamed hooray when I heard the news…I was determined to make this drama something that MGY and I could both make together….I have great expectations”

      11:49 KT JGS mentioned Secret Garden. he asked his fans if they also watched this drama.
      JGS said he was missing korea, kimchi
      2:00 KT MGY updated her Cyworld Background Music: Secret Garden OST You’re My Spring
      – A drama about fated seemingly impossible love that conquered it all.
      MGY’s Song Words: “Thank you. With these words to express my heart is not enough, I love you, really thank you.. Really..”
      JGS- Handcuff necklace

      You Are my Spring (relevant lyrics)
      Why did I recognize you? Why did I move toward you? I can’t leave now.
      Even though I leave you behind as I walk ahead, All I see is you.
      Those painful words you once said to me, “If we hadn’t met each other, it might have been less painful.”
      You…Are crying, holding it in.
      You are raising your head, smiling painfully. *(Picture them after they shake hands @ the 201 0 kbs awards)*
      Your smile, which is the color of the sunset, is coloring the whole world.
      I miss you, I want to embrace you. I want to be by your side even though it hurts.
      From the first day, you took a step back. From the first day, I thought of separation.
      Even though I wanted you, I couldn’t ignore Those hopeless and cold calculations of the world. *(no freedom?)*
      However careful I tried to be, However much I tried to pretend it wasn’t, and push away
      I was already In love with you.
      Don’t cry, don’t leave. Stay by my side. You are my warm spring.
      In front of your still hesitant heart, My heart still won’t stop. *(fear?)*
      The fear left in your heart, I will hug and embrace Until you are peaceful.
      I have finally met you. You are my warm spring.

      MGY updated her Cyworld Background Music: (Live with/ Live together) – Kim Ji Soo & Park Bo Ram
      – A Drama about fated/ painful but impossible love?
      (REMEMBER the post on 10/1/10)

      MGY updated her Cyworld Background Music:
      MGY’s Message: “do not want to open up my eyes”
      Roy Orbison (who she listens to)- 1 of his songs is about dreaming about the one you love who disappear when you wake up In Dreams:

      In dreams I walk with you. In dreams I talk to you.
      In dreams you’re mine. All of the time we’re together
      In dreams, In dreams.
      But just before the dawn, I awake and find you gone.
      I can’t help it, I can’t help it, if I cry.
      I remember that you said goodbye.
      It’s too bad that all these things, Can only happen in my dreams
      Only in dreams In beautiful dreams.

      JGS wrote a message the title is “Love Begins”

      MGY updated her Cyworld Background Music: Beethoven Virus OST
      MGY’s message: If we have the same dream in mind, then eventually, the dream will come true. Hopefully, more and more people with same dream. “For the story in reality ….. how shall we know?”
      *(She opens her eyes and her dream becomes a reality?)*
      credit back the original writers:
      DCBH 퍼플문 and DC/Mary ♬라리
      Summary of above two threads recap by 千山暮雪@moonsclub in Chinese
      English translation by 54IVY @moonsclub:

      Fan’s query to JGS regarding MGY:
      “who is your favorite co-starring actress? ”
      JGS replied “Moon Geun Young” without hesitate. Said “Moon Geun Young is not an ordinary actress definitely, she is a strictly self-criticism, and will not force to throw in the towel, she has her definite view, and she is amazing always” JGS continued “we talk it over (for filming etc), and we fight sometimes, but we get along with each other”. JGS was so surprised and said “there is another person that was so much identical to myself”,
      “you can say, JGS is male version MGY, and MGY is female version JGS”
      “we had made the appointment to go out for a drink sometimes, and didn’t make it yet”
      “in conclusion, we are very alike, and we build up our mutual trust too”
      MGY updated her Cyworld Background Music: Indie Bands
      MGY listened to a song by TBNY called ‘Hey DJ’ ( special shout out haha)

      Of course let’s not forget the boy and girl butterflies ..

      MGY updated her Cyworld Background Music: Indie Bands
      Message: “Looking back, looking back, back to hope,”

      The “matching” rabbits. other symbols that may represent them.
      JGS did say to watch for them…;)

      MGY updated her Cyworld Background Music: Indie Bands

      One of the song was ‘Falling’ by roy orbison:

      I’m falling, I’m falling Falling in love with you
      Baby, Come closer closer to me, And listen listen so carefully
      Pretending to be falling in love with you
      But it’s different now, I’ve kissed you now *(Again pretending to love then really falling in love)*
      So forgive me forgive me somehow
      Hold me tight for tonight, Then tell me truth
      If you still love me, Say that you love me Don’t leave me now
      Now that I’m falling for you
      Message: “Day by Day” .. SNSD lyrics *( I am not even gonna make the SNSD link to the HDG OST or their friendship w/ JGS..hehehe)*
      When I open my eyes, there’s sweet sunshine With the fresh aroma of fruits all around
      With a full cup of mocha cafe, I sit on this small terrace
      And when I open my ears There’s a sweet melody I hear It reminds me of your smile
      And unconsciously, all the feelings treasured inside me throughout the day Come back to me again
      Even if I chase away all the other dreams I have each day
      Even if I try to make myself busy Love comes floating to me on a melody It pulls me in as if it’s magic
      I will fill all those dreams with my love
      Like a soft cream, Can you embrace my heart Please think only of the good things
      During nights where the night broke day through my tears Or days where I smiled all day
      With its ever familiar expression that always welcomed me Was my old violin
      Although sometimes I forgot about it And other times, I hated it
      But now I could never lose this precious yearning Share it together with me

      A/N: “To see or hear a violin in your dream, symbolizes peace and harmony in your waking life. If the violin is broken, then it signifies separation, sadness, and bereavement.”

      Message: “Suddenly i wanna say sorry, if i make worry you…i just feel a little upset…And soon i’ll be fine. Hi^^ ”
      -Credits: @MGY_IntFansite

      Can her current state her mind be explained by findings? it’s always good to speculate…;) Aright I am done…

      • Oh my god.
        Seriously Quirkie dear, this a awesome. It shows great feeling in the way everything is put together. My bet; she is actually referring to JGS, indirectly. Arghhh this is crazy. Haha..
        From what I’ve read, MGY drops so many hints. Keep those updates coming MGY-shi and JGS-shi.

      • Hi Quirkie,

        Thanks much for presenting this recurring theme or hints from MGY. Weren’t we wondering in previous posts/threads here in AKP about MGY’s side/thoughts when JGS was supposedly dropping hints in his interviews last month? With your findings above, it seems MGY has not been quiet after all. I’d like to add then that during Captian’s ockoala’s preview of either MSOAN’s ep 15 or e 16, rory’s mom posted MGY’s updated BGM on her CY page. The music was the song “Think of Me” from the Phantom of Opera . The lyrics of this song appears to me are also consistent with this recurring theme and I’m guessing is also speaking to and about JGS:

        Think of me, think of me fondly
        When we’ve said goodbye
        Remember me once in a while
        Please promise me, you’ll try

        Then you’ll find that once again you long
        To take your heart back and be free
        If you’ll ever find a moment
        Spare a thought for me

        We never said our love was evergreen
        Or as unchanging as the sea
        But if you can still remember
        Stop and think of me

        Think of all the things
        We’ve shared and seen
        Don’t think about the way
        Things might have been

        Think of me, think of me waking
        Silent and resigned
        Imagine me trying too hard
        To put you from my mind

        Recall those days, look back on all those times
        Think of those things we’ll never do
        There will never be a day
        When I won’t think of you

        Can it be? Can it be Christine?

        Long ago, it seems so long ago
        How young and innocent we were
        She may not remember me
        But I remember her

        Flowers fade, the fruits of summer fade
        They have their seasons, so do we
        But please promise me that sometimes
        You will think of me

        Cheers to you Quirkie and to all Geun-Geun fans! 🙂

        P.S. rory’s mom – How are you? We have not heard from you for awhile. Hope you’re well! 🙂

      • Quirkie you are amazing, what a wonderful work you did. i always think that jgs was the one giving hints of the relatinship, now i realize (and i’m happy for it :)) that mgy too!!!! yes coincidences can’t happen so oftener…
        Now as lxandra said below: Quirkie…..
        Did MGY really wrote this herself?

        * Now he’s waiting for me on Mary.
        *Did you also waiting for yourself, Mary? –HEE *(MGY asking herself if she’s been waiting on the role of Mary?…)*
        *In fact he said he have high expectations on me.
        But, it’s really possible! Ill do my best to work with you!*

        if that wasn’t a declaration to jgs… well i must have lost my mind!!!

      • oh my Quirkie..that is sure one proof that our MGY is not as silent as we think she is..now I only need just one sentence from both of them of their Manager speak on they behalf, ” yes they are dating/ yes we are dating and it’s start from bla bla”
        If they keep this dropping hints much longer I think I’m going insane and put in hospital before they even say the word..hurry say the line..this year is your year, both of you..

    • It was in my mind as well..that since both are friends JGS
      knowing MGY is being pursued to be his LL, he was the
      one who the convincing thing to MGY to accept the role.
      Bcos JGS knows the characters fits them well.

      Oh and i love the Leo and Taurus main..it is so them!

    • dear lxandra… Looooooove your stubborness
      dear Quirkie… Looooooove seeing you putting all the evidences on the table…
      and I Looooooove spending my resting-time visiting this GeunGeunShipper’sBubble
      keep up the spirit gals… 😉

  83. Quirkie…..
    Did MGY really wrote this herself?

    * Now he’s waiting for me on Mary.
    *Did you also waiting for yourself, Mary? –HEE *(MGY asking herself if she’s been waiting on the role of Mary?…)*
    *In fact he said he have high expectations on me.
    But, it’s really possible! Ill do my best to work with you!*

    No kidding!!!!! Who is ‘he’ she was refering to? Seriouslay can’t be the diretor…or even KJW since I heard he wasnt the original actor choosen for JI…cud we be rite afterall..remember JGS stylist reveal he knew he’s going toact in MSOAN since April that’s why they decided to let him grow his hair for the part…If he knew since April the production shud have started by June or July yet it was delay until October…Again if the production started earlier there’s no way MGY cud participate in the show becos she has commited to do ‘Closer’ in July…surely she started her rehearsal sooner…bet JGS really play a major part in convincing the production to wait for MGY becos it seems he really wants to do this show badly….

    I just watched Reese Witherspoon special just now…there was an iterview during her filming Cruel Intention with her then bf Ryan Phillipe…at the time they were so much in love so when doing a break up scene Ryan had to said a lot of cruel word to her..he admitted that it was the hardest scene he ever did, and he feels sick seeing her cry becos if it, while Reese were really hurt with his words that she really hit him hard…my point is even professional actors like Reese & Ryan had difficult time doing a break up scene…Now JGS started crying when he wasnt ask to do so…and to think back actually the break up scene was suppose to be between a confuse couple but they made it seem heartwrentching as if a break up scene of a couple of in love…and check again…After he witness JI kiss MR the raging jealousy in JGS’s eyes seems so real…SO its not far off if both JGS & MGY felt the same way as Reese & Ryan that time, both were crying becos thet feel as if they were the one breaking up , not the confuse couple MG & MR…

    • She was definitely referring to JGS in those bits, that I’m certain. There was a news article about JGS having high expectations to work with her prior to M3 filming. It’s adorable how she’s excited about them working together ^^ Ah, these two ♥

      The preceding lines in that particular message, however, had her writing about never forgetting a certain someone or thanking a certain someone for making her smile when her play was running…I’ve had my suspicions that she might actually be referring to one of the Closer co-stars. But of course, there is a possibility that she was talking about the time JGS went to see her play, and judging by the continuous flow of the pronoun “he” while talking about both Closer and M3, I’m happy to think in my bubble that it was all about JGS ^^

      Also, I too think that JGS got carried away by his own emotions in that particular scene in Episode 7…the line about him being confused and not knowing whether the relationship was real or not, might have hit him straight home. In fact, in all of their quarreling/break-up scenes, they really looked like they were hurting. I guess that’s why I invested so much emotionally on Mary and Mugyul while watching the drama – because their emotions felt so raw and REAL. Great acting? Of course. But I’m sure there was more to it than that.

