Update and New Stills From the Filming of Material Queen

It’s been awhile since there has been any news about the ongoing filming of upcoming TW-drama Material Queen 拜金女王, starring Vanness Wu and Lynn Xiong (model-actress-girlfriend of Aaron Kwok). The production has been filming for the past four months, and may be getting a Spring air date on SETTV. It’s from the same writer-PD combo that brought 2009’s surprise hit Autumn’s Concerto.

There is still no synopsis on the plot, but I’m guessing that Lynn plays a material queen *snicker*. Actually, her wardrobe is to-die-for, and Lynn is frankly so glamorous and gorgeous, I’m engaging in another bout of “why is life so unfair and certain people are so blessed.” Heh. Until more substantive news drops about MQ, have some pretty pictures of Lynn and Vanness. Click here to read my first post about MQ a few months ago.


Update and New Stills From the Filming of Material Queen — 12 Comments

  1. I don’t often watch TW dramas (I’m prejudiced towards Korean ones since I speak the language), but I loved Vanness in Autumn’s Concerto. It helps that he’s way way hot, though that picture of him in the powder blue coat makes his head look a little funny…but the shirtless one makes up for it, whew! Thanks for posting about this, I’ll have to keep it on my radar.

  2. Ooh! I knew that it was being directed by the same person who did Autumn’s Concerto, but it’s the same screenwriter as well?

    Yay! I haven’t enjoyed a Taiwanese drama since I finished Autumn’s Concerto early last year. I hope this airs sooner rather than later…

  3. Woww, that’s good news. Actually I just re-watched Autumn concerto like 2 days ago and it was still good and I’m still jealous of Mu Cheng having a husband like him and a son like Xio Le and steamy kissing scenes and bed scene with vanesse what else could you ask for.. Autumn Concerto is one of the best Taiwan dramas for me, it was more realistic than the rest of T-drama. And the main leads looked great together plus a cute boy. I think that’s why Autumn is one of the great… And I dont mind if we have the same plot or repetition of plot. Rich boy meets Cinderella. So its the same director right?If yes. Yeyyyy Coz, he/she sure knows my weakest spot in drama..

  4. Darn. I was that close from crossing path with them during their shooting in Paris. It would have been so awesome to share a few words with VNW in particular. Yeah, I know, totally unrealistic. ^^

    Thanks for the info. 🙂

  5. I remember watching Meteor Garden during my early years of watching asian dramas and commenting on how toe-up Van Ness looked in that….

    I had a rating system on the TW F4 then… with Jerry Yan taking the top spot, Vic Zhou on the second, Ken Chu on the third, and Van Ness running dead last. But now things have taken quite a turn, Van Ness (Number 1!!), Jerry Yan (meh… he looks like a horse now), Vic Zhou (saw him in Love You Ten Thousand Years, skin and bones!), Ken Chu (balding…)

    • Hello,

      just wanted to say: buahahha i LOL-ed @your new rating system (or more the reason behind it).. though i remain a Jerry Yan fan first;)

    • Hehe. Jerry does look a lot less hot…just couldn’t pin point it…but a horse..hehe. Vic was cute back then but now has a weird expression on all the time. Ken is like wood in acting and Van Ness had matured to a lot of hotness.

  6. Greetings Your Koala Highness! Just wanted to say that I adore your blog and this is actually my first post since this is me delurking. I’ve always enjoyed your posts on Dramabeans and here I am. I am definitely going to check out Basara as soon as I get the time.

    I love the first picture, it really gives a romantic feel. The powder blue jacket, the long hair tied in a simple ponytail, the willow tree, the bridge and those pastel coloured balloons… dreamy date setting! However…. Lynn’s wearing a lampshade for a dress.

    • Butbutbut, I guarantee Lynn is the prettiest lampshade I is ever saw! 🙂

      Thanks for saying hi, mud! Don’t be shy, come chat with me anytime.

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