Upcoming MBC Drama The Duo Holds Press Conference

MBC’s upcoming Mon-Tues drama The Duo held its press conference yesterday, exactly one week before its premiere next Monday. The fusion sageuk will follow the just finished Queen of Reversals, and stars Chun Jung Myung, Han Ji Hye, Lee Sang Yoon, and Seo Hyun Jin. It tells the story of two men who were switched at birth, and the poor boy grows up the son of a rich man, and the rich boy grows up the son of a beggar.

I know I have Geuns on the brain, but I really couldn’t help it when I saw the press conference pictures with PIE and Han Ji Hye, and the first thought I had was “my god, they look so awkward and uncomfortable together.”

Compared to PIE’s comfort with his second leading lady Seo Hyun Jin, his vibe with Han Ji Hye does not bode well for onscreen chemistry. However, it’s just a press conference, and I remain totally really to squee my mind out when I see PIE say his first line of sageuk dialogue. Hopefully it’s something like “do I look hot wearing all black and carrying a big sword?” Yes, PIE, you do.


Upcoming MBC Drama The Duo Holds Press Conference — No Comments

  1. He’s still adorable and I’ll still hold on to the hope that they have chemistry…and if they don’t…well it still has him which is enough to make me want to watch it chemistry or no chemistry (unless the plot is really bad o_0)

  2. I can’t help but compare the pictures above with the press conference pictures from Cinderella’s Sister which PIE co-starred with Moon Geun Young. It seemed like PIE was so much more relax and happy with Moon. But then, he said he was a fan of Moon, so PIE could be more enthusiatic to work with her. Anyway, he still looks cute and I’ll be look forward to the drama.

  3. Tbh, I rarely watch sageuks for their love stories – I much prefer those which are secondary to the plot even if important (my faves are Legend, KOTW and Chuno, none of which could be styled romances first or even second). So even if the leads’ chemistry isn’t perfect I don’t care because unlike in a romcom, that’s not all there is to the story. But I don’t think there’s much to worry about. HJH had great chemistry with every male costar I’ve seen her with except for Yeon Jung Hoon and CJM has had chemistry with every actress I’ve seen him with, so I am sure their chemistry will be fine in the drama, whatever it may be in promos.

    But now on to the really important point – why have I never come across the hot hot HOT secondary guy before? You guys can each have a slice of PIE – I want a bite of Mr. Fake Aristo instead.

  4. i like him a lot and (kinda, sorta) looking forward to the drama but man that press conference picture ain’t boostin’ any chemistry at all…

  5. Oh wow, awkwardness! Woe! Let’s hope the press conference was just a fluke and they shine on screen together.

    Man, Lee Sang Yoon looks spiffy in that outfit! Melikes

    And PIE. Oh PIE, how do you still look so baby-faced? Look at this pic http://i966.photobucket.com/albums/ae145/ockoala/The%20Duo/d15.jpg I’d say he looked 23, 25 TOPS in that one.

    “do I look hot wearing all black and carrying a big sword?” Yes, PIE, you do.
    Big sword? You meant that in the literal sense, right? Right?

  6. CJM and HJH do look awkward together here, hopefully that’s not the case onscreen…even if it is i hope that it will wear off as the eps progress…hmmmmm…i dont seem to have too much expectations from this drama based on what the preview says whihc is a good thing cuz then it can surprise me by doing gr8

  7. Yes ackward but both with their other co-star looks okay and have chemistry.I hope they nail it.ah CJM looks comfortable with MGY because he’s a fan of her.there goes one more fans of miss moon and show why she’s most wanted girl,so proud I am to love&have a cruss on her.

  8. hum…i like Pie!
    I think she just got married. Isn’t it a bit hard for Pie to display some affection to a newly wed person… I mean..it might be awkward for him :D.

  9. yup you’re right, the awkward vibe is truly obvious — like — “please get this over with i really don’t want to be here..”

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