      Sigh, I really want to hear some juicy BTS news about M3, hopefully they will surface eventually as time passes when the actors are ready to talk about it. Reporters better do their jobs and ask them juicy questions, darn it!

      • Dear Hachimitsu,
        I also believe that the preceding lines was about her co-star in “Closer” that’s why I didn’t include them. There is a picture (somewhere….)of them hugging. They seemed close. BUT i think she was also thanking him for his support 😉 especially after the way he acted during the KBS awards! Some said “why should she thank him, she won for CS?” Huumm maybe because he was her support system during CS, Closer, and M3…At least that’s what I’d like to believe 😉
        Ep 7 and the breakup scenes were brutal! I felt them so hard, I would carry the angst with me even after the show ended..haha
        @ Bashful, thank you so much for your post and that post would fall right into the theory I have been working on 😉 And yes where is Rory’s mom, she was such an inspiration.
        @ Lxandra, I wouldn’t dare making that up…crazy huh 😉
        @ Antonia me too, I must I’ve lost my mind! and I know I haven’t

      • I believe the picture of MGY and Uhm Ki Joon cuddling was from the Closer rehearsal, because I remember fans were aghast at seeing her legs all patched up from practicing too hard.

        Regardless, I do think they’re close – didn’t she attend the Three Musketeers play early last month? Because Ki Joon was one of the casts, I think.

        He better back off now though, because there ain’t no other guy for MGY except JGS, haha.

      • yeah..I believe that JKS put so much emotion on the break up when actually it’s not a lover break up because at that time they haven’t been a love stage yet but he’s so angry and crying like MGY will leave him for good??that’s somwthing not usuall scene..and when he change the last episode, I believe because he doesn’t want to have sad end with his girl that’s why I believe at last scene where they walking down the street it is not fully script, they just act natural and JKS kiss her cheek out of instict and love…

  84. @Quirkie..so awesome of you to compile those, i got goosebumps
    reading it. MGY is actually expressing her LOVE for his Man that
    i can only think is JGS (my gut and of course my Geun-Geun love
    in me). I love it!

    Also as lxandra said..it couldn’t be the Director or KJW, bcos i doubt
    MGY is close to them, maybe acquainted but not friends. And
    while reading her message, she seemed happy and at the same
    time excited to start shooting the drama. It’s JGS that came
    out right away in my too when i read.

    @bashful…what a nice from the Phantom of the Opera. Another
    example of unique she is choosing songs that will inspire u.
    You can not but admire her Beauty and Brains. Lucky you JGS!

    • Glad you liked the song too pipa! Its beautiful lyrics are what made me remember that post from rory’s mom ….I agree, MGY is so gifted.
      Hopefully she remains humble and her partner-in-life-to-be (i.e. JGS 😉 )will be as gifted, humble and loving as she is.

  85. Bashful says…
    “I read last week one of your posts in the thread for MGY’s Basic House collection. In that post, you broke down the timeline of JGS whereabouts vis-a-vis MGY’s whereabouts last January. What struck me most in that post is when you asked why MGY’s news only came out when JGS was back in Korea. It was an intriguing question. I do not have an answer except that everyone’s analyses and evidences thus far in this Discussion Forum only strenghten a conclusion that nothing is a coincidence anymore as far as the Geun-Geun couple. Do you agree?
    Check out this link…

    I noted that MGY story room latest update was on January 14, 2011…once again it was updated 3 days AFTER JGS return to Korea from his Thailand trip…and she was saying abt sleep, sleep & sleep…

    Just checking tru…she has finish filming in Dec 28..she did her Basic House cf shooting in the 1st week of January…dun tell me she has been sleeping for over a week? I dun think so… However it is possible for people to sleep a lot when they have jet lag…I mean its not surprising that JGS to have ‘jet lag’ around this time since he return to Korea on the 11th, that he’ll be sleeping tru for the next 2/3 days, up to Jan 14 but MGY too? Make me even more suspicious abt her whereabout from Jan 8 to 12…well if Kurt arrive in Bangkok on the 8th, she cud have tag along, rite. If she is JGS’s close friend & Kurt is JGS’s best buddy, she might have known Kurt too, so it wudnt be a problem *imagination running wild again*

    • LOL..Lxandra, u should look around too…i am the one who follow you every where, from Soompi MSOAN thread to here. I’m MGY fan and always wish that she can find a good lover who really cares for her and always there when she needs…now you have convinced me that JKS is the right one. Whoever she will choose in the future…i am still happy and smile every time i think of this blog and all of u girls

    • Reading the update of MGY..I am convinced that she’s actually in love with JGS. Unless she marrying someone else than JGS, there’s nothing that can shake that intuition or instinct of mine. Care to join too, fellas? :p

      Anyway, truly agreed with you, Lxandra. She cant be sleeping all along and yet still feel sleepy, unless due to jet lag and other busy/tight schedule which was unfounded in the namooartists’ site. I do want to believe on your analogy of her being tag along by JGS because of sudden change in JGS’s attitude of threatening the eels not to take any picture during the Lounge H or the FM when that was never happen before.

      At the same time, my mind can’t stop thinking of JGS’s act in M3 Bts when not even a single bts shown the non-stop texting or phone fiddling (should I say phone freak or text-freak) of JGS, the act which I find quite the opposite in his other bts or cf. Surprisingly, he did not touch his phone in M3. Yeah, we know that coz his precious girl is with her all along. Now, what I still couldn’t find is the act of MGY in any other drama/cf apart from M3. Is there anything that shows her act of phone texting or calls or something? If there is, how frequent. At least…we can connect that one again.. no? 🙂 Just a thought..

    • i checked the link and i don’t know if i’m making things out of nothing, but mgy was supposed to write this for her fans but all the time i thought she was talking to jgs ????

      • Well…JGS can be her fans too…if he keeps checking her blog/cy…hehe

        zz….green carnation…
        I’m with you guyz….JGS & MGY all the way unless proven otherwise…

        Just to add…abt JGS Bangkok trip…from the day he arrived till Jan 8th, his schedule was fully packed with official work. On 7tn midnite drag to 8th early morning JGS was caught floating the net with mssges how he miss kimchi or what not…now physcologically, when you’re waiting for sumone, the closer the time for you to meet, the slower the clock seems to tick & you feel you cant hardly wait to see this person…thus missing the person even more…now dun you think this is what the ‘Kimchi’ was all about? And the come day time, around noon Kurt arrived at the hotel where JGS was staying but he himself didnt stay there…now why didnt he? If he’s alone he can just bunk in with JGS but he didnt do so..later after the Ole fanmeeting (when he surprise everyone wearing a handcuff on his neck) plus series of interviews then meet up with Kurt in the club where they held the Lounge H but this time JGS seriously warn anyone to even take out their phone/camera..if he saw even just a glimpse he wud immediately leave…and he didnt stay very long too…less than an hour & he left the club with Kurt and the rest….yet he didnt return to his hotel until after 7am on the 9th..at the same time his staffs were checking out from the hotel..he got up to his room & came down again after a while & check out…no one knows for sure his destination after that…some said he went to Phuket, other said he went to Chengmai….and no fan account or any news abt his whereabout until some ppl saw him in Bangkok international airport on the 11th or so…but he rtn quietly & if I’m mistaken they said he use the vip entrance…

        Just sharing my *wild imagination*
        From the day JGS arrived in Bangkok he has been working non stop…and his last official schedule ended on Jan 8th…so his buddy Kurt came joining him taking along his best friend’s gf & perhaps his own too on the 8th…check in at another hotel & came alone to see JGS at his hotel to make plan before he leave for his fanmeeting…they meet up at the club & since fans saw Kurt in Bangkok they organize some kind of the mini Lounge H…after an hour they took off for their own leisure, and JGS end up at Kurt’s & his gf’s lodging…only rtn in the morning to check out before leaving together with his friends & gf for their private holiday..he return quietly becos there’s sumone as famous in his ‘troupe’ who wasnt suppose to be there…so take the safest way out using the VIP entrance…

  86. I have one clue that’s small but very convincing. When two of them were on stage for the KBS best couple award, MGY’s head was slightly tilting toward JKS. That is a strong, no mistake body language. When you don’t have a feeling for someone, your head will never tilt toward that person unless you are taking picture, posing. Wanna try? Go stand next to your boss. I bet your head will tilt forward instead of side, unless your boss looks like G Clooney or B Pitt. Also, your head won’t tilt when u r not sure if the person next to you has the same feeling as u have or not.
    U do that because u know u can lean on him and know that he let u do so. I really like the way MGY’s upper body leaning toward JKS and the way JKS standing firm and straight, as if he’s showing his readiness to support her. It was not the outfits made them look like groom and bride. Its was the way they stand.

    • Hi jessi,

      I chuckled 🙂 when you said “Wanna try? Go stand next to your boss. I bet your head will tilt forward instead of side, unless your boss looks like G Clooney or B Pitt” .

      It reminded me also of a question that I’ve been burying deep in the recesses of my heart for a long time because after all I’m a Geun-Geun shipper. But I think now is the time to ask the following question:

      Could it be the reason for the comfortable distance between JGS and MGY during the KBS 2010 awards (e.g. MGY’s head tilting towards JKS as astutely observed by jessi) is because JGS and MGY treat each other like siblings?
      As jessi explains, we tend not to stand close to someone we don’t know or don’t feel comfortable with. But standing close to or feeling comfortable with someone does not readily mean one has romantic feelings for that other person, right?
      I remember that proud happy look from JGS when MGY received her Best Actress award. Though JGS looked like a proud “husband or fiancee” watching his beloved, could that look be seen also from a proud brother, a brother who respects and loves his sister very much?

      No, I’m not wavering…I just wanted that question put out there so that it can be refuted and debunked and let my mind and heart continue to dream the same Geun-Geun dream.

      Long live the Geun-Geun dream and fans! 🙂

      • Hi bashful.
        Regarding abt the sibling thing. hmmm, if you look at the M3 presscon,
        M3 various bts, the SBS 2009Awards, KBS drama awards..i can only
        picture a different kind of feeling when they are looking and talking
        with each other, especially in M3 presscon..look at how they glance at
        each other, their eyes are like talking and they’re smile is so sweet like
        there’s meaning to it. Also, I noticed a different JGS in the SBS hosting
        rehearsal when he is teaching Moon how to pronounce go mi nam.
        When Moon turned around after she smiled at Suk, look how he shyly
        smile after the conversation..he is all giggly to himself. There is even a
        Japanese language pop up when he smile shyly. I wonder what does it say…
        So, I doubt he feels like a sibling or a friend that time, but more like..
        he is OMG my crush is smiling at me! Hehe..You know, like kind of that scenario.

        I have firm belief that friends can become lovers 🙂 Geun-Geun 4ever!

      • A question for you…if a guy think or look at sumone as their sister/sibbling, wud they be able to kiss the ‘sister’ the way JGS kiss MGY in ep 8?

        Why??? He cant even kiss PSH properly in YB…I mean its not like he never kiss her before…they did the lipstick cf together rite long before YB & they kiss just fine, becos at the time she was just a stranger to him…but during YB he said many times that he only sees her as a sister…how cud a guy kiss a girl passionately when in his eyes she is a sister …only ‘sick’ people do so…

        And so was his other close female celebrity friend CHSJ Steffanie…he has no problem referring to her openly as his ‘brother’…meaning not only he sees her as a sibbling but as a male sibbling too!!! Yet at any time has he ever refer to MGY as sisterly friendship or anything in that context? No, rite….it has always been ‘good friend’ & ‘close friend’….and now he is saying she is the female JGS & vice versa…other word she is his ‘soulmate’ now…

        And talk abt the epic kiss, does anyone notice after the kiss in ep 9 opening, JGS was shaken up a bit…no…both were….if it was just an act, boy they really are sumthing….call me bias but I never even see professional screen kisser LBH shaken up the way they did…haha…I know…I know I better stop now…

      • Thanks pipa for citing those examples/instances. Yes, I agree those should put my question to rest. I should have remembered those instances when they all have been discussed and analyzed many times in this Discussion Forum. I guess I’ve been overwhelmed lately that I briefly lost my focus on what’s obvious. Thanks pipa for bringing me to light again.
        Go Geun-Geun 4ever!

      • Thanks lxandra. How could I forget ep 8’s epic kiss? Sorry, I think I just had a temporary amnesia. 😉 You’re right that kiss is not platonic and definitely not for siblings. Okay, okay, I’ve gotten that sibling question out of my system now. Will not mention it again. Thanks for understanding your bashful shipmate. 🙂

      • @pipa…

        He smiled shyly cant be becos his ‘crush’ was smiling to him…they’re already ‘close friends’ rite in his profile long before he did YB…and remember his mgt claimed during this time he still in a relationship…how can a guy love another girl smiling this way to another girl? Its more like…
        “Hmmm, my GY is here already & wow she looks so pretty…darn this camera…when are they going to stop…I cant even talk to her this way…1st time working together…must do very well & make her proud of me…” bwahaha….

      • I believe so..there’s no way nothing happen…that’s why I believe they will eventually being busted if not they confessing that they are dating..I mean all those body language between them weather it’s during MSOAN or award…too bad no cf from them at all?? I do hope that MSOAN will be hit outside Japan, ask why?? because they will promote it together to other country that means they will have their honeymoon and their love will blossom even more..

      • i was about to say the same thing as lxandra “if a guy think or look at sumone as their sister/sibbling, wud they be able to kiss the ‘sister’ the way JGS kiss MGY in ep 8? “. Of course a girl can lean on your brother (i love to do that with my bro, he hates it, wich makes it better, ha), but you can’t kiss him like that. but after all you can say they are actors, and they are acting.
        the more important thing, is the eyes, as pipa said, the way they look at each other is the best proof of love. if they did it just in m3, you can say they’re acting… but their eyes are meaningful the same when they’re not acting

      • Hi bashful, it all well said by pipa, lxandra, antonia and erika but I repeat what they say. Nah, its not the bro and sis type of affection. Yes sometimes we feel sibling kind of affections toward the opposite gender and what good about that is that you feel closeness yet don’t need to be physically close to. u knw, like ‘leaning toward my big brother? Yuck!’ I know I have a brother. We trust each other and when something happen we immediately form a scrum to solve the issue but usually ignore each other because we can do so. I googled for romantic body language. Think you all knw this very well but here’s some notes. leaning your body towards another person says ‘ I would like to be closer to you’ It can start with the head with a simple tilt or may use the entire torso. This may be coupled with listening intently to what they say, showing particular interest in them. (don’t need to mention about Miss. Moon’s tilting head or them keep whispering intently!) in moving closer to the other person, you move from social space into their personal body space, showing how you would like to get even closer to them. (hmmm, who had moved his/her chair to….? Both of them!) It may start with accidental brushing, followed by touching of safe parts of body such as arms or back. (I lost count of how many times they pat each other’s shoulder, back or arm at KBS award) Imitating the person in some way shows ‘I am like you’. This can range from a similar body position to using the same gestures and language. (aha! U remember all that identical gestures like they were playing Simon Says game!)
        And like pipa says, we should all go back to presscon moment sometimes because that tells us everything. His/her eyes, smiles. Him fingering her bracelet. C’mon, no brother nor just friend toying with the bracelet you’re wearing!

  87. What have the Geuns done to me now that I can’t help but to check this blog every now and then for every single day and night without fail just to get my daily happy dose that derives from any updates on them or even an in depth analysis from the GG shippers around the world.

    So MGY did give lots of indirect hints, so does JGS. What’s left is for their fans to connect them together at the same time pray for their dreams to come true. I just wish JGS will find this Discussion Forum and drop us a line or two that the confessions are real! 🙂

    Back to the analysis made by ever so loyal fans of the Geuns, I am truly amazed at how each of us contributing and connecting all the evidences and surprisingly it point to one destination that both you and me shared and dream of. Let us pray that the Geuns will stay loyal with each other, and that we stay loyal to this wonderful lovely happy bubble.

  88. MGY has updated her CY again and wrote those sweet message
    again hehe..she is not busy i guess. Why not go to Japan and accompany
    JGS on Valentines day. Remember they are supposed to meet
    up and have drinks..so that day is the time!

    Nighty all!

  89. Please dissect this.
    She’s driving me crazy with all this anticipation……………………………………..

    FROM: GeunGeun Couple (Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young) FB

    [Cyworld]Moon Geun Young Story Room Recent Update
    by Mary Stayed Out All Night (매리는 외박중) on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 2:27am
    Jan 14, 2011. (MikiMouse: “Did she really, really write this? ♥♥♥”)

    It’s been a really long time that I leave a message.
    Maybe it’s because there were many things like this and that that happened last year…
    My body and heart does not easily recover^^;;
    Even though I sleep, sleep, sleep, I still feel sleepy-
    And during the times when I by chance am awake, I feel dazed-
    And because my heart is uneasy, my willpower declines-
    But… I should quickly come around and spend each day preciously right? hihi-

    Are you all doing well? euheuheu-
    Do you miss me a little? puha-
    The truth is I miss you more…
    For some reason.. I miss you so much and feel empty^^;;;
    I think it’s because I received so so much of your love and support during the whole year^^
    Eun-Jo, Alice, and Mary…
    Although I was *lacking a lot, thank you very very much for always supporting me, watching over me, and loving me.
    The truth is there were many times when I wanted to tell you each moment, in detail that I was thankful…
    But because I missed the timing like this-
    My heart full of just thankfulness has accumulated so much like a snowball.
    Really my heart is filled with thanks packed tightly tightly together.
    Thanks… this one word that is not enough to convey…
    Really, thank you very very much.
    Everything… is so happy that I could cry I’m thankful!

    (* Humble and modest Moon. hihi, euheuheu, and puha are onomatopoeias – words that imitate the sounds that it describes. hihi is pronounced heehee.)
    credit: Soompi Moons
    Feb. 7, 2011
    “Im Fine”
    February 8, 2011
    From: GeunGeun Couple (Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young) FB
    MGY update her cyworld again. She updated her CY background with a saying …
    “In the moonlight i once dreamed of you”

    • I’m pretty sure in the message, MGY being a sweet bunny that she is, is thanking her fans for their love and support for everything she did last year ^^

      From this particular message, I get the feeling that she’s been living like a zombie since done filming, haha. I hope she’s doing fine now after much needed rest. Of course, I hope she’s hung out with her JGS at least, regardless of how busy he is!

      • oh….okay, that’s a reasonable explanation. i didnt check the post date, thought she left this message yesterday or so. phew, with that ‘wanna say sorry’ message, this looked so personal, i almost got heart attack! well, it was not that the fanfare declaration but good to know MGY’s sweet and thankful attitude toward her fans.

    • Check my post above….I have commented & dissect the “sleep, sleep & sleep” part as je lag….haha…Its Jan 14 rite…abt 3 days after JGS retrun from Thailand…hehe…

      • Yesssss! i really like ur ‘We know who was in Thailand last January’ theory. Feed us more Lxandra!

    • I’m sure that’s her message by judging on the words, she’s that humble..that’s why I love her more..it’s like I know her so much and we like friends for long time..sigh…

    • Thank for the news MikiMouse! I have not seen Han Ye-Seul act yet but I think she was last seen with Go Soo in “Will it Snow this Christmas?”, the drama that followed YB in 2009.

      It’s ok about work…I tell myself I need to rest my eyes every 2 hours at least. So one way to rest is to check on the latest post in AKP, specifically this Discussion Forum. 😉

    • oh….Han Ye Seul is pretty…but after watching her in Will It Snow for Christmas?, i find that acting-wise, she has a lot to learn…esp in delivering emotional scenes…so…am looking forward to the film because of JGS but will reserve judgement abt HYS’s acting after watching it…

      NOT feeling excited that JGS is pairing up with another actress so soon after Marry Me, Mary, but i knew it wouldn’t be possible for the Geun-Geun couple to pair up again so soon after M3…siiiiigghhhhh.,..

      • I’m ok with JGS – HYS pairing. As for me, I’m fine seeing JGS with his leading lady that is older than him… hahahahah this is crazy..

      • Hello dear kdl,
        Hope all is well with you and your lovely hubby!
        Arrgghh I have to admit I am feeling a little nervous too…it’s the moment of truth…he better not waver or we’ll be crushed 😉

      • hello there, Quirkie dear! (”,)
        how lovely to hear from the lovely you! (”,)

        thank God everything’s fine with my hubby and i…(”,)
        thank you so much for your wonderful wish, dear Quirkie…
        you are too kind… (”,)

        i feel truly blessed having found such truly wonderful people like yourself, Quirkie dear, right here, in this wonderful blog set up just for all of us lovers of the Geun-Geun couple the world over by the incomparable Ms Ockoala, our one and only Lady Captain of this ship-of-love for the Geun-Geun couple… (”,)

        i have truly enjoyed myself reading all your insightful and entertaining comments on the Geun-Geun couple, along with the other wonderful people here… (”,)

        thanks so much once again, dear Quirkie, for your kindness, thoughtfulness and undying love for the Geun-Geun couple (”,)

      • I felt the same way..Is okay MGY paired with other male because she is loyal but idk bout JKS..some how I felt he’s cheating..hehehehe I’m so bad for geun geun couple.

      • my thoughts exactly, Erika! (”,)
        thank you so much for saying it loud…
        i am sooo in love with the two of them TOGETHER that i am really going over the edge by feeling that whoever their future acting partner would be, i would not be able to shake off the feeling that they are cheating…LOL!!! (”,)

        oh, are we in deep trouble with this shipping for the Geun-Geun couple…. haha… (”,)

    • i watched several mvs about you’re my pet (japanese version) and There’s a Lot of Skinship and Kisses (hot kisses included). Well as you said above i’m a little worried. not that jgs loyalty for mgy would be shaked, but i don’t like to see him kissing and hugging and etc another woman, at least no so soon.
      any way i’m happy to see him in a new movie, and i think the role fits him perfectly. so i will watch him for sure (maybe mgy will be with him while filming. just to support him not checking him ;))

  90. Some caps I did when JGS was leaving the venue after the SBS Award…refering to

    @0:04 JGS was just standing there, further up there was a black car with lights on as if waiting for sumone…
    @ 0:30 JGS seems in no hurry to leave, idly talking to his fans…perhaps he was waitig for his car..
    @ 0:34 a white car pass him…and it slow down rite infront of him..JGS move closer to van & he wasn’t captured in the fancam for a few second…
    @ 0:40 he move back a little & the white car continue to move..he just watch it pass…

    @0:41 as the white car move pass him, he turn & start walking to the waiting black car..
    @0:45 I didnt make the caps here becos the camera was on ‘earthquake’ focussing on nothing in particular, but I can hear JGS voice clearly chuckling & said ‘Moon Geun Youngssi’ before he did what he did this @0:46…then he turn around and continue walking towards the black car….
    @0:54 he’s reaching the car…
    @0:59 his manager & staff made way for him to enter the car
    @1:04 he got into the car..

    Okay…what interesting abt this clip was, at 1st I tot he was waiting for his car to arrive…he didnt seem in hurry to leave or moving towards the waiting car so I tot it was sumone else car….but rite after the white car pass & stop a few second in front of him, he start going towards the waiting car…only then it dawn to me it was his car has been waiting for him there all along…so why didnt he just go & ride it earlier, before the white car pass him? He can still talk to his fans while walking toward his car since they werent talking abt anything in particular..just screaming & yelling they like JGS…immediately after the white car pass him, he quickly walk over to his own car…however as he started to walk to his car I heard fans yelling like asking sumthing but too many of them & with my extremely limited understanding in Korean, I cannot make out what they were saying…but I assume they asked him who was that just pass him in the white car..and he chuckled and said MGYssi….Of cos I cud be wrong…that’s why I asked in a much earlier post if anyone hear what exactly he said becos it sounded to me ‘MGYssi’…no matter how many times I listen either with speakers or earphone, I still hear MGYssi…

    SO if I’m rite, that he said MGYssi, I’m sure he was responding to his fans question which most likely they want to know who was in the white car that stop infront of him just now..I think that’s why he was chuckling shyly while saying MGYssi..then quickly walked to his car…Now I wonder too..his car has been there waiting all the while, so why didnt he go on & ride his car right away? What was he waiting for outside in the cold? Yet as soon as the white car, assuming MGY’s car left, he quickly went to ride his own car…was he purposely waiting for her to pass him, perhaps he was signalling sumthing to her when the camera suddenly turn ‘earthquake’? And frankly if truly MGY was in the white car, it seems to me like he was purposely waiting for her to go first before he followed her closely with his own car…that’s why he didnt dawdle his time there any longer, the way he did before the white car pass him…

  91. Quirkie & Bashful: Thank you for missing me. I read this discussion forum everyday but you guys have to remember that A) I am MGY fan 100% B)LizzyD was there to protect you guys from my negativity after all, you ladies are the nicest bunch that I have ever come across in reading.
    I wanted it to be true at one point but when I do my own research, I come to the conclusion that you are mixing oil & water, fire & ice, salt & sugar, Etc. I could go on but… I hope you all visit the MGY soompi forum.

    This is a young lady who is truly talented and admired by her peer of actors and everywhere for her talent, poise, charm, beauty (without taking a stitch of clothing off) and humility. She is reserved and caring. I don’t have to tell you that quite the opposite from others. MSOAN was blessed with the talent of both, they sold that love story but that is what it was, a story. They don’t travel the same circles. I could throw names around and instances but again you guys are lovely and they probably are friends but you know what, at the end of the day if she were my daughter I would want someone that was equal to her value. Handsome and talented are not the only things that should matter.
    I am not judging him but A) I am a Latina B) macho is as macho does. He is very much a man, VERY MUCH a man. Need I say more.
    Thank you ladies for mentioning me.
    Begging that you do not hate me and if you are an eel, I am in the US so I am not so scared but I haven’t really bad mouthed him, have I?

    • Hi rory’s mom!
      I had a feeling you left because of some things you’ve found. Trust me working on that theory of mine I have made some conclusions that I have not yet shared with everyone. I love her very much as well and wouldn’t want her to get hurt….but this board need a healthy discussion and you bring such a balance to it. I don’t think you are bad mouthing our prince he is cheeky one who loves the attention of the female kind 😉 but I believe that everyone eventually finds its match, often time opposite attracts. And most importantly I like to believe that MGY is such a beautiful and intelligent young lady with sound judgement and would not allow herself to get attached to someone who would deliberately break her heart. At least that’s my hope.
      Please come back , we miss you!

      • JKS will change when being with my dear MGY. I’m not so interested in JKS as in MGY but i have to admit that there’s some coincidence between them that we feel there must be something more than friendship. If somebody breaks her heart, he definitely gets more loss than the girl. MGY is intelligent and kind hearted enough so that God will send her the right guardian

    • Honestly, I feel the same way abt him just like you…on the surface he seems a bit wild…but when I find out little things abt him in between news abt other celebrities I think he isnt so bad…He’s the type he doesnt really let the rumours get to him…he just follow his own rules…ppl seems to make a big deal when negative rumours abt him came up regardless if it’s tru or not…and he is the type who doesnt really talk abt the good deeds he’s been doing..must be sumthing abt him that he was appointed as Seoul City Ambassador…

      And MGY….hehe…dun let the cute little girl face fool you…just look at the way she’s been dress for occasion lately…she’s one bold little lady…and she’s been trying so hard to shed off her child actress as well as the next door good girl image since 2007…just che out her KTF cf…and the way she dance & dress at her fanmeeting…I’m not saying she’s Linsay Lohan but she no miss goodie two shoe either…she’s just like any other avarage girl her age…no better and no worst…plus she’s smart, talented, bold & daring….c’mmon, at 23 in a rather conservetive community she’s bold enuf to take up the role of strip dancer Alice “live” on stage!!!

      Rather than worrying abt JGS wilderness, I think we better prepare to see balding JGS pulling out his hair to suppress his jealousy…

    • Hi rory’s mom ! 🙂

      Muchas gracias para tu “post”. Yes, I’ve been missing your posts and LizzyD’s too.

      For me, no apologies necessary on your views or opinions of JGS. In knowing what the truth (any truth) is, I think we have to welcome, listen, and respect each other’s views. Plus, we’re fans so we’ve chosen and I think we’re allowed to choose how we view our favorite actors/actresses on a certain way.

      I too am an avid MGY fan. One of these days, I’ll try to check out MGY soompi forum.

      Off-topic: Aside from your post of “Think of Me” BGM music of MGY’s cy world last December, I also attribute to you my learning of “translate.google.com”. Remember last December you used this site to translate the stuff written about MSOAN in dc.gall site? The translations you posted then were funny but they filled my cravings for any news about the last 2 MSOAN episodes. Since then I found another place to use “translate.google.com” – at work. 🙂 My work currently involves our office in South America. So in order to understand my co-workers in that office sometimes (since they do speak English too), I plug in the Spanish words they use in “translate.google.com”! (he he he) I also use it to translate MGY’s page in namooactors.com.

      On-topic: Are you excited about Valentine’s day? There could be a major clue or better yet a confession of their being a couple from our favorite Geun-Geun on that day, you know. 😉 Does MGY soompi forum have any info where MGY will be on Valentine’s Day? I’m gearing up to help fellow Geun-Geun shippers here in AKP to dissect, connect, relate and correlate whatever that clue or confession is. (he he he)

      Take care rory’s mom . Vaya con Dios! 🙂

      • Thanks. OK. 1. Check out Fujii.Mina.net. All of a sudden on Feb 7 she posts in her blog, A Love Story Begins. She speaks about wintry scene and how the connection was made. She may not be speaking about him but just as I said that Han Ye Seul (don’t get me started on her) would be the co-star of this new movie, I am sure that he is with MF. Sorry ladies, no V-Day together but apart. I am sure that MGY has a long line of men that are interested in her. 2. Yes, I believe she liked the older guy that played opposite her in Closer. If only Kim Rae Won hadn’t gone into military maybe they might have hooked up. I think she likes older men. 3. I think she is worried about the GeunGeun factor and how it may affect fans if there is no truth to it. She loves her fans and all people for that matter.

        4. He cried in that scene because it was what his first gf told him when they broke up. She used the very same line on him after he sat in front of her house waiting for her and she said “Let’s stop this.” 5. He was dating the older woman at the end of 2009 where MGY looks gorgeous next to his Colonel Sanders look. 6. At KBS awards he feels awkward but having the actress of the year sitting next to him gave him a sense of comfort to his ego (he has a big one). This leads to chattiness and all kinds of skinship and what looks like intimacy is merely two kids in a room full of adults.
        I can’t remember what else, I will read the posts again. There you are, my opinion. Yes, they are “friends” but not close.
        For a time I started to think that MGY was his first gf but doing the research, I don’t think so and I found evidence that his second gf was Sun Min from wonder girls. He goes and names his dog Sunni, that was funny to me. I want someone to prove me wrong but you really have to dig to get at stuff. I had my concerns that MGY would get her heart broken but nah, she really has her pick of guys so I am no longer worried. I pity him.

      • once again, Rory’s Mom! (”,)

        how amazing it is that you found so much info and how refreshingly honest they are…(”,)

        i echo Quirkie’s words – that your voice and words in the discussion here have provided a balance that is much needed, in the midst of all the shipping for the Geuns… (”,)

        i feel sad for JGS too if he has developed any feelings for MGY but are not reciprocated by MGY…

        how sad to know how he broke up with his gf,
        that was replicated in Marry Me, Mary…
        how heartbreaking it must have been for him…
        to have to re-live a moment in his life that he wishes NOT to remember…

      • Dun be to sure abt V-Day just yet…Unless she appears ‘live’ anywhere in Korea on 14th & 15th consecutively, then I’ll be convince they’re not together celebrating the V-day..why do you think he choose to do the fanmeeting on the 14th in Tokyo not Osaka? Becos its much closer to Seoul with more flights…afterall what is 1 & 1/2 hours flight between Gimpo & Haneida…with daily & hourly flight between these 2 airports…

        And btw when KRW acted alongside MGY in the Little Bride he was dating MSOAN KHJ…no I dunt think MGY actually like an older man in a romantic way…she has been a child actress, so she’s expose more to older actors…but these days she use these older actors as her ‘sheild’ to avoid unneccessary rumours…

        As for JGS…sure he dated an older girl (which I wonder if its really true, cos may be he just said this to confuse his fans so that they will look at other direction) However I still think his 1st gf is older than him or else how did she go to JGS when he was in NZ? At 1st I tot he’s dating a NZ girl but then knowing he was there for only 6 months how cud he have dated this girl for 4 & half years? Not even 3 years…so surely he must have dated this girl when he was still in Korea, when he was in NZ she visited her there, where he had his 1st kiss, they still on when he return & finally broke up around 2006…perhaps he did dated around few women while healing his broken heart but at the same time he gets to know MGY better & they become best friends …they got closer but not neccessarily as couple yet…I think around 2007 MGY suddenly declare wanted to be seen as a woman not a kid & a boy any longer…since then on she dress more sexily, take up more adult & controversial role…POTW wasnt it abt a woman loving another woman disguise as a man? Didnt she gets woman-woman best couple with MCW at SBS Awards 2008? And around the same time JGS started to list her as his close friend..Now why wud he do that if he’s not close to her? He’s was quite friendly with his HJN costar HJW…and HJW is known to get along easily with all her costars yet JGS reveal he doesnt even have her number..I mean if he just want the attention why did he said that…c’mmon HJW is an A lister when MGY is still known as child actress…and he has no qualms making a videa call SNSD Tiffany from his own phone in front of the bts camera on YB set…so why wud he named someone he’s not close to as his close friend? Doesnt make sense…& out of his character…If he just want to be popular than he shud name the SNSD girls or HJW as his close friends…but he did not…and he didnt just name all the famous star as his close friends becos at the time YAI wasnt as well known, & so is the CSHJ Steffanie…Again my question WHY did he named MGY as his CLOSE FRIEND since 2007 if they’re not close? Dun you think sumthing is amiss here? And how cud a bubbly guy suddenly turn awkward & mushy when he’s with his own good friend he has known for a few years everytime the camera focus on them? Just doesnt make sense to me…If he never list MGY as his friend, than I too wud believe there’s anything between them during SBS 2009 but that wasnt the case…so WHY?? My believe is still firm the girl he has relationship with while doing the Q & A in sept 09 is MGY…afterall he knew her closer since 2006 & was abt 3 year then…perhap they didnt start on romantic ground but along the way their relationship grow deeper..

        Did he ever said he’s in relationship with Sun Min ? Or was it just rumours? Just like in MSOAN when reporter speculate his Merry Christmas is SJ…or in YB when reporter thought HTY dated Uee becos she accident gets into the wrong car? I mean when they created the scene surely they have some basis too rite…like the one in 2003 JDG was reported married to CJW…when the rumour didnt died down on its own, getting even worst, both JDG & CJW made official statement denying the rumours …see…like MR said…rumours is just that…a rumour….and when she said that noncholantly, it didnt look a MR a non celebrity talking, becos a non celebrity wudnt be so understanding…its more like MGY herself talking being a celebrity herself since a very young age, no doubt had dealt with all kind of rumours, that’s why rumours didnt really affect her…

        All I’m saying is that these actors & celebrities…dun listen to what they say for the camera, listen to what they say when they tot ppl are not listening as well as their body language…they can control their words but they too have problem controlling their body language especially when they’re not working & just being themselves…

        And I believe the action between JGS & MGY during KBS is genuine…they tried to act cool in the beginning but they just gave up half way tru…and NO, its not all senior & veteran actors surround them that night..on their table alone only KKS was a senior,,,the other 3 from SKK, YAI, PMY & Micky YC were born in 1986…and one of them YAI, sitting rite opposite JGS on the same table is also listed as JGS’s close friend alongside MGY…yet he hardly talk to YAI…only focussing on MGY…and seriously YAI & Micky are as wacky as JGS…yet he only whisper & gigling with MGY….

        Abt JGS new movie i’m not worried abt JGS working with other actress, even Han Ye Seul…I mean…this is the line of work they choose rite…they have to work alongside other partner sooner or later…and no other person wud understand them the best other than partners from the same line of work…didnt JGS wrote sumthing abt ‘mutual trust’ recently & both have been saying a lot abt ‘loyalty’ too…

        BTW I heard MGY chg her ming abt not take up acting job while studying…I bet someone influence her that much…sumone who said recently in Thailand that this year beside doing cf he’s going to do a movie, come up with an album, concert around Asia as well as GOING BACK TO SCHOOL…boy he really do a lot of things huh? Perhaps she was inspire to do the same…

    • wow, Rory’s Mom!!! your detailed, insightful and informative comment after a long while is so refreshing!! (”,)

      i myself have had the same reservations abt whether they are truly a couple (if you’ve read my posts so far)…

      thanks so much for your perspective and sharing from your investigations…(”,)

      God bless you!! (”,)

    • Hi rory’s mom. i’m latina too. but i’m not sure if latin men are the same as other men. so i can’t asume that asian guys behave same as latin guys (though some things looks the same). the truth is i love jgs… and just came to like and then love mgy because of m3. you know is the magic surrounding them what makes them special as a couple and makes us love them together. i don’t know much about mgy but she seems a nice talented, intelligent and beautiful girl. jgs i learn to love and admire as an actor and as a person, he seems an honest guy, with his own way to see the world, and resolve to be sincere with his values in front of anyone. i don’t think he is the weak point between the 2. he has wonderful qualities wich seems to match mgy’s qualities. i think they made a great couple, i wish them to be a couple and be happy together, cause i think they both deserve it. yet if they don’t have feelings for each other well i’ll be glad if they stay friends and find love in some one else.
      in the end only time will tell… 🙂
      saludos y espero que sigas visitando y comentando en este akp

      • antonia mi querida amiga. Dejame decirte una cosita secreta. Ella tiene novio. No digas nada por favor.
        Gee that was fun, I don’t really get the opportunity to speak much less write my native language. I understand JKS is leaving for Japan today and probably won’t go back to Korea until the 20th of Feb. I wonder why he likes Japan so much. I figure he might wind up living there eventually. I really did not want to start writing like this but THEY FOOLED US REALLY WELL. I will stop if you ask me to. I am as disappointed as you all might or will be. At least I am not mad at him or her cause they walked away unscathed. Good for them being mature.

      • rory’s mom
        me asustaste, ja ja
        please don’t stop writing, i enjoy reading your comments too. and i learn a lot of mgy from them (you know cause i only stalk jgs’s sites)

  92. Ladies, I re-watched all of vitriana’s geun-geun MVs on youtube and I got to say all of our speculations are also 100% confirmed with this: http://www.youtube.com/user/vitriana#p/u/4/0kx-BoebmQ4

    I mean, in no way somebody is going to convince me that they are just friends!!! Another thing I notice is that JGS is always very suave and professional during interviews. He is never ever shy. However, if you notice all the bts in MSOAN and bts/clips of the KBS awards with MGY, he is very shy and boyish, which is very strange and stood out like a sore thumb!!

    Also, before new year countdown, you see other actors/actresses were busy with their phone, I notice at least two…however JGS and MGY didn’t even looked at their phones! So if JGS has someone significant as in a GF, he would have at least try to text her a Happy New Year right?? I think the reason he didn’t is because she is sitting right next to him! Notice that JGS and MGY spent both 2010 and 2011 new year together, one is during the 2009 SBS awards and just recently at 2010 KBS awards. Cheers!!

    • Yeah, seriously you’re rite…here we we talking how JGS seem obsess with his phone during YB filming, Lounge H fanmeeting recently & during his cf shooting yet he’s not texting anyone during countdown…oh his phone was with himm all the time…he put his phone on the table when MGY was sitting next to him…however when MGY wasnt around, his phone was back in his hand…

      And of cos the 1st person he wish after the countdown immediately after he stood up was MGY…he even put his hand on her shoulder…even Micky YC turn around to wish people behind him before wishing PMY who sat next to him…MGY wish him too when she put her hand on his arm….

      • Agh! Lxandra! nothing escape your radars… haha…I saw that too…Actually I think something something happened at the awards..like a disagreement of sorts that might have been linked to the phone… I didn’t share that observation because it was just a hunch. Watch the end of the awards before they greet the children, after they shake hands, the tension between them and how they ignore each other. I thought it was either on purpose to avoid anti-fan because of their interactions during the awards (but why now?) or they had a quarrel…I could be wrong…

      • Btw @3:18 check out his action when MGY was all tearing up on the stage…looks to me he’s trying to hold his own tears when he touch his eyes or was he wiping it while trying to laugh it off…before anyone caught it on cam……

  93. @lxandra..oh that “crush” thingy is just an example regarding how fishy
    his smile is hehe.. I know for a fact that even before these two have
    already a special bond that started from the pinkie promise 😉

  94. Hachimitsu…
    Uhm Ki Joon was MGY costar in Closer? Boy, that really skip me…anyway remember after sbs clip I ask you all to listen if you all hear JGS said MGYssi..well sumone said she heard him said Uhm ki Joongssi, but she wasnt sure becos she has problem with her computer audio…but we both have no clue who this UKJ person is…now that you mention he is MGY’s costar…well if JGS truly said UKJssi & not MGYssi, again I wonder how did he get to know UKJ…they never work together before..perhaps JGS came to know him becos of MGY? Sure publicly he went to see her play once but who knows if he often visit her during rehearsals & perhaps he came to watch quietly too at other times since there’s no fancam & picture of him there too rite…so we wudnt know how many times exactly he watch the show….

    • hmmm…you brought up a very good point, Lxandra! (”,)

      unless confirmed by the Geun-Geun couple themselves,
      we won’t know and may never know :
      how often JGS and MGY have been in contact;
      when they have started contacting each other;
      how they feel about each other when they first started contacting each other;
      how they feel about each other at the moment;
      how they hope to feel about each other in the future…

      which brings me to a question i have been wanting to ask all of you wonderful lovers of the Geun-Geun couple…

      after all the shipping, analysing, deciphering, dissecting, investigating, wishing and hoping…
      WHAT IF…once again, i am just saying WHAT IF…
      both JGS and MGY publicly announce they are dating…someone else…
      and that they are just very good, very close, very comfortable FRIENDS???

      i am truly amazed at all the posts by all of you wonderful souls here in this terrific blog shipping so fervently for the Geuns,
      looking and finding every possible clue that would point to what we all wish for – for them to be in love with each other FOR REAL –
      that i am so fearful IF the day comes when JGS or MGY or both of them announce that they have found their life partner…with someone else…

      as the saying goes : the bigger they are, the harder they fall…

      if our hopes and expectations are becoming much larger than we have ever anticipated, i am very sure, IF those hopes and expectations are dashed or do not materialise or do not come true, the harder it would be for us to accept it…
      the more painful it would be…

      i apologise to all the lovers of the Geun-Geun couple reading this if i always come across as being a wet blanket or party pooper…

      but i guess having lived for as long as i have – 4o years – i have come to realise some hard truths abt life that i just can’t shake off…

      no matter how much we can hope and wish for something to come true, we really do not have the power over what can or cannot happen in the future…
      esp if it involves other people and their lives…

      and although i am really shipping for the Geun-Geun couple becoming a real couple and start building a happy life together, i can’t help but begin to feel that if it does not become a reality, i am going to be truly devastated…haha…

      how strange this feeling of attachment to the fate of the Geun-Geun couple – two, practically, literally, STRANGERS to me…
      how deeply i have been emotionally invested in their love lives…
      that i am seriously worried how i am ever going to recover from the impact of them NOT ending up together…
      if that ever were to happen…
      how bereft i would feel…after months of shipping for them…
      for it IS a POSSIBILITY that JGS and MGY will NOT end up together…
      despite all our shipping, praying, wishing, dreaming, hoping…


      what do you say, dear shippers of the Geun-Geun couple?

      • First of all I am relieved that someone around my age group is in this Geun Geun bubble with me! I can finally come out of the closet after 1+ months of addiction on JGS&MGY couple. Honestly, this is the first time I’m so obsessed with a celebrity couple and I honestly thought I’d gone mad…besides I’ve been unable to tell my frens for fear of being ridiculed. I used to reason with myself over similar points which you’d brought up. However, I’d given up any attempt to come to senses simply b’cos I LOVE JGS&MGY couple, and the way they cheer me up. I can’t stop laughing/smiling whenver I watch their mv or see their cute pix. Perhaps it is a form of escapade or relaxation? I just know that I feel good watching them together. Hence, until they announce to the world that they are seeing other people (or when I’ve out-grown my current obsession), I’ve decided to bask in this “silly” light-hearted phase and enjoy this forum as much as I can! There is still hope as long as the bad news has not arrived…

        Ps: I trully enjoy all the speculation, theories, explanation and videos/pix that were added to this forum. Thank-you very much to everyone who have contributed here as I now know a lot more about JGS&MGY couple!

      • I’ll say:
        Looks like they had a beautiful fling while filming M3…
        Oh well it was fun and interesting to watch while it lasted and best of luck to the both of them and whoever they end up with.! Some believe we have one thru love, others that we have several ones…who knows, as long as we experience love and share even for a short while 😉

      • Dear Khim and Quirkie (”,)

        God bless you both for your comforting words…(”,)
        i feel much better now…hehe…(”,)
        thanks from the bottom of my heart (”,)

        i agree with you, Khim, that as long there is no news abt them finding love with others, then i am also more than happy to bask in the “this silly light-hearted phase and enjoy myself as much as possible”… (”,)

        i agree with you, Quirkie, that its better to have loved and lost, rather than not having loved at all…(”,)

      • btw, Khim dear (”,)

        i am so glad too that i have another shipper who is from my age group…i feel so old in the midst of all the young ones here… haha

      • kdl, don’t worry, if they’re just friends and find some one else who makes them happy, i’m sure we all be happy too for their sake (not inmediatly but in time). meanwhile lets just keep dreaming and hoping for better things to come 😉

      • Whether they are a couple, would be couple or just plain friends, for me it doesn’t matter as long as they are happy with their respective lives/careers. As a fan of these two gorgeous people, I’m quite ecstatic that they seems to be very good friends as we can plainly see on their pictures that resurfaced before & after M3. I specifically love their picture where MGY put her right arm comfortably on JGS’s shoulder after M3 presscon when they thought nobody captured it because it was not included in the official photos that they released. It is a clear indication how at ease they are in each other company. At the end of the day they are the one who will be able to confirm to us the real score between them. It is their lives not ours. All we can do is cheer for them whatever path they choose to take. Anyway, they are both still young and there will be lots of opportunities that will come their way.

      • Antonia dear, thank you so much for your kind words (”,)

        and i agree with your comment…let’s dream on while it is still possible to do so… (”,)

      • Dearest M3Lover 🙂

        Thank you so much for your kind, kind appreciation of my silly, loony raving of the Geun-Geun couple…i really appreciate it 🙂

        Just like your post-name “M3Lover”, i think your comments are simply terrific because of your deep love for the Geun-Geun couple, so please do continue entertaining all of us here with more of them!! 🙂

        So happy to have your kind self joining us here raving abt the Geun-Geun couple, dear M3Lover…haha 🙂

  95. I truly believe that everyone on this page is a romantic including me but at the end of the day we cannot control anyone’s life but our own. Some of you may not remember the Brad Pitt/Gwyneth Paltrow affair that lasted for 4 or 5 years maybe more I can’t remember but that was a glorious thing on our planet then came the engagement and the world rejoiced. Weeks after they officially announced they were no longer a couple, people were devastated but it happened and to this day neither one of them will say why but they are happy in their respective lives. Look at it with this story in mind. We may think they belong together but they are two individuals that we do not know and cannot know what drives them as people. You will feel better, I promise.

    • thank you so much, dear Rory’s Mom (”,)

      your words have made me feel better already!! (”,)
      i can’t thank you enough… (”,)

      God bless you for your kind words (”,)

  96. MGY peeks at JGS

    A second later, JGS peeks at MGY

    More peeking

    What’s so cute is that it brings back memories of when I liked someone. If he was in the same room, my eyes would inadvertently go look for him. Without fail, even if I tried not to so as to not seem obvious, I just can’t help it, and would keep taking peeks.
    That urge to see the other person is such a wonderful feeling, like butterflies in the stomach. You guys keep having fun chit-chatting! I’m listening, just have tons on my plate so will chime in when I have a chance. 🙂

    • Ahoy there, dear Captain! (”,)

      so glad to have you pitch in after a long while!! (”,)

      thank you ever so much for putting in the screencaps…(”,)
      and your words are so true… (”,)
      i felt and did the exact same thing that you said…
      always, always, my eyes and attention would be drawn irresistibly to the someone i was interested in whenever we were in the same room…
      like i was under a spell…hehe…(”,)

      so good to hear from you despite your busy schedule…
      please do drop by more often…miss your voice so much…(”,)

    • Oh I love this pictures! Thank you OCKoala! You’re one very resourceful & hardworking koala…. 🙂 True or not it leaves a very wide smile on my face.

    • I come bearing gifts, enjoy…
      As Jade pointed it out earlier instead of checking their phones they wished each other Happy New Year first. Look at MGY how she looks towards him, stands, smiles, waits for his acknowledgment, she only has eyes for him 😉 what does he do? He touches her again 😉 A simple bow would do.. 😉

      I begun to share earlier that I think something happened at the end of the show. 1. They were told that people are watching and noticing their closeness so they should be more careful (most plausible explanation) 2. They had a quarrel about a phone call/txt…
      First lets look at the entire scenario from afar
      @0:03 (2nd link) JGS touches MGY’s back ( pretty intimate if you ask me…) she looks up looking somehow confused as he is saying quickly before walking away…she heads to greet the children, comes back as the managers arrive. Then begins the famous super long handshake, both of them have this pained look on their faces..:( look at JGS’ body language, the way he stands. He appears to be looking away but he is paying close attention to MGY who is trying so hard to hold it in (* remember You’re my spring lyrics…) just like him. JGS’ manager position (standing in front of JGS but looking towards MGY) and the direction he is looking confirmed for me that JGS was paying attention to MGY. Every time he looks at JGS he looks at MGY too. Think about it, scenario: you are talking to one of your girlfriend, you notice that she is subtly looking at something what do you do? You look in that direction..anyway…watch for yourself…

      MGY gets to the stage to take a picture alone, not long after JGS follows *with a phone in his hand*…after checking it out for a few seconds he looks for her, spots her, slyly walks over but she ignores him. He then pretends to walk away but looks back to see if she is following him, but she doesn’t…hehehe (she a tough little one) The plot thickens…as he gets to the other side of the stage, unaware that she was looking his way as he had his back turned, he looks back again..JGS is so absorbed with what is going on the other side of the stage that Song Joong Ki looks that way too ;)…snap snap picture taken. JGS walks back towards MGY but does he join in the conversation? NO! WHY?? Arkward..He walks away, looking confused and disoriented..huh.. the stage is not that big..haha… right before he gets down the stairs he turns around as if saying “ Is she coming??”… There comes my favorite part, as if triggered by an invisible bell, as soon as JGS heads down the stairs, MGY ends her conversation and follows him…;) come on..really ..haha..How do I know she is following his every move, at the bottom of the stairs she slows down and a few seconds after he gives a final wave goodbye to the crowd, she does to 😉

      Closer look at MGY ignoring JGS, look @ 1:09..awww how cute she is stretching out her neck looking for him..

      After being ignored he walks away, looking confused and disoriented..huh.. the stage is not that big..haha…

      Now mind you if they had already said goodbye, shook hands, WHY is he looking for her? Your guess is as good as mine 😉 Until next time…

      • I was also wondering why they have to stay away from each other during the picture taking and then keep looking at each other then ignore each other when Park Yoo Chun & his partner in their drama is cosily standing beside each other.

        Btw Quirkie some of the videos you posted is private so I can’t view them…. 🙁

      • true… I saw it too, I thought I’m hallucinating that it looks like she’s following him… or… it is more like trying to catch but not that fast-catch… just insight catch…
        great to have someone notice it too

      • Quirkie dear! (”,)

        you are just sooo AWESOME!!! (”,)

        so much info from your kind self for all of us to enjoy!!!

        thank you, thank you ever so much!! (”,)

    • thanks koala san..as much as other saying and have proof that there’s nothing between them but this kind of treat that makes me confince more that indeed there’s something boiling behind the stove but they are good build up the wall so that we wont smell something but as a great fans we do have sharp noose and eyes that we see the sparkle even if it’s so little and that what make us hang in there and keep praying that one day they will spill the beans…and I hope that day will come soon because I’m going to be crazy any moment with this speculation…

    • @Quirkie…
      I think its reason no 1….I dun think they have time to quarel at the end…remember MGY received one of the final awards…then she backstage & didnt go immediately to her seat…there was a news clip where she was crying & sobbing backstage becos she forgot to thank her parents….. perhaps JGS received a text warning them not to be so obvious…and I dun think the text was urgent tho becos he only check it at the end of the show while walking up the stage…then after putting down his phone he skim around as if looking for someone…Anyway if he has no intention to stand next to MGY, he wud have just follow SJK…he was talking to him & went up the stage again together…I think he was abt to stand at Micky’s spot, close to MGY when he turn to greet the Baker king actor & when he turn around again his spot was taken…tried to get in between the actress who won with MGY & OJH but with no luck…eventually he ended up next to SJK again..haha

      Then after the photo session both him & SJK walk to MG. SJK stop to chat with her..while JGS greet PMY then walk idly infront of MGY…seems SJK & MGY had a lot to talk, so he kinda walked in circle infront of MGY but sense that JGS cant wait on the stage any longer without being too obvious, take one final look at MGY..and turn to the stairs…I think MGY can no longer feel his pressence around her & look up to see he was abt to go down…so she immediately excuse herself from SJK & quickly walk down the stage…

      Seems like JGS took his time going down too, then taking pictures with staff until MGY reach him @ 4:27 & they walk out together..check out, there’s only mgr & a staffs between them when they leave…

      • @ Lxandra, I see what you are saying but it still does not explain why he wouldn’t just stand next to her, technically they were both in the same drama, won an award together, best couple at that… but JGS is too shy or afraid to ask whomever is standing next to her to move over??…don’t buy it. And during MGY conversations/interactions with the other actors, she does not communicate directly with him…idk just seemed odd to me…

      • If he was warn not to be obvious, then surely he wud have the uncertainty weather or not to stand by MGY’s side…eventually didnt he go to stand close to Jang Hyuk & SJK who also won the couple awards? And they both stood apart their respective partners LDH & YAI too…which is more I believe he was trying not to be obvious…If they had a fight why wud he linger around MGY while she talk to SJK? He cud have turn the other way around, greeted ppl from the other end & march down the stairs without looking/waiting for MGY…

  97. Oh man, It’s way past 2am here in my country and i really need to sleep, but how can I now?! Ms Ockoala shared a wonderful peeking moments scaps of them and suddenly not sleepy anymore!!! wahhhhh.. i love it!!! Thanks Ms Ockoala..ur the best!!!

  98. Though i hate to sleep after these latest scaps..darn it, they look effin sweet peeking at one another! so many things runs in my mind again hehe… Anywho, my job starts at 8am..so, I really need to get some sleep. Will check the scaps at work.

    Night all and God Bless everyone.. Keep the Faith Geun-Geun lovers!

  99. JGS’s schedule for this month, Feb 2011.

    He leaves for Japan on 2-10-11.

    He has Lounge H DJ parties schedule for Osaka on the night of the 11th, 12th.

    The he heads BACK to Korea for a Valentine’s Day Chocolate Party in Seoul on the 13th.

    The he flies BACK to Japan, this time for 2 Lounge H parties in Tokyo on the 14th and 15th.

    Excuse me? He’s returning to Korea for 1 day just for a V-day party when he’s got four back-to-back events in Japan? This is the oddest and least efficient schedule I’ve ever seen. After the Tokyo parties he heads back to Korea to co-host the Soeul Arts Festival on the 28th.

    Ponder away, GG-ners.

    Btw, the Geun in MGY and JGY’s name is translated into Chinese as 根, which means stem. So the Baidu GG-ners call them the “Double Stem Flower”. Unique, strong, and beautiful. Such a pretty nickname. I love it so. <3333333

    • captain wonderful news 🙂
      of course why must he goes back to korea unless to spend valentine day with someone special (someone whose name begins with a M and finish with oon geun young, just guessing ;)) Now does anyone know where she will spend her day???

      “This is the oddest and least efficient schedule I’ve ever seen.” ha ha, who they think they’re fooling????

    • Haha..Captain…yeah, sure it was the oddest schedule…why didnt he just start with Lounge H party in Korea on 11 then headed for the 2 days in Osaka & followed by the other 2 days in Tokyo….oh why not just complete everything in Japan & come to celebrate in Korea…haha…funny schedule….

      Perhaps sumone was upset, which made sumeone else worried…adjust his schedule a bit….than she was fine again…and everyone is happy…LOL

      I wonder when he decide to include the Korea party on the 13th…becos as I recall the 1st time his schedule came out in FB it was only 11 &12 Osaka, 14&15 Tokyo…nothing abt Korea in between…

      My bet again…JGS goes to Osaka first…comes home & celebrate on the V-Day midnight with special sumone until the next day…who knows may be he’ll bring her along to Tokyo….Afterall MGY schedule is free tru out this month rite? So Japanese fans please open your eyes widely & see if there’s anyone with small frame, height abt 162cm around JGS…

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself 😉 Sure sounds like a last minute schedule change, how inconvenient…I guess he couldn’t help it…work comes first..NOT..haha

    • So that’s where he will be on the 13th…. I was wondering what he will do on that day since when I saw his schedule on the other blog there is a 1 day rest before the last 2 Lounge H.

      Hmn? Interesting & intriguing schedule if I may say so… 🙂

    • what a cute name behind double geun..as JKS scheduale, well he sure is busy but it’s kinda odd…maybe something will happen on feb 13th?we just have to wait..but weather JKS and MGY had any romantic feeling, I will support them although my love will full for MGY because she a babe and deserved it..

    • Dearest Ms Ockoala! (”,)

      I echo dear Antonia’s and Quirkie’s comments abt how AWESOME you are for giving us the info on JGS’s schedule…

      and i agree with you Captain dear – how crazy is the schedule? hehe…

    • Is that Valentine’s party that important that his presence are needed after a two day tiring event to accommodate it?! or unless the party is one of his excuse from him to head back home even for just a day on that special occasion hehe..*wink wink*

      • I believe that is as per ep.14 ‘script’ when MR ask why MG going back home when MG have to get going (that is due to MG’s busy schedule) but noticed MG’s answer : “to see your face for just a moment”.

        See, even in M3 when he’s extremely busy with his schedule, he still spend time with MR. Now, doesn’t it reflect his real life, now that we have his busy schedule but still making a trip back home even if it’s just for a moment. Hmm..real script it seems. The Geuns are totally notty! 😀

      • oh zz i love your comment!!! specially since maybe this line could be from jgs himself… i love the resemblances between kmg-mr and jgs-mgy ♥♥♥

      • Thanks for the agreement @antonia @quirkie. Well, as we are getting less evidences that comes out from both Geuns after the filming of M3, I tend to get and gather all those interactions and evidences in that M3 alone as that alone portrays their true feelings towards each other. Acting or not, is secondary because unless the filming is 98% purely based on script then we are left with nothing to indicate whether they are indeed in a relationship or otherwise. As that is the only medium that I have and can rely on (despite the fact that M3 is a drama) I still prefer M3’s script-less as basis of my observations as to the Geuns behaviour. And that alone reflected in their everyday life. Remember what JGS said that he’s gonna missed MG coz that is what he wanted – ‘to be free to do things that he want & feel like to do’..and remember MGY’s answer as to JGS’s question on how she feel when the filming is over – ‘misty’..well, that sums up to the faith that they are indeed in a relationship. That’s the only medium that they can be totally free with each other. It means, any other medium will have to be under the microscope of the analysts or rather the LSi (Love Scene investigation) which they might not indicate their true self. 🙂

      • @zz
        **head nodded vigorously**

        You sure hit bulleyes….In between busy schedule he still made a point to come home just to see MR….event towards the ending of episode 14 when he has to be out of town at some ski resort to perform, he still rush back so that he can spend at least a few hours of his birthday with MR..and as JGS he’s not going to be in Korea on V-day when there’s where she’s gonna be?

        Sumone mention the 13th party was pre-plan long before his Japan Lounge H v-parties….if so why was the 13th part was NEVER included in his earlier schedule when the 1st Osaka & Tokyo parties were released? They simply left th3 13th blank…and if the Choco party was long pre plan, they can always readjust the date to accomodate his Japan parties rite? But noooooooo…they just leave the day ‘open’…now if he fans caught him returning home just for a day without any solid reason surely ppl will get suspicious…especially now when I just realised offlate he didnt bother to deny having a gf…whenever he was asked just said ”Yes, I have…its all of you”,,,just like when they ask if there’s sumone in his heart now…he said “Yes, its MR” …I mean c’mmon he’s a season actor who has acted romantic secene many times prior to MSOAN but he never said this kind of thing abt his other costars or their character, beside HJW, where he openly admit falling for her becos he just broke up with his gf & was so down during the filming…HJW as a senior & a noona comfort & cheer him up…he was too vulnerable at the time that he falls for her but of cos he didnt even manage to get her phone number..or so he claimed… well understandable…he barely turn 20 while she’s reaching 30..LOL

        Anyway I wonder if anyone knows what he will be doing from 16 to 19 February becos he’s only rtning to Korea on 20th…is he working? Does his schedule mention anything? Or perhaps sumone join him either on 14 (if there’s no fancam when he leaves again, its possible) or may be comes on her own on the 16th so they can spend a few days together there…

  100. idk if you’ve seen this or not, but I just couldn’t stop laughing.
    At one point he looks like an ahjyumma and then in the end, he’s macho with those arms! don’t know about his tanks tho! lol

  101. I created an email for anyone who wants secrets that I have. LOL


    bashful I use Firefox only and you can add-on Babelfish witch uses Google but syntax is a problem. In Spanish we kind of talk backwards too so I can understand those translations for some reason.(laughs)
    I once had major surgery due to possible cancer but after the operation, doctors found no cancer and I looked the best that I ever did. I got dressed when I could walk at home and went out for a long walk feeling revived and new and shiny.
    I feel that way today. No longer will I care about either one except if she does something, yeah I will watch. I took my walk and I feel revived. Hallelujah!

    • rory’s mom, you’re going to be inundated with emails.
      I don’t want to fizzle out so I’m not going to hear out your secret.
      But, I’m glad you’re content and can carry on. I’m going to hang on even if it takes a few more years for the soulmates to realize what they have.

      • I’m going to stay in this geun-geun love bubble as well cuz both of them make me so happy! I’d be even more estatic if our observations are correct and they are in love. Even though I know they may not even be anything more other than good friends and may never get together, but we can dream! as ms moon says, if we all of have same dream, it’d come true right?

        But I’m eager for future projects from both camps 🙂

    • Thanks rory’s mom for the tips on the use of Firefox and Babelfish. 🙂

      Happy to hear you’re in upbeat spirits…Taking a walk does wonderful things. That’s how I often get solutions to problems at work. 🙂

      Take care and Salud!

    • Hmm, can I ask what kind of secrets you have? Is it something re: Geung Geun couple which aren’t supposed to be posted here? Thx

  102. hi Rory’sMom
    good to hear U again
    anyway, regarding to your post, I got tickled
    1. I guess Mina Fuji love butterfly too, isn’t she?
    2. I think the happy new year rabbit pict of jgs with hanbook and there’re picts of a couple rabbit which represent male and female, where the famale rabbit usually represent with pink colour that’s being mutualy-agreed around-the-world so people will instantly knows it’s a female rabbit, so I guess diff with another country Korean has its own colour for representing female yet in yellow or red, but blue, for male, is the same with other country
    somebody photoshoped the face of the actual-face’s lady in that yellowRed-hanbook and changed it with MGY face… hmm, that’s possible
    3. I remember one of the shipper here say that the change logo of jgs’s LoungeH for celebriting jgs’s existing in entertainment after 2decades as a metamorphosed… in my country celebrity usually has a big one after a-decades career, and in the 2nd dacedes they just celebrate it like just very casual… and then got another big one in 25years and a huge one in 5decades, u know… like married aniversary… well I guess it’s diff in Korea
    4. I know u can’t push your heart when it come to Love… like u said, looks like MGY like older-man… and without a plan she had a crush (if u don’t want to say it falling in love) with her actor-so-close-best-friend whose has the same age as hers… well, definitely u can’t push one’s heart when it comes to love, isn’t?
    5. msOckoala, I tought japan is very close with korea? so I guess it’s ok if he return to korea and back again to japan for a day, I predict he might be able to do it many times in ONE day… he’s very rich/wealthy U know… so, got no problem with plane-tickets expanses…

    well that’s just my tought…
    need to get back to my deadline-work

    btw, so happy still having u all gals here…
    keep the spirit guys…

    • yet msOckoala… the schedule is indeed very ridiculous, if he had a gf in that country, if it’s me, I would just stay there as a one day break accompanied by my love one… don’t I?

  103. I dont know if this will ease some of your worries or not but I did little research on Mina Fujii who did MV with JKS in Japan. Her brog post that rorry’s mom was talking about is this. Sorry my translation is not good but at least you will know what she meant by ‘love begun’
    it was posted Feb. 7th at her official brog. She started talking about baking a cake with her friend. and the next topic is the one upset rorry’s mom (i believe)

    ‘The other day, I had a heart racing moment when the makeup artist touched me (she didnt mention which part was touched but obviously its her face). ‘Love story has begun suddenly’ (=Love story wa totsuzenni, its the OST of Tokyo Love Story, 90’s famous J-drama) People say ‘you’ll feel electrical shock when love starts’. But this time the makeup artist was a woman and the shock I felt was the crackle with static electricity! The problem in shooting winter season is the dry air. This statistic between the makeup artist and my face is enormous. Feels like toning up my skin with electricity. Ms.makeup artist told me that two people who often produce electrostatic each other are good in the relationship. I dont know thats true or not but I’d like to think ‘oh we are good friends’ when i felt the static shock. Isnt that rather nice and peaceful?

    I’m really sorry for my terrible translation but the point is nothing to worry about her starting new love with JKS. Besides, her current boyfriend is an order businessman (very rich probably) I heard.
    So we can safely eliminate Mina Fujii from our blacklist(!)

    • Thank you for your translation Jessi! It helps a lot. 🙂 That’s why I wait for a clear translation/explanation before I put my comments. Somebody will always put some infos anyway.

    • ur verry welcome M3 Lover. i just dont believe that JKS could fall for a new girl just in a few days (during his WORK, MV making!). Sure there is called love at first sight but not him. In the end, he had 3 or 4 yrs relationship in the past. that is really long term relationship for such a young man. I have a son close to his age and he had a lot of gf, at once in some cases! (not that seliouse rerationships) But trust me, my son is not a bad boy. he just hasn’t met a right one yet and i know my son can be a trustfull man to his true love. how do i know it? the way he loves his mom, me. He’s my step son but I raised him since he was five so i will said it out loud that he is my beloved first son. He loves me cares me as his true mom so I know he cannot be bad to his woman too. My point is, I dont know why people think JKS is a bad boy. cause his wildness? if you’re not wild in your early 20s, when will u be? I was pretty wild in my 20s! cause he likes women? in my opinion, very few boys can purposely toying a several girls feeling at once. If someone does it, that’s the sickness, not being a ‘bad boy’ (like MR said to MG). I dont think boys who cannot chose only-one is sick or bad. Like I said, he just hasnt met the one yet. and JKS? the boy who had 4yrs relationship? to my eyes, he is a decent man. Why I like geun-geun couple is that they look so pure and clean. When I first saw the two in 2009 SBS award, thought both looked very well broght-up. could see their intelligence, respectfull atitude to others, and their age appropriate youthful cheerfulness made me smile throughout the show. Then at MOSAN presscon, they looked more close but their pure image was still there. And u knw what? It was still there at KBS award! Emotional and physical distance between them has surely decreased but that purity has never died and it trully is amazing. whn u work with someone intensely for 3 months, the spark often dies out or at least cools down. but JKS and MGY keeps same level of lovelyness before and after M3. That is why I stubbornly believe in a red string between their pinkies. (that they are the destined soul mates)

      • At his age it is tolerable to party he’s a man for God sake! He is not in his dotage yet to consider reading, etc as his past time. He works hard so it is allowed for him to play hard. Tell me somebody who does not love partying at that age & I will tell there is something wrong with his personality. Maybe if it’s a girl we can see that there are girls who are a homebody. Anyway, I think Lounge H is his way of relieving stress & to showcase his musical ability & also a way to connect with his fans. So, I’m not much bothered of these things.

      • love it jessi dear…
        that’s why I post my tought earlier…
        cos I need somebody to give me some proof wether
        1. Mina Fuji likes butterfly, particularly wearing it everywhere… I mean accesories
        2. is it really MGY wearing that yellowRed hanbook or is it not?
        3. refering to no.1 questn, + why is it now?
        4.did she ever in a relationship, for real, with older man, as a couple?
        5.what in the world did his manager do to have arrange such a schedule? he is a manager though, he has to manage, and it means WELL manage… unless someone requested to

      • Good point Jessi!

        You know, I would rather see JGS get wild at this age and point in time, rather than get wild in later years, when he is already a married and already has kids. I don’t think it’s fair to the person he loves and married, to be toying around with girls. It’s more like he enjoys his youth first before it fades out and be serious once he met his true love. For all we know, what MR or shall we say the real MGY is telling the truth in her dialogue in M3 that KMG/JGS has become full of warmth. He treats MGY different from his other co-stars and girls out there, he is shy and reserved beside this lovely MGY.

        Me, I’d like to think MGY understands JGS current lifestyle, she is a intelligent and broadminded girl and know who he is as a person inside and out and away from the business, they’ve know each other from way back..right?

        I know and I’m sure both of them are good kids and raised well by their parents. They know what is bad and what is wrong in dealing with life. One day, time will come they will meet the right person for them to love. But, I’m hopefull (borrow this from LizzyD..who I miss a lot..) that JGS and MGY are the one fated..and yes soulmates.

      • i must agree with all of you guys. in fact if young as he is, he didn’t like girls and party around, then i would be worried!!! he’s young, he’s handsome, he atracts women, he’s famous, he’s charismatic (and here i end my praises fraid they’re get too long) the natural thing is to enjoy himself. i guess as long as he stays with mgy, and her love/frienship, or whatever, grows, he will calm down and be as loyal to mgy as she to him. they both have a long way to walk and if they walk together it will be a brilliant and happy path for them (and for us!!!! :)) i have all my faith in them, i’m sure jgs is a good and sweet boy. so as i alwys said lets hope for the best!!!!

  104. @ jessi…
    Thanks for clearing up the air here..LOL..so the ‘love begin & static eletricity’ she was talking about is between her & her FEMALE make up artist. huh? Nothing to do with JGS what-so-ever…and it also sounded like when this static eletricity was going on between Mina & her stylist, they had the Tokyo Love Story ost ‘Love Begin’ playing in the background, rite? Maybe JGS heard that song too and decide to write it his blog too…

    Anyway back to JGS schedule..I was amuse becos as I was writing this post
    “Dun be to sure abt V-Day just yet…Unless she appears ‘live’ anywhere in Korea on 14th & 15th consecutively, then I’ll be convince they’re not together celebrating the V-day..”

    Cos as I was typing this our Captain came & disclose JGS schedule between Feb 11 to 15….so I have to ammend my stmt here…that even if MGY is seen ‘live’ anywhere in Korea on Feb 14 & 15, I’m still convince they spend Valentine together since he’ll be home on the 13th & part of 14th…hehehe….that guy must seriously in love to make a point to be in Korea during Valentine’s eve & the 1st half of the Valentine’s day…

    Jesse….let see if our theory “We know who were in Thailand last January” has basis…

    “My body and heart does not easily recover^^;;
    Even though I sleep, sleep, sleep, I still feel sleepy-”

    We all know she wrote this on Jan 14th 2011, abt 2 days AFTER JGS arrived home from his Thailand trip…and now she is saying ‘her body’ & ‘her heart’ didnt recover easily….recover from what? She has completed filming MSOAN almost half a month earlier, & she probably need abt 2 days the most the do the BH photoshoot…so what was she talking abt? Unless she has been utilising her body to the maximum doing a lot of sight seeing, shopping, swimming & other things that people do when going on a holiday in a foreign country…and her heart? What is it recovering from? Is not like she’s new in acting…she’s been acting more than half her age, I’m sure she can adjust how she feels after each filming wrap up…and afterall its already half a months the drama wrap up so why still recovering…unless her heart was recovering from the excitement with all the advantures & happening during a trip she went secretly with her famous secret bf…of cos if she;s have jet lag she’ll probably sleeping tru a couple of days & night just to get her body readjusted…

    “And during the times when I by chance am awake, I feel dazed-
    And because my heart is uneasy, my willpower declines-”

    I bet…probably smiling happilly recounting happy & fun memories…not to mention probably receiving text mssg from someone who’s equally tired from his trip…she knows she has to get things done but becos of her fluttery heart, she just give in to heart….haha…

    If eventually either MGY or JGS announce they’re seeing sumone else beside each other, then I will wish them happiness sincerely…but seeing how they were since 2009 till KBS Awards 2010 & plus all the butterflies that been ‘accompanying’ JGS lately & of cos the girl rabbit in red & yellow hanbok, well at this point of time, I’m convince they dun have anyone else between them, regardless if their relationship as friends or lovers…and I strongly the later…

  105. Talk abt KBS clip i think you guys shud watch this clips….if you havent already…


    Check out JGS & MGY behaviour tru aout the clip…at the very begining @0:00 both MGY & JGS stood up facing each other, then JGS began to walk & bow to the person behind…MGY follow to walk in hi direction talking to the ppl on the left side…fast fwd to @ 1:55 MGY was walking toward the stage…@2:15 JGS was talking to a guy, I think its Song Jun Ki, the actor from SKK Scandal as well as MGY SKK university senior…JGS seems to rush up the conversation & walk to the stage and from @2:25 onwards just look at his behaviour…the ever bubbly & wacky JGS suddenly being proper & look the way he skim around the stage & walk slowly undecided where to stand…ended walking behind MGY…he tried to stand between the senior next to MGY & OJH but he end up standing next to SJK…I dunno how to explain but he seems to dwadle on MGY side of the stage for quite a bit taking his time before finally find his position…I’ve seen this kind of behaviour before..many many years ago during high school & college when a boy trying to be close to a girl helikes & sumtime passing notes to their gf in the hallway or canteen…trying to be cool & not so obvious yet they’re actually so shy becos we all know they’re a couple…this is the feeling I get when I see this clip…JGS trying to act cool but still want to hang around close to his gf yet trying hard not to let be obvious…Ockoala has describe in detail abt the peeking part, so I just skip that part & move on to @ 3:46 both JGS & SJK walk toward the right side stage..SJK stop to talk to MGY while JGS talk to SJK costar PMY…look at the way MGY talk to him…seems like they have a lot to talk, perhaps becos they go to the same university, JGS has done talking to PMY, walking ahead but look at the way he walk idly…slowing his pace before reaching the stairs he turn around again…@ 4:08 head directed to MGY angle & saw she was bowing to SJK, an indication she has finish talking..and notice how she was kind of rushing to go down behind JGS…other screen couple dun follow each other this close…PYM has left long befor Micky YC…JGS & MGY left one after another then join by their managers & staff in between them..

    I tried to do caps on some of their action…
    In the 2nd caps…notice after JGS look back at MGY…she saw him leaving the stage…turn around to excuse herself from SJK & quickly follow him down the stage…

    • ‘…@ 4:08 head directed to MGY angle & saw she was bowing to SJK, an indication she has finish talking..and notice how she was kind of rushing to go down behind JGS…’ You are darn right about this lxandra! I saw MGY was kind of rushing walk down from stage. I felt sorry for her cause she looked little anxious if someone got mad at her or something. One more thing. I always LOL when I watch the Award ending clip, JKS and MGY’s never-endign handshake. look at MGY’s manager’s eyes. He’s just staring at two’s hands, like saying ‘enough, enough guys…ppl could see it!!’ I think their mangers gathered there for one purpose, to hide something….!

    • you’re right. so fun to watch jgs walking like he didn’t know what to do.. and lingering near mgy. and the way mgy chased jgs after he left the scenario makes me laugh. there’s something between those 2, and it’s not just friendship 😉

  106. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqkX0nGUzX4&w=640&h=390]
    First part of the vid, Jade has posted above. I think Captain Ockoala got the scaps above from here. So, MGY is up the stage first followed by JGS. Look at how MGY just stays that spots while JGS is like he wants to stay beside her but for some reason he went to the side where the other actors are standing. But forget that they were apart, the best goodies here is the next succeeding seconds when the two kept peeping each other while others are busy looking at the camera for photo op. haha..yes, that was a smart thing to do by them hehe.. of course, if they stand beside each, it will be hard for them to always look at each and be sweet and not to avoid being caught on cameras of their sweetness hehe…

    Also, i noticed on the link by Jade, after the photo op, while MGY still stays at her place like she is waiting for JGS. He did came toward her and then stop in front of her and said something (@:18) before heading to the stairs, then it seems MGY is walking slowly backwards to follow him. Honestly, those gestures by them are very fishy haha…